Special Edition

Special Edition
Monday, January 22nd

January 13 and 14: A discussion with Gary Tennis, former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs regarding the state's opioid addiction crisis; coverage of the Boy Scouts of America's "Merit Badge College" in Wilkes-Barre and an interview with Sara Zaske about her book, "Achtung Baby," looking at the way Germans raise their children.


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Welcome to a special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today's program we'll talk to the former secretary of the Pennsylvania department of drug and alcohol programs. About governor Tom Wolfe's recent declaration. Regarding the dire nature of the oh good problem in our state will visit merit badge college. And see what the boy scouts of America learned recently on a college campus. And we'll talk to an author who learned just how different child rearing can be in a foreign client that has become the subject of her new book Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolfe discussed the dire nature of the State's hope you laid epidemic this week. Issuing a disaster declaration. That is usually reserved for natural disasters. The manmade catastrophe. Took the lives of 4362. State residents in 2016. With the death told in 2017. From overdoses. Expected to be even higher. We have the opportunity to speak to the former secretary of the Pennsylvania department of drug and alcohol programs. Gary tennis who was in office as this epidemic exploded tennis now serves as the president and CEO. Of the national alliance for model state. Drug law center at all. When things are all local to addiction so I can't open particular program for an. He. I don't usually are vulnerable could be troll you're a Democrat fifty the first. A collection epidemic that we've got to eat in somewhat older folks we remember. So an academic group. But I hit the nation after the Vietnam War the V epidemic quit cocaine and crack cocaine. Methamphetamine and you. Only then put through the United States surgeon general of without further recruitment infrastructure truly only good drive and about 50%. Okay actually you oh we have put. He really naturally. We just have never. I really fully engaged on this problem. I didn't prevention barrier or the true American that leaves us all woke up. Particularly the Democrats the worst in history and the rebuild and we all know was how open fine. Extraordinary to bring up open recruit Orban that a cornerstone of the currently relief and just kept going up and open up. Villanova fairly guru Griffin of and the fact of the marketing by being crude manufacturers turn to convince. Doctors who would play. Then. Of course the article Google court's first. Who tactics are painted. And we had a quiet group going to local push cart and really you look at the blue. And escalating crisis since the building up over the past tense you're so now we have 65000. Last year I have over those who can. It won't likely they'll extend it affected you critical component separately. A veteran group that. It resolved so. Would instead of going on too long but there's also a couple of a perfect storm. Kind of situation we have hidden because. Didn't you do things that we have been doing. To try to push back on this over prescribing a little glitch in the court of optional grew into that there but it. As a coach in America. Infection and they all they need to happen. But they've also led to the short term exclusion overdoses. I'll put their prescription monitoring program which are really outstanding programs that are now since 249 out of state. Doctors continue somebody's going from doctor doctor the doctor to get moral or its content protection. Look I mean you are. We didn't take back fox program with the department to collect hundreds and hundreds of thousands of towns so prescription drug costs. And we did that with the department and we've grown to department opened this well we do prescribing guidelines to help. The doctors toward others. Late in the dressing and so we really good ramp we have been slippery down. On the prescribing a little pure whites spoke of where we have fallen down and we don't have the treatment infrastructure required. And don't have the invention mechanism so that when somebody gets cut off although reports we're getting into treatment. When they can't get the treatment. They go to the street because somebody could get to that it's no longer the little choice screw it truly terrible cool coal. They have been going to the street and right now the street crooks are the most interstate couldn't. And history of America their latest such move would carpet with super super Bindra strong. And so people live in the crush of people would've been cut also Merrill cruel it's going to do the street and we don't have. On what we don't have enough without the mechanisms. In place clearly trying doctors how to do interventions. And that they get an agreement conservative treatment. And that's partisan fault because we don't have and problems. It's it's a lot of information at once but I tireless recruiter and he. Maybe that the point where we really do need to start here is that before you came on the show I talked about January 11 which is today being the the anniversary in 1964 of the release of the surgeon general's report in the United States that smoking. Was indeed dangerous the perception of that smoking has changed so much over the year. Years and it seems to me. That the wait two to do that is to get kids not to pick up cigarettes in the first place. How can be used as the equivalency. For now because we know that the tree and get into the treatment let's talk about trying to stop this from happening in the first place. Absolutely you're talking about prevention and prevention more from that in in in public and he most cost effective. We're pushing back on so we actually have a long until I hear and my group the national financial model we ought. As a model law. The confidence is very close to do that requires. What's called these kind of anti drug education or say. I can twelve and I drug education and every school. And it's not just about pitching it's about the dangers of pro critical so. About. Open more resiliency. And more sense of self determination and market that they don't. On the kind of a no sense about him and know that they're good friends are pressuring the DuPont Co. they won't do. We have we have provincial programs that are shown to reduce. Drug and alcohol abuse I think it's 70%. It could be put in our school. Our. And if we get that we were not only have operator what we're not only have a little more. I'm gonna save vaccinated by the democratically like it's like a vaccination against. Couldn't get drug abuse or alcohol abuse. We have kids that are kind of more resilient more so determined kind of vote. Emotionally. Healthier. Kids growing up in the adult and welcome to the that are a little bit more so determined that not subject to the kind of pressure. That we could do along the line you're talking about what you're trying to cut right through. Lou we could do it with the we have a law pursuit defense comes programs. I'll. These are significant program through our program free trade futures. Our counselors have identified consider look like there are ripped when he beat. Mom or dad got locked up pollute their their predictions of failure or there's something going on the picture it's. Didn't come into being with them. And get into the hoping you can also that could be. You kind of hoped the deal of the drug and alcohol or you might be a mental health issue or some other additional. Oh that's also the law in Pennsylvania. Panic and that also. Lower in large part if not we implement. So there are some really well proven. Prevention. Programs. Along the lines you're talking about that would have a huge black. Long term impact on the problem. Are you thinking that did this prevention program they say is is very successful could that be rolled oh in and in crime watch setting nor. Some other place where if parents were concerned enough and they didn't see it in their schools is their way for them to. Access it. I think that that lit by a final group like control clock. But the market market or in school now aren't we organizing parents and go to this school superintendents and principals and things we have got to get these Qaeda twelve. Program. The drug and alcohol programs going in our schools are about to commit a local because I want my contribute LP and we have an epidemic going on and I want everything possible. To a cold formed. By Charles and all the children in the school and make sure that they get through this epidemic and they survive. Called a work that we see here how do we were there a lot of programs the 100 there was one discuss if you wanted to trap door bumper all the we actually haven't offered to send a different kind of can do I want so. It's little frustrating to watch some white. Actually though that all work look at the tone for the department worked with the content in the commission on crime could see that was in the Oklahoma. I can about the University of Colorado for two paper and people are typical spot in my -- try and again there are other programs should strong. Our political strength program that was one and it fixed so dramatically urged and it's proven to reduce drug and alcohol abuse by 6070%. It was all appropriate for any school in Pennsylvania that would take it and we think. The secretary of education the protection under their corporate administration secretary of education and our defense. A core communication at all. They'll probably scored a structural 500 school district superintendent thank. This reform although hopefully. We strongly suggest you take it. And we got ripped off we get it to school districts out of 500 and political one that this would ultimately truly. All you can only. Assistant and they move forward tactical differences could go for work. Mean look I put a substitute teachers community in certain extent while the train teachers. Smoke on the road you know I think that there is. Has been a tendency in a kind of movies the local epidemic is really beating down but there's been a hundred feet. Could be in denial about this column tomorrow characterize it could be the protection not only get their personal level by the formidable level. Aren't helping get so you can't deny it anymore so I think most schools superintendent Wanda. Oh. Lob admit that they have a drug and alcohol or potential drug and alcohol that you and school districts. But it's time to get over that and get real. We have our number one priority keep our kids healthy thing for a lot. Exactly and I think that any superintendent that it would be able to accept the premise that they would like to go with the prevention program that. I guess we're not school superintendents let's talk about. I'm rehabilitation. And as somebody's dissent and message shows carried that Tim relapse just seem series such oh. Horrible problem. In rehab there's so. How can maps how can that change because we know it's so expensive that we know insurance companies. Literally never won a pain to go the distance on this one and that they balking at an all the time themselves so how do we make this. Happen so that it does have. Efficacy. Well there's several resources towards you you really. Who you look forward to insurance company is not going the distance and I think you know it's helped and there are. And that's in the political on the Medicaid contacts Susan with conflict out and health care. Usually when you see relapses. Sometimes scored the recovery process or some critical that they do believe you'll have relapse in the cult related. Successfully ducks who better and sometimes it's like a boot time if they have to go back a second or third time. I'll illogical and ultimately well not. Cultural cancer Norton isn't just about any other do you can't really you. I think that's a tour. To drug and alcohol but the but the that you or your living at the mailman and there's talk about going to do. Somebody who. Who I am and an addictive than heroin for example they've doubled on troop reduction. It is very very clear. That it would make going to rehab they're going to need a minimum of three months we have. Followed by the full continuum of care of intent could not stepping down gradually to about creation and creation. I'm actually put or some individuals like that they've lost their jobs and loss of family at all. Six months that is really more repeal that don't expect them to think about the alternative. The alternative is somebody to come home. On on the popular side in my contractual photography because. What they do 60000 dollar screen. On the criminals are also part their bird who really vulnerable to any criminal or the fault could actually move any of fifty to 70% of the people in power. Couldn't. With untreated or under treated collection will pay. We'll be paid 40000 year I had known commodity cycle and not a jail so. It may seem like there's some initial investment but they're they're actually. There's a very well researched and you have to recharged and it has to do treatment will become more popular actually. Taxpayer or seven dollar for every dollar invested treatment. There's certain cold return if you can't find beauty in the stock market like. Gary it's so great to talk to again and I. I hope to talk to you in the future and know we just kind of tossed around some ideas today but I think they're good ones. Before you go is their place in the country. Where what you say is accept it where people will pave for the treatment is paid for and it is bearing fruit if you well. But he's going to be surprised that the but the long and short flawed countries are actually here in consequence that. And the mentally and all of our law. Says that the insurance company can't manage once the doctors signed the oracle. Level of treatment duke and what duration of the new insurance company is prohibited by look at the Pennsylvania based insurance policy. The insurance company is prohibited by law from management have been. Georgia. All colon Mecklenburg aquatic. Compromise solution proposed New York. Most of the state have. Libya on the line of attack on fair. And but you ask what you can do the bigger than we can do right now of course that it actually is great you can of course now or is that according we have a new law. Federal law that says we've got an alcoholic Credo that he's been. And it will get that we got that enforced across New York to a really good job at north York state attorney general argument. But they've got that important on the country I think you would see dramatic diplomatic impasse. In the hell could you call him. That's former secretary of the Pennsylvania department of drug an opera hall programs Gary tennis. Who now serves as president and CEO. Of the national alliance for model state drug laws. You're listening to special addition on Entercom. Communications. You were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Posted by so Henry. I'm assisting India home repairs or your bank. And down their graduates clear and simple a common repairs that you would experience to run your house we're doing some building of a would. Bench now work bench and we have simple electrical. Well wiring announcing a poll of polls switches and troubleshooting. Outlets. We've done. Unplugging our pipes from different types of paint on steam. And how to properly stripping we pero. A window. When you look at those kinds of skills and these the students and the you're looking at today Jews are they are you surprised at what they do know. There's. A wide variety of experience with them. Some of them have had some exposure to this type the stuff. And some have none and Nash and electronic world we live in it seems like a mystery today and that there and actually have to turn scooter. But it it's fun everybody catches on that and they learned in the process equally don't have to learn from YouTube Baylor and from a real person to write. And if yours all the Zion you've learned the hard way through experience and just a little bit of exposures politics in this in some kids take to it very easily and and they follow up. In the future with their own houses. Mean leaving career about how scouting has played a role in your own live from. Your child that's now it's exposed me to many different experiences. That's America Yzerman to. Things that you just went and checked the heat when it's all about and mean. Some of the map badges I've never followed up on but mainly I'm a social worker and work with the appointments and the exposure that happened dealing with different kind kids coming up through the ranks. Has helped me in now. My current. Position. You mentioned to me that you have you overseeing sixteen. Scouts all the way up to eat well that's pretty impressive talk about what it taint. The work is on the kids. And they just need to be motivated to follow. The requirements and to make it to eagle and in my role as a scout masters to be at the guy to give them the motivation. For me. Now it's an honor to be a part of their lives. Through that part of their accomplishment. And you say sixteen it's just the number but a witness who was one. All or six or sixty I would feel the same at the same sense of accomplishment on my part. Balanced partner lives welcome that. Distinction I mean to them in the future. In the military you're actually giving I I agreed op if you are after boot camp. Successfully completion. You would get an eagle on network I'm. Exposure to more leadership positions. And in your resume its shows that you have a wide variety of experiences that you can handle. On yourself in stressful situations in that you can be counted on as a good employee to follow through on a task that is assigned Kia. John except koskie is advisor for crew 3701. And the venturing chairman for the northeastern Pennsylvania council. He was teaching the scouts about electricity. And simple plumbing repairs in the King's College chemistry lab. Home repair merit badge is new to their bats college this year how we had nineteen students. Comments that aptly fantastic. We you know teaching the kids a little bit about standard things you have to do around your house whether it's going to be how to unclog a drain some moms would love that. Because you know they're the ones easily clog it up so lucky to not unclog it on themselves. When about about standard circuitry how to switch out a I receptacle. Or how to change out the switch. So they ever learn basic basics about electricity. Roster gonna do a little bit about building a work bench which we have going on in the hallway that your kings is really happy about that what we did bring tarps that's good. And we showed you circuit breaker box difference between asked trapped in a we're gonna have laid their later on they're gonna actually learn how to re stringing lines. Imagine that you save thousands of dollars with these tests. You can't so basically what we're trying to teach these kids I'd do is when their home to not have to rely on line. I'm calling in a plumber electrician where they can handle that the basic stuff themselves. As well as when they know they what they can or can't handle on the road. And name but then also have the basic understanding so that when they do bring in a professional. That bear informed about exactly what that particular job should be aiming happy would do it themselves and and have all the right equipment. Or they know hall. But the had at least the basic bundle and an understanding. So that they'll know that that that trades means being honest with them and of having an affair pricing no you know act accordingly. I actually introduce somebody to potential careers right. That is is they've moved you have one kid who it would first thing he wanted to do. Was it this is what I meant for the rest of my life that's why I'm here today is to is to learn a little bit more about what I've been doing and enjoying myself so. It's it's it's when those things where you know to become a hobby. Right I don't do this professional. By you know like in rehab house without a problem. Same thing with these guys they may or may not do one racing professionally in May be their perfection but at least are getting exposed to so many different things. That they're coming in and being able to either make a career out of it or say you know what no that's not to be my choice. That's not my career I don't wanna be dealing where it who knows what's in the coming out of a a drain. But on the other hand. You know at least again they're gonna have that basic that basic knowledge in the fundamental skills of him handle things are on the house. Joseph Soka of troop 155 if she ever town is certain he'll use what he learned in the future. Yes if you say that you wanna do this for a living what attracts you to clog drains an electrical issues. Hands on I don't like being bored so. Give me something to regular suffer today. How to do basic during clogs are on clogging and different pipes and some would work. Palaces just the basics on how to unclog a drain out you know taken apart and put a cleaner for a and to put it back together you need that globe and to clean it you can use. Vegetable and want. Anything used vegetable oil to clean it. OK so do you put the vegetable oil oil and after it's cleaner before. After. And then what happens. That crippled bit looser so the naked keep taking it apart. We wanna do when you grow up that his hands on put roofs on houses and siding. Let someone knows and when you learned about yourself then and some of the things from scouting that you experience so far. I don't like being lazy and more hands on. It's just gives you something to do. Bryant trade waived former scoutmaster and eight professional engineer. Was the counselor for mining in society he spoke to us about his career. It's an introduction to many of them for mining industry but more importantly what it's like to transition from high school. Into a career so while I focus on mining in the technical aspects of that entries and there's aspects of mining. Real focuses open and overcome any concerns and man about what's it like interfacing with professional what's it like talking to someone in the mining business. But any time for professional. And really Duchscherer might editor earlier today. It's going to be OK if you have an interest in whatever field that is when they're minding your Doctor Who space exploration can be anything it's located just go for. People like me I have a lot of experience and technical fields when I see somebody come in new. These young men here today. You know went and you know and I'm happy about that they have an interest. That they know Sumter and yet it doesn't matter they have an interest in learning. And let them know that that stand to deal overseas when you come and an administrator technical what made you go Ford in mining. Well like these young men idea when I was in high school I didn't know I would go into mining but there were. Mines around the town that I lived end. And it would in employment nose and when I went back to college. And the college and I was that had the availability of the mining the degree. To be honest it was a very popular. And I knew that if I went into it would always have a job because it wasn't popular and so that Tex why went into it and that's been true I've had worker percent what do you do. I'm an engineer and mining industry and are all aspects of it from initial feasibility of mine to the the end of reclamation. And it's interesting I am definitely on the inside of the mining industry but if you think who has the greatest impact. On beneficial use of an area post mind. It's actually the miners themselves and how they carry on that operation. An engineer Ari design and so on heavily involved reclamation post mining use an official. Use some of that land from the community you know. We hear a lot about mining in it authors even. A future for Kelly I mean in the election of it was an issue of whether or not we needed certain kinds of mine to Sadr. Your impression of mining as a future for the young people that you're teaching to first of all there are many young people who go into it. And yet it's absolutely required and defeating these young men here today. Decide to go in and mining business they will never be without work I mean. And they will be paid well. Also it's true that some types of mining may fall away. And by he or a's are going to need materials that are always be another kind of mining this required. And economy have to move around a little bit to find where that. That or is that material is it to mining but there always have good job of ointment is. That certain commodities absolutely have to be mindful of the future to happen right absolutely if it's say anything EC year or use. Either has to be grown our mind it's one of the other hand there's no other place it comes from. So we do that and is responsible ways we can with a long term view what the future needs to be for that area greater mining that's very important. How has your past. In scouting helped you. Be the person you are today. While it's. You know you interact with these young men. And again he you can get lost some times in the data Dave your job. Here you carry and whose purpose in your own job you know why am I doing that's why my report to work everyday. But when you're interact with these young men he had a glimpse of the future I'll say it makes me feel younger. And but it also helps me stay focused on that long term which is the most pork import for all of us it's not today today and that's one thing. But it says I'm thinking about the long term future of the community and for the young man helps in the job that play. Stanley bad Nash of troops to 81 of Dallas has been with merit badge college at kings for twenty years instructing metal work. We're just trying to you know some hands on training or her ability to use different tools. Then mental make the blocks make it does pay and try materials who comments who can cooking pot that bikinis camp. Some some hands on stuff and just give them little opportunity to experience medal or whether they. Wanamaker Automator just high happier things and it gets a gift for their mom right. Yes yes there is Father's Day gift for Mother's Day yes. She come back year after year to talk to these young people about what you obviously enjoy IC great valueless counting I've been a scatter for over 245. Years now. I think it's a great opportunity to give these doubts these young men exposure to these different opportunities like. Think in the twenty years you've been here or there might even be scouts. That have children by Nelson could be looking at second generation pretty soon how important you think it is for a young people to. At least experienced. Work with their hands. It's a lost art anymore I've always worked on my hands. And I final lot of satisfaction in it and I think I hope they'll find satisfaction two of accomplishment. And normally do. I'm manager for a heavy equipment caterpillar dealer. And I work from my hands for many years and on the manager actually I miss it. But there is different different opportunities and I just worked my way up and ranks them do you scouting in your own life over the years what has. Where are the lessons you go boy I picked that up when I was this kind of glad I did honestly in business I am I think this cowgirls law. When I'm doing business with people honesty trustworthy all that. And it's really. I think it's helped me in my career. We also talked with Larry Morton. Chair of the council advancement committee. And chair of the eagle board every view for the northeastern Pennsylvania council of the Boy Scouts. He discussed the value of scouting in his own life. Well I think because. Asking a question of that nature of someone like me is. To listen to pretty quick response. As we reflect those of us who had sons and scouting. We're who we're scatters ourselves as we reflect upon. Of those two focus points. I was a scale and a you know well. Scouting turned me from. Less than focused young man to a pretty seriously focused. Well behaved. Yeah an achievement oriented person seen my son compute scouting. I watched him grow from point when he joins scouting. Where he was so. Little unsure of himself to the point where he achieved eagle rank for many years leaders that you liner in the order of the arrow and when he left he was so truly very accomplished young man. And a person who surrounded his decision making by the tenants of scouting with senator. The human you know around principles which are timeless absences mean trust with the loyal helpful friendly courteous kind obedient cheerful thrifty very. Clean and reverend. If you underscore your approach to life and that occurred to do well. Oftentimes we see that young people have a lot of problems in this day and age and how is scouting the answer and how do you go about to attract people to live in the first place so that they can find out what it's all about. We have a wonderful or wonderfully accomplished professional staff and connected with other council. Starts with cub scouting tiger scouting. These are little guy he's in now gals who are five years older slower and not. And if you ever been involved with the cub scout Dan. And among the cuts go pac meetings. You know which is chock full of fun and family orientation. And mentions girls. That's all for the good we are now truly a family organization. And we're defying in our society now you know once a month at least to Boone and you kinds of others. Little kids and families in have a lot of fun while the same time. Starting to learn about what it takes to read and examined life a life of purpose. The introduction of five young young girls into. Your organization when you first heard about that well what were your thoughts and and how has it transpired I know it's really news so maybe. It has early transparent that much yet but what have you seen tougher what did you think that the beginning. Well you're speaking with someone who started working at the University of Scranton when it was all male. And I went through the rows of contemplating what that would mean to the University of Scranton females Cain. And I found out very quickly that it enriched with university historians. Educational atmosphere. And immeasurable ways. And of course it's very day to people who seen as female students. Forty years ago to the university. Yeah and I'm better off for heaven. From the Noble's individuals through that environment and that's what I thought about when I the idea scouting movement there reaching out to females. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Posted vice who Henry. Author Sarah's ASCII learned a lot about the importance of early childhood education. And independents. When she and her husband moved from Oregon to Berlin with their toddler she also discovered parents who gave their children freedom to explore their environs. Including taking public transportation. At an early age. And climbing without fear. The lesson she learned her passed along in her new book opt to baby an American mom on the German art of raising self reliant children. Well I didn't until about six and a half years and when it first right there my daughter would soon. And the way the. Think I notice as we had a picnic in the park when she intentionally with another scrambling she and they had two kids what a. A real girl or the tiger Opel right. Don't think it's not to play at the playground and it was behind a wall and none of the other parents stop that they needed to get up and they'll lodged against. So I did you say anything. Or did you just sit. I said oh I go could I didn't feel comfortable now watching my daughter to. You know I thought it would just maybe this couple a little strange but then I gotcha I noticed that most of the tears and don't. Over their kids on the playground and factually kids turn. Ash not anger at the playground items outlook appearance at all. Well it sounds great thank you out the way I know that if you live in the United States and those kinds of things happen and immediately your mind rushes two on my guy actually is there a predator. Or oh my gosh am I neglecting a child so your your mind is an apparent I think doesn't twelve million. Horrible directions right. Well absolutely. And I. You're at the time that you send your kids to the examiner no other kids at. And limit the big group of kids on the playground that you can't remember a predator coming to chick get and is so well that's a load began at. And I think as Americans we might want to look at why were so scared about that when the likelihood of it happening. Is solo. So why are we saw last year. Sure I didn't know I was a kid. Outside the moment I'm called home and we were just big band kid outside without adults watching over us. I think it might have something to do with our media that we we focus so heavily on every one of these tragedies. But it seemed like it could happen to anyone that's in the hard to put it in perspective as. I agree that sometimes neatly overplay it and there's something going on right now Sarah the book refers to it I I think since we were. Kids has changed so dramatically. In Idaho was a current. So must be. A billion degrees below zero right. A separate impact. RA and it's almost the same here it's it's cold and we're expecting some historic temperatures. When we kid's hair out we literally. Went outside anyway I mean you go in the house until May be a last detail at the pond you know and then. It could cost the chip and a chapter in your book called no bad weather. Leg that that's Jordan saying and I believe it's in other countries Chile will. You just don't have the right clothing and certain you know we got. Winter's snow pants and rain pants and boots and you know how obstacle completely around saint church so I challenged the and then the chip outside in and we do the same thing sports. Do you think that if we started to change our perception of this because even if there's Abd. A low temperature the probability that it might snow that they and it's kind of go into a panic mode they. Delays school they cancel school whatever you did as adults. We're just getting so soft that may be the concept of self reliance is not expressed by asked often enough. Actually of course we backed model it works niche. That. And so. And so at light to go out the worst weather and the more they wanna go out which is kind of signing it. They want to try and now they are geared to enjoy being outside and spending that little bit of time outside even if it's now just. He now works and that some little better and adults leisure giant march you because we spend all the inside we don't feel so that. It's exactly and you also talk in your book about. It and when kids are smaller than the fact that the education. Begin for them in. A very. Critical way in that they kids in Germany star or an education. At a very young age and a lot of assistant now. That's too young those kids should be Nat being they should be a homeless. 88 parent. And it's a little different in Germany how. The reliance on that kernel figure is kind of fanned diminished as they go off very early and start school. Yeah boasts just don't kids by age three are in some kind of pre school. Me and screwed you'd at least in eastern rule and there differently than and it's here. That you just. Our challenge here it is something good circuits. And it's gonna put them to be around other kids and to lend to other adults and and how new experiences. And what kind of after death I hate to use things like this academic formation happens at 23 years of age in these preschools. They don't do any formal academics say it's too much all about clay. He ends up by playing and learning from each other they learn social skills. To concentrate because they follow their own interest and and they wouldn't self control. I'll very valuable because I've talked to people's Cerro who are in school settings here in the United States. And they tell step is beyond my imagination but since they Tommy and I have to believe it's true. The kids in school who had a stand. In a lot since they have to start. With the most basic basic basic things with these kids. Hey I had. Temperatures aren't partners goes on my blueprint reading and and that we forget that being here. To come first patent and especially for young children and takes a while to learn. How does this lead to the the building blocks of creating self reliance. There are ringing about Iraq or are you and I yacht and a child who is put into a setting at a young age like a preschool through it at tree. How does that lead to suffer alliance for these kids. Well respect just Lou removing them from now common Larry in and get French environments. They're not dependent on mom and add to filter out other relationships. But they're starting to live their online and and form their own relationships with other people. And I think that that's a huge part of it. Well. I think you're right Matt and Sarah I think a lot of Americans. Try to there it involved in this vicarious living exercise with their kids. As though they expect their kids. To be little versions of them off some maybe put my fitness thing. Where they see other things they could actually have the audacity to say to the parents. No I don't want that I wanna do this. Exactly and we have to realize that our our kids. Separate people and they are gonna grow and separate individuals. Also bad. You have to admit I am limitation of the tank and there are. There are wonderful kindergarten teachers Utah public kids don't let I didn't have a two and a little bit more patient. And I have. And value that. Let's talk about day in your your time in in Germany and maybe some of the things that you heard from parents at first that you. And has some doubts about but by watching how old they did it it opened your eyes a little bit more. Actually I don't. Think Sony was letting my child walked to school. By yourself or with a surfer and that's in our culture we don't get especially now that HH. The peace and to Germany also will have their kids kick this subway or should you are not at school lunch like the regular bus. And I would look into how can you attack you know aren't you scared of late in the yes absolutely and care site however. The kids need to learn that still need to learn how to navigate their world. And it made a lot of sense to me. Anything else some of that front toward you actually thought you know this is a good idea and I've been it's a thinking about it in a different way but this makes sense to me. Sure they need to teach children do you think like nine and actions that could come shortly and out of prohibiting them. No the reason behind that is when you prohibit these kind of saying some children old tried and and secret. And that's who really have a dangerous situation. And I thought about that side you know that make sense well. My goodness this to me is is so pivotal because we're kids we did so many things that today you just wouldn't be allowed to do. We threw knives a targets we shot beaten and we do all kinds of but in today's society. People who come around and say you're hurt somebody doing that are meeting in herself so I think there's still a little bit of merit to have. Dare we say supervision on some stuff but let them try. Yeah I mean we don't have to learn skills at some point. And out and things like nice we used to cooking you know and that's something you want children to learn how to race. Absolutely. Pumped out when he came back. To the United States. With the family. Did you find yourself down and actually talking to other parents and saying. Well injured me blah blah blah blah black and did they look at you like he had two hands. You can say yeah I touched on a pro life I can get away with they because I've beat exotics can't do it in your little. I'm but I get some. Actually looks whom I let my daughter bikes back and forth to school. What led to go home when I wouldn't it. These are things that I didn't articulate what I would sir aged. And so it is important to try to remind parents of that and shall also would may start. Talking about they're worried about people adopting the kids but it extremely layer and you know perhaps. Well bobbing your kid does something when we don't let them you know do something as simple as to buy back in Portland school. Some of the things you talk about have to do with very liberal. Parental leave for people Serra and in the United States. This topic is debated this debate here all the time and people say well how the world can live without my employee for. Years. Talk about that particular concept and and whether or not you think it is actually feasible in America. Well you know it's a book most of Europe. And the I tell you are doing that you know I had treatment of unpaid leave with my purse shall we had to go back. I'm the shock and look a bit more excited and I understand that it works in your rule is that that that maternal or paternal leave it is take partly due to government so. I'm anti taxes so that. During Tucker and I don't it's not perfect of course she still hasn't. You know the company doesn't really want to reduce these people. And so there's you know that women and we'll continue to work or go back to work early because they want to continue under career. OK these are good to things to think about and talk about. Now Sarah have you heard at all from the band U2 about the titled the book or not I don't know why the cut to market. Is this your way of getting them to talk to you. Oh me very. That Sarah's ASCII author of the book opt to baby an American mom on the German art of raising self reliant children. You are listening to special addition on Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping historians.