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Monday, January 22nd

Special Edition with WILK's Sue Henry

January 6 and 7: An interview with Pennsylvania State Rep. Aaron Kaufer about welfare reform legislation he's introduced; a discussion with author Gregory Wrightstone about his book, "Inconvenient Facts," which questions global warming and predictions from mentalist Kreskin about 2018.


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Welcome to a special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today's program will hear about welfare reform legislation under consideration in Harrisburg. Will also talked to a geologist and author who believes it's possible that the earth might actually be cooling instead of warming. And we'll catch up with the mental script skin. Who shares a few predictions for the new year state representative Erin coffer wasted no time getting back to work in Harrisburg this week. On Tuesday. Coffer and representative Mike told bash announce some bills they crafted in an attempt to reform Pennsylvania's welfare benefits system. Coffer recognizes that there are some tough economic times in the state for families but also believes there's abuse and waste under the current system. Copper explain to us this week the reforms are needed in light of Pennsylvania's bloated budget. What we've been working on is trying to get this budget under under control move things in the right direction get people back to work. And Celtic you know meet the new block payment seal blocks. Exactly to refer back to the hoop now let's talk about an issue that you've been gone for along time to be looking. Act well fairest reform in in a way that. You're you're looking at people who may be collecting benefits. Elsewhere also collecting them Pennsylvania and you're looking for some strategies. To make sure that people who are needy get benefits but people who are just playing greedy do they do not kept them so easily right. No that's exactly a weak dollar our welfare Eric department human services now the largest department in the commonwealth forty. 40% of our budget is human services. So 40% of every seat taxpayer dollar goes towards that. Now the whole bowl of what we're trying to do is an edge as we see this as a one of the quickest growing. Lie guidance and our budget one of the the quickest growing department. Is how we get people who are caught in the cycle of poverty. Caught in in these welfare programs that we get them to get data there'd be self sufficient. And be able to get back to work itself. We've been working on I'm looking at what other states are doing what what has been working in these other states. And trying to not reinvent the wheel but implement what they have been doing in other states. And it it's worked in other states so now it's the perfect time to be talking about this is the economy growing jobs are available. You know we did this back in the 1990s the work but work force state welfare programs under would that is the Republican new deal with that they have republicans' contract with America wins Bill Clinton. Andy you know we're focused and able bodied people not seniors got children that the disabled but getting able bodied people back to work and re growing our economy. All right talk about looking around but the United States of America out. And finding programs that work in a different state that we would like to emulate here in Pennsylvania. You know that there have been multiple states he would look at that states like meaning 10% of implemented. Some really significant. About programs that become the welfare programs. And Kansas and they instituted. There's a 127%. Income increased when it was implemented in cans of 114%. Increase in Maine. Let's count all the number of people who went from being impoverished to being on welfare programs now to being. This self sufficient sulfur. Isn't it and for example some these programs for every 2000 dollars. That were lost to benefit people make 3000 dollars privately anyway you met woods for example I think that was in Kansas says I'm not mistaken. And what we're looking at is if we were implement some of these programs. Reasonable estimate for Pennsylvania would be that we bring in about a 175 million to 210 million dollars in additional income. Plus getting people's self sufficient nothing nothing then a higher ideal it that we could take out there getting people to be self protection. OK so talk about making these moves because earn a lot of people. I believe have the perception. That if they leave some of the benefits that they have behind. That their lives will somehow be worse and I think that when you have safety would have security when you have something that steady. You're afraid to take a chance on something that's uncertain so how are you gonna build that bridge I guess like Kansas did. Yet now I think I think you're hitting the nail on the head because. We we as a Republican caucus in India being one of the architects putting this policy together. You know the motivation is is not really this call though it's painted in you know what is it going to do for Dolly but that's the human issue. You know so we had to be in back a couple of years ago we headed a child. That's the benefits clip itself. You're making 1275 an hour you received a subsidy for child care the city can make thirteen dollars now or you lost that entire subsidy. And so families would get that little bit of increase and a quarter an hour but not be able to afford their child care anymore and actually fall back into that cycle of poverty. So one of the things that's part of this this package of legislation is had we removed some of these clips. Where people aren't that little bit of extra money but lose. Overall what they're simply used to receiving so trying to address those benefits square. So when people get it working insert making more money that they don't lose everything it's got an all or nothing type thing. But we can help people build that message. And help them get out of this cycle of poverty that's why it's so important to me you know breaking that cycle of poverty that's what they talk about all the time. It has really get people to be self sufficient to get back into the workforce. And I think that's what people wanna do which it says that right now our system does not enable them to do it. We are not empowering people to be self sufficient for him. Discussions Aaron have you had with people who do receive welfare benefits and about the challenges that they do face she is talked about this. This cliff which sounds awful on there should be some I guess that greeting and they're so it's not taller nothing but what do people say. About why they they continue to use these benefits. Would we actually had had a young lady who testified. Who who spoke that are our announcement just a couple days ago we spoke about how her father had passed away her mother was working and it dental office. And she earned just that little bit too much and lots health care for that for her and her siblings. Because of of these benefits type question in people's her mother had unfortunately. You have to start working left so that they she could still receive health care this is the problem that we have we want people to. You know people working we want to incentivized app but right now our laws our policies don't do that. Over the three years sent I've been in office and then working on this issue this is it's finally come to fruition that we put poured a lot of the policies that we don't working on. And I mean this is this is comprehensive we're not talking about. Nibbling around the edges of this comprehensive welfare reform about trying to get people back to work in an independent. I'll let likes to many years in the making yet you know I don't working on this for quite some time and that is really a significant step that we can take forward. I know we talked in the past we discussed. People double dipping collecting in Pennsylvania also collecting in New York also collecting in New Jersey at setters center. What have mechanisms might be put into place to stop that from happening. So we I had my bill signed into law at the end of December 2015 now that we are now doing a Social Security cross checked with people who are double dipping. Across state lines but. In addition to that one of the bill that's part of this package that daddy is a that I sponsored. Is a residency verification interstate compact. So the problem not a lot of times is that people will bounce from twenty to peak at state and maximizing. They're there yet care benefits and they'll do that everything that they can receive in their move onto the next state. What this indeed because a lot of these programs are federally funded. That's sort of make it so that if you were to collect in one of these seats set a part of the interstate compact. Bet if you were to collect in one state they just moved to another city and start fresh all over again and Nstar receding. This is to make it that we get paid to work together to make sure we're getting people back to the workforce and not taking advantage of the taxpayers. Jobs there and that are sustainable. In your opinion in Pennsylvania for the individuals. Absolutely I mean I get sucked it comes to go maybe about a week ago medical industry's top hundred got anybody looking for a job. Walk to the medical industry to a hundred jobs that they have right now actually got commons expanding Berkshire Hathaway is expanding its. We we are now at this point where we are expanding I was talking to we delved into gender and whose would that it works very chamber of commerce you can Wear at the point now. That you know we we are now have to be focused on how do we get the picture that we're getting people into these jobs as our employers are expanding self. We have jobs available we need to make sure that we get people into the workforce in doing these jobs. Aaron I talk about some of the specifics of the legislation that. That the package of legislation you working on. Yeah I mean that's some of it is work requirements Somerset that we have which that's been implemented in and some other states we have some good but the whole. You know is to put this in perspective these are things that other states are doing a lot of these things. Are not new ideas even while we talk about a daily limit for tennis benefits which is temporary assistance for TV camera. We had a you know a New Jersey has had the list New York as the one we don't and end the its. It's dead that we we have fallen behind because we haven't been focused on some of these issues when it comes duke extended care that we are now the only state. Debt that has support this without special waivers are people who are disabled or other specific issues. We're the only state that allows people to collect indefinitely. It and that that just doesn't make any sense that doesn't make sense to me talk to any any person that says. People can collect indefinite leave their welfare benefits in Pennsylvania it doesn't make sense so. Changing net debt program changing you know over making sure we're going after these benefits clips which is one of the bills and that's sponsoring as well to make sure that we can't do that type a transition airy programming. Get people's self sufficient to meet these are these are a lot of the goals and and yeah there's to doubt. Fifteen to twenty build better out there up on these topics. And that's all stuff that good government making sure that we can get the helps with people who truly need it while we're getting people who were able to work back to work. Not be able to collect benefits indefinitely. Or what kind of ideas are you receiving. From other states about that but where's the cut off who gets cut off fifteen Russia need to be worried if there if they have dependency. So they eat each candidate a program that is a five year passed through from the federal government the state government. And so it's that it can have. We are like it the only state that has eight to an open door completely open door and this policy itself were the only ones that are doing this. Where they said that can't have too when you received. Over 20% of people who are Montana. Is still allowed to be put federally funded for he can't. And once we get beyond that 20% is now have to conduct where I'll be upbeat about that 20% public coming out at taxpayer dollars from Pennsylvania. So that the way that we can save money. And get along with a letter every other seat is still excelled. I mean this is nothing to me the it would certainly put us more in line with what every other state the McCain and the United States is doing. Do you believe that Europe a fellow lawmakers in Harrisburg Aaron have the political will fat powered to touch an issue. Let welfare reform. Well but I think they I think they do in the reason being is that this is an issue debt. Eat it it's evenhanded in its approach we are trying to make sure we can protect the tax dollar should the people who truly needed. Well people who were able to work we create programs that will help them get Al to worked. And I think this has been very well thought dot through we like we do have Democrats support for for this type of initiative as well. And it's gonna take a lot of work. To get from where we are today to get it across the finish line and signed by the governor. But the conversation need to start this is talking about real budgetary numbers as well. I guess that is the motivation is not this school this is about getting people back to work. Which is the highest ideally think we can habit. When you look at it really basic simple idea is when you can take somebody who's receiving benefits. And get them back to work and turnout taxpayers. It's a double win you know they're not only just not receiving. Previous benefit but didn't have contributed to to the tax base so. It's a double win for people in Pennsylvania and I think this is where we should be focused especially with. With the are growing economy we've actually had a lot of support from. Timber building trades and moving that initiative forward did the building trades are hiring right now. Row with a presentation program pin and they wanna get people back to work and keep growing as well also. There's a lot of different organizations on the left and on the right who wanna come together and make some some real meaning meaningful reforms. Does the governor want to sign this bill. We we we we didn't for the governor that we were working on this package she's aware of it. We Kevin has specific conversations about specific bill is specific piece of the package but he is aware of this Pete. He's aware that this has been that the topic I'm interested in as well as our caucus. And I think we will reach some level of agreement on what we can do to get done here so I do think there is. There is room to reach agreement. Finally property tax reform is this the year or not. I'm so then certainly hopes so that the governor Abel announces budget here in February had actually reached out to his staff as well. Hoping that he's going to include something for the 100% homestead. Com to which task. Aren't on the ballot just to have November. Hi I'm hoping that we will get something done if he announces something that's truly how we're going to come together. And and having a bipartisan budget that can be supported by people all across the commonwealth. Property tax reform needs to be part of that. And the other issue that you often work on it is about addiction and OP or as we know from lizard caddie statistics that a 2017. Will be the deadliest year for overdoses in the county it right now it doesn't look as though that the progress is being made yet I think the foundation is is being relayed that to the progress is. Is slow in coming. Now I I agree with Vienna I think we're gonna have another unfortunately. Another bad year ahead of last. You know cart sentinel is really certainly take and take foot in Pennsylvania which is an elephant that it has. In the end it's really coming across the border from Ohio last coming across from the west in the Pennsylvania for the most part. And eight where I think if we are going to have another bad year unfortunately had about but found that we didn't make some progress on some legislative initiatives. And I think there are some other initiatives that we can get done that won't release. Start getting a part of this issue but. We are beginning to lay that cap that foundation background work they were talking about and I think you know where another year or two away from really stirring up deep debt and the other direction. That's state representative Erin coffer of the 120. Legislative district you are listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Posted by sue hand wringing. We've been experiencing what some call an old fashioned winter in the country. With frigid temperatures howling winds and just enough snow to make everyone miserable sell how does this play into the notion of global warming. Which some scientists have talked about as a rise in temperature the melting of ice caps and each agency levels. Author Gregory writes down isn't buying that idea in fact he believes the earth might actually had toward a cooling period. And natural forces are the driver of temperatures. Right stone discuss his new book inconvenient facts and shared his beliefs on the state of the planets. Recently spoke to a large meeting a geologist and virtually every geologist like talked to agrees pretty much with. With what I have to say is that there were not I'm not a denial error ID I admit it carbon dioxide has increased a bit. And it's due door burning of fossil fuels and at that carbon dioxide is probably having a small. Effective warming all on on the temperature but I think Chris the temperature increases greatly overwhelmed by the natural drivers that have been in place for hundreds of millions of years. Actually turns out the new discovery of a giant star in the middle of course source system. That's driving the temperatures. It's called the sun. And math. It's a solar cycles and it did did a lot of this is driven by media source storms in divorce part of the lowest temperatures were called it was called them on demand among. Back in the late sixteen under which were torture you horribly cold. 600000 people died one year France is dependent steps of the laundromat in a month. I have to population by slum parish and the bad things happen when it's cold. And historically civilizations flourish during warming periods like orient. Do you actually foresee. Gregory that we could actually go. In the other direction and had it toward colder temperatures in the future. Ole -- absolutely it's gonna happen but the problem is we don't know when it's going to happen and might. This might be a harbinger of something now there's been a lot of work on. On the source cycles that we're seeing that done a lot of research report to just came out this week it's predicting. Thirty year cooling period of significant cool and I'm starting in a few years. It's going to calm. And one of the big guy over overarching themes of the book really. Is so the horrific things happen when things Nicole famine pestilence. A nasty populations to. And these are things that technology. We really can't overcome we can't. Which is mechanization. And fertilization to grow more foods but if we get bad weather like we have enough little place agent the other cooling periods you just. Crops don't or don't don't grow up fifty don't have the Sonics pushed too much water. And you can't you can't replace fruit that you don't grow and that's that's a real concern. He has always been. Beneficial civilizations prosperous or urged people as. Lots of food deed they can tinker they can dream tickets call cradle Kurt when there's lots of food when it's cold. And there's not. The overarching. But I think for most people just weren't my next meal coming from her alma gonna feel and feed my family. And there's an essential base and to colder temperatures. Hey you go back to their hierarchy of needs where your just in such a struggle that you. He can achieve any kind of enlightenment you only worry about it and basically feeding yourself so that would be that some. Climate dot gov and and no account for the fact. That their charter was was way off I mean has anybody accounted for what happened here. They they tend. Quickly forget about things like that. One of my favorite quote slow is from Yogi Berra office he says making predictions just talk. Especially about the future. Than not it is right about that you know we can say. I can confidently predicted at some point. We're gonna back into cooling period. Maybe going to be another little lies sage. Were also at some point gonna go back into another. True place sage which would be horrific. If you look at the last ice sage. Virtually all of Canada and most of the United States was covered in hundreds of feet device. Most of king of the marry would that be abandoned. Due to. National nice and you just can't live there so you know this possibility of the Donald Trump may be building as wall in the long border Chris we're gonna have. Eighty million Canadians trying to come south. Get into the southern United States. So when that when Matta a climate. The event does occur. I'd advise your listeners to either buy a new term it as or better yet move to Costa Rica. What do you think we might be around for this or do you think this is on a lot of time in the eye and I know you said it's. Very hard to predict the future but still what do you do you think who is Omar what is in our lifetime. Well 111000 years into the current inter glacial period these at a glacial periods last anywhere from nine. 14151000. Years so it. It could come. Within the next couple decades or come might be. The next couple thousands of years. There's not a really good way to predict this we do know that these. Icing events occur 100000 your cycles. That you. I'm not going to details was caught the ball I commit these are quite commit cycles that are driven by. The Earth's orbit. And the ball below the of the earth from the eccentricity of the oh look of horror show. Orbit there. But I again I don't want an easy win and we are good too deep in the ways that these 200000 or cyclist regularity. So could be coming to that. In the system we have huge storm is brewing. In the southeast in the ocean and awful night. I look at skiing that's a lot of things that they predict that some people really respect like why am I always have fronts whether braille dot com. It's predicting super storm that may lead to some of the lowest temperatures we've seen over a hundred years. And again that that would take is back into the little light sage. Does that kind of temperature. The temperatures receive there. So why so much acceptance. Of climate change slash global warming because we know that to people often. Intertwined the terms what why so much acceptance. Gregory in your opinion. Of that and sites be dismissive nature of what you believe might happen. That's a good question. Ideal what a lot of the aspects of climate change in my book inconvenient facts. But it doesn't. Leaves open rule and what the biggest question has some what is your biggest question is why are they lying to us. It's a whole I know it's trouser huge conspiracy that if you look at my book I looked at. Each one of the major. Things that we're talking about twelve polar bears. Famine. Cheap way it's we see that these are all completely up what's what's actually happening. I live in the real world like your Rush Limbaugh I was in the I was in the real world I look at what's actually happening. And the ball on the apocalypse cement sort of predicted. Are. These are just not happening or just the opposite of what we're being told. And not lose an apocalyptic climate events are really based on. Future predictions using severely flawed climate models. But they often point towards him you know things like melting. Ice collapses as physical evidence that things are changing how do you dress things like that. Well lets your listeners may not be aware we couldn't LP entire northern polar ice cap. And it wouldn't raise sea level one millimeter and the reason for that is. And the same with the Arctic Antarctic ice shelves. Because they're floating on water. Just think about the Titanic we've gotten 90% of the iceberg it's under water. So as iceberg melts into polarized caps melt. The water this displaced that you actually he equalized. By the melt and you can do that experiment and homeless. Some ice cubes and a collapse and marked that level. I melt the ice cubes water level remains the same which is saying with the northern polar ice cap. Q levels driven mainly by entirely. By melting of glaciers and the lights. On line. And that's we're seeing it's doable and pretty consciences about the early eighteen hundreds it is not the way it is not increasing. As we can out of the little light sage. Glaciers started receding and they've been received since them. And that was completely naturally driven we saw that the little ice age the warming trend that we're in right now. Actually began the year 69 B five. So we knew that when notion suvs are coal fired power plants in India and your 69 before all. We've seen. 300 plus years of warming that have for that had been completely naturally direct. And what decline enormous stress and they're asking your listeners they think your listeners are idiots they think that what they're asking us to believe. Is that that the natural drivers of climate and temperature that have been an operation for hundreds of millions of years. Suddenly Steve ceased operations beginning of the twentieth century. We'll come off you know that's not correcting your listeners know that's not correct. It just doesn't work that. Gregory and al-Qaeda I'm saying that. I tell you that if you're enlisted director literature English and Portuguese purchasing my book both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Are actually sold out of my book right now I'll do. Is 92 at the spring there are none on Amazon very good. Yeah we really that Tucker Carlson interview really drove those numbers and for your listeners or give you a special promo code of 1776. And they can go to my web site which is inconvenient facts dot XYZ. And buy it there with the promo codes 1776. Get five dollars off the books. If they use that. So yeah that the book has been extraordinarily. Well received from what I among public short talked to the other day. And cities and oversee another book like this late this is a huge publication cut and the building that was. There are seeing large numbers of people buying multiple copies of the book. He just now perceive that. And what we're finding people by the book we'd go oh my god. You know I need to buy this for my kids my grandkids and people need to read this book. Because the book is written targeting. Non scientists the main thing good about the book it's very readable. People were partly able read indefinite level you are about science pick this up. And in some cases can't put it down so. It's it's it's out there are also peace sign up on the web site. Got bought mayor. 25. Figures in the book everyone's signs up there but I don't want to vote to be just something it's it's on the shelf. I want your listeners to go get PowerPoint. And have some things so there idiot brother in law from Baltimore. In a post something about polar bears on FaceBook they can go oh what about this. From the control actual science to its source but referenced. Now you a part of your book where you talked about. Hurricanes. And how they are politicized. Extreme weather Gregory is often talked about. As evidenced. Something going on rain it was that climate change a little bit about that because I saw that we've never had this before these hurricanes back to back to back. Extreme weather except her tighter so glad you asked that. We have had hurricanes back to back back what we have in Baghdad or twelve years ago will simply no hurricanes we get no. Major hurricane making a landfall in the United States for twelve years. And that never happened before. The previous record was eight years back in the media 1860s. So with a bit on usual has been a low number referred concern may have seen this three. Perkins was a large number but if we look at the big picture. We see the Perkins actually been declining not increase. And actually the in a government panel on climate change actually recognize sat. And they say enters no link between increasing hurricanes. The end the warming percent. We also see the tornadoes. Are. Decreasing 26 team has the lowest number of tornadoes in and up 26 you know got that in the book. According to know what we've got could charge for an hour that I've done in the book. What was number four can stay level recorder of the tornadoes since they've ever record. So that I know it sounds counter intuitive but. It. Well I think temperatures don't cause severe weather severe weather is caused by biffle and should differentials of temperatures in other words. A really low temperature verses are very high temperature of he lies in temperatures tend to equalize. The differentials. And actually leads to less. Severe weather regrets. Just feel like to talk about the for a really know what's another thing do you believe this floating out there they'd like to say it now it's not what it seems. What they took the big thing when we talk you're gonna talk about how a lot of the bench. A decline in a lot of that's driven the forest fires is a great example. I thought going into the book that forced I'm do you believe force far from increasing problem. Yeah because California doesn't body burnt into the ground yeah. Why exactly but if you look at the long term. Numbers force farce as per well documented. There is a long term and significant decline the fact I guess one back in the book. I took that forced our data for the United States back to the year 1960. I just found some other additional data from the US Census Bureau that takes a back to your 26. Again confirming that we've been a long time decline for a most number of forest fires in an acreage Bernard. And and what do what you might thank you thank rising temperatures bowl drought some. Hurt Europe before fires in the way it should be increased but. They're not mainly because of increasing sort of wish to across the world to what was actually dreaming it's not turning into a desert. And that's actually due. The directly. To rising temperatures. Which increased water vapor within the atmosphere at least more precipitation. And also. The CO2 fertilization effect means that. Plants don't need to suck more water out of the ground so we use more water and ground. There's things always tool greater source award sure. Which ban courses are dampening effect on force force him to. And a lot of the other bench which so less bluster short rest easy it was the plain is actually. Seeing great benefits. From rising temperatures and increasing CO2 which just made one of the biggest star overarching things in the book. And it's actually contrary and things you may be your listeners have ever ever. That's geologists Gregory writes down who talked about his book inconvenient facts for us this week. You are listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by sue Henry. Inspired by the comic strip man Drake the magician. George Joseph Krzyzewski has used his mind and is good humor in a decades long success as a mental test. He appeared on the Tonight Show more than sixty times and still entertains audiences with his mental acumen. George Joseph Krzyzewski. Is known much better as the amazing crash skin. And he appeared with us this week to talk about his lengthy career. And what he sees on the horizon for 2018. I asked something about your your gift that you possessed. Me about. How you'd he first felt the hat it. And can tell other people how they might be able to develop. A gift that they might have within themselves and the age of electronic. I think it's harder than ever to focus meditate pay attention but bill. That you were amazing in the beginning. And and so you sense something. There have been comedy club greatly when I guess I guess some of ours is well liked. Or professional groups oppose of course supplement Burke's entertainment but we we are not the building electronic devices are not listening to show their machines we tested. You know and talking until a paper. And every day I stop putting. Just stopped learning and so and that's like ten minutes it's about as simple things in our lives and people who touchstone Serbs. This has something to us during the day that we buy television. I could not stop to reflect the by the associate noticeable competent to be at peace and probably the same thing we're not listening as much as instead I can play endless hours or. Some of that and so I've been did something very simple. The person didn't quite you're right it's no intelligence. It's it will soul overwhelmed. With it would have to realize that we're not hearing things can control this. And that's how it all started when I put him but I didn't. Agreed. This could go to a valuable and the ticker symbol the weather's bad outside. Exactly I think Leo I'll talk to chill game it's uncertain whether the classmate. You Christine Hampton and the whole way. And we we've put a bean bag and some of their political team banks essentially called chain back and she's changed up. Keep seeing you walk around when you're near were so you're getting warm when you're not you're you're cold for real close it's hardly good Google game cold hot cold. And so I was I was very disappointed because I was minister to play in my walking home. And I walked a mile to school from kindergarten to high school where it would open because mpeg got to walk as we get people no way to talk to them. I'm walking home but I get home my Brothers through usual right circle where grandma and grandpa how's. So they were from Sicily it was an old session house but my grandfather built with the zoning of England went to the downstairs it was two minutes from where we live I think they're irregular depending how the players complain that the student rated down here. Obama goes up. He called B a downstairs near the front door he says I hear that. And I go up the stairs and a walk into my cup my web part my grandparents house upstairs. Fashion can kill large kitchen. And she's sitting there didn't know quite what we were doing it shall we spoke. Battalion that was really close tour. Found myself walking two month old bedroom. Food Network and I play in the public cheer because a look possibly know usual in short. And so do I found myself reaching behind the curtain rod an extra lethal dependence. And then it dawned on me I forgot to tell my broker to talk to be. I've never attribute say a word to me I'd have rescue even to communicate. In here they looked through it must've been unconsciously precede these boats. And that was the beginning of the major incidents of money and tiger likes Corsica around in the same league of my grandmother being Italian. They might just told I had evil lifeboats so we let that out of the president but it was the beginning and then that's too. In grade school work when inspiration. I had I have been enforced crew that teacher miss Galilee. Who also might teacher in sixth grade. In doing so would tell on Friday. She said the side. At that time were I would do things with my classmates. Remember one time I asked my classmates still think of a movie they saw. And I pointed to. Either I think we've Gloria Palmer and sit in the back of the Islamic. Republic think Gloria. You'd think you have a movie but you can just see it. She's this little. I saw it around Christmas of this was when Slater. And they need new movie she was thinking up so by the problems and so it's crazy. I was literally doing performances and by the time I would do. I think I'm a nice regardless of battalion seventh grade. I was doing private chose it won't be getting big money five or ten build a program. Let's do well at the time but it was in high school. He did not create I was already doing to our performances at a fundraiser. From my class combined to create Teresa phones. Its own so a little bit and all of my legs and that was the buildings slowly we play audiences so I learned to work with them. And we'll begin with the people really experiment to truck took place. When I was nine years old so poorly since then he did that happen overnight. And folks. That was a word. That we don't understand today it's Kabul embassy. In ability is not sympathize and understanding how other people. Feel so that's very important. And to see if they're very existing concept. It's the ability to feel the least subordinates field. And then the early in my life even walking with people to put myself for their shoes. Because the American Indian has the phrase you've never judge someone until you walked to their shoes. And movies that part of the clue. Brook became part of my lifestyle I don't redesigned. Everybody I beaters so forth but I would be dependent on people and to kind of get this feeling of others. So it was an important over ninety. I didn't suddenly full body hidden arena box of cereal. It was a gradual thing but I always felt chat. So I always believed. That this is going to be buying lights and the key turning the key moment of my life. When I was five years old. In the little comic book when I was sick kid. It was called the Hendrick equipment and create competition you really want to magician in the united not a abilities. He read people's thoughts solve crimes this conflict and full court will get him. Also world but the public all the same time they were very famous court comes when I was a kid they were in the daily papers. They were in the Sunday papers. And that was my hero like play back to me a break with a runner on later executed so where he was imagining I could do these things. And I can tell you would be inspiring moments of my entire life 3040 years later. And so these political which is supposed to play with fresh from here in New Yorkers though were some liberties were at. They were having a a seminar. They invited me before it was written then Drake comes. What was the war can adapt to what you were so popular during the second World War II years after that. And the big professors were altering have been graduate students were completed studies comics. And they actually to be there. Because they hadn't heard that the public may drag triggered all this it's clear in my life. So like I arrive there were 200 professors and so forth I. A little virtual can't compete lethal because Chrysler have to believe we can work its base to be true. The culinary. And so. About two within minutes later hours later in the afternoon there in the culinary. And then signal to the side he stopped and since I would would corrupt the the questions that you're asking means of course that is one of the city simply distinct something. Her early years since. But I Briton then brakes in 1930 times a can only look you would be has come closest to look closely linked to being the man Drake I wrote about. It remains secret and you mentioned how moved I was by that so. That is the story cost and it is one of the most moving. I can't get the chilled I couldn't even talk after that had been a lot of the professors were where there I see you're basically remember that moment. So that was the beginning guy I know immediately people that I tortured in this series it's going to be attrition. Listen now them. Do you do predictions for 28 teen can highlight Crisco and some of their predictions that you see for our years that is about to unfold. Flotilla that that's gotten. At that I ever all around the world like I had a few days ago I did two days negative momentum loved it because that's what the world and they. We'll put some magazine pieces are they got a kick out of this basic Christian we billiard seriously you really read this. Out here there's so and don't hang up because you think I've gotten the pornography habit of only joking guys I spoke with a perfect. Anyway it deals. Now a lot of weirdness today I believe they're gonna do this with in the coming years. And as some of the movie theaters do but guess as large audience and they went on because after a few days. But he moved we should get of the Internet and so powered. And the fear that became a mentioning though is nudity no I don't leave the strip show I don't mean a burlesque show I would leave. The bloodiest this year at sub reported assert. Crude stood for god please call the Google pulled the ball would that breaks anywhere because we want to acknowledge what you predict it I believe within this year. It can be this year. The number of theaters in some large cities and it's a medium sized cities are good at each want to to a three nights where the people attending have to be nude in the audience. And I think it's. You know developed to do this step to fight the problem the legal read quite carry concealed weapon because she can't do that none of those traditions. I think it's gonna happen and soon we'll get back to the day that happens you'll say he's not so crazy if troll. Just so now that their country and president trump what do you see where. Well I think I'm presenting these that. I can. Though didn't have serious serious it's a little prediction. A little prediction which has got a lot of interest and I will because I've done many many shows for corporate groups have moved in the past month or so loved the private affairs. It's similar legal groups opposite Christian your prediction is that the craziness itself to the audience within the next seven or eight years 678 years. I predict seventy to 80% of the attorneys today will be out of work seventy to 80% will be out of work. This will be let go by the way. I've already been told by by corporate people it is resources within legal Perry's Christian it's already starting to happen. We're not going to be doing board moral or legal activities and so forth to other computers. Or electronics and boot them seeing results worth. And the cost of the individual. Yeah. Here is going to be looked submerged up situation it's stunning how and I can't do it leaves. How many people would say that you have so it's something that's not become public it's gonna become what public Toledo. The other thing don't wanna talk about is this situation. And I'm not I don't know what hole about a fortune teller. So what people must understand this single what I am. Making a prediction just because I and so it's a gigantic amount of time. The audiences and and tuning in on how they think and so forth and so. But this would think to honestly but secretaries have really because we're having. We'll have a bit of publicity here it is as you heard the troops confront this. Yeah I think we need to understand. It poorly it was a tragedy. Can get education today and don't vote just told about it you universities are talking about how screwed basically the same. We're not studying history and literally is it would stir it we're not putting our importance. I don't live in the test. You know what we heard this many times we've been born. That is pretty Oprah over many decades but we don't city's history were destined to lift it over again. And we'd need to restore the power of the behavior. Of dictators. Is not just. With the equally terrible people battle for Hitler and the Ebola Stalin who. By the when he died already. 22. Particular cultures. Disappeared completely from the patient here because he'll release them completely the course. With the socialist Hitler was attacking. Be it political turn what have you. We we. I don't misunderstand the dictator doesn't change so Clinton was nice little with the doors with the northern North Korea. Music food and supplies of but it puts it muddies it would have Chillicothe police search. Researching atomic energy because they promised they would not use for negative means well let's not talk about dictators because. I already being threatened by North Korea that this man has already shot at point blank somewhat understandably shot dead. The people associated front of him. We're the leader of North Korea if you look at people they have approved by by either. By supporting them alive but what have you with what they've done they have killed a person. I think personally that it could that change. Prize monies and what have you it just doesn't work and be the problem was with North Korea so it's not willing to attack or send an album obviously and everywhere here. Because they don't change and that's what the facts all the lights. That's the amazing cry scanned. Author meant to list and perennial television guest you are listening to special addition. On Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping historians.