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Saturday, January 6th

Laurie & Lynn talk to Anisha Arora of ERA One Source Realty about their expectations for 2018 and Cathy Reppert from Truly Scrumptious about her career and upcoming retirement. 


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend ranks and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Good morning good morning how are you I'm fine how are you and your folks happy new year had they had I mean thank you 2018. Is here with a vengeance with deep cold and eliminate this now that we're getting bigger and how was your trip here today was it I was alone I think he asked Canterbury there how it was good turnpike 81 was fine I. I wasn't on the turn volume and everything started I the reason I'm blazes because I went to me. I'm mostly branch of fidelity bank idea which one of the bankers there. And it isn't 1130. Was stripped appointments he asked. And it was said that the snow is still snowing quite heavily and these. Driving. Was a little bit slick but the weird part about it was. We went between forty and fifty miles an hour. So there was this crazy. And by the time unless there. About five miles a twenty minutes ago. Stop everything was wet. So. Adding around this morning it was not a good thing and loud because screaming street was horrible on the way she and that's usually. Clearly it was slippery and yucky so just please so watch so be safe out there guys. Please. I'm not there will matter I guess on Saturday you want it won't be but it will be cult. Our clue. He. Whenever. So how was your holiday. My holiday was very nice we did absolutely nothing on New Year's Eve. And I like theft it was very nice. I don't even think they may video we did make it until midnight monster ball drop push. Whatever that this is anti climactic to me at this point pan am both said that. In the years past two weeks ago with some friends to Glenn no country club yeah for that events and and I loved it because the food was exceptional. The bands that they had their business is great it was a lot of fun and everybody. Left before 1 o'clock and go home and it's great. But I. It was again it was so cold I just did you wanna go anywhere. Just trying to stay home. And so I didn't make any New Year's resolutions. I am I don't do that anymore because it's a total waste of time things. I've heard the foul deferral. Oh yeah I know so we designed the mother. But no one asked to do into the new year anyway countless resolve to do something. Any time that's right it's over the hill to do like everybody else be different duet and in my march 17 or something. I'm Annie did hear woodlands said early so we have to say this to GA has once said she the reason she was Lleyton Jakes and IE you when you think is gonna start to sit when Lin gets here he said well it's kind of funny that you're the first one here. That is cafe Asia yeah originally appeared at. When LA and I was on time so maybe we're reversing Jake I'm gonna be the one on time these days Newman will be in late February and he gave me the fans thumbs up my. Oh yeah well we sat and tired. In chairs unleashed heat. Comfortable chairs and my family room with blankets and we ordered Chinese food. Really yes on New Year's Eve what is she gets Chinese food for Sony's. Oh okay. And it was so nice it was comfortable we did stay up until until about 1232 on the ball trapped. And down but it was so nice 'cause it was. Just comfortable and warm and you eat it just I love to float had asked me if it what you were doing and as the world usually what you do. If our columnist is that you go to bed. Fireworks yeah in her pajamas every step us up on the top floor of those parking garage trying to but I so I don't think they want they canceled the fireworks. We wouldn't and there. I really hope that what you are good yes absolutely. One here and we picked up my knee and a yes. And she probably was it probably was good she she was 92 when she passed and she died in 2008 so probably was the beginning of 2008 to ten years ago and she only picked her up at 1132. Was all bundled she comes up weren't I'm in my name my hair was a diamond mine you know nightgown and we bro man everything with a big coat and hat Sparky who cares or stain in the car action. And we pick Tara and she came with us and we went to the top of the Adams plaza. Parking garage and there are three other cars and was the perfect place. We just pulled up there and park and watched fireworks and it was we got hot chocolate and we sat in the car with my grandmother and she loved it she loves death. That's pretty good and so but we've been doing any time since they've had of course with first night I chaired first night two years. I am. I was saying the year that Bernie may pull skin I chaired I think it was the start of 2003. And I'm it was 55. Degrees on New Year's Eve that night it was the perfect perfect night. Sure I'll be there and to be out and it was packed downtown yeah packed. So that was a lot of lot of fun well I don't think there are too many people have. No less the whole song but you never know airlines die hard people that then go out regardless announced but it was called. I'm proof. Well anyway. I heard that did you make any resolutions to me. I resolve to be here on time but you may or. And I am I lived up to this week's a lot of delays to actually I want it on time but I was definitely. But I'm. Yes now now I don't do I don't know me. Now if Harry Flynn when you lead the lead to clean life you know he pleases them like you and over. Girls now laughing. Patrick always says something I ask him how come because fall asleep because aren't being well you know when you're related to her life she don't have many things. I throw I need to troll bracelet. That's right yeah I'm here we're very tired standing you know worry about that's exactly what madness and then and yeah it's easier for them. Yeah I'm inclined to find this guy says Lynn you have to remember men are not deemed. Okay yeah true very true I don't think that women worry about me speaking examiner that is true arm right. I got that way yeah. So I am. Did you do anything the New Year's Day part of an orgy I just hang out and I did some things that I really want to do on New Year's Day I made it huh. Big bowl of chili. That I absolutely loved and we have some more about last night. And I had done that a long time and it was sensational. And I also made some lens of soup with some ham and stuff and it certainly. Well I did eight potent ask a Sox and a home. And was really good good because that's what you do when you have time seeing how. And could you put dollars in your ideal you know what I do though Kathy I use and this is cheap but I love it I by wegmans. Friday applesauce in the jar and so it's delicious just got a little bit of a kidnapped back. So I use that and I adapted at olive oil salt pepper some cheese though you know she then I NN inane little chopper that I have. I do black and green salads snack coal mine of the black skin green. How I'm a long hot Mancini lung hats that come in the giant. And Britain green onion. And I put them in there and I mix them until it's pasty. And then I take the pace in added to the sauce and then I put a little more cheese and let it cook and then at the end and throwing some capers that's sounds delicious it's really good and the pace kind of just let. I did not have usually I put a little in Chile paste but I didn't have many I thought I do and I didn't so I missed that part of it but it was. I'll when I got what I do with garlic paprika garlic in the olive oil before put the sauce and and let it get it I'm ground and then add the garlic to that the mixture and then make his name is doing a cooking show or after a hypocrite and so it was. Oh good cop and why I'm sorry yeah yeah yeah I got the so Google whine about fashion but yeah yeah it was delicious. And this year so everybody's just learning that I was pretty appropriate given what we don't know about how much undervalued we are as women. This thing is called it a day without a woman the economic costs. So. This is the way it works women account for seven point six trillion. The gross domestic product in the United States. And it's all paid women workers in the country took just one day off. The economy would hit it. I've closed would take a hint of close to 21 billion dollars. Please help. Senator for don't. American progress points out that this figure may not be an ideal mattress for gauging the impact. Since it doesn't take you know account for the unpaid work women do. However it also doesn't account for the fact that women also dominate some of the lower paid professions such as teachers or social workers. But here's a look at the role women play in the economy as a whole. According to the 2015. American community survey 47. Point 4%. Of the year's labor force comprised of women sixteen years and older. Census data shows over 69 million women were employed that your. Making 46 point 8% of the total employed workers and the economy. Education and health services employ most number of women as a category. With all 36. Of C employed women working in an industry. Retail comes next employing 13% of women workers follows five professional business services. Earnings. Shows that in 2015. Women with full time employment had median earnings of 40000 dollars. For every dollar that a man earned on average a woman made 81 cents. And I can't believe that's still the case. My mentality is supposed to be yells like 78 cents. Ten years fifteen years ago that's as far as they come. In fifteen years. Three sons more. Well then who worked more than 35 hours and a week all year round got median weekly pay of 726. Dollars. Those working part time made up a quarter of all salaries females were female workers. With a median weekly earnings of 251. Dollars and I and how you live on that. On the flip side mothers are increasingly the primary breadwinners. Last year and announces five. This group pointed out that in 201542%. Of mothers in the country where the sole or primary breadwinners for their family. In addition 22% were co bread winners bringing back anywhere between a quarter to a half of the family's income. So anyway and then it goes I don't know about this but that the best thing that was interesting that a day without women working. I had such a huge impact. For one day and yet. It doesn't take into account on the unpaid work that we do find chair giving babysitting. Food shopping you've gone through a list. I'm issue and all that stuff and and it just amazes me how nice. We work. And how much were worst people on all that and I think about. Sweden which is a country that has. Acknowledged the fact that women. And their earnings to account for something more than just. Thank you say to give them. That kind of Social Security benefits that we yet. And they give them credit for the years clearly raising children I know is to maintain our own children and care giving you don't really tax the Swedes that's. She's an ultra mobile. Really isn't. Right you know all the ASEAN countries and come rain and now it's Denmark isn't. The happy is country in the world yeah I saw that yeah yeah Amy percent of people claim to be happy there yet it's amazing this is yes. I must be happy I had I mean don't learn I am happy about he hands you know. Well you know an island in Europe. Really made me so happy when they are not that many choices for everything thank you and they're brushing start there are just three kinds yogurt again day. I make all those decisions every day the CMO fell on millionaire. I hear we hear. I was in London. And then when I was in my school are gone for you know yeah. And when I was lost quite a boyfriend do it in Switzerland and little airlines and there's like. There's a lot of different entities. I was like the United States there's only one kind of stayed back. Thanks moment. Our. Well we amounts to taking a quick break we'll be right back you're listening to remind myself it's Saturday morning with the Koreans live now. I don't worry inland. Welcome back everybody here listening to Larry Lynn show I'm Lori cat Myanmar can enterprise citizen fundraising PR and. Special event business. My name is Linda Evans cyan managing director of women of substance LLC it's a new financial planning firm. I just started and I am also they host of faith. Talk show podcast called power of the purse. And we are here we've killed guest experts today and one starting with just our first guest expert is Disney show tomorrow. School is General Counsel for ER a one source realty. ERA has about a hundred agents in net. Ten counties with seven hospices. Yeah and each is here baby hi hi hi I'm happy you're here when I know we feel I'm good doing well. Page's face telling everyone I'm getting wrinkles around you doesn't eighteen. And I don't Digisette. The queen the queen and they she said I am very happy record because of the cleanest summoning me to come back to the castle the JR Kelly thought it looks nice now we can call they carry out. Let me Dante looks beautiful I have to go on CNN and yes I was really nice CNN candidates six arraignment. How is the queen but I'm. Clean is doing stand I was tinkering Ngo has no grandson. Who I'm HM char at any on Obama and the people. And if you don't ever tell him ours he had Sinead Amar I know she's a very avid FaceBook poster ads and I'm. I mean so maybe he is a Q a lousy name at Eden and lo and James arrive most Indian naming her her. The campaign well she is under which is not. There as her mother's Irish sign on associate dean alienation is hurting others now okay. Yeah he's he's a little tiny peanut healers a smile when he was finally knew he was just about a little over 5 parents sometimes I am cities a couple of weeks early so he's gaining Wayne it's. You okay yeah he can't make these guys sound like. And his order sister is I'm just hitting her terrible team is just going to be fun to my brother I can't let me. You tortured I DN NN NNN day and now he has a NN. The cash. A little brother's idea Jeanne when I mean these are his children so I remember him he's. When he was a BB I remember it really vividly and when I look at her I see. KM oh or Carl's and everything and I look at mango here and so much trouble yeah you're installing trauma to the so the other day he's totally not real estate related and it's funny story see I am. Are her mom and sister and my Maggie was speaking cookies down OK I don't know why this woman thought she needed to bake cookies for Christmas after just giving birth to a baby and having your kids under linked to a two year old and an infant I don't. But I he's making her Christmas cookies which are delicious and Cormier and spectacular. And ukrainians thought it was really funny to take the butter off the counter so she's walking around now she's sticks of butter want any hand that are slowly dripping now. You're really act and running through the house I. Yeah 00 my god hole. I'm really excited to have got an opponent is finex a curfew it lessens your mom who is holding a baby in China because he's the same time. She's somehow and that's based timing my brother who is fans yelling at his daughter your face time to put the body about a. Are there any scribes. I'm an IE UI yeah I'm not sure he's operating on some line yet quit and are holding a phone thank you cringe. I just drop in Chiluba. I mean I cannot got a guy and did you make an acute ebitda as we can all. Okay thank god. Did she get lifted a shot what does she finally duly put it back and then. In the well she may always days when your time now I don't exactly the same face he's may I call these pictures up and she's sort of scowl that you like how dare you tell Martinez. So that was the face and then there was like a meltdown and then she recovered and of course your mother said oh it's no big deal there goes you ought to have a daughter yeah. So we don't you know he's visiting Indian god lord Krishna that he loved about her and she looks like let that kind of an. Sorry I had yeah he's it was just kind of lost an auspicious Chinese it is better have a bottom. That's the worst winter did you imagine. How lately and see and did you even when you touch it he'd try to wash your hands up they can't pay her there she is we think this. I'll hit him so they're kind they're nice and soft Selanne to went. Originally is any allure of it and in addition to that little. Bundle of joy yeah we had a really fun Christmas because there hasn't been a little kid around on its feet on Larry I'm Susan Johnson. Is celebrate Christmas right out we don't we always have. Even go well. We sort of knew about Santana really early on because granddad is I'm contrast that presents our pioneering. I hope I'm Tony told us that cantor ally stamina I'm saying I'm well I. Think they didn't make enough. Such as a a Honda. So what's happening it only married to now all we have a lot of exciting. Things happening I only had I think I told her dorm last mentally teenager and sit com or achieved de. Who actually is in charge of student housing propensity for ending to an. I'm she's a wheelchair I and she's come on board with ERA at a clerics and office. I receive an up front they spotted and then we have to each gateway is RD need Janet and I campaign she moved over. I know we have a new range an annually licensees and I'm Janine Westfield to join us also. So they are all trained up and ready to call and learning all about Erie products. I'm Janine has an organizing company actually to do so if you need some. I am house organizing your house in spring cleaning restorations and cut she can help your about it OCD cleaning and I don't OCD. Forget the last hour. Yes this organization in cleaning and design contest I was pretty cool. So they're both gonna be working our tech summit offense and how's it going on. We are currently looking for a listing basically say every winter winter is a really great time to list your house because you're not competing in the influx of some Alice sings. And there are. Actually a ton of people from out of town who are trying to me back. Her house as freely through yeah I would like just like. They always other feelers out especially if they come home for the holidays. And think about. An eighteen other parents live here and billionaire didn't do you know little bit boot time trying to families an everything and they just come home and realize there is this is like a great place alleged cans. And they want their dream house so if you think you have a dream house that you priceless with us give me a comprehensive. We have people looking to buy their dream house yeah. Can't course she just yeah a lot actually. And listing inventory still low across. Both black on islands and counties south. He really is a good time buyers or sellers are angered nicest to other properties trans yeah it's been getting better with the publicity. Appraised value wears. Running back up yeah where it should be and that's bad debt increase and interest rates can really affect things reminders cell going on the final quarter. I think game one of the lenders Tony locked in for. A couple days ago so I'm really looking at fat. Big impending doom that we thought was gonna happen when I straits times are still a great time to be a buyer or a seller. Can't. Let's see it in and company allies were doing a big court brat reliance and re branding and I'm saying I wish I eerie choir practice we have some might very big waves coming from. New Jersey buried energy. MT com help. Dreamliner its iron anemic in two brand and the pressure place so are kind of you know. Green designing and bringing in Maine saying. I am just you know I'm counting and again nothing New York. Things that was talked about the past this stuff that you never really pushed yeah and went by the wayside which actually. A really good thing too knowing your listing about if you don't have salad and our rounds I hit him. And damn well only company that they don't offer that its fastest. And then there's all so I'm. Drag tell I think it's called where you can get an offer that same day if you Lister Ausmus ERA. See you can. Get an offer from corporate good for 80% of the appraised value I think is only what they killed since nine top ten. She called queen for details. Area. Any stupid into their specialty. You still feel a lot of us sellers this happening yes I'll cut yes down more than the average then. More normal than not these days you know some people still don't know what it means. I think some people still don't know I mean I think that that buyers and sellers to sort of get. Caught up in an and they don't really understand that implications number our fans but it's a really valuable to our. And today you wanna net a 100000 dollars for your house you can't sell it at a 106006000. Dollar sellers at any stomach your 100000. And you know I'm tax ramifications are Manama on either end. I don't pitch if you don't pay the commission on their sellers says so even though the house sells for more action you assist the buyer. The seller allows it to go up to 6% of it I'm the excel price of gas to go towards the sellers. Closing costs about closing your eyes I was closing costs and and it works out for both as a lot of sense and don't have the money right. And gets a way to sell your house as long as and it comes in with a appraised value your fine yep and announce feature appraisal and they're coming back screened. I don't think he had any appraisals coming to low and I know I'll irons and link remember her. Fat to be energy he came to America you are buyers aren't you can can cast a praise sounds. You can shop around for Murray says. And there's lots of fees that sometimes just get thrown back in that you should question and you know. Be your own hands again and ask questions and you should hire realtor who can answer these questions at least help you guys how you guys are you can someone who can India and Indonesia also what's important to I think people should look at is there's all of these other options the VA and me ask the FHA stuff and I think you know I'd be really need ideas are you going forward in this year is to to have it let's talk about some of these specific things and educate people on watch. They are like seller says that we just briefly spoke about all the types of lending what the snags can beach that might be ways for us you to make a little bit. A different impact this year if we talk about things that may be the average person doesn't really know sure what to do about mark yeah. Alan affects your credit if you go to a couple if you're shopping around those kind of thing yeah. It does affect your credit list chopper around to. So little Woolsey yes this is we talked about that I made them go all the time they have all those promotions for those heat program yeah and I. I look at it a hundred times I don't know what it is. But I it always says he knows that because of the changes in the guidelines you may now be. Eligible to participate fun and I know what the guidelines are the first place I. If I miss say something like that like what you're talking about just educate people on what those. I'm Merrill lacked for that's for some things done. Analysts let's talk about what they are some people get an idea because I'm thinking that people who don't do not know what all this means. May have taken themselves mentally how I. Exactly and it is they now know that there are other options maybe they might come back in some. Right yeah. And I mean we just did al-Qaeda closing before Christmas with UST if finance saying yeah. Am local links fidelity bank actually I'm shout out car and trauma is thinks he's not. I'm rain. And I'm. C brokered now to another lender to be able to do UST financings is they are doing US TA loans in house infidelity but they were able to program the transaction. And it words in the USDA is 100% financing so he actually he's beyond those things we did the closing and I gave a track to the buyer. Thank you got money back there you know saw an hour. Sony should we'll talk about that could Zenyatta be good when we BBC Nina we'll do that cassettes that's kind of a neat strategy so we utility and how they can get in touch with you guys city RA okay so I'm aren't corporate offices in Clark's comment and a phone number is 5705. Dates and then 9999. And you can always reach us via our website at Denny's Denny's Denny's dot ERA and number one dot com. And we are also on FaceBook and you can face a press shots. He none. Well thank you anybody else where I'm staying on the sponsor this year we saw him I had we love it. Irate everybody we will be up next with a lovely miss Kathy rapper who is a cake designer. For I know an owner the release comes just we'll be right back in the season Larry I'm in shock. It's Saturday morning with Gloria lay and now. I don't L'Oreal and. Good morning. My name is Linda Evans I am. I've been managing director. Of the women of substance LLC which is a financial planning firm. Fed is specifically for. The Neil's financial needs of baby boomer women and also the hosted a talk show podcast called power of the purse. And it's available on iTunes. Stitcher and Google play. And love to do Lar tad yeah. The I'm sorry can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special events business and we are here as I said before and break that with Kathy rapper. This is get a certain time what got us. It she is retiring as we know we've spoken about how many times before she and her wonderful post on FaceBook with their beautiful daughter Caroline this week. And Kathy is retiring as of may eighteenth and so this will be. And last around here baby should just come back and join us for the heck of Beckett out after. I'm so Cathy. How are you doing how are you feeling now with these couple months ahead of you. To be in this position now. Well it's bittersweet immunized so how did you end it yeah. Okay yeah. I mean it's apparent now. Must be transparent be just what you're thinking about we go into facing down near of that and retirement. Days so it was bittersweet thing. It is. Because I loved the the art side and the creative side of what I used to do. So but I do have a few events. Than just saying yeah so. There were on the books long time ago so I'm my. Maintaining those commitments and but may 26 when he eighteen Nestle last wedding. Cake fell beat delivering. OK so. But it it's bittersweet ice I'm gonna take some time off. I'm just a year and do. Go away gonna get trapped million induce some but not a good break I'm gonna churn. Onion and see relatives I haven't seen in a long time I'm gonna spend time with my family and you know read. We'll be glad there's something I haven't done in such a long time. Yeah. So all the things that you do but I know it's gonna Wear. Very closely you can and I definitely want to find a job. Where I'm not the boss and I don't have to make a lot of decisions and maybe 1015 hours a week. Doing anything specific event to. Accounting work now don't you know in our zone on that zone just any debt now hi I have no idea what it is I've I've had a few job offers but there. Both of them word in the wedding industry and and I don't wanna work weekends and I don't wanna work evenings. Tank and they don't wanna be a part of that industry anymore so. And one of the things I do wanna do you know I've been a patient as some carrying firmed gazillion years. Bush because. IA my medical history and ethically they cant really release means a patient and. While I'm I'm I'm perfectly healthy but iso go back there every year for a check up. They have. A cancer survivor. Basically not it's not a support group but they get together once a month. And they do all these fun things in Manhattan. Angel and we'll add something I would love to do and. You know and I I don't think should be allowed to go to every single easy and fun. These things I I have not been able to do over the years and I'm. Something along the. Maybe you should look at here are looking at some length of it from a volunteer standpoint shorter you know. That may because sometimes the beauty of volunteering. A lot of times ends up in employment. And no one looks at it ever that way and that's not I don't think you should always looking getting into it for that reason but sometimes. They of people will see qualities in the US have volunteered that they may need or they don't know they needed and then realize you're filling a need for them and then it comes in employment opportunity now so it's. There is something I'm the other thing that I will miss is I I met so many wonderful people over the years is not surround. Northeastern Pennsylvania and people who grew up here and they would come. Come in from time to time for their wedding plans and but they got married here in the area. And then go back to you where they were living. Maybe it's. And that's why they sent so many incredible people. And social and began my friend so it's. That's one inch side of the panel personally knows. So yeah. How is Caroline adjusting to TU. Sean. Eases decision. She's happy she's. She's happy with that Monica's mom I'm home moron I'm. More accessible yet. Yeah. So. Because you sort of pressure Kathy you know though I am in getting mad and doing what people expect it to do. It is hard to it's always a live up to that Heidi set bar. You don't tune. But that's a truly scrumptious was in my mind about a truly scrumptious it was so I was excellent it was released from do really think clearly a but that's that we don't allergic. What do you think it was a year. Two things. What do you think was the most difficult case for you make that you were so excited when he actually didn't and what was the kick that you things. Really. Just to hit everybody as being fabulous not necessarily does. I'm the bright side of the month and good when you were silent screen everybody just went nuts about it so those two memories I think you've got to cash. I mean no one of them. Was not even a wedding cake it was. It was the kick for the Susan G. Komen. Fashion show heard there was. Address yes was a flat chested woman there was army out of sugar. And make it look like a man I can. Ever end. That was pans down. One of my favorite and most meaningful I ask you because. Your history that it took. I don't even know how many hours. Well over fifty hours ten minutes to change it was about three feet tall. Me will always donated to the exact cause what once we Astor it was a pure donation counts to us the Internet. And what else. Com. Think your bog turtles were at all that we. My favorite day cost debt that was. It only speaking from the I'm not putting I am putting words in your mouth but when I called Kathy incentive for shines graduation. Now cap these daughter Caroline. Was on mock trial for Wyoming stem and shine for Scranton crap and the years son graduated. In Jones that in April Scranton prep one. These states. Championship mock trial state championship and so it was very special to shot and it was taught it was an environmental case which we spoke about before on the show calling his. About bog turtles. And I never knew what to heck and Bob Turner and I think it's still a slowly got to know everything about bog turtles and what they looked like as I said to Kathy when we were doing the key figure out okay KK. What I don't. We were down gears shot I don't know if you wish honor mean I don't know how came up but she. The bog turtles seem came up and brain eye and kept at what Kathy made. What's this tiered cake. Within Scranton prep. They didn't you know graduation emblems sort of and then the turtles in there and I'd like is it as habitat the issue could be with. Bog turtles it was up. Absolutely fabulous. Well I thought it was an it was really weird because it's like how we you know just. I trilogy I still have one of those little fun done turtles in night in my AM. Break front of my Kidman. All nine ounces it's. And the pictures are fabulous mom thing and of course it was delicious and it it was so much front month February was that was a great might well in City Hall was called so am. Yeah from mayor courtroom. So when the first inauguration day. You know that was that was really something comes a lot of fun and that's just cool you down a lot of while about that. What any case Kathy I mean even the time and this is simple. But differ shuns eighteenth birthday we were taking a few kids up to his friends a two State Street. And so I want to get a cake so we did any flat tiered thing was just to look to layer cake. With this big fund on bow on it and it was absolutely beautiful and I remember taking at that when they brought in from the background. To the table with the candles and that everybody. Was unclear at this and take from it was. So beautiful and I was simple it was us it was a birthday cake but it was beautiful thank you. And I was one of our signature can't hang around the Brazilian model about asking now. Sound. Glover isn't the kind of things that I had these brownies that have crashed and Kathy especially angry at this. I. Hitting her brownies with the pianist down in the eye and I really like brownies and I don't now core online until. So let me tell me it did you know. In saying this you're you're I was just telling actually I was just telling not a she didn't realize you where you were retired and I told her the other day and she was you know sad because she said. If you filled. And an itch that needed to be filled adapt point two thank you with the type of cakes and what they looked like against. Just that excitement now that you could do that and haven't what ever you could dream up you can pretty much man why Craig T. Yours I tried to take classes firm the best teachers and so I would go on to New York a lot and I met people from all over the world it was. Part of such an incredible experience. And he's one of the teachers did you enjoy the most talent Ron Ben Ezra because she was brutal home while she. Totals may not like it was he was tough. And he didn't mince words and from him you grow and you get better and better and better. He did that shell on the cooking channel our event. Food Network right while he was inning Jason just watching that show I thought I was afraid him. I took probably a half dozen class is from him while. And I kept going back SE headquartered in many Manhattan yes and need for garment district I'll pass he's on the thirteenth hole heart up to thirteen. And this wound on his kicks studio is diminishing can I got magic but he would talk to us about. We can ask him any question about it especially the business and cupcakes and and that's really where I learned so much I mean aside from. Having his expertise and learning the different techniques that he would teacher prep classes seem he's shared so much with classes so. If there's anyone out there through whose interest in this I would strongly recommend taking a classroom time. They're very expensive and they're worth every penny. Because there won't come back human skin so many different ways. And that's what's really neat is how far. Speaking has come Kathy when you watch these shows on these food channels and what people are doing and the ingredients in the right mixing in a chemistry at all anxious it's amazing to see what people concoct and right in it's the size element if you really knows it's neat it's neat thing or Cathy we thank you Charles thank you we love you and your family the best thing to run of luck in the future when every you don't. And who knows if anyone's listening in knows caffeine use the issue so it's something you think hey should be able to work out with us. Let yeah. Thank you surely you've come back until I come out of and since Boris we'd love to know him doing Arlen until you can be very. The one who says I gave up a business oriented system and I got in this series. Mary I thought that's so inspiring and clay and now. Since then there anyway you look around town where I. I wanted something so what's next will be exciting. Thank you for everything at all thank you know your can't ask me Ayers are one. And we will see you next week everybody please have a good vacation thanks again for listening. And and things. What an ice and had a good vacation yes. I guess I'm I mean. Good weekends we do what I meant a yeah as a vacation only and I know. Anyway we'll see you next week and be safe and please be nice guy.