Special Edition November 18 & 19 2017

Special Edition
Wednesday, January 3rd

November 18 and 19: Highlights from former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s remarks at a health symposium at Geisinger in Danville; a discussion with Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro about the ongoing opioid problem in Northeast Pennsylvania; an interview with Cara Drinan about her book on Juvenile Justice reform, “The War on Kids: How American Juvenile Justice Lost Its Way.”


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Welcome to a special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today's program will hear some of the remarks from the guys in your national symposium. Featuring keynote speaker Hillary Clinton. Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro discusses his office's ongoing strategy. For battling the State's OP it epidemic and we'll hear from the author of a new book about the challenges of the juvenile justice system. And some ideas to improve the situation. Guy singer in Danville hosted a national symposium recently entitled from crisis to cure. Revitalizing America's health care system. And some well recognized medical figures and political leaders. Were on hand for the event to offer their perspectives on an often discussed topic panelists discuss transparency in the patient experience. The role of technology in medicine. And the positive impact of the private sector in health care one year to the day of conceding the presidential election to Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton appeared at the symposium. To offer her ideas in the realm of improving health care delivery. Here's part of her conversation with doctor David T Feinberg the president and CEO of guys in here. What was the defining moment. Where you decided in your life. To devote yourself to health care caring for others. Well I think that there was a defining theme. And then some defining experiences. Really the defining theme. Lives that. I I was raised by a family that believed in. Giving back gets a strong faith and our Stanley and I just raised to believe that if there were waves could help others. You're expected to do that and you know certainly my mother's own life which is very difficult. You know showed me that. People can overcome. Terrible. Obstacles in their life if they have support man. I decided to when I was really in college and law school that I want it to try to find a way to contribute. So when I was in law school I got very interested in. Child development and I took that extra years studying it be Yale Child Study Center. Some great. Ground groundbreaking people in the field of child development in. I also works at the New Haven Yale New Haven hospital. On what was then back in you know in 19707172. What was then 88 a new concept of child abuse. And that black I went to work for the children's defense fund so. It it was away at fitting together my personal. Interest lies. Growing. Academic intellectual interest about kids so my real entry way was how bad do the best for kids and touted as. I've said often. You know do everything we can't give every child a chance to live up to his or her god given potential. So let's stay with kids for a second because you've devoted your life and making kids better and did children's health insurance is really did you pushing. And I think many of us are nervous about kind of what happens next to what what's what. Talk talk talk talk about that. Well we have every reason to be nervous David and Anna grace health system like icing your knows firsthand. How important the Children's Health Insurance Program has banned. As Virginia said in her introduction I was privileged to be part of a bipartisan. Efforts at night stressed that because. It wasn't so long ago. Working with Ted Kennedy and Orrin hatch and others. To come up with a way to plug the holes between. Employer based health care which covered kids in most instances. And Medicaid which covered kids below a certain. Income level. And then everybody in the neck out. And it you know I ask when I was working on Health Care Reform back in 93 I had the most searing experience at a bunch of them but one in particular. I was at the Children's Hospital in Cleveland. And I was meeting with parents whose children were unsure about. Mostly because. Congenital conditions chronic conditions. And I remember sitting. In a room and I thought okay I'm there to bring people together and hear their stories and then try to be their voice. And there's a father there with two daughters who had cystic fibrosis man. It was just so. Overwhelming as an experience I was a mom myself I then in this dad said I've got two daughters. I'm not successful businessman I have my own business. I can't I can't find insurance anywhere. And I that's what they tell you when you go in and say I can afford insurance still give me please a chance to bias. He said well he's at the last time I talked with an insurance company representative you listen to my story. And Andy looked at meany said you don't understand we don't insure burning buildings. And this man went to meet with tears in aside and said he called my daughter's burning buildings. So the problem was acute. And there was safe area. Big population. Kids. That were not getting covered or with loose coverage or we hit a limit on their coverage. And so that's why we work to get the Children's Health Insurance Program going and you know it serves about nine million kids. Eight years. And these are kids who often have. Working well usually kept working parents have about poverty incomes and can't get insurance and so they need help. Andy yet Affordable Care Act helped to some extent but it didn't covered by any means that costs of caring for a lot of these kids with. These chronic care in general war. Traumatic. Problems so. It's it's very frightening to me that. The congress has not authorized to Children's Health Insurance Program with started. My husband was president we we authorized it every year George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Where president and this is the first time where. We're really playing real flat with. These kids and their families because states are going to start shutting down these programs could there going to have funding stream. And then I don't know what's gonna. So you bring up there case that the two kids with cystic fibrosis. In your book. And I haven't read your book I just within your book on audiotape. Which I think was even better because there were times in the book where you would laugh giggling I don't know when I was reading it I would've picked up that that was the joke so I felt like. I I felt like I felt like you and I've been having coffee for the last sixteen hours and it's it's been an amazing ride it's been incredible book. And I'm gonna try to read something together and I'm not a professionally in Europe but let's see how we get on this one so you you're in your. Discussion about what it's like to be award. Is suspect. And I think it should be required reading for everybody it's just that easy. I think I've learned a lot from my mom my wife my daughter in through your eyes I went to a whole other level of understanding the of what it's like you. Health care. He's also weapons. We we have a program. Our fresh fruit pharmacy where we take diabetics that are food insecure. End. Give them if it's fresh foods to eat and dared diabetes. In essence disappears. It's cheaper than medication it's better in this side effects are your skin gets better your sex life gets better and your kids are sick if they got. 80% of the people we didn't we didn't set out to do it. 80% of the people that are fresh performance in the requirement where you were food insecure. Your diabetes rightful 80%. Are we. So I don't wanna mess your quote up in your book. You have an amazing quotes from my Angelo from Eleanor Roosevelt the best quotes aren't yours. The book isn't easy things he says so I don't mess up human rights are women's rights and women's but that quote. To me that this whole women's issue is health cares so yeah. What you're right. As ads. I think it's clear example you gave. Yeah women iron the primary decision makers about health care. Because of the responsibility we have for our families man. It is certainly the case that women are more willing. Based on research I've seen too. Seek out advice about how to improve their health care. Because there are these ancillary benefits. You know you look batter you wait let us hear your skin is better off. And so. A lot of the health care. Information. And education. Is rightly aimed at women plan should continue to be because that is the primary decision maker. However that does leave out half the population and I don't think. We've done a very good job in communicating with men about health care plan. You know one of the problems that. We see in looking across the board at all kinds of issues. Is that men often. Don't seek health care until it's too late. So there's more expensive. Often more difficult intervention required. Don't like going to the doctors don't like going to hospitals don't like saying there's anything wrong with them. And I speak from personal experience on NASDAQ itself. I think that. Trying to figure out how we. Message to both women and men and women. We do our best to try to you know get our husbands or fathers are sons. Into. Regular medical care but it's that it's a challenge and it's something that. Women need help in doing and then the final thing I would say is that. There's so much good information. And the example you just gave about the food pharmacy. This is such a great initiative that I sinker and start again. I hope it's a model for many other places. Because so many interventions. Are really inexpensive. But it takes some time and effort to figure it out and you're talking about diabetes back in again. Early nineties I was working on health care. Why is the only state with universal health care coverage they have a system that. Got everybody into health care. So they were able to do some interest being. Experiments and one of them was working with there native Hawaiian population. Who worked very. Susceptible to diabetes because the agent diet that they passed through with. Mexicans and Latin Americans and other people when the when the old diet changed and rapidly toward fast food and other things. They became much sicker much faster so one of the one of the experiments that we strongly supported. Wise. Helping native hawaiians. Go back to there old diet more fish. Vegetables and it sounds simplistic and it is but it worked. And you could see. You know the numbers dropping health improving. So there's got to be a better ways. Expressing an explaining and convincing. Women and men to take somebody's at international steps that are pretty straightforward on behalf of themselves and their families. So I still wanna ask a lot of questions about women but you gave it in that we can talk a little but about dad so up. Doctor dean Hornish I think convinced all of us earlier today about it's a bands issuing a very rather intimate way he showed that up. He showed that eating eating one of these big meal changes your virility immediately so. I've heard this for 25 years. Didn't tell you so tell me how your husband is dealt with it's hard issues and now whole foods plant I coal plant based diet. Well first is that a great friend and advisor to bill and me we brought him into the White House again back in 93. To help us reduce menus and to provide healthier eating options. And what I particularly. Respect about him is that the work he has done is clinically based he has conducted. You know peer reviewed. Experiments he's able to draw conclusions about heart disease or prostate cancer and the things that he has you know that study. So here's the short version. I don't think it surprise anybody about a certain age that you know my husband grew up in the south an eight. Just great southern cooking. You know he would he would periodically. Cut back but he didn't change his diet. Win. He had. Heart flare up in 2004 didn't actually have a heart attack. But he did have blockage and I had. You know a lot of chest pains and breathing difficulties and eventually. Within days was. Scheduled for a bypass which he had when he came out of the hospital that first time. He was really given. A very. Moderates. Set of diet. Recommendations so you could eat meat but just not very much me. PD dairy but not very much here it was kind of the American Heart Association. Modified. And a cutback. Diet with adding more vegetables and fruits and heat I'll bet he was he was very disciplined. And then six years later. Yet to get a stance because his arteries were. Getting clogged again and he knew it he felt it. And this time you know it was six years later a lot or not only research but the acceptance of the research. Had a chance. And the doctors then told him that. He was among those people who would really benefit from a plant based diet now. What he is. He doesn't eat meat anymore. He does city area anymore he does eat fish. Because after being totally plant based. He he I think felt like he needed some kind. Supplements we does eat fish but he's been very. Very dedicated to this and he feels great looks great. So we have a real. You know real life experience and our own family with the difference that it's made an obviously dean is a great support to. I think one of doctors basically said bill for whatever combination of reasons that we're slowly unpacking this. You really produce a lot of cholesterol. So you know you're somebody has to be very very careful. And he has excellent. So we've done a program around genomics that we now think it's the largest vile thing in the world. We've taken a 160000. Patients have done their whole Axel sequence so every part of the DNA bad. That matters we think and combined it with our electronic health records so we're saying to patients. In advance your bid to die from this cancer there's something we can do about it you're gonna get this heart condition and there's something we can do about it as you know growing up. In this area a lot of people don't move. So there's multi generational so we've taken this community approach to genomics. Combined with the electronic health record. Hand out. I think that really started. We've President Clinton and Tony Blair. Saying let's go Human Genome Project today at guys that are actually anyone here. We're offering to DNA sequencing. We now do is part of our regular care it's pretty amazing and I'm not sure about but it. When that started what we're talking. Sixty years or something like that. Well you know it was one of that really great accomplishments of the federal government you know. I get a little. Frustrated at people who don't ever. Understand or don't care to know. The investments of the federal government makes like in the creation of the Internet for example but in the creation. Of mapping of the human genome which turned into a race between if and I age man that Craig ventures group but. You know that the work that was done laying ground work for it really came out of you know federal government investments so. When it was now. It was about. Now is I haven't caught trying to remember exactly it was you know. Maybe a couple of billion dollars of investment. Which has. Generated. More than a trillion how others. Pay back in new cures new medical approaches. New businesses that have sprung up out of the desire for people to be able to know more about their genetic background. And it will eventually it and I'm sure that's. Among the many reasons you're doing this you lead the kind of personalized medicine and especially because you're combining. The genomic information with electronic medical records and you can. Eventually you know search goes to get insight into conditions that. You maybe have antecedents. In prior generations of a family or connected people. And I just find that really exciting and I I really applaud you for making it one it icing yours. Real legacy. And best. Those are remarks of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who appeared at a recent seminar hosted by guys in here and Dan villain titled. From crisis to cure. Revitalizing America's health care system she was joined in the discussion by doctor David T Feinberg president and CEO of guys singer. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by sue Henry. The ongoing battle to tamp down Pennsylvania's OP led crisis has been a vigorous one. For the office of attorney general the officer arrests an average of three dealers everyday. Has seized more than 33 tons of drugs and arrested some professionals for misconduct. Attorney general Josh Shapiro spoke to us this week about this ongoing issue and filled us in on the. That memory championship at April while filming at Susquehanna Bradford solvent only did spend some time and that's when we worked for that it's every single day not just our veterans say they have particular needs. That are unique to their community. Often times. Don't have help when it comes just substance abuse veterans are twice as likely to die correction that'll opiate overdose but god veterans and they exist Cummings district the number of bats with OP argues disorders actually. Increased by 65%. Since twenty tent so we spent a lot of time. Obviously pork and other heroin and old Buick crisis but specifically working on the issues that. Veterans are facing connecting them what services they dainty. Providing everything it's just think if there's other areas such as well whether scams are targeting veterans which is already are. And an eight not out there that would folks as well but I would surely. You know specifically looking at the feel good issue in my discussions with about last week. Do you have any information Josh as to whether might be this kind of despite among the veteran community. Cup could be very historically over prescribe folk who are now. Think since begun under their practices whichever number of people. Got it this summer you've got a lot of veterans current and I think speed. I medication they need support to deal with that ain't a bad prolonged time alternatives. We're not available. And then third or park are either but I I think anyone would say what would recognize it. You know veteran Gerald. The system or an assault that's because. You know they are training and the Camaro you don't resilience of their strength of character. And so part of what I'll order complicated by letting it go that its okay to ask for help and working your order to get should help educate. You know it is we want to work but he wanted to make sure the Al alternative. Alternatives or premature to make sure that there's support groups available or to make sure they you know other doctors available who works that. Understand your pain a little bit better does it feel what they want a response. In a story are written outside of our area today in the Harrisburg Petrie at. They kick off a series of looking at the addicted places of Pennsylvania. By visiting. Concern Tony and I think that we both know that loser in county. Proper has really been ravaged to provide this so particular. Addiction issue and I know you do spend a lot of time here Josh how how do you think. That the strategic plan amongst the the Paris the theory is is coming together to comment that's a real understand this might get to a worse before it gets. Yeah I do our retirement Lucerne county and throughout our mr. GA. Look we have 140. Overdosed gassed up there were aware of which are counting last year 1216. At least 47%. Increase in Europe or 20:50. Am new mosque. Ostensibly. The wolves parts of we'll turn terrible parts are cut so thank you. Proportionally speaking are the hardest hit and so unique view each. And and you know laser beam focused all of these communities. In order to. I suggest that I think what is clear that well I talked about every day it ought to practice in the AG's are Christians. You need a multi disciplinary approach shall we got we arrest the drug dealers. It is significant memorable Rask it was turned out I certainly do rest doctors and others who worked authority. Legal prescriptions for illegal use. I think also to make sure that you look at the supply chain here. And I think for so many people the supply chain starts where. A pharmaceutical drug knocks your approach is set. And so we have leading up after multi state investigation. Into the pharmaceutical industry and have been dispensing these Oak Hill it's all Pennsylvania at all cost. Country and then you also need to folks are getting treatment. Also people and not the last point that's why coordinate closely with county officials that state officials and others to make sure that. You know we're arresting people would need to be arrested like dealers are those tours are for helping get people are the treatment could be abolished. Last week that you also did something on Allegheny county and dictate your office. It says is first the EU and you were staff. Actually eat. Seized an enormous. Amounts of car fan non I know Carson Nolan in minuscule quantities can be so deadly Baghdad yep 750000. Dollars is so what what happened heresy can you talk. A little bit about that for people who might not be familiar with what that. At is. It was the first known as the future of car oh air Pennsylvania and it was an Allegheny County where Pittsburgh is. If that cobra because of how these within that county including the street expert at places like. Braddock Fort Bragg to others. 0% goal. It is you know thousands or hope that heroin. It is quite literally a lawsuit tranquilizer that's what it's huge port when used properly. And that is now making its way into the stream of illegal commerce. It's well by. And it is unbelievably potent and dangerous where do everything we can't. To get it off the streets in western Pennsylvanian or northeastern Pennsylvania all across our commonwealth. It's it it doesn't take much to kill somebody with this car technology job. It wouldn't miss your about it even your first responders when they let when they come in contact with that they have to be careful that they're not hurt or killed right. And we actually impede other Bob recently after a massive bond with that thought arrow I think it Philadelphia and we had one of our agent came in contact with this oyster. And actually had to beat back given it mr. archer Kirk boxer. Because that I can contact with the along with some of you police officers. As well. It's incredibly dangerous our first responders. Are so law enforcement and so obviously we wanna make sure that they treat it turned herself but all have. Sergeant boxer of all them. And we stressed every day the proper way to handle this kind of oyster. And the proper way to conduct themselves out the other incredibly dangerous. Come from now a lot of people say that today it's because of the quantity isn't it literally can meet shift from anywhere is it coming from outside the country. Is it being manufactured. In laboratories inside the United States you have a handle on the. It's coming from outside the United States. Places like China and Mexico. It's a mother comes across the border we certainly need border security. In order to shut that down. A lot of it is coming across the got dark where is the outfit as if you're Nate Internet based sales so we work closely with our. Federal and state partners to try and combat all of that. Talk act and are you having any success in finding them the sources and I'm sure they could be coming from everywhere and it's quite difficult. We we can look we've. You know significantly increased the number of dealers we corrected. We were arrested over thousand drug dealers since I took office in January. Averages out to over three and after our viewers a day every school they have been an office. And while you know or what worked hard to get ahead of its are still a lot out there in order to remain vigilant and do everything we can't it's why. On the first one to say even though it's my job and unrest could. On the first one to say that that alone is not to have fully address this crisis that you need all those other things we discussed before. In order to combat it poet. Courage and your office was involved recently in Blackpool want to count me. With the arrest of eye doctor and that a lot of people are taken aback by this I must say that this was actually a doctor one of my family members. Well and and some for mine as well and by all accounts. Was it was a good and conscientious doctor do you know the circumstances. Are around so what what happened here that led George. Staffed to press these charges against this individual. Look at doctors want example. A what I talked about before a focus of my administration. Awed that they can convert an arrest the person is where you'd take. Illegal. Prescription drug like OxyContin. And you diverted for illegal here's. A doctor is shelling yet. In illegally or giving it away for some particular paper. I'm not gonna get into the specifics of the case but I can tell you that we're seeing that the optic commonwealth. And we have focused on is that we've got a 50% increase in the number the first arrests. In the first ten months of 2017. First is the first ten months of August 16 nearly 50%. Increase and so this is something we take very very seriously though this is different from doctors. Say oh broker garbage or prescribing are great if we import. Could help they did not recommend and all that or it was sabbatical society and other treaty organization. Good doctor and serve practice that's not what went on what went off and it was corroborate your. Where these drugs were diverted. A crack team you've laid out just a lot of the stuff that's going on its seems so very like a very intense pursuit. Com and like I mentioned before I don't think anybody is thinking the school's top. Any time soon but do you believe that the combination. Of arrests the treatment. The so looking active professionals. In do you believe eventually. There were going to turn the corner in the state because there is and I told the audience before you came on their served a woman who. It says it a nervous where she was forty she died user and Connie. Her daughter was sixteen and died two weeks ago and where stuff like that it's so heartbreaking when will when you believe there will see. A little bit of daylight unless. And he stole these are just they're so tragic and the numbers are so old public it's why I've made this. I top priority batting order don't feel whatever that Beckett. I try not to itself by airing storage and act went bombs in bad. You know and other sisters. I admire our great quite literally I have my arms. Telling me about a lot or that was bought up every bit battling addiction. It actually fuels by efforts appeals by teens efforts as we work even harder. I guess I would trade you right now Syria's. I don't anticipate that numbers. Changing. Traumatic clear direction here to terms of coming out. I didn't see out there which is confident that I Beers gonna work cut out. We're gonna defeat this is a level of awareness coordination cooperation. Of course they're working together. I'd make it very clear that we've got to or think collaborate and our local state federal Archos in order to make these cases. And I think that level of coordination combined where greater emphasis sought treatment. It's gonna have helped by strict sit. I would say that you know those in Washington those in Harrisburg. They've got to begin their best nobody is to treat it and they can. Talk all they want about this but your world a twelve lions welcome it every day. And they're not make our job any easier I know I'm making available on day four I think that also Arctic as. They're doing it washing jet as it tries to that they you know step up. And provides real support treatment and think what they do that we're gonna be in a stronger position via public about it. And finally we know old that. Medical marijuana and this is starting to a ticking and then these phases in the state of Pennsylvania where doctors. Can nab prescribed for those who qualify. Is there any reason to look and marijuana and has a potential. I don't if alternatives. To. Oh feeling pain killers. Number of alternatives that are out there broke your pain killer right now I've been challenging insurance company to change their back it is. So that those alternatives are available. There is some medical evidence to suggest that echo marijuana but internal candidate is going to be one of those alternative. Don't go to medical now discussion that it is not. Option albeit for me to. Question the experts call that it could provide alternative. And it future responsibly. And I'm Eric certainly something bolster oil ordered mr. port security alternative it's possible aren't true popular painkiller. Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro joined us for our recent discussion. Of his office's work to stem the opiate addiction problem in our state you're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Post advice and hand wringing. Each year in America police arrest one million juveniles creating a system for processing that shooting courage. The opportunity for behavior correction. And hopefully a small blemish for these youths unfortunately that's not always the case with a juveniles coming out of confinement with lapses in education. And a limited employment future. Karen drain then. A professor of law at Catholic university. Is an expert on juvenile justice she spoke to us about her new book. The war on kids how American juvenile justice lost its way this is a topic that in northeastern Pennsylvania we've been interested in for so many years. Because we had one of the largest juvenile justice scandals in history right here where we live to kids for cash case. You have another thing he made Pennsylvania had the high end to juvenile life without parole population and the Indonesian so I agree that he Pennsylvania has its work cut out for. Absolutely and as you then mention in in the book. Then they started. To. Just blossom and grow based upon. Events that it happened in our history whereas there is zero tolerance became a thing with Q and then there was a certainly an over correction. For certain individuals who do abroad stuff to school and whatnot in the aftermath of column iron right. Played the worst hit is really a subplot to the story of mass incarceration in America act. And they we have more than two million adult content behind bars in the country we lead the world at a rate of incarceration. And the packages that we gave Jenin group leader content for example charging them an adult exposing them to mandatory minimum pulling in solitary. And so harsh though we're a function of late twice infantry how I'm I'm politics. And we know now that they then. And honestly think humans can tell and taxpayer money. And again that is such a sad situation Kara I mean when I think about the waves that it happens to. On the young people who live where we you have. If you talk about the mandatory minimums in in many cases here in our state of Pennsylvania. The commonwealth. Is reticent to give mandatory minimums to adults for certain crimes. And with kids it just seems to me that we use a system. Tom that's ridiculous for some of them. Think the gritty belly fat the fine and we have today and the Supreme Court and it's keep up recently has adopted that I hand. And that I think helped that an nit so don't execute period I mean. On and so they can impact to the thrilling to reflect that ends and you can not breaking unique eight out of criminal behavior. Way that's such a great point and also we we know from some of the cases that we saw a hair care and by the way it's it's very difficult for. The media to covered juvenile courts because they're just not allowed in them and that was an obstacle here we left but we know that kids wind. Given a chance to have some sort of alternative sentence saying north. A different high main. Of punishment. Instead of sitting in a facility with where there are scoundrels. And they learn about being bad they have the potential to actually turn it around by working with the ventures and role models right. Absolutely ready mean can any kid and shirt some kind of correctional facility are ready traumatized and then as you point out. I'm encouraging him to make them better at criminal case here I can't get you need to survive a correctional facility and the exact opposite of what you need to beef. A productive member of society on. You know you look at it dignitary in and a much better model already keep kids when they have to be an cracks culpability he can and can't play says. Without checking in there be purchased a crackle pop the third. And then not hitting an appellate defender you're getting an education and vocational training and we. And then and the Internet at a lower cost and with far more I think he even understate. Because where it wouldn't you sir are young and I we had a couple people. I'm from the juvenile law center our show out of Philadelphia their grade churn and they talk about dubbed. Powell kids are not many adults and that sometimes is lost on us because sometimes kids. Do commit absolutely. Her run three. Times okay we don't we don't want to lose so that the that's not all of them. It's not every single one of them and we saw through this process to Herat kids who came out of the link feet. And assignments. And they literally gotten lost all those years. I guess on the green is is forming in being wired prior. Girlish. It may act you know in in putting my boat together I did a lot of research and did he include individual pew. Compared to lengthy prison term could come of age and contentious in the capital I think that a person spent thirty years in prison is not seeking perk and they are at an adolescent you know I'm back in and speaking earlier. It held at an ad panel Lowe didn't develop until the mid twenties and though I can't speak that the Vermont every else. We we know what do you think it can hold an and they don't consider a long term consequences. And use them more subject to peer pressure than an adult. I am any less culpable but more importantly more likely to rehabilitate at the good news. Yeah and I also don't wanna get away from the the thought that some of the things that people do you money on their very very evil. And seems to be some sword of punishment for that. Abu how sick a piece any success. In working with individuals who may be I'm kill or just something horrible. When they're young that there is some sort of road to redemption for the because we look at some of those times and people they do say and you heard it lock them up and throw the keys. Right. And a lot of my trump way that he idea I think is is it paying out he don't want red we know better shape I'm fine but you're actually writes there are individuals attacked a country serving. Life without parole or its equivalent to four earned juvenile and is that we're very serious. I love it when you look at the their people are pretty simple keep Michigan and Michigan had that happen tie and after and believe. Secondhand juvenile life without pro population shoes and and prosecutors begin to look at that he says and get them to look in the wake of the Supreme Court thinking that they can teach. Eight I percent of those individuals are at the lowest level of security clearance security level that they can be an even to her contractions you realize things. There are people have matured and changed during their period of incarceration and I think that we need to focus on the periodic review for children eat them and they commit serious crime. And it seems do you have evidence to sing G asked. That there there is hope when you know when you look at somebody who is young man and a fourteen or fifteen and you think wow. A life in prison for that individual all it's just tough thing to wrap your mind or could you mentioned you do have children and we. You know we looking kids that are fourteen and fifteen. And we realize that sit. Holding them for ever. I guess would be known that the way in some cases but these reviews have have you been able to talk to any body. Who was incarcerated. At a young age and was given the chance to be paroled put on probation whatever and is now a different individual and is success story outside of incarceration I guess my question. I'm and it Kerry in the book where I hate co pilot three individual can buy have been affected by. Everything would be great to see him in the face each and eight you know I think there though I can't read and agree on much. And Camry and baggy. It especially helpful if they haven't the important thing in my knee and could come home Q&A network but I'm without people who pick who actor I'm. Unquote Google com a look at present and how does upon reentry you know that they need and have missed out on and she. The development of technology and the evolution of the job market so. That story we need to do more hurt. Can make sure that when both have have served there I have paid the price for their crimes that we permit attitude can reentry propriety be productive. So awesome statistics in the end here. You people care about the number of individuals who are confined. Time on any given day 54000. Children. He's very end and juvenile detention or correctional. Facilities. And when you think about it that's at a pretty tall amount have you found. Carry in your research that I know here we do have some tremendous programs. Based upon what happens. In our court system if not for and that's. I don't know if there could have been and that that mindset but are you seeing. Communities that are. Saying you know why we change the the system entirely immune diversion programs for adults that get in trouble there's now. Drug court and that earns court and so on and so for Surrey seeing. More of the move to that model which not only keeps people out of those facilities. But allows them the opportunity to still work. And stage in their homes. In these situations. She. Model that they mentioned or implement very content and I'm a bad read it through the ballot in particular. Because of budgetary issues have been entered it and take a look at. Can nothing urgent issues which I am I can't even took the jurisdictions are starting to look at that because it. Even as he is. Detention has declined humans you can keep our configure access act significant drop from a decade ago. But you minority you are not benefiting from that armored track. Okay look at Anthony canned black and for example are I don't I'm more likely than what you can be could be detained. I mean and so I think there's some new there was some racial and economic disparity issues that we also need to focus on. Noticing any schools that are starting to dialed down on the the note that the zero tolerance policies that work. Except dead after his. Unfortunately we're not seeing a winding down police hadn't been cool and again going back completely racial disparity and the economic and any. I'm too old to inform minority leader and experienced much happier leaking and more likely to have zero tolerance policy. And that's that they just to guarantee you they intend the stakes for kids in the community isn't just one more. Likely laziness they end up in the criminal that the dam. Terrific day it over our east and the I like to leave on a positive note though are you hey are you seeing. Not some some progress in unexpected places even from unexpected people. Who took a hard time because you know it is election season and then across the country right now. He seemed to people running for I don't know district attorney Eric judge in their community who. Tough on crime tough on crime tough 116. Inning kind of paradigm shift. Even with in you know prosecutors or judges who are are saying you know what we you're wrong. Yet absolutely. Despite the fact that the president and a number of individual close to him are on the reds back in the tough on crime rhetoric. There is wide bipartisan support or Smart and kind reform and people recognize the proper political back and then all detention but actually it can and in the weight issues and potential. And that 150000. Dollars a year a massive waste of taxpayer retard that and yet I think we are. Seen a turn toward unleashing our criminal justice reform. Okay and I'm glad to hear you use that kind of phraseology. I'm Smart on crime because I think that's good. And I hope in the future that there are strides made that are there are fears caribou but get the job done in I don't want to let anybody off the hook here. There are people certainly. Who deserve what they gap because they've done something bad that it's not something that the petty stuff that we've seen in the past for people. Went away and came out worse so I'm glad that day he wrote the book. And that I can't wait to read it Kara because like I said where we live this was a huge part of our landscape for. I don't know on the. That's Kara drain and author of the new book the war on kids how American juvenile justice lost its way. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping historians.