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Sunday, December 31st

Sunday December 31, 2017


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From the WYOP. Studios in Pittston Pennsylvania. Welcome to sharing a recovery. Firsthand stories of addiction and recovery or recovery is possible. Sharing the recovery is sponsored by clear broke treatment center. Are still recovering. And attorney DV in this. We welcome your call with questions or comments or call 570830098. Or 1804370098. You were euros yeah. Suzanne Kellyanne chain problems. And hello everyone and and thank you so much for joining us this afternoon and welcome to sharing recovery I'm Suzanne Kelly and I'm joined by co host Jack crop. Jack recently celebrated nineteen years of recovery and he is a phenomenal co host he's a phenomenal. Chief inspirational officer and today. Jack's going to be our guest on Jack has a remarkable story. Sherri recovery for those just may be tuning in for the first time is about hope and it's about helped it's about healing. We believe that people are much much more than their addiction. Anyone who is. In recovery knows that every single day you need to make that decision to wake up. And to not use and for that we apply do we commend you and we think that you're doing this is fabulous work because it's not easy. So over the last several weeks we've had all kinds of guests here in and they each brought to the table of your unique story and in some stories that actually paralleled. Everyone was an inspiration and everyone really has sent on. And Jack asked for this slash show of 2017. That he had the opportunity to share his story now through out our last several months jackets kind of peppered some very interesting. Facts about his life and I his recovery journey. But today we're gonna concentrate more. On and wary was how his experiences. He is. Trips to allow his experiences as trips to us being incarcerated is twice. Where is today in what he plans on doing in twenty detain and it's really really good stuff so Tucker I have via great honor to be welcoming yelled hello. Hello hello hello and happy to be here that are up here a little bit nervous. Out there. Seizure when I'm interviewing somebody else would be the one interview stuff. Yeah okay so okay we're gonna start here you have to have quite an interesting story many times you've talked about. You had your first drink when you're eight years old because you're an Irish Catholic family and that's what you did and honestly. You know will kind of grew up an ad in that environment where it was the norm. But. You're story is much much more than that so what did you kinda takes back to us. What's your life was when he started using and what you were doing in your life fewer very very successful person there is successful businessman. No I wasn't how are you don't see here's all of the knowledge. So at that point but I started drink your world okay constantly really well up. Yeah I mean alcohol was at our house but my mother drank on a daily basis. Her Brothers and sisters dead week I had an uncle used to stop Blair house all the time. So there was always Al go elsewhere fathered injury to drop. I'm believes that he was dry drunk he just. You know I'm the only mother. Who who drink every day so he just stop drinking. He is. So I eye surgery generally cherished it was an enormous it was perfectly normal cast it was a way I was raised. And we refer to someone has an alcoholic and are fairly then that didn't mean they were mad at first I was just just was so. I knew from. I know. A long time ago that I was an alcoholic. But. I do things really wrong with that there was just. Way it was going to be the rest of my life. So. I remember drastically my time I got to college I went to University of Maryland Marie terrorists try every way that first day. You know my thought wasn't I was going to miss them blue or I wonder how this whole war job I thought was now there's nobody can control is urging. Now I don't have to worry about. When I start preaching your one stop drinking during the day your formal interview we did it's I disagree all right until. I injuries anytime we want it's like one big party you're done going to school in today's high is the anti. The University of Maryland at that time was overpopulated. If there was housing shortage. As a result I in the dust living in a fraternity house even lawyer wasn't a member of fraternity they had bruised a rinse it out. So I started out in a fraternity house. Dead. If you ever saw that movie you. We are really windows live animal house animal house that that was my house I lived in a B it was crazy. That's where life. Started to turn the wrong direction for reunions at the mercy rarely dobbs a left voice yeah I drank I got a little trouble here and there. Just like all the other kids I was in high school with the University of Maryland is weighing. Life turned it into different directions. And I. Started to a series I should have been doing wavy Audrey she's gonna end don't we drug dealer I've. I started to have this desire to want more. And I was going to do anything I could get more. What do you mean by more more what more any more anything you want you wanna fancier ones sure nicer car you want money into our own serve. You just want more of anything you can addiction. Isn't an issue that is. They can be anything more is more. So now. Okay so more is more here at school. I guess that's been so important Mike my father realized I'd been there a couple of years of really hadn't done anything donors and drink. Then though my father and I had a conversation one day. He's got to be a good idea tried to back oil we value because. My mother is now a problem and he couldn't handle horror load. He wanted to be come back and get support bat that he thought I'd be better for you go to King's College. Dead fish or at least try to get some kind of education and kings coach. And that didn't work out I mean obviously I didn't stay there very long wagering G escalated. So my father. Pollard bottom. Business he just had a really keys wounding himself here in this New York's to a kind of business there was an inquest small equipment business that the support of landscape Persian and in such. He just show. Here I am I'm twenty years old he has even Jesus as good luck with your business is. But I do not have the ability to manage that and to this day I don't have the ability to manage money. I mean I'm I'm a terrible personal worth comes to managing funds. And that's been through that's been true throughout my life so. If you want to weigh in Sen Kerry no good luck. And that that turned into a disaster was drunk every day I was doing Jurgensen cocaine at that time arraignment. Every penny they came in their business I thought was mine and I can just pick up muddy and didn't support this lifestyle. And I want him to live I wanted to live this lifestyle of set up the money was endless and I can do what I want bill and what I say do what I wanna lose you know. Three G and party and you can do and has been crazy. So did you have employees working here you we always had employees is the when I worked for my say that that story there was going towards three arrests at a time robredo wasn't a big deal okay. So that that would under him we let my mother died in 1983. I think you're gonna. So that business failed to. There was there was a failure from that they will we start that was just we had we walk into a failure because I was there. And in 1983 my mother died I think your 94. I went to work go. So until we close our business auto torque for a local landscaping company. But I wore to the landscaping business and high school and college do you live in ninety forwards who work for a local company. I worked for that company you've till oh. I guess. 1986. Maybe. The boy that in 1985 I got married. Him I married a lovely woman and her father was all a wonderful man and it went farther along essentially award poise stuff. Why yeah why you work for somebody else. And they said well what else where do would. He seemed very earliest you could compete. So my father alone then though fund would be to start landscaping company you've. So that's that's where we weren't that was 1986. And I thought everything was going to be new peaches and cream for a long time with. No at this time Jack you are still drinking. Still drinking viewers drinking our everyday you'll never shut during game and oh. Doing some drugs maybe hello Bob bubble bath time we'll look after I got married that stopped I just had no interest in his and I didn't even understand. Why people do drugs for use I had no fracture of the woods. So uptight but I drink every day of course so. How much. Well. Flocks move lot more than we know there was nothing for re entry tourist records of both alcohol and then you know. You know I liked Joseph trend in the winter or drink Maier drove into the summer drink vodka. So he can be on the season I was reviewed 23 bottles of of one of those a day and in addition to that you aren't I might have ten or twelve years in venues. I just I can consume large volume of alcohol really able to function. Well. I didn't think there was a problem and we died I won't come up away toward carefree days. Do what I had to do every day it's just again I saw that my whole life we lead. I sub people in my family my mother's fairly. Drink all day long while they were at work that you know and I always see what local gym meet should deliver furniture for a a local ensured of furniture of the united furniture he's it was cold. Don't so he got to trust your route. He would stop at my mother's house every day at 10 o'clock in the morning you've ever shot and a beer. So why wouldn't I think you've you do go to work after you've been drinking so. That's what is 01986. We started. A landscaping company and we started to build from the parent. And you know. The bigger name that company got the boring church and in the the more grandiose signed became lived and I realty you know looking backwards every day I was in total jerked. They do there are sure Burpee voluntarily surrendered Donna Blair had treatment maybe not a. Who was. There was a nice guy who could resist. I was so full of myself truthful so full of a great idea possibly being something that wasn't good. I didn't know that and Randall Williams always. Then the that alcohol had anything to do with any of us. But I didn't I could not make correlation between alcohol. In the way I live my life. So that's. That's the way it went into. Between 1986. And 1998. We grew this company we got a bigger we we went from just cut grass and doing. What's called landscape construction or landscape installation whatever you call it fear though. But I can't if if there's anything here I am in this world I might be a pretty good salesman whose. I don't but I was able to get involved with a rather large. Company. That. 1996. Or seven they gave us our first job. And then that changed a lot to me that there really changed a lot about how how we flow should do what we did. How well what house so Jack what was the size of the contract it would go a little large contracts. Those jobs were real brings and we did the first we Dickson city in 1996. And that might have been 300 grabbed you know by the time we got to Allentown due in 2000 that I rear rail until specifically in 2000 because I was worried about the change so. You know a change of Doug Booth. The decade because. I didn't computer products are good golf but in 2000 that job and Ellen I was in probably two billion dollars and if you don't. We worked from Syracuse, New York TSE to New York to Princeton, New Jersey for this company you've had several these jobs go to at all times. Video was big it was big money. But it came in the door they went out the door as fast as it could the bills were ever paid. And had nobody should ever tell me that when I was doing was wrong with your. I don't know somewhere on. In there 909090. Day review I don't know my brother in law are basically you Barbara loves her child he told you he's. Your world who who I didn't I believe that I didn't understand what that meant. That I just kept trying to. I kept trying to force my round peg into a square hole. While that was going on I continued to drink more and more and more. Then I got the ball would this guy he found. From this company out. No we were working before he was a vice president of the company you know you evolve with it really started spending a lot of social time with humans. That that's for life got this is probably 96 time pro life and ugly. Can I start April and says hey I just wanna ask you if could you give us a few examples of where the money went Mina. You had this since college you wanted more more and more so. Well if we utility money can we need to Warren truck iRobot three OK if at one point we had I had three suburban because. I got confused I guess they've been told how they live three suburban there looks but I do I paid people much more than the market. Gulf war. I just anything you can imagine I spent my view and that I just. So okay we're gonna take a quick break and Jack we're gonna continue with your story in a moment we'll be right back. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk once and he struggles of addiction and triumphs of recovery and recovery is possible we welcome your calls for questions or come. All 570830098. Or 180437009. And Angel. You were euros as Suzanne Kelly and Jack problem. And welcome back to sharing recovery our guest today is co host Jack cropped. Jack is sharing his story. Addiction and will be talking more about his recovery process. If you have any questions for Jack you can Collison five cents and 0830098. And we're also on FaceBook life so you are welcome to allow hop on over and not post any questions or comments. Ask us anything that's what this is about. So Jack your business is successful in terms of landing contracts. But not necessarily as far as the operations right around. I was able to bring more can I know I don't think I am community profit do you know. I filed bankruptcy tour three different times and be done. Pulled my family through hell I've ever read a truly did date. You know it's funny how people talk on the outside looked OK you know we have a big house has it was beautiful and you're my father alone basically made that. May now possible I I didn't do that my father looked all we know what every door every take a mortgage on this house is. I don't mortgage on the house three different times just. But wiring sheep they need thief and that's that's the way I lived. So. You know it looked like something was going voted. I don't think my deal came in underneath me work and it didn't. You know. In hindsight I don't Sylvia my wife and then pinned her brother Philip and they both move into. This was all smoke and mirrors event. I guess they both knew eventually storm would hit. It one day it's. September. 14 or fifteenth 1998. I am now until 3 o'clock in the morning you don't say say Arab world. I knew what this guy Joseph Walt so from wegmans grocery store chain though I should to separate but that's why would win since. I do so weird dude I got up and they're good staggered into the bathroom to try and get ready to you have to be at the office at 6 o'clock here's. A big. So we assume to be if this is it is today it's kind of tease you get help for you get out. Nobody year before that and she's got a decent camera 97. She said the same thing to rescind you need health club and you're either you help for a gun as I said okay let's let's get some help with. She called all of a friend of hers whose husband Nvidia blogs her recovery and he had somebody for more war is called me the I am you know I think Jay Leberman jerk. There and the guy from Marv always calls me nicely well logs you know bear a room with a single both single role while asleep intimacy room with somebody else. You know our back and forth for this kind of said okay I'll call YouTube about a week. That never happened obviously did you continue to drink following god yes. But I had no intention of ever stopping in my life I have been. I I didn't think there was any reason to ever stop for him. So weak here we go and other. We'll await your big curly was awarded 1990. That I don't we don't backtracked Britain 1990 I was real sick but you want I was there sic I I left out. I was in the I was in a hospital. Eduardo left the University of Pennsylvania in the February of 1991 the doctor said to be jacking you gentry chair for urgent star wasn't sick because of addiction to I was sick because of something else but. This doctor realized at that. There was probably an intention to issue with stable mark Kelly nicest guy in the world he saved my life. I left that hospital. That that February so Campbell threw three anymore. And I made it to Saint Patrick's Day I stopped and barring lose third. And I said you know I was there in everybody's covered a great time and isolate you their vote. I guess what more beer you understand what your take is a Saint Patrick's Day. So that was. March of 91 the and that led to blow up big snow lasts us for march from 91 until September of 98 so. Seven and half your binge after one beer and we don't literally treaty every single day of the week. So in September of 98 Silvia system really. You get help re get out. So shall get help. I think I was so I'm fairly certain it was just Thursday and I went to world. I went to a local restaurant for lunch which I think I can I went to all the time would. I had a draft beer at lunchtime to trying. To take some pressure out of my head. I'm back to my office and tell them. You know there are still full books in 1998 Tom I think you look things up on don't go oh you are using yellow pages. I am I looked through the fall books are so many hotline that. Then I called that number I said well yes sir media anywhere near here my office was in Exeter is who's your immediate anywhere near here. They said 12 o'clock on Friday. In the west Chester Borough world. Sir okay so the next day Friday you know Greg I walked into the West Coast liberal movie I want you to this rube. But I looked around. Because there were several people give their room and you do. And I knew their histories or do their stories I knew all about the and I said what you guys they were only doing here I don't belong here. Why do you think that way did you say in I mean did you apologize individuals word where you are alcoholics. I thought there were drug dealers there I was at a gala there and it you know had a kind of a very colorful past that I mean I knew what she was all about maybe there was there was an old guy there that god rest his soul here actually helping a lot but he has been some serious time we're prisons. That was a big shot. I don't do business I had a Rolex watch or suburban I'm not one of these people. But I said I would do that so I sat down and there's this meeting started. I am was really started there was little guy who perished chairing this meeting. And you looked around the ruby shoes or anybody do here or here this week for the first time with you look right at me. But I didn't go to Joseph I didn't know what to say I basically blink froze like a deer in the headlights. And somebody was Jack German alcoholics because I thought I didn't say that Beirut so we had to leave I have no concept at all. What these mean he's wrong about. So he says I said that and I actually felt a physical relief. Kind and to this day I feel very clearly what they going to reverend consult us relief. All right so myself through this meeting in. Just about Giambi was ten minutes I RE mile road for ten minutes no I don't look or is it last lesson hours the last two days I don't know how long are we going to be here but the door opened that a guy Jimmy is who I don't for a long long time. In the desert heard a discouraging linked to every media ever went to and I love the most my whole heart. And after that meeting he came over to resent it I'm glad you're here he said though. Are you willing to work was weak and I had no idea what you're talking about a guy worked for the county would indeed it will. That's what he's talking about sale he says just a dream today. And come back tomorrow. And though that was Sammy agony he's passed away now from cancer by. He told we might hate. Can decent tomorrow we're going to this church US Pacific 10 o'clock your career considering her 10 o'clock it. They were all here or mugged and it did Sam led me into the of the world of recovery. And that was wonderful he really was. And I was 1998. And I wish I can tell you that life was Cadillac should caviar aftermath. But power lines my life our family's life got worse after right stop drinking. Because. I did not breach recovery high simply stop drinking. I didn't change anything about the way I lived or or had no intention to change here we are tied to some payroll bars are nurturing. But that's not the way it worked out community just. Life started to. You know life was just now the same life no alcohol so basically you had the same behaviors. You or just not drunk. Right so. Now around that time do we file bankruptcy. Again. By her brother always right you know we were roped. Now I've got to start over so I took be original landscape becomes even rolled over and started a new landscaping company. And out. The guy and Doug business wins this Joseph guy every. I called him and I said to look back and I got to start over he said I don't know we can't because of this system miss. I reminded him of a couple of things and then he figured out a way we can start over. So we're right back to work for that company. And I went right back to doing some things that I shouldn't have been doing. And down. Those things come up with me you know we've done. So now I'm not three G. I I I haven't squads I sponsor name because. Well you can say that I recovery. And. But don't do an easier look I'm not doing anything to sponsor suggests. I'm trying to change my life recovery to a changing its diamond fields that stopping that the drug and alcohol that's the simple part. But now what toy do. Now how to white collar white she's very lifelike didn't wanna change my life. I want to keep living this life of me figure I was against her I was at a tough guy a big shot. That has something had to change. You know. People save BP's own scientists that did this stuff has to stop well it didn't in my life. Don't vote. I continue to behave. I behaved as though I was roach even though I wasn't. Apple can you give this a few examples of what kind of access when you talk about you living mr. Clinton access we know that's suburban is. What else what else to show. If it was anything it's easy you can imagine if if we need what banana we don't want to if you needed it it. I don't know if it deployed right might look so Drexel 3 o'clock in the wordy every day every buys drinks for everybody in the bar. You know what time my wife that I had another couple went to a restaurant. It's sellers it. And we walked in there the bar was packed the you can hear a pin drop but it was so quiet in there. That bothered me so I decided I would buy everybody in the boardrooms. Well who does that. I mean why do I need to spend 300 dollars to buy everybody in the Marjorie so everybody can turnaround until we were wonderful Diana was. And I just I needed to be deserve attention. Tonight that I didn't understand that they don't think I didn't understand that that's our character defects could. You've heard me say here in the past weeks that the holy spirit off. And everything I did came from fear. Fear that I wasn't important enough fear and there was that ridge enough fear of them but I wasn't the biggest landscaper fear it's all fear of and people talk about ego ego is part of fear. You know resentments over fear everything everything comes from fear. But could you don't lose love love is a lot harder than fear abuser so butch over the fear I'll. So. Yeah I mean anything you can imagine I did it I went out to bars are way into my kids one of the most timber roof five. So lol I don't I buy four tickets in the front row boom borrowed five have been Hershey park I think it was still for a thousand dollars apiece. Because. You're going have. I think I can just do anything I would because that's who we are best idea. Dead and you don't. It was just wrote. It was just a wrong way a live put. Enter your your behavior continued after he stopped drinking all yes I let Scott ware is sacked twice got worse after I stopped drinking because. But I I. I paid kickbacks to to a guy you give it. It just being company I was I was paid him to get these jobs are needed then I went to prison for a so I we also interviewed a marine don't have time. But I was pays you so these were kickbacks that these finder's fees saudis for kickbacks and we never cash and no long been done. She used to lump comes to my office every week and did you wrongful was cash and it. Boy they he said to me and she did meet me halfway he was from Syracuse. And guys insurance so I primary don't often exit Buffy wanted bigger since. The end I was standing there on the side of the road when Jim Rubin envelopes full of cash and they said the myself. I feel like you're really an FBI sting right now I felt that this guy we about a TV show right now. But that doesn't I don't know that might have been put 1999. Or 2000 moved in 2001. The other State of New York great in my office sent him. Now. Three years after every and you can't stop injury she's like really gunbattles. Between now this is where. This is where things got prison where it visit the SA twenty really could fit. So. Now I loses customer that we have. Power OI don't well I scrambled and then when these are scrambling scrambling he's a nice word for lie steal and cheat. And that's what I did. Erica like that I continued to cause problems are continued to hurt people like continue to. Cheat people out there that you are young guiding her. From book passers they've Dave's Oregon I mean I think I wouldn't pay the trudging billions of nicest guy in the world. And stuff like that happened that. It was horrible. Finally enough. In 2000. 2005. Maybe years to 2005. CNN New York indicted me. It had done it. In 2006. I think it was December 19 2006. I came call from a court appearance in Rochester new York and told Sylvia these kids. That. I was going to present. Pendant I know we don't go to prison somewhere in the future and we don't go to prison now like. I every but I am like 48 hours and they have surrendered Tuesday in New York. Don't disappoint you have to realize we've lost everything we've lost a business. We lost our house we have no money. If wasn't for an economist Zuma. Sylvia's mother and then have somebody else we would remember how. House. And now I say to them look. I'm I believe it. I'd go to prison. Somewhere in between all this myself and partnering built a self storage center which was. Actually my intention was it was for the children that trying to build a story sooner you'll be so we can leave to them. I had a cell that trade pay restitution to Trace they are all this trouble. Which didn't work out any color we are still. I went to prison. Okay oh we're gonna take a quick break Jack please hold. Thanks so much for your honesty. We're gonna be right back. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk once and he struggles of addiction and triumphs of recovery and recovery is possible we welcome your calls for questions or come. All 570830098. Or 180437009. And eight. You were euros as Suzanne Kelly and Jack problem. And welcome back to sharing recovery for speaking with our co host today Jack cropped. True story is nothing short of remarkable and phenomenal Linda very honest and authentic so thank you Jack. So Jack of what exactly. What was the reason for your indictment why did you need to go to prison. Well but they said I embezzled the body from this company now and you know I don't wanna talk about the afternoon I'm not sure that BP I paid the price I didn't prison time with. I never agreed with that indictment I mean I did some things they Sherman died before McVeigh in my mind now wasn't it I think they've missed the mark by. The lawyer at a New York State toll will do this this of this of this along the whole way it wasn't true. So I go to prison. And the reason they tell this story is. Because in 1998. Where I have followed the suggestions. Offered to be in recovery. I could've avoided all this paid. That that's the whole point and I tell this story so people think oh well that's too bad or he's a jerk or whatever I don't care what people think you just put. I'm telling this story because. A person who recovery. If they will follow the simple few simple suggestions. There are lies will get better immediately. I her Rio band at a meeting the other day say he you know he has he's only did recover four or five months. And he he had to make a decision and he calls somebody and ask for advice to compete did the right things. They're very was sitting here explaining what he had done that was exactly what you need to do. It recovery. I ignore all that I was smarter than the people that we're trying to help me. I was bigger event I wasn't I don't like you people. I didn't need your help I just needed not to drink. That I believe in god certainly did I do believe in higher power probably so but I didn't need his help either I can handle this. I truly believe I can handle everything go my old. So that's how I you know imprisoned. It gave 1998. When nick said to be doing this this and this. If I told you the truth didn't care more intuitive business. I might it take you I don't know that I would have not done what I was doing. But at least I would've had suggestions from others and that's what recovery is about exposing yourself. Cleaning house doctor Bob prescription drugs what cleaning house. Clean house tell people what's called on your life trusting god can get you through whatever it is and help others. I never helped anyone in my life I helped me it was all about B. From the time I was eight years old until. Not so long ago it was all about me. And that's all I care about. Well I go to prison to get in December of 2006. And when I left to go to prison I had a lot of secrets. No I say secrets I owed the IRS a fortunate Myron Mike god bless my mother in law. She would you be enough money to pay the tuition debt that the private school my kids went to and I would steal the tuition books and I wouldn't pay the bill I'd call the school and tell them look I don't have a make a payment deal with here. I mean that's what a scumbag I watched that meant I would go to any length to get what I wanted to keep fueling my my world. And I did that. After having not had a drink for. This is eight years ago without injuries but I never ever surrender now or never admit that I was powerless I never did ask for help. So I go to prison. My poor wife finds out I think I owe the IRS. I hope every supplier we have I stole money from them from where we seminary can read. I just Michael Weiss had enough. And I don't for the seminary by steel and everybody you're it was the IRS one loom. What are some things or maybe a combination was the final straw for her. And I've. Our city and in prison and frankly New York which is five miles from the Canadian border it's cold as hell would. Four feet just go underground it's February but I get a letter from a lawyer here and lose or Soviet. I thought well isn't that nice she's writing to reviews and I note here for some time with. Well I opened the letter B as it turns out I was divorced. So. I read this letter to. I called home and who did my wife answered the phone she was crying she Chinese kid doing anymore she should do this is. Fund offers I don't think I can do it. It's OK so I've I hope you are from apple call center I thought about it bill. I symbol now I have no business I have no hole to go to I have zero money I have no hard nothing. I have something to read literally I have nothing. But I thought the best we are you doing their foot was killed myself. And down. I went back into the in this prison there were so they relate robes was medal ruled the metal doors and we're back to their room. But I don't play a great great you know programs that are wrapped plastic bag Roma can suffocate police gossip. Because that I didn't that's where was that. Head down. I tried that and it didn't work to believe international obviously I'm here so. I. But what we're ripped a plastic bags off my head I said. Now what god. And I believe that's what my life changed the brain in that moment that I started to listen a little bit and I started to trust I started I turned to a higher power for the first times and he'd help. They're building up the pacer reload. Went down. What you hope for prison begin in March showed. 2007. Britney was April 2007. Stop there were three families here in Wyoming valley of the when total family they gave me job. But Marcus gave me a truck to drive spinning him join bearish report she son he she lent me money. Not to get beat back a public she is literally I had nothing to pinpoint. How. And then one day I met my met with the sponsor I had from. It in this recovery program with Eddie had to be twenty dollars each and you should go drink. Theresa what do you mean by that he's if you're willing to do what we do in your life is bogeyed it works to your family's life through your horse of you don't start doing what we do. And I don't matter. There iso JR I you know my sponsor anymore but I went none of the other going to be my sponsor he's OK with your parents are doing what we do. So sometime in 2008. I started to work harder. At a program of recovery. And down. Blight started to get a better a little bit of time written things started to turn to real life life got more comfortable. And in 2000. So. Eleven I figured was maybe. I I was offered the opportunity to work. West debt as a result you're a contractor for a local for corporate. And that's what life really started to change truly. Because somehow. I've heard people call their group the magic belt between you know somehow there was some something there there was some magic out there that. That's starting to I started to absorb. And I started to realize. That life is not about me. And for the first time you've. I actually read doctor Bob's prescription. Which is cleaned house trust god to help others. And I probably ran it a thousand times before that because I like to read my friend big booked ten times 2500 times I don't know from front to back. But this was the first time I read this prescriptions. Tonight I think I started to understand it. And little by little. I I stories do war more. Trying to help people. It always figures whether try to be recovering or not. I mean I I can help somebody may be just by holding the door for the war horse say hello to him maybe somebody's having a bad day you can smile. Maybe that's enough to help them but. This is what I started to develop it started so I started to develop my program of recovery. After. BO OK years of not having had a drink I finally starting to come into recovery to join recovery. It can work aren't. Myself. And though the whole point of this whole thing use. I could've avoided all this I could've avoided all the trouble I could to avoid at all but nightmares. By simply surrendering your 1998. It's easy to say it's easy to say looking backwards. It's easy to say. What city here. It wasn't easy either. And I share in last night Caribbean Freddie and I believe I had to travel this world I believe every once road to recovery is different. I've never relapse I walked into first media never had a another drink. But I probably will rocky is recovery periods of ten years that anybody I don't know. Thorough people should bear relapse Ted tiger before they get the message. Everybody broad recovery is errors and it's different and there's no right brokers go wrong road. This is recovery. Check how are things with your family today. Well you know what it's a it's a pretty good situation that I read. We have a very good fairly muted today we get along very well together. Parents can do life is okay that's. You know what life okay is as good as he gets in my mind it doesn't have to be. He doesn't have to be real fancy about it has to be not fancy just test me in the middle. I had no idea that being in the middle it was a good spot to be it from home but everything that everything is good today. So. Okay we can't take one quick break and then we're gonna hurry up on and get back to you because you've got something exciting that you wanna share with our listeners will be right back. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk on today's struggles of addiction and triumphs of recovery. Recovery is possible we welcome your calls for questions or come. All 570830098. Or 180437009. And eight when you're euros us Suzanne Kelly and Jack problem. And welcome back to share in recovery of our our guest today is co host Jack crop. Business Schering had an incredible story of his life and his recovery. There's one thing that I do want a fast car though Jack and to let all of our listeners know that. This show Sherri recovery which is about hope and healing in about helping. About stressing that people are much more than their disease. And we're trying very hard to two and race that's stigma. Associated with associated with addiction. This goes Jack's idea. This was this is Jack's baby I mean he came up with this idea and this planned. He finds the gas so I mean he really is the driving force in the inspiration. Behind cherry recovery and I think it's very important that that our listeners and everybody watching a FaceBook like snow's not so Jack thank you well I. I have to be honest and others have in this. This Sherry recovery radio show and mighty hero in Wyoming Valley but the Philadelphia there's a guy named Gary who runs a radio show called clean and so Maria. This is his idea as far as I'm concerned that guy if he asked me to be a guest on the show. And for one reason or another didn't work out and out of resentment if you bump a mere hope you're listening Gary that's. I sort of did you do what I can do it absolutely and I so we don't have this year I didn't do my cargo my daughter Carly said you're a bit. And other cities are our show is like consumer so we can try this here. So. We besides try this and with the support of clear market arch started it and they may contain Jason manually do indeed go chapel and he. We're starting to show. And I hope somebody helping if we just talk toward personal one person can hear this message and somehow they they get somebody from a business worth. So that's. That's wrath today. Though he wasn't my idea but there's nothing original in my head did everything comes from somebody else who can. The world recovered this is true that Jackie took an idea and you built upon it and you had this idea implemented here in northeastern Pennsylvania. So you're right no one else was doing this in northeastern Pennsylvania okay so you didn't bring this baby right here to our region so. Take a compliment. If you own it. Now tell investors are group for Philadelphia called aim which is angels emotion. And I'm talking to people that rod Beck group. And that group page recovery to the street they are working in some of the worst sections of Philadelphia's Kensington and some tough areas. And they started there. Another opening other chapters and other cities they have more open in Atlantic City they're going to Bucks County in New York going into Montgomery County. I'm talking to those people and I said while we don't have one of those here either. And it's. It's a community center. It's a place for people to walk it is safe. I just need to sit down and talked to somebody for five minutes and it's a peer to peer program it's not anything with counselors there's no lice is there's no it's not clinical. It's just people in recovery reaching younger kids to other people had recovery. Or people that might wanna get a recovery or family member. Or maybe it's a kid I mean you know I got some ideas might have only maybe we have yoga for kids and their parents are in recovery of their parents or struggling. So in your kids overlooked them to have a yoga class. All free to the community that we this isn't something that's for profit this is simply. A resource and is offered to the community. He showed up anybody angels emotions they prepare these bags and depending giveaway to people and have. Toiletries in the bay and hygiene products and candy Baruch and maybe you can sort them. We don't have that here in the northeast. Am not include BA team. Sure recovery relate to explore that possibility that maybe we should do something like and takes the message recovery breaks to industry. And help people in that manner you're just expand what we do. Because I important the most valuable lesson that you recovery the last five or six years. That is what we all that time and I don't share your parrot hello you talk. This isn't about me. Life is about helping others and I got to help as many people as I possibly can. Somebody also take your being God's got my back today but. That's Koran we are trying to help others. This was phenomenal. Check we're at a time end Dustin thank you thank you so much thank you to everyone listening in and thank you to our sponsors. 2017 is just a few minutes left and this year thank you for for following us will be back next week the first show 2018. God bless you all and done if you need any help if you need someone to talk to. We're here and jacks here. Thanks have a great safe new year everyone.