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Maximize Your Health
Saturday, December 30th

Saturday December 30, 2017


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The following is a paid program abuse or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor dollar show skis just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health with doctor Dan Galicia ski. When we are alive for our final broadcast of maximize your health radio in 2017 folks who wanna welcome you to the program today. The show we help you gain victory in your health by helping you and empowering you to build and restore your health naturally. We hear every Saturday typically from 11 AM to 12 PM our podcasts are available at triple W dot need blood doctored and dot com that's any PA DR DAN dot com. So if this is a tough time to tune in live view can always go back and listen or podcasts at our podcast channel at triple W dot Nepa. Doctor Dan dot com am and a welcome our first time listeners today we're gonna be continuing the program into 2018 and god willing beyond that. But as always it's a privilege and an honor for me to be here to share when I'm passionate about who. What I get to help people with on a day in and day out basis. I'm also the owner and founder of power chiropractic health center in Wilkes-Barre where we've been there for the last nine years. Helping people of all ages. All backgrounds build and restore their health nationally so on this program we talked about getting your body functioning better getting a performing better. We talk about nutrition healthy foods the right supplements we talk about wasted. Help with good proper sleep in minimizing toxins and also mindset minds of some port organist and a large time on today's program talking about mindset in goals. An and where we're headed as we begin to make a transition into a new need ear here in just a few days. So if you have a question regarding a related to your health or maybe you wanna come on I actually encourages those delisting today. To come on to call in today to share from one of your goals for 2018. OK so there's probably thousands of people listening right now to this program. But maybe one or two reviews you know some funny -- really passionate about maybe it's a weight loss goal maybe it's a goal to join a health club maybe it's golf to quit smoking maybe it's a goal to and become more budget oriented with your finances. Babies to pay off debt may be used to take a vacation whatever babies develop a deeper relationship with your your loved one your spouse or your kids or maybe it's tentative maybe go skydiving the you know call in our drew the lines are opened 5708830098180437200. 98 your questions are important need here on the show so when you calling and if it's a health question I'm gonna give you some simple and effective action steps that you component to practice date to help you build and restore your health. Naturally and again my name is doctor Deanna bullish asking them voice and maximize your health you're on WI LK in his radio and and my website is trouble W dot need to doctored in common they're you can actually find a welcome video we know there's a video myself. It's from our practice and in the type of work that we do power chiropractic health center for people of all ages shapes and sizes and backgrounds. And we help people heal and function better nationally. No drugs no surgery and we do one on one nutritional coaching in counseling and we have a world full retailer of young living essential oils as well as garden of life nutritional supplements. We do corrective chiropractic care for people of all ages including children and infants. We were with pregnant moms who work with people with chronic conditions. And people with school Leo says. And we've gotten great results because our systems are very if there are other very comprehensive and we cover. Your health from different angles it's not just sell or you heard today it's not subjective it's way more objective. So it's more comprehensive just more thorough than may be what you've experienced before in the past so if you're interested in. Reaching out to his visit our website to learn out how you can do that there's a an actual a little section a link on the web site where you can schedule and are request and appointment times. You can do directly going to have to call our office we can actually communicate to you through our website where scheduled appointment feature link on our website. There's the radio podcast is information about Al weight loss fizzle bile about myself and then I guess there's a welcome video and there's a video testimony often. Okay is about two to three minute long video there all at triple W dot need the doctor netcom both markets today any PA DR DEA and dot com and of course you'll find on the radio podcasts and maximize your health on the website as well also to connect with me and social media we get we are constantly posting on FaceBook Twitter instead grand all of our icons and links are on the web site. He just click the icon takes her page hit follow him like. You know just get connected say connect with us because were always posting things and inspirational quotes and recipes and health related articles current articles. And typically things that I highly here on the program on maximize your health's -- connect with us and our so our next workshop. Does something again if you're someone out there and you like to set goals and your engineers resolutions. I wouldn't miss this Forsythe because this is going to be a comprehensive thorough program it's going to be down 45 minutes to an hour long is a free workshop it's going to be held at power chiropractic in Wilkes-Barre on Thursday January the eighteenth at 6 PM. I'm going to be leading it in the title is called creating healthy habits in 2018. And beyond. So we're gonna be discussing the tolls necessary for a purposeful life. Brandt talk about habits are gonna define habits were gonna go through the house to build or restore your health and actually. We're gonna talk about your big Y. Okay not just house but the wide. Is we're gonna talk about seeing the big picture we're gonna get in the mindset. I think music can interfere with the right mindset that you know bad you know limiting beliefs are gonna discuss. Or anti about discipline focus goal setting or any given an opportunity to do that as well we're gonna discuss the house and kissing you'll be able to learn a little bit on content different factors of developing a purposeful life but more so the wise. And the goal saying that I'm going to be sure a couple of my favorite books and resources well during this workshop so again it's free Thursday January the eighteenth mark your calendars today. If you like to sign up for mr. register you need to call ahead of time because there's seating is limited car clinic today at 57082935805708293580. To register for a decrease eating healthy habits workshop. In 2018 and beyond that will be held January the eighteenth. OK it's January the eighteenth. 20186. PM. It's going to be a life changing workshop for some of you calm so but for some years in law I don't know it's Connelly for me error -- something going on in May be worth it for you to just take that our. You know I'm birth to her trying to give me enough in a few weeks notice here so you can schedule this ahead of time into your schedule. Into your busy lifestyle. Because if he started at the gym you wanna stick with the you don't wanna drop off after the first two weeks or so many people bill. Can they make New Year's resolutions and they do have for a weaker weaker till. And their effect to their old habits. So our habit is something is a behavior change the SARS with the right mindset but there's going to be so many thoughts. So many scenarios that are going to come up. They're not in a hallway just because you have you know a camera it's a New Year's a new start in you get all optimistic he get all energized and excited. Early on. Things are gonna come that are gonna derail you know. Okay how committed are you two living healthier life to becoming a better parent to becoming a better boss or there co worker to become a better store of your finances. 3COM there's sort of your body putting the right foods in your body knowing what to eat what not to eat. Okay so we're gonna go through all this during this blockbuster seminar on Thursday January the eighteenth so discipline I would not miss for you nothing to lose. It's up to one hour of your time. That is going to be a a good investment in time for you I can promise you that. Sort of call for this workshop 5708293580. To register its free registration. Seeing his element don't just show up and but com where at 113 Weston road in Wilkes-Barre a power chiropractic health are the numbers 57082935. Each zero. So I wanted to shift gears here now I wanted to share an article that I actually posted on our FaceBook put it on FaceBook and Twitter here. And it came from CNN. And the title of the article wasn't nearly half. Half of Americans now have high blood pressure but based on new guidelines that it's. Tens of millions more of Americans now have high blood pressure almost half of all Americans. 46% to be exact are now considered to be in the high blood pressure category based on the new guidelines. Release on November 14. I blood pressure should be treated at 130 over eighty rather than 140 over ninety according to the new parameters set forth by the American Heart Association. The American College of Cardiology in nine other health professional organizations. Practicing physicians in the public are going to be a little bit shocked and taken back by a diagnosis of stage one hypertension with the blood pressure of 130 over eighty. Which historically has been considered a normal well control blood pressure and according to doctor William White professor of cardiology. At the University of Connecticut. That will involve 50% of men and 38% of all adult women in the United States according to doctor white and who was not among the writing guidelines. Which is a large percentage of people. One in three Americans had previously been diagnosed with high blood pressure but now 14%. More Americans will be diagnosed with high blood pressure. The new guidelines will be classify a hundred over a hundred million people as having high blood pressure. Well the previous guidelines place only about seventy million Americans in this category according to the authors of the study. Doctor white and that there might also be some confusion on doctor's part about how they should advise patients because the new treatment islands are an enormous document. Although all pages will be council about myself. He's such as exercise only a small fraction will be prescribed medication according to these authors. This includes watching salt intake exercising regularly for relaxing getting a proper amount of sleep eating a little more potassium rich fruits and vegetables. High blood pressure or hypertension is second only to smoking for causing preventable heart disease and stroke deaths according to the authors. So the new guidelines again just a kind of clarify here. Define normal as now less than 120 over eighty which at one time was considered normal. Systolic blood pressure which is that the larger number of the top number is between when that's between 13139. And the bottom number or the diastolic. Is between 1889 LB com called stage one hypertension now. Stage two is when the systolic is at least 140 in the diastolic is at least nine neat. And and hypertensive crisis and whose when it goes to 180 over 120. This could become a medical emergency word that requires hospitalization. Is so. The recommendations also expanding use of frequency of out of the office blood pressure monitoring for greater accuracy. So what is this all mean. What does this mean for us here. Mean it's. Kind of raises a red flag. Then came I'll explain why here because. 120 over eighty. I want time is normal. Now and almost one point 110 over so I mean even alas there is time or they said low blood pressure was you know sixteenth about a number would be 6050 or forty and that could also lead to hypertensive. States which are are not healthy as well. So blood pressure what is his flock is something else fluctuates with your body isn't a bigger bodies adaptability to this environment. OK so let's say you're stressed feature angry. You're upset you're sad the inflammatory response is going to be triggered. That's going to cause an increase in low pressure that's going to raise stress hormones was also increases blood pressure. It's an island blood pressure chronically becomes elevated that's where becomes a crisis but it. Just by you know categorizing NN again in our in our society were such a pill were so quick to go and taking a medication. To look into that medication is a chore for our problem here to tell you. Officials do not cure the ills can save your life Ed in at the appropriate time and then the appropriate place when you're in a medical crisis. Thought long term those should not be the solution. He's a look within at yourself. How is your body function what is causing your blood pressure to be high in the first place and I can tell you. For all of you out there all the millions of Americans it's not a deficiency of blood pressure medications are some people do run hot and some people have genetic predisposition. That is not a hundred million people. OK so it's a very small percentage is so again it's it should be critique you know in on the medical side of things that should be. Shouldn't be OK when your bumpers are high here hikers go take this pill for the rest your life. OK you by you with huge stage one hypertension your 130 over eighty. So what if that person just finish exercising what if they're they're just angry at their spouse or what they were just laid off the job what we just lost to pat are lost loved ones and there were blood pressure is running high you're gonna give him a pill that has side effects that are horrible. And you go look up any of you know for anyone of these these these generic or these popular blood pressure medications that are on the market today who read a list of side effects. Because bringing the numbers down within the normal range but what else is at what other problems is that medication Pozen. That's who we need to ask yourselves we are the ones that are in control our lives and her how. OK we should take this article in the study with a grain of salt. But it seems like it's not like OK all we wanna put in less people on medication. The pharmaceutical industry wants to put more people on medication. OK so of course are gonna work closely with the American Heart Association. The American College of Cardiology to get these numbers announced that more people to be on medication can. That's what I think and K and that's not. For whatever any and you see you're seeing all your just against medication you're against doctors. I am not because guess who would that the first personal abuse you doctor if I had a medical problem it would be myself it would be my wife my family. Okay I know when the right time this ago. Except you know what's happening typically it's money that's driving everything is driving the pharmaceutical industry the pharmaceutical industry is a large influence on the medical community as well and on your medical doctors were prescribing these medications you. So again looking your lifestyle first if you're a smoker if you if you deal with a lot of stress. If you're already taking other medication second cause high blood pressure usually look at that first. Rule those out first. Now if your blood pressure is still high medication may be necessary OK it is at times necessary. I don't want anyone is again here and then I'm an anti medication an anti doctor I am not because at times it is certainly necessary. What are you eating are you eating highly inflammatory foods and eating at McDonald's are you drinking soda are you drinking soft drinks because if you are that's going to raise your blood pressure overtime. OK so change Edger for water drink market tacky or potassium rich foods like fruits and vegetables. Get regular exercise at least three days a week thirty minutes of exercise for your getting your blood flowing and circulating properly and all your organs and tissues and muscles. Your body is dependent on moving not sitting at a desk for eight hours five days a week. OK so get your lifestyle in order first look at yourself first you're in control of your health and you're responsible for your health you have to make these choices is my job to try to empower you to do yourself. That's why I'm trying to be passionate about this to get this message clock across the airwaves to you today. Okay don't wait until next week or next year to start now. OK if you question about high blood pressure or more what changes you can make or what path you think you should take give us a call now 570830098. Or 180437. 0019. We're gonna take a quick commercial break but again this show is about your New Year's Paul's call in and share your goals so that other listeners can be inspired 5708830098. Or 1804370098. Warmly give back we're gonna be sharing a recipe of the week for apple pie bites. And that we're gonna do our Cairo corner. For chiropractic or you're gonna be talking about what chiropractic actually does though the goal of of of of going to a chiropractor with the does for your life and your health and also the connection and my kids can benefit from chiropractic care. And a little bit later in the hour we're gonna go through seven natural remedies you can take to give your immune system a boost. This flu season so stay tuned you're listening to maximize your health with doctor Dan ghoulish a ski power chiropractic health center is northeastern. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages ago Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic cold food. They started life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx can co Q ten it. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to invest in ill health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit the need. 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Join John Morgan has just marked as next Friday January 26 on the woodlands again on highway 315 and was very smoking cessation is at 6 PM weight loss and 8 PM call 807356907. Or visit John Morgan seminars dot com concessions are affordable and 5995. Gross ever carried in trees are everywhere. Call 807356907. Or visit John Morgan seminars dot com that's John Morgan seminars dot com. This season maximize your health with your health coach. Doctor Dane ghoulish SD. Call all your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your help with your health coach doctored and English ASCII on this final snowy Saturday at 2017. There's no better time than now let's begin building in restoring your health naturally and that's what this program is about we talk about function food fitness. Getting enough sleep minimizing toxins and developing the right mindset right here on maximize your health and if you have a health question or if you have a a goal for 2018 that you like to come on the program and share. That other listeners can be inspired you to call in right now at 5708830098. Or 18043700. 98 wanted to thank once again today's sponsors and maximize your health. House of nutrition their located at fifty main street in who's earned they can also be found on FaceBook under house of nutrition. They're open until 6 PM today Saturday 11 AM to 5 PM Sunday. 9 AM until 8 PM Monday through Friday. They currently have their hot beverage stations so you're gonna get hold being fair trade organic Kosher coffees. You're looking for freshly brewed healthy company that tried you tried to Danny boy and extracts of roasted Barley ride she grew dandelion root sugar beets. Do anyone is gluten free caffeine free low acid substitution which is great to warm me up on a nice chilly day like today. So pain in the does that also they have green cleaning supplies already prepped foods like wraps and salads and little side dishes they have gluten free desserts they have you know some of the top of the line nutritional supplement some products available it's a little jam hidden in luz earn fifty mainstream concern that's exit six off from the three and nine expressway in Lucerne county. How to nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices we think huge house and Tricia. Austria's today on maximize. Your health so I wanted to talk now that we can all this Cairo corn out so we think tire pressure thing snap crackle pop and I go I get caught my neck snapped my back cracked. My but some of them and some chiropractors and massage techniques and they do muscle work and feeling that there really goes beyond just snap crackle pop rubbed the muscles cracked the bones. What is actually taking place what does that. That sounder what is that first of all it's nitrogen gas positions within the joint space is so that's probably the most common question I'm asked is a chiropractor is what is that popping noise is when you. I just somebody new you know I didn't just certain hacker they're bent lower back in the middle back why is why does that sound take place. So between the joints just like saints have a joint center in your knuckles in your head in your hands in your fingers if you Orton didn't move that beyond its normal. Regular. You know and grains you get a little pop sound. Which is sign that more movement has been established. OK so after you pop your knuckles to pick any trim your fears it's really like our. And easy it provides you with some relief. And better range of motion better flexibility at the same goes to within your spinal column so he had 24 vertebrae seven moans connect twelve. From the topping your shoulders down to your last rib. And then five in your lower back. Okay and then you have five fuse and then four and making up your tale ball five sake trophies segments for Cox a deal. Segments in there so. These bones particularly the semi your neck the twelve years thoracic in the five year Lamar these are easy to move properly and because we sit because we sleep and awkward positions some unless we do construction in labor intensive work for mechanics were costly and looking under under cars or herb or are falling down on something on the ice serve they knew you were younger we where we work out a lot and we list heavyweights and we do cross day and week so must we do five k's and do half marathons are sort constantly pounding our bodies. Over time you search and develop warning signs were the warning signs warning signs include back pain headaches neck pain. Numb fingers. Campaign. Knee pain. OK you always can originate from the spine. Had so what I do is a chiropractors I assess just finally used thermal imaging and we do X rays to see where the spine is not properly aligned sports week. And so when you make an adjustment you restore mobility in your dressing in a very specific plane and direction to restore a better. Alignment is spying and when the spine is more structurally end proper alignment a whole body. Functions buried in my soul how does that happen. How is your spine affect your whole body because what sister runs your whole body through central nervous system so that's your brain your spinal cord in his spinal cord which is attaching your brain and topping your neck is going all the way from the top your neck and a spinal cord is ending right. Below your last trip around L one L 20. And it is branching and a nurse and her controlling all the functions in your lower east Germany's future Blatter your digestive organs reproductive organs and so forth. So it's important that there's no additional tension or stress added to your spinal cord and here's spinal nerves. And if your spine is slightly shifted out of place initially it doesn't present with any. Warning signs or symptoms. Now most people are waiting for what most people are making this mistake of basing their help on is how they look. Or how they feel. If they look good and feel good they assume they're healthy. If you look bad or if they feel bad in the us in the second there's something we need to take okay. And when you just treat the symptoms and not address the underlying cause. You're not building the restoring your house okay so you're just masking the problem you're not correcting the problem. Kessel with chiropractic care is looking to correct took a major problem for many people out there which is spinal hygiene which is spinal pastoral health. Okay posture is the window to your house so when you look at somebody and you might notice that their head is really shifted forward or maybe they're their shores are really pulling for in the big hump on the top of their back or maybe you look at them and want if you look at constraint on our if you look at yourself in a full body mirror. And your shoulders aren't level or your hips are level or maybe when you lay down on your stomach in one side your rib cage pops out more than the other. Those are signs your spine business alliance and those are things and a chiropractor can help US. So we show again we were objective thorough would you thermal imaging the X rays we checked we find out specifically where your miss alliance and we make adjustments and then we provide you corrective exercises. That can help support. Years finds it correct and then to maintain from that point forward. That makes the most sense because you're in control of your health if you really invested in your health this is an area that you will not ignore you won't avoid. So it's something that I go for I get an adjustment every single week because of my particular job I'm bending forward and I wanna wait for debilitating pain for me to be used for disabled. Before I'm willing to take action I'm gonna do that I'm gonna be proactive not reactive I'm gonna do that now so chiropractic is about. Function and it's about optimizing healing optimizing function in healing. For many people out there are many listening to right now this program. You're going for relief only so that means whenever you are at a point where you can't you can't do what you need to do whether it's war. Or specific hobby. Or an action many. You're gonna eat you're gonna go seek treatment for your your problem that the chiropractor in that might provide relief or maybe it just takes the edge off a little bit but if you're if you're using it in that model alone you're really missing out on the whole other side of it. Which is the majority of it. So it's about. Stimulating your body's normal physiological responses. It doesn't just decrease paying chiropractic can help you with pain with spasms and assistance and tightness. It helps with all that but it goes beyond just that that's what I want you let those of you listening to they understand. That again we're not claiming to cure any condition OK all we do is we offer you another tool for your health. To help you build or restore your health and actually the case certain conditions are out of our scope. We know when to refer you out you don't need a doctor's note you don't need a doctor's. Referral to come see chiropractor you can do that yourself we are direct portal venture provider. Had so you can make that decision for yourself from cat so if you have questions or shoot a certain condition Armenia. Try to method of chiropractic before can give us a call 57083009801804. Through seventh. 009 aiding the other part is higher tracking kids you might think all they don't have problems for. You know what they're spying yet their kids right you know they don't have bad backs and sciatica and carpal tunnel and headaches. He'd be mistaken because what we develop over the last twenty years technology cell phones computers ipads. So kids' heads our and our most of the day in a Daryle Ward looking down position and and a slightly. Translated forward position. Kids also play contact sports like football and soccer and you know baseball sliding. Illustrate let's take into two very young toddlers toddlers serve you know little small children. And basically infants eventually learn to crawl and and they learn to walk how many times do these kids fall down. Maybe some of them fought their cribs and if all downstairs and Foster couch. Constantly traumatize and their little spies that are still there so rapidly developing. So it's critical to get your kids checked parents. Okay by a pediatric chiropractor I am and promote the license pediatric chiropractor we see a lot children and our practice. And you just as you might think you know if you look why don't wanna need any chiropractor snapping my child's neck got some were doing you know we're simply doing a very thorough assessment first of all to see if an adjustment is necessary and if an adjustment is necessary we assure you as the parent. That's very gentle it's a very light pressure to help restore better alignment and their function to your child's body. And that's what's going to help them develop properly and it's gonna help strengthen their immune systems a lot of kids you know smaller children develop college can. Ear infections and allergies asthma bed wetting very calm conditions and parents who bring their their children into it to receive adjustments for. And it's a very simple light general adjustment can be all your child needs. Begins eight times for going to the pediatrician and our kids are sick. And they're seeing here is here's antibiotics here's round after round surround Michael I was when I was a children when I had ear infections. And what that does overtime we know with the research says says you know if you if your child has a viral infection. You're taking antibiotics antibiotics are ineffective are not effective against viruses. So we're not doing the thorough enough testing to discover what the real causes here at the nerve systems and. Functioning up to par the immune system isn't functioning up to par. The child might be more susceptible to contracting these viruses. Okay so again if you're just preached taking antibiotics you just tip that you're describing the tip of the iceberg you're not getting to the root causes of the problem. So chiropractor really works wonders for kids and kids love it you know we give them stickers in the office we have stuffed animals seem a little play area for them while there are center entertained. So we see a lot of families as well while so while the parents are getting their adjustments the kids are waiting they're playing with the toys there they're having a good all time we typically have some the means TV set up focus throughout the office so we have some entertainment as well. But it's it's just a great it's a great thing you do for preventive and wellness purposes this seems like our society today starting to make that shift in the main entrance to make you this question about your child's. Baby you may know chiropractor you wanna shake your your success story gets a call 57088300980180437. 0098. Or now it's time folks for our recipe of the week so major. Section here. On our program is is food and nutrition. OK so this week's recipe calls for apple pie and ice and if you're not subscribe for these. We typically send these out toward email subscribers and it's always if you like to subscribe today sent an email to PWR Cairo at It's PWR CH IRO at we will get the first to be right out here and so they apple pie by its great healthy dessert. Two cups of organic apple roughly dice and then one cup of organic apple finally diced. Three cups of dates pitted half a couple long that's one lemon juice of half a cup of a young coconut meat. One teaspoon of Rosemary half a teaspoon of ginger quarter teaspoon sea salt and a quarter teaspoon cinnamon and so that's gonna help balance blood sugar it's gonna provide you with the with herbs that help support healthy detoxification. Good healthy Omega three fats specifically for the walnuts and dates which are natural source of sugar and sweetener. What you gonna add some flavor in some good cases recipe is wild so if you want the whole recipe here for the apple pie by its. Simply just send mean emails say hi elect to receive the recipe that you mention a maximize your health or please add my email address to your list. How will be sure to get that for us to be over you indicate you subscribe here to our weekly recipes of the week as well as our other upcoming events and so forth so our email again is PWR Cairo and It's PWR CH IRL and and again if you wanna sign up for our next health workshop it's going to be Thursday January 18 mark your calendars today at 6 o'clock in power chiropractic health center at 113 Weston road in wilkes-barre our seating is limited it's a free event call today to register 570829358057082935. Easier we're going to be talking about mindset golf city school setting. House burns talk about what happened actually is how it's different from a New Year's resolution and how you can make permanent changes that are gonna help create a better life for you infer all of those around you in 2018 and beyond so again registration is free sign up today because there seems full fill up quickly and making an early announcement here on maximize your health 57082935. Feet. Zero it's time for another quick commercial break when I get back in going to be talking about the hazards of cell phones what you need to know when you need do applied to your life today. Some conscious changes that you need to be aware of instant changes he need to make right away and and then of people over the time at the end we're gonna talk about seven ways to give your immune system a boost this flu season we'll be right back in just a minute to help you maximize your health. Power chiropractic health center. Is northeastern Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages goalie else's rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops were fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic wholesome. The base garden of life. Nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx can coach you tap this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to invest and build health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit the need. 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Only will you save electricity and you'll save money on your electric bill until. More energy saving ideas visit WI ELK news radio dot com and good things. This is double BYUK. Powered by Sherwood Chevrolet Buick GM CE online and it sure would Chevrolet dot com. Now back to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dana ghoulish SD yeah. This is maximized. Your health word healthy is gained. And diseases. Is dead right here on maximize your health about Billy restoring your health naturally. It's not about masking symptoms about getting to the root of your health ailments and maintaining a level of health. Try your life it's about being proactive and not reactive which is at the theme we been driving home on today's program. This is nobody called in to share any of their New Year's goals Welsh are one of mine house that. So what I wanna do in 22 is a wanna build deeper relationship with my spouse and that requires me is setting a date times. A lot of time during the day haven't emotional time prayer time more so in the morning which I feel has been lacking in our relationship. And just just setting aside time or the other because we both are very busy people we both work full time at another goal of ours who's who eventually. Pay offer student that's my student loan debt and here in 22 you know like to have that paid for by. October 28 which is going to be my ten year anniversary in practice and done it's it's something that would mean a lot for me. Possibly do a plan of attack with that and Morgan and from that point move on currency may be build a house in the future by a few makers. A man and we we look we love our animals we have two small dogs we own a horse and then you know we do we really wanna continue to. You know have our own little life our house because for the most whole time because even so diligent in any don't budgeting your living within our means and paying off her debts quickly. We've been renting here and we're already starting to get. In the pitch to get out there reminded that again requires us to dig our heels in even more so become discipline until my goals are met. And then we can won the next goal of building a house and then purchasing some land so. That's mine maybe you something similar something else you like to share if Owens or remain open here for the next ten minutes or so by seven no 83. 00981804370098. For more information about myself and podcasts and out power chiropractic health center. Which I am the owner founder of you can visit our website at triple W dot need book doctor Dan dot com. As any PA DR DEA and dot com and also you can connect with us there. On email social media you can actually schedule an appointment how our office if you like to do that as well there's a link right on the home page. And and we look forward connecting with you. In the future so cellphone so cellphones are so popular I personally don't leave home without my never. I'm glued to it most of the day like prime many of you are. This so they're gonna should be some problems associated with us and the supplies for all of us starting with me. Are these things we should worry about no we really shouldn't worry but we should be vigilant we should be aware and we should take we should take action and be intelligent about it. So are these devices completely safe again we haven't been using them long enough to fully study the long term impacts. So again I'm not saying to do it yourself owner going anti cellphone that I am because I can tell you I won't do that. But again you know we know rookie could be exposed to much radiation can increase your risk of brain cancer. Hormone imbalance is specifically thyroid trouble and men you know for carrying these phones are pockets surfer dashing into our belts. Our sperm and it can lead sperm damage and okay. In the sperm exposed to cell phone radiation like three times faster than those are exposed to the radiation. So waters here are some tips that you can begin to apply to protect yourself and minimize your exposure to cellphone radiation. Again it's is better be safe than sorry you can drastically reduce your exposure without giving up your device completely by eight taxiing instead of talking. And if you artist talks use your speaker and the speaker mode or a hands free kit we do may cost. When you're talking hold an inch or more away from your head make only short are essential calls on your phone. Avoid caring your phone against your body men and. Worse things are those belt buckles or straps if you're going from your office served from your cards here officer for your car your house. Putting your pocket or lazy to put it inside your purse but keep it away from your by Elise a couple inches away from your body. You know one is obvious taxi driver talk on the phone if you haven't if you have a Bluetooth setup that's fine and great great. I would guess that's up if you plan to watch a movie on your device you can download a first and then switching to airplane mode which minimizes your exposure to radiation. If you can you can avoid making calls when you have a weaker signal. Radiation is higher when your bars are lower. Cash subject to Wi-Fi. And K not DOT the three G you're forging I think canned. You avoid making calls your cars elevators trains and buses cell phones work harder to push a signal to metals or radiation will increase. And then you know obviously if you this is common sense keep it away from your kids small kids who put the put things in their mouse. It just. FYI there. We know the electoral and the reason why here is again goes to the electromagnetic radiation that from the cell phones can also affect it affects your hormones you sleep patterns. Your mental health more so if you're if you had your phony maybe ease the alarm on it. Keep in at least five feet away from you when you sleep at night. Okay say your alarm turn your volume up all the way. But. Keep it away from you fight feet because it's emitting radiation even when it's on an even better if you an alarm clock I would go with the alarm clock instead of using your phone's alarm. And I like to personally show my phone off put it even another room for more sleep so. We don't have cell phones and air. OK while we're sleeping so that's again were minimizing radiation and we don't wanna constantly have missing attached chart by his. The other thing is we mentioned sperm damage the other thing is for the the chest pockets shirt pockets for man. Don't put it near hard either. Cake is a radiation can affect your heart it affects the rhythm of your heart. It can really lead to problems some more radiation exposure that you are exposed Tareq so. Allies and people ask about X rays in the coming in the office you know you're getting one or two X rays is very minimal radiation. You're not it's not something that you're exposed to on a continual basis to cell phones you're exposed to dig in and day out night and day for some of the ilk. And this is something that should be a wake up call for some of you listening right now so make these changes if you have a question you can send your questions so email PWR Ky. Cairo at PWR CH IRO at Gmail. Dot com. So are wrap up this final program here in the last few minutes we have are gonna go to seven ways to super charger immune system from our our good friend and doctor MD doctor Franklin man. No doctor frank Lipman recommends going natural. He doesn't recommend using a flu shot okay he says try these instead. Garlic number one it's nature's antibiotics and antimicrobial. It has active ingredients that. But defend you against bacteria fungus viruses. It'll help enhance your immune system. Fresh garlic is the best so you can add to your meals. Nexus are fermented foods fermented foods help boost your immune system was like sauerkraut and changing from infants getting healthy friendly bacteria which are called pro by onyx a help to balance your gut flora. Where 70% of your immune system is found. You wanna keep your gut in working order which is essential to good health and east for permanent truce can be super powerful to giving your immune system a boost. Next our probe by onyx so in addition to adding informants of foods you could consider a pro buyout supplement as well. Having healthy intestinal tract is the most important part of an optimal leaf functioning immune system. Pro by onyx failure got with good bacteria can kill off invading pathogens harmful bacteria and fungi. You can use what we like to use our doctor David Perlmutter is probably out of spite garden of life these are available for men and women at our clinic so you can call us. Tougher ordering information there next is to break this is something that I like to use in powder form I like to find in Rubin is a very. Hard to find your route I know wegmans and I do believe our sponsors house of nutrition have that available as well the tumor is one of the foods. With the highest concentration and anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties I do believe you can purchase this house a nutritionist fifty main street over and lose our. Soccer acumen which is the active ingredient is anti viral fungal and can help protect against cancer. Inflammation is at the root of many chronic diseases that cause your health to deteriorate. Over time September it is your anti inflammatory superhero. When you Nixon's camera with black pepper you increase your buys absorption significantly so adding a little bit black pepper will hope the absorption of tumor excerpt vitamin. Levels so you get these your blood levels checked. The best intake comes from some why don't we know this I mean years as the days are colder and shorter we're not getting enough sunlight exposure. So we can supplement. You wanna get your own blood levels between fifty and seventy in nanograms per milliliter and you should be doing about 5000 IUs a day of vitamin. 101000 IUs a day of vitamin. So coconut oil is a lot of health and minister because it contains a compound large ash said. It's been shown here enhance immunity and improve heart and thyroid health as well 'cause also contains NTT's Armenian change triglycerides. Which are converted to energy. In the body. As opposed to story yet and in the final one is glued if I don't know this is available housing nutrition so it is your ear on them it's called master anti oxidant is actually produced by your liver it's the most powerful anti oxidant in your body I think highly important for energy production and immune function can reduce free radicals. Within the body which aids is detoxification. Exposure to toxins poured diet a highly processed diet stress and other lifestyle triggers can contribute. To the depletion of our natural stores of glued to science a boost yourself up with a supplement. Again check out house and nutrition. Fifty mainstream concern they're open until five are on the 6 PM today. They should have this product available for you. It's again your body's master and captain again whereas we run out of time here our next workshop will be on Thursday January the eighteenth 20186. PM act power chiropractic health center. At 113 west and road looks very it's going to be tile creating healthy habits. This is on the Marines just motivate you always challenges that New Year's resolutions is something where were gonna really dissect things for you or and go through the house to improve your health in your life or to go through for a trend this year we're gonna introduce your wheels turning so that you soared since I think there right away start developing the right thought process he's so. Those begin to shift. And now your actions begin to align with your thoughts so this'll take place on Thursday January 18 this is a free event are seeding in space is limited. So you need to call if you plan inner intend to register for this workshop so commit to these typically hold one a month they're always free there's never charged with ten our workshops it's usually myself for special. I guess here in the community. So. We send these out in our weekly emails if you like to subscribe you can send us an email PWR Cairo edgy moment comes that way you know what's coming up when it's coming up to. But if you wanna register for this workshop call us today at 5708293580. That's 570829. 3580. And that's going to be a folks for this program maximize your help I wanna wish everybody listening to a very happy. Healthy 2018 be safe out there. Celebrate well and be well I look forward to meeting so many view. In the new year.