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Maximize Your Health
Saturday, December 9th

Saturday December 9, 2017


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The following is a paid program abuse or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor dollar share schemes just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only if it is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health. With your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health was doctor Dan ghoulish ASCII. You're listening to maximize. Your health radio northeastern Pennsylvania and and I'm your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish husky is always it's an honor and a privilege to be here share when I'm passionate about to learn knowledgeable about to help people gain victory in their lives by maximizing their health and that's all about being proactive and not reactive it's about making your helping greater priority and for many. Mentally it's your highest priority but your behaviors hell otherwise so I'm here to talk food function fitness. Ways to eliminate toxins. Harmful radiation. And different basically things that can interfere with your help on a day to day basis so he is is legalized Collins show he can call in with your questions 5708830098. 18043720098. Also you can connect with me on the web and on social media and a triple W dot Nepa doctored and dot com there you'll find ai welcome video. I'm also the owner and founder of power chiropractic health center in Wilkes-Barre and I you'll hear what some of our amazing practice members have to sit out and saying through there there testimonial video on our YouTube channel to be sure that you subscribe. Follow us on social media media were on FaceBook on it's a gram or on Twitter and please subscribe to our YouTube videos you'll find all of our amazing success stories in health transformation stories. On our YouTube channel. One stop shop for all that goes on our website so when you log on to the home page on the upper left hand corner you'll see all the social media icons YouTube channel and also if you have a specific question you likely to address you can send me an email at PWR Cairo and That's PWR. CH IR oh. At And again with a welcome video there's information on chiropractic care on weight loss on nutrition on fitness there you'll find at home fitness videos as well also if your first time was searching him today. To maximize your health. All of our radio podcasts are available through our website as well so again it's triple W dot need doctored and dot com bookmark the site visit the sire routinely because there's there's updates and changes constantly being made and get connected with us on FaceBook -- a grand Twitter and please subscribe to our YouTube channel because there will be more YouTube videos coming out once you move into 2018. We've been awesome I am an awesome show planned for you guys today listening to we're gonna be sharing the recipe that we -- is something I actually just may last night it's a salmon stir fried. My wife's birthday was yesterday so salmon is one of her favorite food so I found this recipe from doctor acts and I'm going to be sharing here a little bit so stay tuned for that and then we're gonna talk about four steps to stronger healthier bones. Not what medications can you take now what natural supplements can you take alone but rather at what how keen develop healthier lifestyles and let your moving in the direction of healthy strong bones and then later in the hour we'll have about four natural ways to lower blood sugar. And and also reflect about cell phone health okay. We don't know a lot of the research yet because cell phones haven't been around that long but we're going to be talking about how to reduce exposure to radiation in different tips that you can use while using your cell phone and again if you have health questions I have help answers or human success story that you like to come on the air shared please call in 5708830098. Or 1804370098. And I welcome your questions your on the show so when you call in or when you send me an email. I'm going to be giving you simple and effective action steps that you could put into practice day to begin to maximize your help. So mark from Pittston. Send an email and the little bit earlier today and he asks doc what's the difference between probe ion ex. And three by onyx and that's a great question from mark and that's a question that commonly asked. The realities that you wanna include both into your diet for optimal health OK both full support your health and different myself. Profile acts are basically good bacteria which support your by his ability to absorb nutrients and fight infections. They also help support normal healthy digestion immunity and healthy skin. I'm your top food sources of probe by onyx include Kim chief. Rock apple cider vinegar. Organic yogurt so sauerkraut come Bhuj. And pickles. Now rebound X on the other hand are non digestible fiber compounds are found in certain foods such as garlic. Artichokes onions dandelion greens leaks and asparagus. And once they reached the coal and they're not digest above once they do reach the colon they fermented by gut and by the gut micro flora which are the pro buyouts are good bacteria and free by chaotic so are essential in helping lower your risk of heart disease cancer or balance out cholesterol levels and improve digestion immunity imbalanced hormone so there's there's there's some small differences between the two. Mark thanks so much for your question but pre buy out its vs pro by onyx. Great great question but maybe you have a question and you like to submit your question to me through email or you call in here live. Our email address against PWR Cairo at And if you like it's an answer that question on the air I'd be happy did he do so on a future program for. So one does sort of today's show talking about. A subject that daddy is is very very important in today's day in age and it's the disease of being. Becoming too busy or being too busy at some of us listening we RD arm were nodding your heads and saying yes that's me. So many people. We're like robots are like machines we swear word we're so systematic. Happy you know and there's some good to that because it keeps his focus he keeps us organized he keeps is this a planned we get stuff done that's important. How ever. If we become robots and that that can actually have. An adverse impact on our relationships with our kids with their spouse. With our friends and family members. I chatted with a few practice members recently over the last week. And a common response I dead is I'm so busy I'm so busy there's so much going on. And then again I EA Belle followed with a friend or someone I hadn't seen now be out until grabbing a bite to eat some more locally. The same response I'm so busiest Imus going on this holiday seems like time's flying. And there's not enough hours in the day. And usually the home that you get from these folks isn't you know excitement and jubilation it's you know there there run down there there energy decrease. There are some some of them are even overwhelmed. And it's not just for adults it's actually because parents that are like that it's it's affecting their children. And these destructive habits can start very early in life is they're not properly address so. How do we end up living in such a busy lifestyle. Why. And then again it's SARS thus we choose what we allow into our lives it's not because output is what it is and this is quite have to become because this is how other people live no we choose how we react how we behave and what we think. So we first have to acknowledge that why do we you know agenda this sort kids when did we forget that we are human beings and not human. Doing this. Okay your job doesn't doesn't label you as you we you know you are a set of emotions aside thoughts. You know different things affect you in certain ways different feelings affect you certain ways. So what happened into a world in which we can sit with people we love so much in how slow conversations. About the state of our heart soul. Conversations are slowly unfold conversations with pauses and silences that we are in no rush to fill. You know it's a good to go out have a cup of tea or coffee needs somebody for lunch it. And put your cell phone away put your planning vocal way to stop thinking about all the things that you have to do a work. And damn lies and where you have to take your kids when used to pick them up. It's good plan again in the organized by the same time were missing. Out and so much of life. By not being present staying in the moment how does your heart feel a hundred or so field. And again that's the world around us that a lot of people have formed for themselves. And there's less they've created less time for leisure less time for reflection. Less time for community less time to give back and to serve other people. Because we ourselves are so busy and so consumed with so much going on. And we are the ones that are responsible for that. I am the one if that's affecting me that's responsible for that nobody else we can't point the finger at anybody else until we look at ourselves inward at yourself. We need more time to just be. Okay that might be taking a vacation that you break. A weekend at a cabin. Maybe by yourself for May be with someone else you care about going for a walk in the woods you know. Hiking. Riding your bike can you know going to exercise and work out getting into a zone where you're just present with yourself. And how. How you feel with. For many people working two jobs low paying sectors is the only way to keep and we afloat 20% of our children living in poverty in too many of our. Parents are working minimum wage jobs just to put a roof over their head and something resembling food on the table. Or just too busy folks and it doesn't have to be this way. So what I wanna say is us. Not asking you about you know when I ask you how you're doing or maybe try to practices for some of us it's not going to come easy at first. But I wanna challenge some of you listening right now to begin practicing this begin. Thinking differently if you think differently you behave differently. And if and whenever you're changing your habits for good. It takes practice doesn't always happen easily at first that doesn't mean you should give up right away if it doesn't go your way the first time that you attempts to to change something. So. When the next time you ask somebody how they're doing you can respond or there they didn't and they ask how you're doing. You know you don't wanna say I'm busy in the and then immediately your mind shifts to all the stuff that you're doing. Sure how you're doing you know I'm happy with the film very blessed. And this is something that I practice personally and I try to reflect that towards my practice members Blake you know don't. Think of all the good that's your I think all the blessings that god has given him. And that also your heart with more peace in more jointly. And that's what's going to lower your stress and that's going to help create a healthier physically healthier body overall. You know if you're Sawyer hearts aching you know may be taken off period if someone is do you genuinely know aging may be a can offer an encouraging word and try to do that so when you're having. Conversations with people try to listen to them listen then don't just say because they're busy then you have to try to one up them and say that your busier. And maybe they start complaining about something and then you have these feel that's your turn so it should take. To interject and then complain about something else. That's just toxic conversation that's not gonna that's that's leading to a dead end for both of you engaged in that conversation so what it was challenging guys to do. Share your heart with people be grateful if you have a home. You have a place to live you have a job you have money in your bank account you have food in your refrigerator at home. You know. You're you have what you need to survive. Okay and what will bring you more happiness and more peace more joy way. Is going to be actually going out and interacting with more people. And doing offering a things that you're good at four other people and that's going to help build other people up and at the same time. I don't media may not feel like it is. It's gonna build you up 20 it's gonna help you to continue to persevere. And continue to seek to look out where and when you can impact people for the better. OK so maybe if you've questions comments on the subject but do you feel like you're just you're spinning your wheels are just too busy. And you wanna come wanna share may be you know I can say something encouraging to you Colin 570830098. Or 180437009. He eats and we're gonna take a quick commercial break when I get back I'm going to be sharing a recipe of the week. Again it's salmon stir fry and just made this recipe it is to die for so stay tuned I'll be sharing the ingredients and the health benefits of those ingredients. And more also going to be shifting gears moving on how we can build stronger healthier bones naturally without medication to stay tuned you're listening to maximize your health with doctor Dan English ASCII. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctored and I'll just keep host of maximize your health our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages go Leos is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line not synthetic fulsome. The base garden of life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro by onyx can coach you tap this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build healthy for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit need doctor T and dot com and EPA and DR DAN dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 West End road looks fifteen. 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With your health coach doctor Dane Galicia ski. Call would your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan and go assess key here to deliver the truth. When it comes to building and restoring your health naturally. And please share that this program is on every Saturday with friends and family because all of us out there are starting with me can improve the tank and what can work to learn more improved more in the area of health I know maybe we think we have everything figured out and everything under control. But I'll tell you I'm constantly researching constantly learning to become better not only to help you but also to help myself and my family as well so. Our website is a great place to connect to bookmark us for a triple W dot need doctor DN dot com there you can connect with us on social media were on FaceBook Twitter instant grand you can subscribe to our YouTube channel you can hear what's our amazing practice members and I clinic power chiropractic health and I have to say. There and then you actually get to see myself and those deal we hear my voice weekly here on under the oil okay you actually get to see put a face with the voice there on the YouTube videos since I have the welcome video write their feet checked out and learn more about how may be power chiropractic can add value to your life and to help you become healthier all around. And also the dimension to I wanted to plug this in non. This coming Wednesday December 13 at 730 and I'm going to be one of three guests on the subject of chiropractic what you need to know about chiropractic. I'm WD IA it's called the doctor may be some review watch that show regularly and have some amazing topics on there we really get to learn. Yeah. The the ins and outs in different fields of health care in specialties. Bob and apology Giacomo who is the host of the show actually did an amazing job of prompting some some great questions on the subject chiropractic care. And and I'm like I said with with two other my colleagues on there all of this kind of covered from every angle so it's it's really cool to laden to be a part of that. And if you're into sin if anyone in DVR that or mark and down the armed somewhere too if that's something that your interest in checking out that'll be held this Wednesday December 13 at 730 and the dvi a that's the the our local affiliate here in northeastern Pennsylvania. A PBS. I'm sure the channels vary from different cable networks and DirecTV if Sony had DISH Network. So that whatever the case AB you can you can start today to bookmark that her plan that he scheduled a DVR that call the doctor Al beyond is aghast. This coming Wednesday December 13 at 730. And I wanted to think they sponsor of this program and maximize your health house of nutrition for sponsoring this pop program they're located at fifteen main street in those terms they have a lot of great specials here going on during the month of December. Stocking stuffer gift ideas for the kids or those of us who have sweet tooth they have organic and natural candy and little bull crap bags. You can choose Mel chop the rainbow drop smell Chaka repeated sun drops a comedian whose free delicious delicious fish in cherry dummies. These are great alternative to Swedish fish which we know are loaded with artificial sweeteners and sugars. 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Especially if you're still looking like get a few stocking stuffer ideas they have and they may have what you need a house nutrition I wanna thank them for sponsoring this program so. This week's recipe of the week my wife's birthday was last night and I say you I'm gonna cook tonight and resist doing some research and I came across is amazing recipe on my good friend doctor Josh axis web site. He's it was a friend of mine back in the day we in turn down in Florida. And he's going through a chiropractor internship program so I doctor Josh acts he's appeared on doctor I show now he's really builds up his brand and he's an amazing website a lot of amazing high quality supplements out there that he and puts his name behind. And I believe he's also partner with the brand ancient nutrition and bone broth protein and and they're different products associate with ancient nutrition so his recipes if you're looking for some healthy recipe ideas. How they recommend you check out doctor accept comments GR a XE dot com. And for the his salmon surf I recipe calls for a quarter cup of Coke and enemy knows one tablespoon of coconut oil 52 teaspoons of brown rice or just basic rice vinegar. Two teaspoons of organic sesame oil for minced garlic cloves one cup both of chopped a sort of peppers and one cup of chopped onion. One pound wild caught Alaskan salmon cut into skinny cut into one and a half inch cubes. Two cups of chopped broccoli for rats and one half cups of chopped she's talking much and then one tablespoon finely chopped fresh ginger. And then once everything is cooked and prepared you wanna add a tablespoon sesame seeds are you wanna just simply take a large skillet put in a medium heat you start with all of your oils your Coke common enemy knows coconut oil brown rice vinegar sesame oil. And then once everything is chopped in men stand in the garlic onions peppers cook until the onions become trans Lucent. And you add in the Santa once you chalk it up then you add in the broccoli mushrooms ginger once they're chopped up and once the salmon reaches an internal temperature of a 145 degrees Fahrenheit it's ready to take it off heat clinic call for a bed. Put it on your plate or on your ball and then you can add the sesame seeds to that if anybody wants a copy in this recipe I can get achieves through email it's easier. More like I said this is available in your main dishes on doctor axis web site directly. If you're looking for something it's it doesn't takes about twenty or thirty minutes to prepare this stash. And to complete meal so what nutrients are associated with us or you're getting number one you're getting good clean prop quality protein. And the type of salmon that you select is key here because. A lot of people will set all all take the cheaper type of sandwich is farmer a sand and this has a higher toxic close to it because. Farm raised salmon are not raised in this in this safest healthiest living conditions. They're raising fish farms where these these fish farms become highly polluted and the salmon that is committing these dirty waters become highly contaminated with toxins so you wanna select wild caught. Specifically wild caught Alaskan what I used last I was wild caught king salmon I guess it's a little pricey but I rather spend a couple of extra dollars on something quality that's something that's cheaper and a war eventually affect my health. The coconut oil we know is a good guy a source of MC TE's median change triglycerides a great source of healthy facts and then. All of your organic onions peppers peppers are high in vitamin C. Onions are great source of sulfur and pre back so we talk a little bit earlier in the program about broccoli we know is a great source of fiber vitamin C vitamin K. And calcium. And then you have your mushrooms. Then came mushrooms are packed with antioxidants. Great anti. Cancer properties to that and engines or we know is highly anti inflammatory great for joint health. Great just simply lower inflammation throughout your whole body and sesame seeds as well are packed with calcium and magnesium. So this is they not only aim. A good recipe you're gonna feel good you're gonna feel for it tastes amazing. Playing packs nutritional punch is well. Again if you like a copy the recipe could shoot me an email PW. Our Cairo at That's PWR. CH IR at So one shift gears now talk about four steps to stronger moan so doctor Julian Whitaker who is a board certified cardiologist he practices at a Newport Beach, California. Suggests. The following when it comes to healthier bones to. And for many. Millions of Americans out there are more so women and men across GOP knee and not osteoporosis. Or gonna differentiate good to hear us GOP knee is when. Do you. Just to have a decrease in bone density. A lot of times. You know doctors you know when you go to your family doctor recommended decks a bone scan and also you don't have osteoporosis. And you must UPS so easily what's recommended are natural remedies like exercise. Increase your calcium intake vitamin. Which goes along with the medication actor Mel is a comma one foes and axes another one this classification of Bo. Bone enhancing drugs are called biz fascinates. And cash. The problem with this fascinates and these bone building drugs is that they come with debilitating side effects. We know osteoporosis is something that shouldn't be taken lightly affects approximately ten million Americans over the age of fifteen. One in three older women and one in five men will eventually sustain an osteoporosis. Related fracture. The most common type is it affects the spine and it'll actually cause more on the vertebrae to compress called compression fracture. And this could actually cause a decrease in overall height so people as we get older typically shrink in stature. Can also lead to an increase in stiffness and pain and also puts you at greater risk for hip fracture which can really have some devastating consequences. So. For other people out there the diagnosis of hot steel heaney and not osteoporosis. Is common. This is actually see you know illness with little diagnostic or therapeutic value I asked your opinion is generally do. To buy index is scanned. A sensitive X ray that measures the density of bones and hip and spine and compares it to that of the averaged thirty year old woman. If it's lower than normal but not low enough to be osteoporosis. Moss. Do you now have another condition you off CO Pena and so that's just a slight thinning of the bones which is an expected consequence of normal aging. But modern medicine and big pharma has turned into a disease process labeling half of all women in their fifties and older with us your opinions during millions and taking expensive dangerous. Higher Lee and unnecessary drugs and these are the words from a medical doctor I'm just get it kinda is accentuating those words and just trying to get this message out to more people. Because if you're just going your doctor and he's a senior take this drug you lost your opinion you the slight decrease in bone density. You're not getting both sides of the coin here. So now let's let's let's say just referenced some researchers so there was a review of 33 studies found that for women with no previous fractures. These bone building drugs the biz fascinates which include bone Eva closer Mac's acting now re classed as a lot to generic brands on the market we're no better preventing hip or wrist fractures than placebo. When there with a history of fracture had a slightly reduce risk but the researchers questioned. Even the smaller reduction reporting that it may not be real or at best it's an exaggeration. Due to biases and pharmaceutical company sponsored studies in other words he's over hyped drugs had zero benefit for the majority of women who take them and lots and lots of debilitating side effects. These biz fascinate drugs can cause osteoporosis that the job esophageal erosion heartburn diarrhea nausea joint and muscle pain. And it. An actual increase an atypical fractures. So a medication may be appropriate for patient who has had an offshore products fracture I prescribing powerful drugs for us she'll Pena. It's just bad medicine again. I am. Referenced in the war is from a medical doctor here doctor Julian Whitaker. His advice and my advice to those you out there. It is to look natural alternatives first. If those don't work. Then a medication may be nest. Sorry but why put yourself at risk for more atypical fractures. Ops unit trust of the job. Softened GO erosion hard earned diarrhea. Common symptoms and against other drugs are now being prescribed for. You're like a landfill just chemical compounds and toxins many people out there many listening right now that's this is you here we're talking dogs your life. And your health and or improve and maximize your health change is necessary change is vital here you becoming more aware and then changing your behavior behaviors. Is necessary here so here are four recommendations from doctor Julian Whitaker at a board serves certified doctor. If she recommends naturally to help build stronger healthier bones. Number one engage regular exercise. Hired impact the better you wanna do what's called high intensity interval training now that there are examples of these on our YouTube channel so be sure to go to our website subscribe to our YouTube channel today. To begin these exercises at home if it doesn't cost you any money. It takes a very little time to complete but you're gonna build stronger healthier bones by doing high intensity exercise the higher the intensity but the stronger and healthier your bones become it's as simple as that. So Springsteen jumpy. Jumping at weightlifting and this goes through women over the age of fifty are good things trio. Okay we're not talking to our goals here are to have cause you to bulk up and put on large amounts of muscle mass it's simply to keep your bones strong and healthy. Okay so the greater the higher the intensity the greater the impact it will have on building stronger healthier bones. So for example if you like to walk so you can interspersed several 36 in intervals of school of light jogging or speed walking. And then you can also hold wasting your hands as well or you could UC ankle weights to put you know small to pound weights around each of your ankles to work up to four pounds or you could hold some light dumb bells the arms you can swing your arms and that's all you can do but that is what we would call higher intensity because if you're just walking without any former resistance. Aid to injured it's I'm going to have the same impact on your bones sucking on the same effects so the stronger bones. The greater than balance your gonna have the less of a risk you're gonna have a having a fault or a fracture. This is where you wanna start you wanna make exercise. In general integral part of your healthy lifestyle number two. If you wanna take nutrients and maintain stronger bones. And now there's a general presumption against them fed by the dairy industry advertising that adequate calcium is all that you need to maintain strong bones help ever several other minerals and vitamins are also necessary to prevent osteoporosis and the absence of any one of them will interfere. With the bone regeneration process. Magnesium is important as well as vitamin. And vitamin K serves as the glue that holds calcium in bone tissue and zinc. Is involved in the formation of Osce of last season the new bone cells. And a break and bossy a class which in the old bones sell sell. Magnesium vitamin. If you wanna supplement I would recommend garden of lice calcium. Magnesium vitamin. So you wanna do about 500 milligrams and a magnesium a day it's 5000 IUs of vitamin 3100. To 150 milligrams of vitamin K two. About at least thirty grant milligrams of zinc six milligrams of boron. And then strong GM which I'm going to elaborate on and here. Now there was a 2012 bells and say that came out where saying women with osteoporosis could take in straw gym for ten years. Had continuously increased Lamar bone density which is in the lower vertebrae in the lower back and their incidence of fractures was 35 to 38% lower than a control group. And we know protein is essential as well to an end to get between 25 and thirty grams of protein per meal plan based proteins going maybe your best OP protein have protein. And if you do consume me you wanna do organic poultry chicken and you know new grass fed beef wild caught seafood these are going to be your best protein sources. Step number three a built her bones to eat more plant foods this is where most of your nutrients will come from your vegetables contain lots of calcium. Magnesium. Some fruits. Means lagoons like guard bonds are being Sheikh. I'm also a whole grains contain a variety of anti oxidant minerals fiber iso flame unknowns and other final nutrients. All of which facilitate bone remodeling. And then so your best vitamin K rich foods. Are your dark green leafy vegetables that's going to be your organic Swiss charger dandelion greens you're tailor your spinach. Also green tea packed with anti accidents citrus fruits in grapefruit. Lemons lines and these squeezing. He's in your wires that we are getting these nutrients. Also olives organic berries and grapes. Finally September for a doctor Whitaker recommends considering in this is more the last resort once you've done steps 12 and 38. Number four is to consider bio identical hormone replacement therapy and I'm osteoporosis. Is associated with the age related decline of hormones and a curler occurs in both men and women. The hormones including estrogen DH EA and testosterone. These helped the market monitor the concert break town of. A little old bone cells and build up new ones when that to process these are in balance bone density remains stable. But when more bones broken down and is built up which often happens when hormone levels dropped that's where you're at greater risk for developing osteoporosis. So supplementing with what's called bio identical hormones can help slow down this process promoting strong bones. And preventing osteoporosis. Again and this force at some point is exercised a high intensity exercise with resistance. You know jogging running sprinting for short durations followed by periods of of of walking. Getting more nutrients in your diet specifically calcium magnesium. Strong TM. It's okay strong team from the 20121000. Said he vitamin K two vitamin. And and then as a last resort to the bio identical hormone therapy the good news is because bonus constantly changing. And that choice daily choices we make have a great impact on our bone health. There's something we can do about it so let's start to focus more on that let's not just sit back and take whatever tools are out there because again these come with a side effect these come with debilitating health consequences. Of your question about bone health and osteoporosis or maybe you're recently diagnosed with us UP and you can call here and here to the program five Simoneau 83. 0098. Or 180437. 0098. And we're gonna quickly go to a commercial break you wanna get back. I'm going to be sharing for ways to lower blood sugar naturally and a powerful settlement that can aid in helping to stabilize your blood sugar levels if you're pre diabetic or if you're type two diabetic. These state junior listening to maximize your health with doctor Dan bullish ASCII. Power chiropractic health center is northeastern Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages go -- is rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops where fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic fulsome. Based startup life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium from my onyx can co Q ten this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build health for the future of the power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. 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He's in intensive substance and alcohol abuse outpatient treatment program for the services and assessments for alcohol and drug abuse their mission is to provide quality care in response to the unique needs of the individuals and families affected by substance abuse me as a teen ink now offers counseling for a range of mental health issues. Anxiety depression. Polar disorder. If you or loved one need help visit online BE STE one dot com. One call 5704. Shooting 65 Eugene VE ST games isn't patient focused treatment program if you are loved one is reaching for help calm now and you'll be on your way. 57014. To six by teaching. Shot though. Here is only supplier of women's endless rows between those member Robert Graham and talk about. Amongst men and women summons for all mankind Brian's very gold cup. Dare fashion forward brands like three people John Barbados beauty go to very GH fast southern side cold hard and many more suburban town tools business through six about the U Marmol fixes it. This is double BYAOK. Powered by Sherwood Chevrolet Buick GM CE online venture would Chevrolet dot com. Now back to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dana ghoulish SD yeah. Endure listening to maximize your health with your health coached doctored Dan gaullist just keep your coach you guide you and inspire you. To reach your full health potential. 10 welcome everyone here in the program today if you have health questions you can submit those to me through email. I'll be happy to address one of those on a future program of maximize your health but I will respond to answer your question in the email as well a lot sooner before our next program so the emails PWR Cairo and PWR. CH IRO and G mamma com for more information about myself doctor Walsh escape and the owner and founder of power chiropractic health center in wilkes-barre. We do one on one nutritional coaching we help people lose wade. We have and more with you and Aries a fitness and mindset and lifestyle and also we are. I am a chiropractor doctor of chiropractic so we look at the spine and nurses and make sure that its optimal functioning at the level that is capable of and we do very detailed assessment your spine in her system when you come in for the first time and if you are someone out there may your son dealing with you know just general pain your AT your energies down. If you migraine headaches. You have allergies your your ears as my C feels like you're you're not getting full brass. And you wanna make an improvement in your life your health. I would say come see is sometimes our numbers 57082935805708293580. And also on my website triple W dot need a doctor cannot com I have their a welcome video and some success stories of some of our amazing practice members so. You can go there you can connect with me on social media I'm on FaceBook Twitter instead grand. You can subscribe to our. YouTube channel. I'm here all the details stories of people who gain victory in their health by choosing chiropractic and basically walking in and and facing their health Drummond in a different. Different manner and and just you know taking care themselves putting themselves first being proactive not reactive. And really does know when gnome who won quick fix to it. I mean it's always a privilege and honor for me to be here so when I think everybody tuning into this program of maximize. Your health I wanted to mention again that this coming Wednesday December 13 at 7:30 PM. Mark your DVR is your schedules on WVI a the local PBS affiliate I'm going to be one of three guests on the subject of chiropractic what you need to know about with host's apology and doc amounts. On the dvi is called the doctor so you'll be able to listen to that program we are recorded here in the past week and came out really well with two other awesome god docks here in northeastern trust me doctors of chiropractic. Doctor Healy doctor molest ski data -- city. And it was really fun to connect with other colleagues and then to go on into kind of just share with the general public what chiropractic is what it is in and what to expect when you visit a chiropractor so if you wanna learn more kind of you check out the program that'll be on this Wednesday. So your DVR is up for 730 on WC IA's call the doctor. I wanted to think again today's sponsors house of nutrition located at fifteen main street in Lucerne. If you're wondering where Lou is Ernie is it's actually little Borough in Lucerne county and if you're coming from points north or south east or west. You take the job across the valley expressway going to the Wyoming Valley route 309. And it's just a few turns off a legacy X and they've been in business for over twenty years I believe their first location wasn't Dallas they moved so who's earned. But they really are breath of fresh air if you wanna pick up the top most quality supplements healthy foods. I mean if you're still looking for some stocking stuffer ideas here. May have some great gift ideas and healthy gluten free him begin treats. And they have a hot beverage station where you can get organic Kosher coffees and did decaf coffee he's. There's fair trade war winner hats scarves headbands Americans. There's 15% off all doctor house about dynamic makeup cosmetics. And they offer green cleaning supplies fairly trading desk healthy foods and a whole lot more at house of nutrition you can also push follow them on FaceBook house of nutrition. And I wanted to thank them for sponsoring today's program a maximize your health so I wanted to wrap up the show today talking about. For drug lists ways to lower blood sugar naturally. And these days is not uncommon to walk into a doctor's office with elevated blood sugar and walk out with a prescription for Matt Foreman yeah. Or another oral diabetes drug running prescription makes doctors feel like they're doing something for the patient and they are they're making the problem more CNN just referencing the words here of doctor Julian Whitaker a board certified cardiologists. Again I'm just kind of echoing what he's saying here so first off these drugs have Heusen dangerous side effects. Can lead to weight gain they can elevate your triglycerides and cholesterol and also increase your risk of heart disease. These are all problems you are already at increased risk in force if you are diabetic. These drugs give doctors and patients a false sense of security and get in the way of solving the real underlying issues. The only way to solve type two diabetes. Is sick you right to lose weight. And exercised. Okay that those are the solutions to type two diabetes so forth things you can do right now to lower your blood sugar nationally number one select. Healthy fats and steer clear of processed that fact so what does that mean. We don't excess fat particularly altered trans fats in processed foods not only can lead to weight gain could decrease your insulin sensitivity in Toledo insulin a hormone that helps to decrease blood sugar. Instead you wanna use judicious amounts of olive oil extra virgin called press. As balls other Omega three fats which are found in Al wild caught salmon tuna flax seeds and Sar Deans. Which helps to promote and improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar and actually number two you would eat a moderate amount of protein. Protein stimulates the release of hormone called glucose gone. Which helps to in mobilizing fat stores into energy it's important get moderate amounts of protein at every email usually between twenty and thirty grams per mile off. For the problems were consuming way too many refined carbohydrates and not enough proteins have proteins gonna come from rod nuts seeds. And organic poultry chicken beef wild caught seafood. Also if you're doing smoothies or shakes you could add in hem protein with a plan based source pea protein. There's also brown rice protein I'm pilots use guardian life's a profit product that and that actually contains a out of a pea protein slash brown rice protein. I typically don't might recommend wave because his stride from Derry ends highly inflammatory. But if you get it from grass fed cows and that's going to be a better source of traditional way. Number three choose your carbohydrates why is it because again the refined carbohydrates sugars are rapidly broke. Down into glucose driving a blood sugar levels and placing an increased burden. On normal metabolic process he's. On the other hand vegetables have no impact on your blood sugar levels. Also lagoons and certain fruits and berries and under refined grains this'll cause a solo sustain release of glucose. Into the bloodstream so that's not going to lead to insulin sensitivity. That'll keep your blood sugar stable. Final step pure number four is exercise at least four times a week. And when you exercise your muscles they get the energy requirements that they needed energy will increase. And then they need Rhett ready access to glucose which fuels the hungry muscle cells. Exercise appears some degree and actually bypass normal requirements for insulin it increases the transport of glucose into the cells not only while you are exercising. But for hours after your exercise session doesn't lowers blood glucose levels and also improves overall insulin sensitivity and also it's good to intermittent fat so 78 hours. Intermittent fast don't eat and then go do a quick high intensity interval work out for twenty to thirty minutes. This vault. Stabilize your blood sugar levels so if you type two diabetic if you're hopeless if you're taking the drug Matt Foreman out there talk your doctor. He did you develop a have a conversation with them first I am not minimizing anybody. Listening right now to discontinue the use of any medication that you had been prescribed. OK that will not lead to anything good for yield. Okay it's about you and your health you need to have a conversation and you need to become more self educated to know that there is different methods out there are other than medication alone. That can be more and packed full with out side effects to help you overcome your health ailments and if you have questions you can certainly email me your questions at anytime during the week PWR Cairo and I would be happy to guide you along your path towards maximizing your health. PWR Cairo at And for more information call for podcasts. I'm you can log onto our website triple W dot need but doctored and dot com you can listen to them your own convenience if it's this hour's typical for you to tune into. Www. And EPA GR DAN dot com is a website and then subscribe YouTube FaceBook Twitter it's a grand. We're on painters is well. And and be sure to up bookmark our web site or just about out of time folks but I'll be back next week on Saturday 11 AM to 12 PM and every week for the foreseeable future right here on WI OK news radio. To help you put an abundant life I maximizing your health. Be well be safe and I'll see you soon.