Auction of L.A. Tarone Estate

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Thursday, December 7th

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Sometimes you don't get to where you're promised a right now your gonna get Roy your promise because we said we would give you the deet tails of an auction that is taking place. This weekend on Saturday December the ninth. Of items from the states of LA turnaround probably one of the most colorful lot of auction items. You could ever imagine and I'm here to help us how what this is our good friend Mike Moran who's also a good friend of turnaround so I'm Mike. You'll of course higher rent is somebody who knew LH around very well and you are actually somewhat responsible for a taking care. Of Vlad the aftermath with this as. He spoke from happy and lucky tonight. Up but up. Well it's been an experience then and it continues to be an experienced. Dealing with his estate. And there are a lot of items you know we we all know that that LA. I was it says historian he was so fascinated by buying music by sports. And a lot of this will come out in the option. Which is going to be held on Saturday. I can I can't believe it's already here. Well it's yeah it will be on Saturday and it's Sha tin I put. The listing up. On our FaceBook page that people could get a better sense of that but it's route 924868. Center street chapped and right. Right now it if you if you're coming on 81 and you get off at the but I don't believe that's called evil and accept 14. B. 143. And and you had a wave from haseltine. It's it's about a six mile trip on that road and that's the only wrote the posters shipped and so I'll accept the. I wrote leaves. Albeit the broadly stupid. Yes so. He's you know if you if you make that trip it's it's very easy to be on that road. There's a picture of it on the web site a picture of the outside of the building its. The fairly large building. Believe it's quite yet to white building with a red roof looked like it might have been an old church at some point. J&J. Auctions service ranges than direct. J&J. Auction dot net has there web site. And I'm you say you have a link to that. I linked to something from auctions zip dot com that or whatever other mutual friends sent us I used to that one. And it has said the listing of the items it also has photographs of us sent items and kind of taken aback to see. Quite an array of dirt bikes. We were open we neighborhood. Also amazed when we well we found that as well these are in the basement. And tucked away so they're dirt dirt bikes there are also if you look at the pictures what looks like they might be dirt bikes are actually peddled by. Made to look like motorcycles and this is something that happened back in the in the late sixties and and seventies say they were dressing up bicycles you remember the bicycles with the banana seats in the that would what that the handlebars that would stick up. Yet because I had one of those when I was a kid. But these these spikes are very interesting. The dirt bikes are interesting there's so also many bike I believe. What one of the as a finale motorcycle so. It's some things. Worse type thing. An interesting collection. Gamma and most certainly and it truly was a collector of I'm an array of objects I mean some people are fixated on just one thing but he seems to pads. On told ways and posters. And Soviet memorabilia. You know he never did anything halfway though if he was collecting Soviet memorabilia he was fascinated by the USSR. I mean he is. Very much. You know Oakland the complete opposite. Other Communist but he was fascinated by eight by the operation and by the history a bit and he had quite a collection of apple sticking in Russian. And there are also posters and and other things that that reflect this this is his interest in these things. There's. It is also it. Was say yeah it was a plumber and you'll see that there are quite a few plumbing tools available. These were collected by by LA obviously a big ever you do separate tax cut but. Southern pretty good shape and we like that I'm also from the photographs. There are all these lots of watches and know that I guess when a drone was in Cleveland with our producer Kyle he had says so many watches with him. It was you knew about turnaround that he was fascinated by the watches. I I did when I when I started visiting him more often their there was. But one room. I don't understand room dedicated to watches but there were. A lot of watches in this room and have is. It it was very interesting because it wasn't just one type of watch but he. He had that that large collection of watch it don't got a collection of cameras you'll see that on the web site that was. Basically it looked like it display he had he had Iraq where. Where he had it set up with all these different cameras say excel art type are nice cellar SLR type cameras and and others. So there are also part of the auction. Anything else stand on your mind they want to people who know about. I die I don't see it here on the would ever there were some furniture we obviously talked about the watches. And and the cameras are also on the web site there are some of electronic equipment some some stereos and I believe there's there might be turntable. Stereo. Holdout thing that very retro. Some of the posters OTS submitted this is kind of interesting. That one of the jobs in LA had after. High school was as the advertising manager for. Store in his hopes and a department store called dice throats. And he was part I think he worked out of the hole setter and there is a framed directory that hung on the wall anti trust department store. The different departments and where you can find them what floor they were on. It's beautiful and if it was a great tribute because did department stores no longer there. And he wanted to say that part of the of history. So that's available for anybody who who grew up and he's open area or visit at the April to an area dies Soros was a big department store. Garrett also there are items in here that are related to his so vast love of The Rolling Stones. Oh yes. It there it was no secret that he'd love The Rolling Stones there are. Collector's editions of CDs. There are posters. There was one poster and I IC listed here I see it's shown on the web site. That I was told by a collector. That it's very rare. It looks like it's an original print that there are some frayed edges on it which again I think speaks to that fact that it's probably up static. Ed that we may be worth a lot of money we just don't have the time to find all the collectors who might be interested in everything that. Could possibly be awards in the Indians in his collection. So we're putting it out there as part of its auctions of your collector if you're somebody who knows about these things I think it would it would be your best interested to come by and and take a look I also noticed that changing auction service also has kitchens so if you said that if you're coming into 1 o'clock option. On Saturday and if you're going to be coming in we have an avalanche it looks like they've got a pretty good kitchen there. Talk act and as we mentioned to the audience that some. This sale will benefit. His niece and nephew ray is separate. It it's quite it's going to helps settle his his as State's debt. And that will absolutely help his niece and nephew. A crash and that's what to and we wouldn't we you know we want people now all that this is not it's. Being done. Oh no we're not doing this for profit we're not doing this just to get rid of stuff well mannered like if I could just boxes smell like. I hope I watched them listening right now but that it's like a box that step up and put it aside it would be it would be neat but. We can't and then. You know it there a couple of reasons here this is going to help. With the state but it also can help a lot of people because he was such a great collector is his collection isn't just cheap stuff it's. It's important stuff. And if you if you enjoy history do you enjoy The Rolling Stones if you think Jordan watches are cameras or learning about Russia there's a lot here. Okay in this auction right. It is I don't know how this works I've never had to deal with this before I don't know things are being sold in lots. Or they're being sold separately. I'm I'm sure that anybody is experienced an option they would know better than me but. You know that there's a lot of material here for you to to look at and to. Peru's. It fit the premises kind of bittersweet but also if people you know are interested in a certain thing our memory you know he'd that. It'll it'll help you to you know perpetuate that you'll take good care of the things Randy. You're dead in a pure fan of LA two rounds you'll see you know what how how well passionate he was about. Talk radio and about the things said he believed getting you'll see it this collection and and maybe. That passion will live on through you. You know part part of his legacy. Is is all of this all of this stuff that he put together as is that tells the story of Lewis offered to Iran. And what mr. it is my. Oh man as a target of the students about them. At school in they we heard them cutting some cell phones I have got some sound of him. A couple of years ago when he talked about the influence of college radio. In his life. And an. He's had a figure. At the life and. Paraphrasing here but he said. It was more important to him than going to class but don't tell your professors that. Does this sound like like John Lennon statement about The Beatles I could get him in trouble. We have to be careful but I was just it was great to. Expose them to that in and explain to them once again and Louie why doesn't. You know what he meant to all of us and it's been it's been a rough go this year and yeah its a terrible situation but so hopefully this will help viewed it close out in and settled this ST two and the. And I'm looking forward to it took to meeting people albeit there I'm looking forward to meeting people who perhaps stories about LA Toronto and are interested in. In what he was interested in. And and carrying that forward. Well that's cool too would you think those boy is will be there that put up back to attribute radio stations at your own. You know what I'm gonna contact that I would make sure that they know that this is happening. They're such devoted boys and they're. Is the web site and I don't they they said that the audio was going to be up there. Some of his older shows from. From his Saturday night a hall of fame shelf and weary he kicked it. Tick tick into the depths of music that no one's ever seen or Rio or can't remember from from years gone by. What what mind he had from music. These are gonna be available on that LH around dot com web site. Yeah and it that somebody dropped by a listener bars trapped by Mike. And I have I think ten hours of cassettes of him on king's radio. All my credit this isn't over. Why ill as you could ever imagine it's it's amazing. How he was really young but he sought the emergence of him. As a personality in those days and it it's really amazing I mean when I hear anything and wow. The foundation was definitely there. Yeah it definitely was C. He absolutely loved Atlanta as I said earlier had a passion for a number of things never did anything halfway. It's always full line what do you like it or not. So why and there's something very amazing in and refreshing about that so this is JNJ. Auctions service. Saturday December the ninth it starts at one it's an auction to our understanding and their air route 924. Sanders street in beautiful as this downtown chipped in on life is that right. Downtown and uptown shipped and are within a blink of the night. You can sit in one day. And I didn't. Up by the the memorial to the captain mine disaster. I believe right across the Streeter it's it's in the vicinity there. Yet but he just called but did you do stop by say hello wearable I'm going to be there I've. I'd love hearing stories about LA to Ronan and Japanese questions I'd be happy dance tournament. McMurray thanks is always. Okay thank you do.