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Thursday, December 7th

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Charles Bryant again Charles to morning. Good morning it. Just too afraid to you because you're terribly busy. Well. You have my grandchildren. And plus you you've got the so wonderful book is talking about yesterday and somebody said. My father's. Book so you. Pink houses is quite frankly one of northeastern Pennsylvania is most treasured books. Because it continues to sell year after year. Oh yeah it's quite they got there. Are a body as a lawyer enables simple right spoke net. And he keeps me aggressive. Of any in the newspaper articles that are here. And then northeast Pennsylvania it's been. Wonderful experience for them. The big known up there and we get that no people out there. Now we knew you wrote this book I'm sure you weren't quite certain what might happen and for you and certainly in terms of the the people here why do you think Charles the you have connected so personally. With so many people in northeastern Pennsylvania. You through your book which should details they hit on nine Jimmy Hoffa. Well I I think it would be a brown I would start with a let. When I got this. Both contract it was a 40000 dollar book contract. And I was a lawyer who's appease we're in the as a medical malpractice lawyer. And so I I never expected. Is that that kind of success that this book is gotten. And could not beat up and running to lead the way but it's accessible all over the world right now we've got. Commander in addition the debt. A Hungarian and it did seem a little bit this year. Is this it didn't really caught on everywhere. For I don't know anything about this book can you give us the the album. Premise of it and why you are so attracted. To this story of frank the irishman sure what what what. What made you decide you wanted to write this book. Well I would or medical legal work in Delaware Wilmington Delaware and I got a call from a member of the apparently ma. And frank the air in here and has banned the FBI's. Top suspect in the opposite appeared he was also our local banks very loosely. President of local recording sic to the Teamsters in Wilmington Delaware. And so over the years we all know for a cure and was and then we knew him as a suspect in novices to parents. And then we followed it is kind of career. Of being. Pursued by the FBI. He'd get arrested for every little thing. They were trying to put pressure on him and they ended up. Putting him in jail for 32 years. On on crimes that. And it's someone else labor racketeering cinemanow might have gotten quiet years for but it was an effort to keep the pressure on. And get in the talks. And I bet this girl from the Philly mob. Explain to me that the and what I get him out on early medical release. I looked over medical records it seems clear to me that he was eligible warm and I and it ended up. Representing him and getting him out and tapering. Over ten years from Lucent. And he. The needle on chain. I had I had been up at polite and homicide investigator. And I put interrogate but to. Cops and cross examination and other trial lawyers. And I can tell that that. Eight east seemed to wanna talk to. In. Our eight. Was opened to it. He told me I'd written a book called the right to remain silent. About my exploits there's an interrogator. At least that he read that book while he was in jail. And we claim that he was tired of being written about it all the books on offer even though we've listed as doing something although. The book had no idea what he would start out they totally it was this the FBI suspected his involvement. In an up his disappearance any. Read my book. Very germane salad Burton law and order book. Any water need to write his story. Demonstrate that he had nothing to do. With all disappear. And as part of it would be about. Who I met limited partner. I could tell immediately. That he had simply ordered it often gets. I could tell that because who I was the professional in that deal. And we began what turned into a five year. Interrogation we were together for five years Ito didn't do the tank after all these people then he would introduce you to move. That I was writing the white wash them and Brady is well. And all the while he do that he'd been pressing crimes to me and EU. ET. When you were here interrogating someone. You give them to understand that they will feel better when they get adopted child because they literally do. But at least temporarily and he would feel better get something off to guess I would great import. Right Lithuania. Race there the Catholic. By a father who that he found at least in the mother what it meant every morning and he really did nothing wrong volatility. That not that you we have to consider all the but he he did nothing. Involving killing until he was in World War II. And that was assigned to general patton's killer division that was that division that was supposed to not take prisoners. And so we had that experience and Andy got out of the war. And and I've got married has three daughters would put in a normal life. Any that it will it was driving a truck full full fare in the edit with some of the truck drivers that were associates. Two grand families Russell locally knows. Even northeast Pennsylvania. And then deliver those centrally. And they got themselves in the position where he had done something wrong he didn't realize it. And then they gave me Chile he had to kill the guy who put the best position than it was there's that DiLeo will he be killed himself. And that was the first hit it. But the idea. And won't I'd be I guess staying at Q question heartfelt. That this man wanted to get something officers and that he had remorse. Over the likelihood of any yet. And the more we explored the more remorse and now. Now it it starts with the premise of a whitewash but it ends up that he does actually confessed TU. As an investigator. And does somebody who works in this realm before. Why do you think that did happen where you were able to tell him listen. And way to be truthful instead of making you smell like a rose like what did you do to flip on. Well I didn't get what you're really liked it and I eat. She invited maintenance department with the idea that I would make so it erodes. But it poured out of and he just started talking. Is an important. Told me that he had a desire to get something all those shares at work. People don't think the FBI knows what they're going to be at the Imus what they're still on. And the FBI had a memo that has gotten in the public circulation. Listing frank here and and Russell Barkley. And as people who took part loan money to along with six others. In the Hoffa disappearance. That memo called politics memo. While that listed the suspect it didn't have any idea. What they had done it but I that they were performance says. Of the FBI agents is that this is what I understand. But they need nor did the details. And he's started pouring Deke delta out to. It's it's a funny thing really lead this desire to compress. In my book the right to remain silent that or else that is the basic human needs. People contractual without him. RA no don't do it but hearing this Charles I mean I'm just thinking of questions off the top of my had. He was still living he had confessed to you did you ever have the urge to. Call the authorities on him or not. No never. Although this was sort of a private. Affair between human body. Won't move violated the trust that I handled. We also. Certainly in the end. The eight primary confection. When we skirt around things for for quite awhile. Warren the last impression I got out of them. Everything had been on on an audiotape from the alleged confession like that out of them was on videotape. Them. It was the only one on videotape. And right after that. It is. So that law might. I'm chickened out Mike and then he refused food and he killed himself by the patient. Do you ever show that videotape to anybody Charles. Sure. Are but that's that's not something that's in my the you know the public arena and we can't see Harry. Well they're on YouTube there are certain parts of it. At all my web site. Charles Grant ought they're. Dot com. There was they showed done in Las Vegas on the CBS affiliates at Las Vegas. The three sports show he show and that they used to a fair amount of and as Libor. You know it had three additions to the book I think the very first time I was argued show. The book had just come out in our back. On their third reached this stain on the people came forward Luke thanks and good. Corroborate. What I had written and what Franken told me. And that that corporation wouldn't do it but the next edition. In which it was a paperback edition and I was signing books at a book signings. And that gentleman handed that your book. And it's couldn't make it out to Bob Garrity. And I said but Garrity auto and earlier today. And sit while I was at the opera case agent for the FBI. On on the topic disappearance. And I did your not going anywhere this regulatory. We became fast friends and he told me. The FBI always like frank cheered for the murder. But the options kids for the community children. Awarded the cart added the the Teamsters. James the also. And the daughter who had the command a judge in Staten. Saint Louis. Will be said about the profit kids. I thought the sun roses that own production. It was very close to the hall of fame in fact here and to demean and equity in the book. That. The hardest part freedom was at duke was announced. To the public that Hoffa has not returned homered and who would submit soon. He had to Colo. Josephine not to mention at all. And commiserate with. And offer his help. And and that bothered him. And he says who does that what kind of man does something like that. And the do it was a spiritual journey that he was sorry he was trying to find redemption. And in the end he did. The entry of Russell buffalo Leno. Into this Charles and your research that shows so his his involvement why he got involved. And ultimately his orders in the situation. I'm sure it. I mean look at the entry of Russell buff Leno who people know as obviously a local figure in our community. How good he get involved in this for people who may not have read your book and talk about. The circumstances that led him to order this hit. Well. Wrote the book Louisville. Was. A truck stuff. Outside of Syracuse. And frank the world and would instruct the food fair. Frank couldn't get struck started again. We'll laughable Selena was a master mechanic and he came over different. And offered their help get its start it. Frank spoke Italian firm is being in the Italian campaign there in the war. And the two of them hit it off. And they agreed that they would. Apps each other against them what foreign. Or muscle trick. Thanks. What the course. Struck. And they did say they ran into each other and and Philly. And a stab that little bit of a relationship. Whenever frank was in so that he at this scenarios considered. Frank would we'll bring retreat Oprah's. Two also of note the bakers and Philadelphia. All. And little by little became a busy. It came an associate of Russell Bob Toledo's gone through them. And little by little he became frank. Russell played and then. We'll also had three. Were rings made out beautiful but remembering what gold coins one frame themselves. 14. Frank the irishman won for another member it is sort of organization. And well so hopefully those very tight with Jimmy Hoffa. And one day crank it less so that it's equal. Get frank day job in the Teamsters. And Russell that. And he called. All thrown the ball. And it's just become. President of the union and there was some people he wanted to get rid. And the first words ever ordered. I give me off for the frontier world over the phone. And that kind of job interview. And those words were. Jimmie saying the frank I heard you grade ounces. Titled the book meaning I heard you guilty. And frank that I do my own carpentry work to meaning I give the audience. Frank had done to get through Russell. Belle plane was about this and it's for Jim. That was the basis of this I do three way association. Between Jimmy Hoffa Russell both Leno. And French here. We brought Bobby Kennedy was hard at work trying to get. Jimmy Hoffa in jail. And he succeeded. Also went to jail in 1967. End. He gave up the union presidency to a man named frank Fitzsimmons. Yeah and one hopper get out of jail we get out of jail true. I think Richard Nixon fact frank deliberate half million dollars to the attorney general John Mitchell. And when we're in the opera that out of jail he wanted to run against its citizens. And the mob didn't want to. Fitzsimmons was in charge of the mafia's. The Teamsters I should say thank you park. It was the billion dollar budget for. It it was the second largest. Blend of the real estate market. Dictate rank. Them. And Fitzsimmons. Property to do business with Russell and do business with the with the mafia. Any bigger on his terms and he is the loans at this. That Hoffa put out here will collateralized. And will pay off. The loans that the sentence was quoting now what was quickly in the pension fund. An offer made a lot of noise about that about my fear is getting control of the potential pardon through Fitzsimmons. And that was not the kind of thing you wanted to. And that by doing that he lost the support that he had to wrestle. Operatives. And those who wandered off for gone. Namely the Genovese family at fat Tony Salerno and all of the border and gone. And Russell finally gave them and that's why. It would work like resorted to kill attracted to me that the fight should know that Russell. Jim it would have been just as dead. The united until right along whether I had gone to Australia that's another depression. If they use a meeting down under. So. That's a thumbnail sketch you that the book is actually. A biography of frank cheer. Them cradled in the great. Very very interest in men not not merely that they had not merely. And in the end of may and that senator senator earlier. Throw the great deal of remorse. And and live this year children and I was kind of a guy. And I was fortunate to be there at the right place at the right time. Can imagine a person who teaches interrogation. Put that position. Although it was easy it is poured out of frank. We are talking with the Charles Brandt. Who has had so many careers worn many hats he was a high school English teacher. He is a prosecutor. Trial lawyer and author of a book or Japan houses and that Charles has been with us before but it's always great to hear. His voice and days of fascinating individuals once again thanks for Jonas Charles we really appreciate it. I love being here you OK now well. Lengthy process. That has taken place. For your book. To be adapted into a motion picture because I think psychology it seems like two years ago or maybe a year and a half ago and he said that. Martin Scorsese has some other project that he had a clear before you got to this animated. Extra lengthy what was it that well what happened and how we approached. To possibly. Get your book turned into a movie. Well it was Robert De Niro that called my publisher in order to know the rights were available. Somebody at his organization had given the book gave him and recommended it to him. And he gave it to the screenwriters seem alien. And billion loved it in the water and Oskar Schindler's List. And they bought it to Martin Scorsese. And he loved it. And so that. They put the popular in position to be made into movies they call it being in development in development but. You'd never know when your movies are being made or ever will be. We're say he's a very busy director and it all depended on his schedule and a couple years ago when you and I talk. Scorsese was banned making a movie called silence. And it was a passion project it is. And so we will waiting for that movie to be finished before he could begin aren't. Or deepened their houses and and it turned out that. When we fit in very nicely. And they began forming. The Spanish September September 8 think it began throwing in New York. Scattered all star kids. Bob the nearest plane frank the irishman shares. Alpa chino was burning Jimmy Hoffa. Joseph Pesci is pouring out so buffalo you know. Bobby karma bale. Is playing crazy Joey Gallo. Harvey Keitel. Is playing that Philly mob boss. Excuse me if there is real world. Anna Paquin is playing a warm up for exporters. And shares daughters she was so a daughter who disowned him. Because of all the publicity. Around I hope the disappear which. And though the people that frank can't. Been associated with in the newspapers over the years. Getting arrested for murder and then being released and make adverse publicity. And so Anna Paquin will play his daughter thinking. It is quite natural that. All of this going on the in my life. I remember that they're one of the things trying to kill me. What. Where he was in Springfield. Missouri prison hospital. Russell was there as well it just turned out that way. And one day so Russell being. He'll be in the chapel and on his wheelchair. And Russell called out to him don't let fired and some day you'll come to realize. That this more than just what we have our listeners. And those words Stuckey stuck with frank. And were more or divorce. God impact to. Is religious beliefs and his desire to confess. And when when he chose to die. When he says this son in law I'm checking out my. He move that. The material that had gone from him on Jake as a journalist our noses lawyer. And he had his lawyer and Fitzpatrick who leads the computer he had been in the district attorney Philip. Owned. I would take into the lawyer's office regularly. Frank move that still going to be we repercussions that when the book come came out. All of this material is going to be going to the FBI. And he was okay it was. He is religious faith may give more than okay it was a he viewed it as a kind of payments. Where he he had to make things right especially good. So. That this is that the united note that he was planning to kill themselves. This obviously you know Charles's. A very big topic of interest for the people who live here and I know when you've been here to sign your book that they've actually approached you and told you things out. Everybody is waiting to see this movie. Who lives here are there any indications that some of it may actually be filmed where we live. I don't hear you know in place I would like yeah I've also heard the reject the Detroit is going to be portrayed in the air. Filmed in upstate New York. Some seems to be toward most of the filming right now is all around the city of New York. And we'll fill me in Mineola. National gallery Long Island just just outside the city limits. Yesterday. And I'm still involved IE. I spent two months in New York as your guests you know hotel. I was given me the latest the addition of the script to read and then attend a meeting with billion. A screenwriter. Bob did hero Martin Scorsese and me the borders and we had a number of these meetings during its two month period they were striving for authenticity. And for some sense of the characters. That rule that would be able going to be playing and portraying. And they found mine help useful and I was happy to do it and then. That was June and July. And then I returned Idaho where. And it continues but it continued via the telephone as a researcher at the lovely Marion bowers in show call me every once in awhile and morneau. Something and I am I'm there to answer for her. As well Harvey Keitel called me too I actually had to warn our conversations. About his character that he was playing. When Angelo Bruno. And so I'm still involved but. You know bird for actually kinda questions of mr. What caliber gun was used kill crazy Joey Gallo were. In the getaway from the gallows this. Uh oh with the license plates on a year on the car in New York or Pennsylvania. That kind of form. Are you satisfied with the way it's turning out is it to and barrel are featured a what you. Do you want it. Thrilled beyond belief. That they understood. And understand the character. Frank cheer and and and all the rest of it and there. They're crew artists. And what seems you know Martin Scorsese had done that some of the writing. What they. Failed relationships with pray again that you. Amazing stuff. The different kind of writing that kind of writing never done writing the screenplay. It could have been kind of leading to what you read it to get used to reading a screenplay. Visualizing. As Hugo. And that's what you are just wonderful 75 years old or new house that. That's great later in. Do you have ideas on that. I I have ideas that I ever have desires I hope that they've. That Netflix releases is the theater's first and consider a run until until people stop going because. But. It's it's certainly not anything I'm privy to. But just a desire on my forehead I hope I hope it is released in theaters that the way. You know I'm at W five when I was a little boy there was no such thing is television. So. Parents lastly what will you be baffled the big old. But theatrical releases what I am open we'll be back in our area anytime soon. Well I I don't have any plans now because that one of the article in case they called me. So. You know that that happens. For repent and then open. It's directed Charles spent all our pleasure to talk to you lead certainly an interesting story. I heard you paint houses is the book that is being turned into a major motion picture it will be called the Irish man. And it is under the. A closer. That's the working title for purposes of of doing the work to an easy title here. It's it's a good title do you eat you approve. Oh yeah. It says ordered in the irishman and that fits your lefty and a it's shortens up the tab but we always appreciate you were appearances on our show and we hope to see you soon. They're transported to blatantly hear the likewise.