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Wednesday, December 6th

Tina Brown author of Vanity Fair Diaries with WILK's Sue Henry


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That was Tina Brown's pick for it she saw on T brown. Yeah I do not condemn it doesn't material. I'll pick it's not to based body that covered with Madonna where we just because so many times credit got to have you know in half height of the material though Lori. I'll Milo are dead Tina Brown is here to talk about the Vanity Fair diaries during a story time in American history in 1983 and 1992. Filled with that access an insanity heat and everything like that Tina thanks so much. I'm delighted to be so you are a proper British woman. Plopped into this New York scene. And but we're producer says your accent is awesome that hit the what we what was the best part about being in that and the worst part for you. For the public being you know sketchy out of my twenty. It's amazing assignment attending around this week apple and glossy magazine even though it was in. Dire straits but I took it over was still had a neat place to go without. In Communist magazine which was like a lot C headquarters of like a happening thing. And just being any new color from England just completely blown away by the kind of crazy excitement in the hands of the eighties with you know everything from Miami prices to my McDonna typically get White House that accounts with John Travolta. It was a hell of a glamorous time. For young woman coming to the US. What was difficult was being. A young woman you know who's who have to kind of negotiate the snake pit and media culture that kind of defer to me that this is while that's. That's the sense that and then when I have my two children was hot topic just balancing. My tremendous love of my career it was into the need to be at the desire to Pia a good mom you know which was. Always the top Todd and the counselors at every working woman. And certainly in these situations with the the rich and the famous and the entitlement culture. What kind of things did you have to do to keep your values intact when there are so many things going on around you that may have seems so. Amoral. Well it's been sting you know leading the Derek I'm continually always the outside you know I. I never lose my sense of glam and and that's partly because I was married to have a marriage to. And enormously crowded learn areas and it was a great newspaper in the UK. And I'm finally out children was always the kind of the moral center of my Lai says that even though. The world of the week with a big tackling kind of black tie world. We can we would withdraw till our house. In a Long Island. And just be with the children and I had a primitive sound I have to really. Pay a lot of care and attention to because he had turned out to you aspect of the injured have been I think the mama with special needs child. Really kept me grounded actually analyst house. Now according to the information received one of the things that to happen feel it was kind of a break. Was when you've got to go to the White House to work with that Ronald and Nancy Reagan and in 1985 I would imagine. That in name magazine world there may have then. Not a great love for these two individuals approach going into that knowing how great an assignment it is to that of the White House right. But knowing also that people regardless of how it turned out may be critical of. Once you into thinking I felt about the reagans and it didn't matter which side of the Audi will there was one. Think about the Reagan ever want to decree which was they had an extraordinary relationship. That marriage with a one aspect of the Lincoln's that you could creep up. That there was something about the dynamic between these two these two people which was sort of magic. So that's what I want to capture them we went to the White House to finish them and too apathetic after the I took with me an amazing photographer Harry Benson who spread across many presidents for. He did this person is thinking of bringing with him a tape of not Frank Sinatra singing Nancy with the laughing face and he said at the white screens. It erode the width adjacent to that this state dining room where they were about to go and have a big black tie state banquet. I'm as the Reagan's kind of approach to neck and long dress and not hit a black and you know adult for their own health poke around in the in a black tie that your. They came to the door we had them and talking and drugs that have contact Harry Benson hit the blue box we played at the Frank Sinatra. And the truth is thought but it did not he's literally. Back softball we have to hit dobbs and they. They tried to fox struck together against his wife's screams into the Frank Sinatra sets. Of course he that's bad for the leading up to navigate camera taking pictures that he was a very excitable scotsman and he that you would thank. That the president Mr. President you got to kick it wiped it went back to. And apparel Reagan. Led toward Nancy and they get these great. Screams smooch to get it was like a classic Hollywood like and he's into the sunset photographed with two of them kissing. And it became that is the Reagan came to whether or over the well this picture of the two of them Palestinians and bracing that they did. And you know that people kind of joy and it was Arab thinking as they as they did that while it is not just. The Reagan kisses to the kiss of life. Because I knew that. This cover this photograph of the session was going to be so commercial Franken full Vanity Fair which it won't. When it's opening a really bad. All the content coming debacle that was back when when things went really matter what I was when I knew half the owner of what they're thinking very how to pack clothes in the magazine and he decided he would want gonna play tonight and I led to acted on it and but I didn't trip. I was out of town and I thought he had the wheel and a lot to house anybody anymore which of course you'll note that means it means that you've been excited. I would have to be crazy and I flew back on the red eyes and confronted him. And I and I know this is happening that we we've been acceptable up my publisher of the advertising got to do it and do it the big seller is live from the my shop in the morning. You know on the red guy and I hit to him you know I wanted to do we have these three incredible stories coming appreciated. It is with the Reagan cover eyes studied it it was a great piece I have in the works about as consistent American by birth and use that. They're actually the marriage was with his with a disaster. After the Fed amazing piece with Dominic Don hop star right is coverage of the trial of crop or below the acute matter of these incredible stories to magazines have. He could okay got another year which he meant another six months interest is that the way you want. But we turned it around that time within the within that you would became number one on the pulpit to magazines. After the for the kind of biggest grosser than they were the things that we did turn it around but it was all about story. And most certainly the the story of fun Princess Diana is one of you know great open and great tragedy. And forget it. Some people I think forget teen and these. At the end of the day here's a human being uploaded and then the pressures that this young lady felt to be in this spot play we're seeing a tremendous that they they led her to have. All kinds of behind the scenes of problems. Well I think you know what's staggering today as we see the this sort of joy about an economical is to wanting to consider which you know Rick it was very strong in my piece in Vanity Fair and we can read in the dark about how about. Whole story. And I have my information really about an Irish came about. But you know she was the big debacle is just saving the kind of award which she died OK done with that he thinks. And when she married child should twenty. And I think it somehow at the local laughed at the time was this the child there really married to her house it would the and you know it was the child going into this very stuffy. Royal household. Who didn't have the celebrity the Britons being Islamic or of the precious about how to work it. And that's you know that's pretty well the piece that I ran which cycle amount of role because it was about a young this week Italy and try to determine that this huge kind of Eva global full fitness has. The great transformation that she was forced to take it to happen in house in her whole preferred a statistic that was the deal. Did you have fierce protector. Sadly for the boat actually at the time while the felt badly for him Arnold because I felt that child. Had been sort of pushed into that by his apparent that you are in love with somebody else is enough with Camilla. So it was a tragedy for the vote. Now would the course of your career you obviously had to have the working relationships with Harvey Weinstein. Did you suspect. During your working relationships that day he was doing terrible things behind the scenes to people talk. Now he's doing terrible things in that particular I saw it. That I kind of have immunity he finally closed I stop I started talk magazine within which is probably not the whitest Korean made by the minute after leaving The New Yorker. I almost from day one I went to work for me to public conduct maintenance. Titanic mistake in giving independence of this Scott because of the way he treated people and treated me you know you he he Jacqueline hide what he thinks he has used. He was that the ATP was profane he was to known as. So even a terrible guy I did not know that on top before about behind the scenes he was also this. Wild you know like Pacman game defect from the I'm just don't buy it by the end of the depravity reporting that there it is just amazing. Can you imagine with some of these individuals though the power is is so. Much of men and toxic and that they really feel. That they can do just about anything they want to any body that's right. He was wrong with his empower. I'm you know he is the difficulty for everybody around it was a it is this that the Jacqueline I'd bop with the action he made very good movie trophies that's. It was a very strange things but like it's very. Growth and her defender that you were making growth and horrendous movie committee water he was making beautiful lady like Shakespeare blossoms. It is The English Patient and or these great sound that was very beautiful sensitive felt strike. And even he was actually the exact opposite he knew he was just terrible guy that's. Or these activities I mean you know thankful that we're coming for an interview about it. Pod one of these wonderful film. But I need to find heat they were either accidentally assaulted and 883 extra historians senate historian how he's depressed that I mean I didn't notice I did see how. How incredibly. Apparently he was about the precedent it or not but. You know having people can relate to it weakens we've known as stop we have been and. You also have had to menace in say to the president of the United States Donald Trump and I think it's worse than talking about. You're impressions. Of who he really is because Sid that he's being defined all kinds of your toys. In in your opinion who is Donald Trump. What independent state in my diary he's both people happy is to say to people in the sense that we. It is what effect meeting in 1987 in the diary by. Describe how I first read he's book being out of the deal. And decide to extract it and make them think spot check in vanity and I write in the in in in the book out so I'd say you'd. This book is BS but it's authentic period. Which is you know a contradiction in terms but the point is that the economy grew at a very funny you point to very Catholic real point that I think it. Comes right off the page and I thank you know I think the American public will like nothing rule which was the kind of recognize the terms. And I meet him at a at a party angle optimism he belatedly acknowledged he'd say you're able to cover easily. What you think that he said you know. Time magazine I could have back what what better Taiwanese because the mind in time to go right united. I definitely could have time but I decided that it needed we cannot and so in with his usual don't from the direction intensity. That he talks since it was very kindly get away it was funny it was fresh it was it was obviously noses but at the same kind of response. That's attended by it gets less problems. We stopped to cover him the big this story and find that a lot of forty telling our reporter Maria Brennan would impact on trees that he's he's portrayed his businesses with. Much full review of the facts about it but this is which were ready for the backup system so. Of course be very going to vote for the the order that we commented as as extensively that we had a successes. And he got very angry about Saturn and very abusive about it when we published it. It hit particularly angry because of the orca the piece sprint that he had a copy of Hitler speeches and healthy which really called a term and it's not a news. Shortly after that she's sitting at a benefit that she feels something cold and wet in to have backed secular and I think I can look up. It don't trap heat and tip off of one don't have Patrick. Which kind of sends a little bit much more of the sort of it had to fight back Donald Trump who will never forget agreed to. We stunned when America went for this man and and do you think as time goes on that America the because some people do admire men and some people that can't stand and you think that. He will be to the American people quote unquote less fun as time goes along. Winnipeg thing he would dropping in the polls. But I think he had the bases he's just to be is so he would he antagonistic to liberals in the sense that they almost every time he took the liberal to me I left of them. And not succeed given that the you know he's back he takes a swipe at something beloved game whether it's environmental. Or old whether it is to capacity of any kind. Pat. Just in the list on the liberty to anger about the character of America. I didn't know whether it will become old you know I I do think America's gonna get very top of the drama in there's certain point you wanna get on with that a lot of that job for the the court economy's doing very well so who doesn't need jobs the barren and the economy roaring alongside. It's possible that we could reelect Donald Trump. I have. Read The New Yorker since I was teenager. I absolutely a door. That publication for good it's it's so wonderful I mean everything about it even if I you know vehemently disagree where I read. And generated anyway because I find it to be very important. We are given the opportunity to lead The New Yorker. What thoughts are going through your had about the history the tradition. And maybe what you wanted to do to tinker with it because you know it is. Even form Beckley it's very similar all the time. Well you know. Well I. Up turning around ninety fat it and I was given the opportunity than take over the leadership that you cup I thought to the one that. It did right from the Italian and that the big topics like a mocking you circuits. Is the New York which is more of an ivory tower going to be it is something that I resonate with and I went back to the very fact additions in the twenty's and I really found. But nobody really did speak to be enough testing to combination much more than in related news see it it was. More news feed it with children along the peak season how to vitality of Apollo. But I really did resonate with and I decided I wanted to bring that after the Neal Cotts. And open it up visually you know had photographed for the first time. I completely revamped covers an important wonderful relevant he would have more news see sort of illustrations that that the bounced off the culture. And I how to act of amazing. I told me you rock of rights is to. Where everybody is greatest buildings beating David being the current editor now who Gladwell who writes. The tipping point to get for Cubans who of course is the policy that they commented Todd brought in. A gay man unit is looking amazing book about the co pilot so I. I really did refresh the talent pool totally changed the visuals and that kind of updated at Korea twenty century. How much you love rust tasked. A little too often just it he. She didn't have many people for love of the fuel. I I appointed Bob my uncles the great content distributed opportunities senator Larry. The county meetings with some of the most fun things that I have a dip. Exactly you have to realize the cartoonists are also the most kind of come urgently people level we've never wanted to. Think Libya to people defining about. Some more bad to have that they are violent that elite. Tina Brown how much does say absolutely fabulous and appeal to. Well you never know what might well what more about you this story is and and and journalism but the other is the kind of they after the cabinet well definitely was resonating around me calm enough for the talent. Yeah it was this is such a pleasure to have you on the show you have no idea that you're absolutely. Wonderful delightful we loved at the Vanity Fair diaries 1983 to 1998. We will issues success and how is your family don't. I'll look great they like it's a great. Everybody's great. Excellent. Suggestion and we appreciate it thank.