Nate Eachus, Ron Solt, Terry Shenfield talk about cannabis with Frank Andrews

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Monday, December 4th

Nate Eachus, Former NFL Player & AAA State Wrestling Champion; Ron Solt, Former All-Pro NFL Player; and Terrence Shenfield MS, RRT-ACCS, RPFT, AE-C in studio with Frank Andrews about Pennsylvania Community Medical Cannabis Forums Presenting at the Holiday Inn East Mountain, Wilkes-Barre on Thursday, december 7, 2017 at 6PM.


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So one I heard that there is a Pennsylvania. Community medical forum I can abyss. I was excited to have in the studio with us to people who are going to be speaking to people who are behind it and I'm an Assam to tell us a little bit about themselves first navy should start to talk about whole yard I got involved in the snake. Hey my own stages I was a form Pennsylvania State champion former. Colgate unclear university's football player and then played isn't here now for the Kansas City Chiefs and and I sort of you know this is business last year and then thanks track temp derives dvd business so where it. The for those who tried to really help my grandma 'cause she you know there's as severe stage of cancer and is really shelter dogs here very you know some several months eleven C. Announced in a few years and she's really benefited. I'm ministry year and a half does CN now shows it was they you know seizures go from foreigners he has done a non. Because child with autism than hasn't been that didn't speak in two years in the and then testifies in and then then spoke. Com you know item item blind woman actually ticket prices as a best of the best price she's ever taken. Showing you and your testimony like that he knows he knows this stuff is you know help give us this the real deal and also in the studio dispute is Russ. Tell us a little bit about your background how you got involved less my name is Russell I actually start playing for Koppel high school back in 1979. And I believe. 78. Long long time Madonna and they way to make a long story longer I want to Merrill on glare of the University of Maryland or four years. I went to as drafted by Indianapolis Colts. Played. Several years there I got traded to. Oh the Philadelphia Eagles back in the mid eighties I played throughout the whole ladies we'll say more or less they way I am. I just I had I had the CB oil when I play I'm sure I've Iverson's warriors and I'm sure one of wow unbelievable and on the line with us right now is Terri shy infielder Terry it tells a little bit about where you are and what your role illnesses. OK come on old Carey show and feel actually he struggled Eric. I'm gonna call you for the rest 25 years I was an education coordinator. At the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey. I have a traditional background in medicine and an over the last five years I completed my masters in complementary and alternative medicines. We'll focus on herbal medicine. Com I have I am although the company called actually ever. And I think all company Altria is continuing education for health care practitioners. In particular nursing. I am the provider of and Albanian nursing association. And I would you can about medical campus. Out in public or natural history years. And I put it many excellent speaker is Internet crimes and recently I've met with me and Todd and they invited me into this program. Should they do you know or when it was when my wife talked about this for our daughter I said marijuana. Don't know marijuana you and I believe there's a lot of misunderstanding about it we're not talking about about somebody sitting out in the fiscal smoke and try to would you explain what what this is is CB DG AC the whole process right so CBP comes from. The marijuana plants and they hemp plant that does product that's. In Indy shop here in Pennsylvania and and in some covers and Karzai does is is that have derived CB. Com that's a surprise to us as under point 31% TC. And that's very eyes dvd and marijuana has above point three us. Of 1% he's he's I think about point three TC is considered marijuana anything below that point three so only Trace as considers hemp. That's kind of different so we know them commission discuss it lies because this RD federal law in place. They that and extracting other meld the bill and then back in 2014 that the federal farm militarism fourteen agricultural farm those sections does some success at so that's kind of the difference there. Now runs you you said that you could be playing longer if you had CB do you know what is a done for you. Easily you know when I play isn't. There approximately thirteen operations. He gets a point where I was going to. Okay well rehearsed the worst bout in the year my brain needs that I go left shoulder and left. Left means left and right shoulder his Mae is amazing I can't believe it to gasoline but. If I was fortunate enough to not to be operated arm until I got to leave. Then how I'm all right but can you imagine if I was come around when I was shall play embark high school had never made it. While Terry I want to ask you question because this this form is coming up is is called the community medical forum but it's it is it's not just for medical professionals right and also since I as a parent misunderstood this are there are a lot of people in the medical professional misunderstand us. Absolutely. A lot of people don't medical. I'll put and don't even know about it typically the conditions and medical school I'm not even sort of a fish out. Here's how best candidate or as they heal. And I'm just recently over the last few years. Tablet than an interest I just think recently and you're not smashed generally in. I'll brushed and they're gonna make that's part of their curriculum so there is the big misconception. And I did so let me healthcare practitioners and come to my. Conference is an Egyptian wow I didn't even know any of this and you can't try to change the national championship game. You know come have been shown that it has its indications for certain type of conditions. And. I think from a buried. Evidence based point of view so when you talk about candidates I've it would be evidence so I don't backed everything up for key evidence that's out there. All right now we we're gonna continue this conversation we're gonna take a break and we're gonna get you caught up on traffic and weather but we we wanted to talk a little bit about about how is she used to some of the some of the medical. Miracles and has done show and will also take your tax and your called the studio with us they need Shuster Ron sold him on the phone with us is Terry shouldn't feel that we're talking about this forms coming up and they we tell us where wind because people I I have a bunch of text people ask him about this. Yes so the form is is that this Thursday December 7 the that's from 6830 PM at the Holiday Inn east mound the address is 600 wildflower drives the most fair wouldn't want a 702. So against it's a holiday in east mound this Thursday. 6830 PM. I area I wanna read I wanna read the text you I want should talk about it from a I guess from our biological physiological point of view somewhat Tex and instead I am an advocate for CB deal oil I live in northeastern Pennsylvania in the Moscow area I have discovered CBD candidates in my daily routine I suffered from tremors student nerve damage today thanks to CB dean. They are no longer visible to others I use a product and I am 100% behind it now. It isn't for everybody Terrence. Not the only thing that could not speak. For example there are different medical condition is gonna respond very well to achieve BP and those meditations are. Melbourne cup commission off for anxiety. Forcibly amateur. And also could be a motor are also going forward. Oh. It's also good for a nerve damage and it's also good for patent population. It can be a great pain relief. Fathers. There's also a very powerful antioxidant a lot of you are Jeno James compete. Comes from a public option due to stress in the broad. And it's called the inflammation. And mr. BP oil and been known to reduce the inflammation in the framed her many studies. Porn because there's also worked on the same line that Paul can finish. And now. Epileptic seizures. Elude a whole host of conditions that can benefit from actually BP oil. Below is a component. I'm the champion player. Eventually may god anointed candidates spent what is cheap chic which in this cycle back and components and the other one is peak. Can have a dial or seen BD. Think it does not publish cycle active component and basically it got engaged I think if you pull it actually mean to you soon. The stretch in the brain and anxiety. So it doesn't work very well a new job Abacha evidence out there for each kind of condition which are gonna go mentioned this Thursday. Ron Ron people wanna know how you take it totally you know what I did I do I guide took it as ice is always taking half. Half month after month load them abounds in the morning is about how Macy's sees that coming. They continue your Indians say about as it comes and a drop performances are things shared and gel tabs and lotions. Hey you take about. You don't want it twice -- makes it to down faster cars have dropped from morning and nice that's kind of how you you take that we've we have an interesting texture at this does is to do this is just care I don't know which one you guys wanna talk about this but someone Texan instead I have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis and asp dot top about using CB deal oil but my employer has a strict policy. How does that work. I mean I mean you know there's a lot of these they have valid causes down low because they're worried about the CDU. Yeah affecting they're they're drug. Task but the bottom line is is no no effect on. Price not if I mean it's not marijuana I. I'm derivative sound like I say you're not there's no smoke and join the back room crash bright eyed again you know there there there is a Trace again you know the end to the find is has under point 31% he sees only Trace event so you know you you're not getting guys are people who don't wanna guess how they wanna feel better than again this. These these high C would you load TC price. Are you are getting making people feel better hold up now I'm on the website. You know it talks about. It uses the phrase pain. OK we have had so many shows a by an old Buick addiction that people take OB was for pain and I said wolf. Is it possible that this could ease that problem Terry is it possible that this could be something that would help people with chronic pain. Oh absolutely. I weren't born in new I don't just got out Ahmedabad scan from New Jersey who has treated over 2500 patience. And he has reduced opiate use on almost all of this patients. With a huge competitive. That's odd the way that go about it you know OKO. Com you can increase. Fuel our. Do you want all your age if you supplement mention I'm should be loyal. And you just you know slowly. Trickled up and it goes some water and decreased to go to the other cheek lecture that collects comfort level. Topple uncle we have to take a break you're never gonna come back and we're gonna go to the phones and hang on we'll take your call first we come back but but really quickly Nate is -- a lot of research on this or is it kind of too new and nobody really knows what's going on if you if you go online Emmys there's creatures but its overseas is an insurance in Germany as saying and it's in Spain industries shares overseas to other doctors in the in this country want wanna see the resource here it's coming you know everything hit its fellow and a perfect you know and was banned from nice and Tonys and 2014 and now. You know medical I've met him I lost unemployed Pennsylvania just pass and how they sometimes may know or truly value their cards you don't care coming up pretty easy Dicey as your cards now and and then you know you can get that you know Todd will be available in the spring but yes it you know to help. A prize we took a little girl Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and while in the emergency room there was a physician they came in and said that he is doing research. I'm CBD and then you know everybody looked at him like you have lobsters coming out this year but if you're 28 minutes after four and take a break it kind of by news will be back and take your phone calls a W I'll take. 5 minutes before 5 o'clock the Pennsylvania community medical candidates forum. This coming up Thursday at the Holiday Inn east mountain in the studio with us navy just rub salt on the phone with us Terry Sheffield he's of the people who are going to be involved and at and speaking I think than the of the biggest tax that we're getting here and it is. If people have this pain if they have a problem. We'll show up as positive and a drug test. Show me the answer is they couldn't. Com but I think you know if you have a job and end you're getting tested you know there is actually TC free prod that is that is also very beneficial so does say if you're getting tested you know. Go go with the TC for you tried pressing more you know there's an a lot of fuel that. Are getting tested that that competitive but the people that are getting tested there is absolute TC free there's a there's did so legally taken by mouth there's the there's a jug caps and also lotions or TC free as well and the and the second most frequently asked question here and I don't know who once incidence of the three of is where do you get it how do you get if you need a prescription. I see a huge. You can get at at the event on the you can go to a quote did this there'll be event dom tickets available again the events at the holiday in these mound Matt 600 wildflower drive for the most spare this Thursday's 1638. I've PM. Go to AT cam dot com again AT cam dot com he can get he cannot. Go there and thinking gravitating come and become more educated on on the end of canonize his amend. And medical chemists but I had there will be up you know Simi prize for a low price at that event calm so yes he if you wanna come to the event. They're mean also tickets people walk in tickets available as well as he can come to show up enough. I think it's there and also by CBD there as well the run you're going to be an aircraft TS quite honestly I think that's a great idea to go over there and mile per sit. After and then drop the whereabouts weren't somewhere else and get and then million dollars Gaza because I think that. With a dropper here with this this part. As that goes around before I knew them plan that five years where I'm about what I about. People enough you guys will sign nonaggressive. They're franchise and half hours so I doubt going to sign in my head this time away ironically got it all right there Terry would you would you tell us we'll hope Cody you want to come to this event. What would be what would be the best response what kind of people what kind of professions. I'm pro gay person that should come to this event thought people who have some continent. Medical condition and they are kind of confused about what they hear. It may hear that they got smoked pot and actually a misconception. A lot of signs and there's I think anyone with some kind of medical condition for pain management product aimed. I also think force in Lebanon anxiety. I also think. People. Who had issued a sort of stay and so I'm learning more. I think this is going to be in about the amount of education are bought and. Essentially the audience should be I don't think it should be. The recreational you don't mistaken about you know big adventure and it at all I think it's about the people who could really benefit from it. Terry I wanna I want to ask you to respond to this month my little girl takes it takes CBD oil as I said she's been honest for awhile. But a lot of the doctors. Even even some of the good the FB highbrow urologists think this is like. It is silly like that you know why bother than it really does any thing and it's just a scam what what would you say to that. It showed that the wrong approach by the doctor. Let's talk for us so cheerful about their license they have a living in Lebanon called. How dramatically expand Italian all Scopes in the gold expansion into. And they say get it could very. Explode without even opening about much. Without the opportunity. I don't know what I did it all you did a failure. Don't Julia yeah. Kill that well you know with good Terry I wanna say thank you were there were gonna wrap up this conversation thank you for talking with us today. What once stood for what's the format of this event on Thursday like is it is there's going to be lectures going to be video was goes gonna happen there this is this is to educate the public has known medical tennis has got past your listeners so is is that it's educate the public gone on this and don't Canada's system do well Lilly program with Cameron percent is this Lillian sciences research. Over overseas and there's a universe is now we're doing reserves on the no canvasses in that we have as humans and also passing mammals so there's also. Pests that investing in the C media as well Lotta Lotta people of Florida people are not New Jersey and Pennsylvania that are buying this for their pets because ultimately these past had the same bylaws or cynicism this Ando Canas is now we all have within our planet that's a mile Ozzie were sexism within our human bodies. I'm we have a question coming in I think this is going to be a very very interesting question Julia what is your questions for our guests. My question me or my heart and right now is and OP debates and he's going to do a pink actor. And they admiring very closely right now insurance with paying for the bill PR it's. They are discussing going out and soup candidate. You can go Baghdad how do we pick that it won't be covered very sure and I don't think don't actually pay you to get beat it's got a pocket. So epic quest. As tough when the insurance companies won't cover. Let's surgery where I don't know actually because they should have different yeah I would say insurance companies to one are gonna cover you know medical marijuana. And then then the hand extract a CB prize it's what would be cheaper com. You know funny but again he added that the bureau is an obvious oh -- he can you know come off those with the help us you know medical Candice good luck to you really think you we're we have to wrap up your guys but I just want to thank you for being here and now I wanna say Guinness Thursday night wears are going to be. It's Thursday six to 8:30 PM at the holiday in east mound meant and 600 wildflower drive to the Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania 18702. And and again if you want to or just think it's at eight tam dot com it's ATC AM dot com and click on the on the conference link in the he'll be and then CB prize ever a much lower price and they're they're being sold right now so. Come check out the mid PA can't mounting any medical campus forms all right thank you all very much we appreciate it.