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Saturday November 11, 2017


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The following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend ranks and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. I hello this morning what's happening. Well lots means a lot of things I have to. That's we have to shout out to our buddy told. Mr. mark when. Oh ice summit Columbus a couple weeks so did he tell you that no he didn't really have a chance pound. Eight. It was I met him on Sunday morning at its covenant Presbyterian Church. My friend John Glover and her brother Gary you were there. And I know about it and I thought well you know what an extra hour here I don't think there's. I can get myself over the air until I am. So I did and I was thinking of course for parking space on Alabama towns strain which is that it's just so hard to find space. So anyway I was pulling in and mark was walking down strain their role in the window down I said hey mark land. Ice I wanna commend your church and I can't find a place park. He said just pack it in right here in the corner I think really he says yes they've been cumulative. Leeway Anna-Lena at Friday morning they can't I said OK so I backed amendment he waited for me. As I was crossing the street he said to me. I I listened year's show. On Saturday I symbol Berlusconi said you know how I ain't how you can no I did. I said no he said captain to Napoli. She's stuck here. That is what we talked about let's just done and I walked in with him in and day. We were like two minutes from those Turks and service starting so he sat with me. But we really have much of a chance so that when during church of course else so I saw my friend Joan. And dairy and they were doing and they did a beautiful tribute to all them the parishioners. Who had died in last year because it was All Saints Day. And they had a wonderful little montage of all these people their faces Tom what they've done it was on screen came down and a that was really quite a production well done. So much earlier they're beautiful you know penny went downstairs staff for the stuff they do after services send my cousins were both there. Lee Carter Michael Carr who apparently are the ones that run the kitchen. And so. We sent their had a wonderful time. Could we spent about an hour together room. Michael gay man a pocket as fast sauce to meatballs which just a little aside. I'll take or so for Patrick as an okay. So it a good time there was Geist. Smith got to make sure didn't shout out to mark Klan good and we just have to get to shut up until our I'm against one of our guest experts this week we have. A new granddaughter born to. Favre O'Hare attorney Barbara Kara and her husband ray for attorney ray Ferrari out scandal in their daughter how Lauren had a baby girl by the name of Giuliani and grace. Rash. And she is a weak gold so shout out Bible be on later as are expert one of our experts and but she is absolutely adorable and congratulations. To Lauren and her husband and the and how about Brey wants to be called what is he sank. My grandfather attorney Raymond. I am glad that I don't care what they call me. There you go Delaware families and don't get re doing yet so every south. So and so we also to give the big can graduate to well first of all just so we now. Today would have been my son there's an 89 birthday. Have glasses on November 9 so I'm. He and I was disks it's always bittersweet does day she now you think about it and they don't think. And I am that we asked to say that I am and follow sat. Is he receiving the Roseanne Smith Alpert award today through women in philanthropy it's an area foundation. How which is a junior league award and they foundation now overseas that and not make Gil Martin is receiving Dee Margo Margaret. Phelan Chamberlain is a Chamberlain beat Iowa get their New Zealand champagne that's what I got can't award. And again held being held tonight so congratulations to both of those lovely well deserving ladies. Fans also own the second anniversary. There's plenty Friday. Night and today's the ninth. Offense attend you know today is the ninth. Yeah it's my father's birthday I know fun. It is in the and that's today today that's and they sent to know what I'm saying is that you're listening to those how you're listening and Sunday as Saturday everything. So on the ninth. It's the second anniversary of my uncle Tom's deaths in this yes and it was at hospice of the synchronize their good hard we talked about that often. And what have a wonderful experience that was if you can put those words to a but it's two years ago today at any path. Amazing. And unlike cancer and T and just on Tuesday morning how Election Day. We had these fortieth annual hospice of the sacred heart prayer breakfast at the Radisson in honor of hospice and palliative care month and national. And it was beautiful we had a what I'm it's always nice to do the blessing of the hands for all of those social workers nurses volunteers. That come that many people I'm this year we had our first ever can't peeling hearts and on the artists were present and some of the sponsors and bishop timlin. And father leave Haiti from Husseini and and rabbi Schwartz from temple has said and Deb Peterson and judge Jim Gibbons gave personal. Little stories about. Their own dealings with hospice. And it was absolutely it was a beautiful it's always a beautiful morning and searching day off and then I'm the lovely we had they started last year so the second annual chairman's award. Went to Genesee tracks this year who is being bereavement director at passed since the sacred heart and I am it was just a beautiful new morning on Election Day so started out the day Election Day with good prayer scrap. That's good. Yeah and so I'm happy about it. Mayor core rate. Kathy we'll talk later I'm winning the election I was happy about that. Jim Mulligan game. Great and try to when he did a great job it's always nice you know he had that. Back and forth stuff is an election but but Jim. Gave the most beautiful I'm concession speech and he's and I love that anything get behind the mayor and support him and I think that was so classy and so perfectly done. Jim is a real nice man. I'm boot. I haven't but I am I'm I am happy for bill of course I Cambodia Livan done what is. Yeah it was a wonderful guy got to know him very well over the last four years and I think he's joining great job. So congratulations to all the to them and mark Powell one although I damage Jean talon Rico supporter he's one of my dear friends and I'm I'm I supported Jeanne voted for him. I it it's you know he's amazing when you see after 46 years Democrat in that process. It's. Mark is a great guy so again these things catingub margin one bit biggest vote getters so which is DA for KB so we'll you know. I am. It was a bush is gonna have to land fall oh yeah how announced on Sunday Arie. I know but when she declared that she was gonna run none of us knew at that time now to the well I think yeah it's whereas. So I thought I really applaud her attitude which is so we'll get through this we'll find a way to get it done. I just think that's what we need to do and that's wonderful yep. So good firm skin so yeah llamas an award tonight right. Both not CS out tonight and man. That's good. And and again you got to give credit to anybody who runs for political office in the sense that they put themselves as we say Teddy Roosevelt the man in the arena. Putting yourself out there is very hard to do and for people to pick you apart and it's it's Kim it's wonderful an awful lot the same time so I applaud anyone who should put themselves out. Through any of these elections and did what they had to do win or lose because it is. It's tough. It works for tough Patrick said something to me the other day I think it was probably. The day before the election and he said to me. Would you ever consider running for public office. I said now he's a money. I said because I don't want to drag. EU and everybody else in my life into the social arena here. And have us put under a microscope and figure out all the little things they can find it. That that would be in in some way shape reform. Malign our character. So that's all distorted at some crazy Anna but I don't mind is subject anybody. In my family. To that including me I'm noninterest so that's that's what it takes to get into public service. I'm not interested and I think I am what I am saying is reflected by a lot of the. Real a lot of good people that would allow curry asked. We you know what I say no I always loved when they always believed that that was something I I would dill. And I would never now I'm dip would never I would never while ducky you never say never but I am that's not even like this even thought at now and on the horizon now because I just done any interest because of those things and if I open up my closet at the parade down green racing. I'll give that line networks did you feel these people these things like aren't you yeah. No I'm kidding I'd I I wouldn't I mean you do here every hundred students but you know you just never know and this is. Pulling people into so I always tell shun because you know my China's gay marriage to be a politician into what he wants to do. President of the United States they said keep hearing nose clean have pros only play and had anything in this day and age with social media and everything you can't. Do public debt woman who was riding your bike you should that was paying attention this morning and she flipped off the motorcade the trap motor Cade and her. Her company she worked for fired her for doing it freedom of speech baby and she was even speak it was given the old west side salute you now I'm. I mean really. Well I think everybody is just so is sensitive to all that stuff that they don't want any employees who are. You know anyway you taking up positions because you know what happens is so many people around. They're Tehran they they showed it today and meg and Kelly show about what their policy is but yet this woman had to up and deal with the guy who did something that was writing something that was crazy. Disrespectful and heating get fired she'd she does that now resigned and that's all right so well now she's filing through because now she realized that she has. Little bit case yeah but I am anyway I'm. I'm so you never know right. You never know but politics is if I mean it's a fascinating. Arena it's just said it's. It's hard. You know it's it's hard so congratulations. To Walsh win or lose forgiven at the old college try as they say it's great that people decide to do it so good after I applaud them for. Put their toe in the water. Love that Jerry business is once had a real fast Mary Mary have a cow Lisa why you get into you shouldn't run for public office I sit on non married. So I think you should think about and someone came in sat next to me and they were talking about what I said. God are you kidding that person's a blob a blush she tapped me on the show is just. Duncan into politics. Ed what I felt about what you can't I go see that's the reason I don't I think meg. They take a quick break you're listening this morning to Lari in the show will be back with a lovely Kathy Graham. It's Saturday morning a little Korean live now. Still reeling and. Oh everyone here listening to the Lari and when you show and I am Larry can I AM the owner of Lori tendon enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special events business. And I am Linda Evans I am the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse carefree finances for baby boomer women and anyone dams that dot com. Yes exactly. And we have. And we are here with the thing miss another guest desperate experts expert. Guest guest. Expert miss Kathy rappers who is the owner and cake are and kick artist and to truly scrumptious in Kingston. Can guarantee is here EA cannot tie 8 good morning how are you and things could go Cassie. We're talking about. Since tis the season not only to be jolly but to be. Extra happy when you get that little rock and your finger current sound for those Christmas the Christmas play if you're lucky big rock. I put your finger forward and validate giving banks an ending any time there's no idea and a dollar in the end the Iranians are yeah. There was happening Kathy with all that. While god January's very. Busy for me and meeting with brides to. Coral lucky enough to to get Iraq. Yeah yeah. And so. I'm me and January February meet with a lot of pride. Who or reserved for the wedding cakes. So it's when they come to me it's really important to have the data of course and then that the church or. The venue a lot of people get married in a venue now. I would say those are the two most important things you come to see me. I mean you really need to prioritize you have to know yourself and do you would you rather have. Beautiful flowers or her an incredible cake. So when you are budgeting you've been passed to make allowances for for what year you're looking for personalize it for for you when your. But you and the groom are looking for in your special day. The test I think it's important to to know that you're business isn't just about birth I have. This to the wedding tops now. Now everything you Gil is a celebration of life in some way fit shape or how are things he's so whether it's birthdays and anniversaries. Of congratulations. Writing special. I am that it's it's important to T had the cake to do it and Ryan Church do you when you do that likes to say you do a good guy and good luck Coram bump boy jerks whenever you're doing do people come into tastings for all that to me is that more geared towards the brash. Well I encourage everyone to come in for tasting I think it's really important. And it does take about an hour an hour and a half to go through. I'm the entire band and what whatever you're looking for on the cake so. It is it I think it's really important to do that. And it it's I think it for me it's also important to meet them personally. Because at that I get a much better feel for what they're looking for. And I think it's easier to proceed. So I saw a cage that was. Present and for an event and I forget where was in the last week. And it was a CK go flat cake that was extremely. Well decorated enemy with lots of flowers and groups assassin it was really very attractive looking. And I had peace summit and it tasted like nothing. I mean really it's just taste like cardboard there was no tasted the chocolate cake. And I was up all I kept thinking about was what he said about the tasting and how important that is just you never cake like that for an event that you really wanted to make it something special. It's hard to do that when you're doing it from a place where. It's you know I'm not a must put names out there but it's not a place known for their cake. It's I kind of a side effect Tina when nobody cares. But it's just when it's really an important blank you're talking about foreign these kind event soon I think it tasting is absolutely critical I think so term. Fulfilled until we talked about Kathy just like cakes are like people you can have all the bush pretty fluffy outside look but if the inside is a nice what's the you know if you want got to be the whole package he has got the inside has good taste as good as it is beautiful sunny outside right right hand corner here because there's nothing worse than that Lynn because when you may get all like I. This looks so good I can't. Got stabbed fans and that's that's how I was very disappointed but everything we make is from scratch we don't use any mixes. So everything is from scratch. But I think that makes a difference terror and that's where prices are so much higher than everyone else was because it is made from scratch and we do is pure Vanilla extract yeah. This time. You know when neon the Vanilla beam TI. Used pace and kept Vanilla paste in any need to do your use them. Not really love it I just can't kind of blue within the last maybe two years have gotten into that it's it's really because it's got that being beamed in and I love that look in the Manila but added we were talking to Cathy speak with his bad you as you know we were just talking about that elections and four years ago Kathy. And I did did. Acquire rights and I'm helped plan the his inaugural party at Scranton cultural center and so Kathy. Did did the cake for that comes as much fun was. City off from any kind is she still has it we don't do let her know when she displays a good then of course she does she takes forbid it Kathy it was. I'll go neat if that was beautiful doll thank you like to look like she's like city just like kitty hawk. Well I'll process. Because I reached out to the lack of wanna historical society and they send me pictures and then we came apparently took. All kinds of pictures of City Hall to make sure that we have all the detail correct. And and then we. We made City Hall itself out of styrofoam and that was the one thing I wanted to take it and that I have to try to have it and and then so I just lifted it up off the K Canon underneath the City Hall was a good thing Jake itself right. So but but that was such that I love doing them as such a wonderful process and there was a celebratory. Nonevent is here talking about. There's a lot of fun and it was while it looked exactly. And it was what we had this position when you come into the cultural center like right to that and they'll last did you walk in before the stage and the light was on an and we wet it was beautiful so well. Really I mean it was just to study thinks there's such an honor to do I really was via not I'm looking birds are doing and again I can't. Another building we have to campaign. To count for something else they have a cultural center should I hardly saying yeah. I never forget the well do it so whenever he wants to do do things is it was beautiful. Jones thank you so then it can beat it. So from a cake standpoint we talked about this before tilt and a little limousine you said you weren't familiar with the grooms was an EU so you have to grip pay ES I never heard I had seen because what happens is sometimes and you hear about it and you hear about it right after the NED now. Now yeah I haven't heard a thing about it I find their brides. Either half the grooms cake at the rehearsal and because you're the grooms cake is much smaller frame brides take. And they don't have enough pieces to feed all the gas sets there attorney general assets usually at the rehearsal dinner but it doesn't have to be. And it's the flavor that's the gray runner in the look and had a they're Lyonnais and it really adds anything from our football how many of the team that they happy and love or. Our hobby that they had. Our our football I am and sienna I really can't shoot so birthdays. And and celebrations cafe. How long I know wedding cake I obviously how long in advance do you need it if someone wants to cake or want something what's a good time frame for them to cause you for a Ford general case. Oh boy you know that's tough to answer because it eat it is a depends upon. When there calling. I have a lot of people who call a few days ahead and they expect me to mean to be able to just do it and if it's not gonna happen. And especially during wedding season I'd I would say as soon as you know that you're having this event. Call me. You'll do it for anything I know they ask you should you've made up. Viewed just a beautiful simple cake with a ball like when I was having from I just shines birthday and we were going so I called and said would you do a cake for me that's you know I didn't have to be crazy but right fabulous. And everybody remember right it was up it State Street member. I remember that he called you think right now is that cannot return except where did that come from coach and a fairly simple beautiful okay. I was from Sean they get into was his eighteenth birthday and that. We were having a bunch of kids and we went up to State Street we had to take. And it was just so they came you know walking out through the kitchen within it was just beautiful and I think he didn't have a big ball and I. And it was all right make them unless it was beautiful beautiful. Took you'll do things like that is all I look at these car and get paint you might generate birthday cake we we can do what. And if we have the time we will do I yeah insists that usually people wait until last I found. And and then I can't don't feel so good like if you're not even if it's in season song cause you say two weeks is that a good time frame to say yes no or maybe you know really depends on the artwork that they're looking so I'm assuming people. How what do you think clinches it is hunting basic. I. It really depends on the other cakes were duly so if for as the schedule is filled with wedding cakes and there's really nothing I can do yeah. I'm sure I'm you out iodine and I was so called if I can do and I'll definitely do that. And it's funny you talking about the bouquet I took an entire clubhouse and there are already on Bose yeah. It was an entire day and we learn all these different techniques and making sure burrows on a cake and so there are so many different ways you can go I am not I still. It's fun it's a lot of fun. This mission delicious down now so I you can mess that when you know. May you learn. I think it's going to be bittersweet. Moment and part of me is really looking forward to it because that. I I news there were seven days a week and I really need a break and I'm not complaining in any way it's just the reality of the business. So it will be nice to kind of slow down and find something that I don't have to work 6070. Hours a week it's more like. 220. He. Sounds like because so that's so now insulin for that just can't. You find it letter now. I currently. Actually sing every now and then what do you think you'll deal can't think I I really don't now. I've had people approach me and I really don't know when I know next summer I'm just taking time off. Thing that could eat at wonderful as we've always think you're just take it easy. Both. So I think a do or travel and and and also don't hang around sometime this just a lot of things right I have been able to do because I'm always working again so. When he started this. This is if you ever anticipate. That kind of a time commitment now I never did really known her narrative. A sentencing because you know you the world you came from as a CPA. Who. That was something that you knew. From January 1 I'll probably be well Lisa may any may think you're right that you know you're going to be working more then. The normal week right so into the tax season it was at 1215 hours today and most. Forget about Easter if it happened to fall in there too bad I. You still honey come back in and do your work soon. But then he had a break. They have this summer off so it's bacon and start again. But if you do so you came from a world where you knew that there was I'm very high eighth commandment of time the move to whatever you're doing very. And you also this one was seasonal thing in the sense that you had. Wedding season. But now wedding season has expanded to any time anywhere right. I don't mean people get married in this is the thing I was thinking of the other day when I was at. The grandson. I was there on Friday night. First Friday's manner fact. And I was there for the women's resource center fortieth. Yeah you were there I'm sorry I can't. The fortieth anniversary. Thanks out in the main lobby there was a letting go asking us for oil that was a Friday night in November. That is not a time I ever think anybody would wanna get married. But apparently it isn't anything goes now you and I mean I for Saturdays Sundays on Sunday when things anytime it's not just shown him. Since I'm sure that that really did it was not something you planned now when you start says the business and how many years have you been doing this to spend fifteen ha you know. Should rely Pelosi mentioned how they can get in touch with you can't. Mine who website as eat cake first dot com and you can reach me on the phone or on FaceBook you can just leave me a message on. My website or FaceBook. Or you can call me a 570283. K 2253. South pit. Well and I Linda Kenney of another one big shout out and a hand can RN is that an allied services now I have to tell you that that place. Is the best place for rehabilitation. Eat it it's clean it's. Lovely to people are wonderful I can't even tell you. How fabulous we all feel that my Mother's Day out she bear here at healing well and all starts at the tabs so you AEA bill kind of boy it is. Fabulous up their big shout out to everybody at allied service. Okay we're gonna be right back with attorney Barbara. Early morning with the Koreans live now. Delivery inland. Good morning. My name's Linda Evans and president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. We're fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit I'm also the author of a book. Cold power of the purse fear free finances for baby boomer women. Available on And our guests one of our 2 guests experts this morning. His attorney Barbara O'Hara. Who was when he saw me get this right. I Nichols is no excuse Nickels and hair has perfect parent an alphabetical order yes I think. And that repeating events in order of of an import that's very important. Genetic is usually there is an I was on the youngest kids. Opt out is that too. So case and you've been practicing as they say 34 years 636. Years now 1981. Okay and hit my concentration is and found Milan which is divorce custody. And support company practice and lack wanna Lucerne. Wyoming Wayne Susquehanna. And last time you were here last month we started on me ten. Myths is so beyond ten minute halftime does divorced actually only got through three I know so I don't know really know yet through at least 390 you're listeners were thinking I hope she comes back to do supported tendon. So umbrella out I don't really left off it'll be finished next month yeah that yeah he's so where can we leave on you left at. Off admits he's number four which is having a child together will help. Improving the couple improved. They're marital relationship. Ended and satisfaction with their marriage can't win statistically that doesn't work as most people know. A young BB puts a lot of strain on the relationship in which communicates to. A lot of strain on your marriage. And consequently is not really the recipes for a happy. I'd be like together and then. And number five yeah. Is that following the divorce that a woman Sandra living plummeted by 73%. One and a man improves by 42%. So who. Looking at this statistically. And the article that that I research said that that although it is true that. In in an average case a woman simply living does go down not dressed as drastic as a 73%. And a man's not as high as 27%. Says statistically. They found unfortunately this is because the disparity in income. Found they found that. Most women's. Lose around 21%. Standard of living and those many improved 10%. And that being because. You know they're they're only ordered to pay so much in transport. And don't Pennsylvania loss that's what that is so. You know I look at it from the perspective that before aren't a divorce. Or before the separation everything had gone into marital pot. So since everything and gun and into the marrow pie if demand was it was a higher wage earner for leaving the marriage typically. Dire wagered and continues. I just made more but it but keep more. So so wary when you apply all of those factors together. And the fact that women don't make as much as men in many cases that women are not paid as much as men. Dan after the divorce unfortunately. A lot of women experiences and decreasing their stimulus thank. Yeah this article saying 21% increase for women at a 10% increase from. As joyous thing not to mess that is not an okay that isn't that physical Clint yeah yeah and I am believe absolutely season. Yeah and I think a big part of that two lorries because. Women always fight for house they want. Consistency and an end and I understand I don't know not a good financial move for a lot of women an Aussie women years later. I remember when women in particular. And she said I thought for the house I had to work a second job to keep the house and I found I was meaning in the house much because those working so much to try to keep it. Though I like I always tell women okay. Now look at this and say how much money do you really need to keep the house. And I make them sit down and say what's your monthly net. Not you know there between mortgage and utilities and and cut the lawn and doing all the maintenance and stuff and can you really afford that. And many many of them will say oh no I can't afford that. For the Nikkei average house price. And you do you see that too little yes absolutely but Denon emotional pain I'll let women vote today I want to keeping kids it would keep half. I want to keep as much concern how sound the way that it was before as a power. Possibly can so let's not disruptive to your family I had to do something don't understand. It is but I'm an Italian is the only one divorce here with children that the consistency for a child if you can do it is the best thing you can do fine on wolf there's is an inconsistency. Is Kim so important I believe indeed in the progression of the child through all of this craziness if they have something that's normal something that's there's is so important to them again nap putting I mean some people will julep just to keep that because I know your family if you have to work. Around I really can't say anything then you need an audience if it's yeah really a good thing and I think most women will. Bend over backwards is dead I do absolutely everything they can and try to keep that again because they do one for the Candice is hasek before. And that's the stuff that stinks about all of us is that they have money and it's you know you know and his eyes and what about the women who gave up. There careers to stay home now are faced right with that whole thing and now they don't even know where to start sometime soon. I really awful isn't it is it is and that whole idea of giving up your career I was encouragement not to absolutely and we talk about that all the time barred Lindsay it's anyone's would you what was it this was way that we first started Lin said what worded what what we were talking a divorce so what could you tell women ho. I'm struggling and are ready to do that and I said. To have a life in the first place which means. To have your own it. Sense of who you are and and year round stops in the U feel good about that. And needs you worse and and that's so important like you stink and I know some women in no we're not here to judge don't care what anyone decide what and when things like this happened is so much easier. That easy but easier when you have your own. Beat out your own how. I raised my daughter. Is always. Beat. Able to provide free. Reliant is something that's daily that if this you know your husband died or if you're husband gets sicker whenever. If you're ever in that predicament you can squish yourself. So if you're taking a temporary. Leave from the office or. Have a breaking your career at least statistically. Always hurts. And viewed you know he can read on Alina in books then you can have all the statistics since day all of that you know dig deep. Three year break your whenever you never regain that and he never regained the fact that. Your your firm rear office whenever says oh they're kind of part time even when you may come back full time there's that mindset enough. She's really not committed to this and I just detained and I think it was harder. Staying home homer with two children and raising and doing and it has and being our pick is much is this crazy need died jell O I tell people I went back to where to get a lunch hour. So much I. You because I don't. When you say how trailed in a dorm watched children's for a living or do I remarked I have all of my age that great and admiration because it's it's very difficult to track as you try to do best and really looking into jobs again. You're still fulltime mom I know and I knew in raising my three kids over the course of the last thirty years. You come home you're still full time absolutely he can write back in mind and did they always gave my husband a difference up one dad hasn't. But I and I think I over compensated as a working mother. Because still I always told them that they were first and they always believed that trust me so there. They sit there and and cow brain healthy and well balanced children here and they're very confident and a mom first I'm not. An attorney to them a mom first. So people ask you what I guess they would similar to what they ask you rent do they say TO what would you dill continue and you do believe full wholeheartedly that if you can't continue your if you can earlier in your career so that you can always provide for yourself and your kids. Think 52%. Of first marriages stay and if you look at and say OK fine you need to do for me prepared for that speak. Because OK you're gonna get child support but lots of women come to mean their kids are in there mid to late teens and OK in the child's. Where is going to be gone once they graduate your group or graduate error or become eighteen the leader of the till. So then you're gonna enough to have that. So you're gonna once faster supports bass is important and with the decree the with a divorce lawyers Adrienne and then can you get alimony maybe just maybe now. And the like that's all. Based on the seventeenth factors in the divorce code so financially. That's why I think women earn rough shape. Financially after. Dana. And still they're trying to keep the house because that's with the kids know. And I don't know where it's horrible really tough financial struggle ray says the better you are prepared. Two and to support yourself a better you are a few more. And you're not trapped in a bad relationship because they see a lot of women that you know and they stopped working they had kids. And now there is an abusive relationship or. In a really bad one they don't and they know if it does it Italy and say. Well I didn't do anything because Wear my count. Unfortunately. The hang on to the next number five I can. When parents don't get along children are better off with her parents. If they divorce rather than stay together and there's actually statistics on both sides of this because there's some statistic saying. It's horrible to keep playing like to stay together for your kids. And that the kids might be better off if you divorce there's also some statistics that backs up the other theory. Of com. You're better to divorced now and have your kids deal with sad and so. So you could go either awareness and what they said is a literature is mixed on this but a recent long term studies. I'm supports otherwise I was staying together. Which you know one if you don't have a knock down drag out fights that is to meet your teaching. A boy how to treat clinical downhill and you know. Laying a girl how to accept myself in agreement so that's not something I would wanna teach my children. And so I do see a lot of women coming in and saying yeah might might. My teenager is disrespecting me well that they're being taught how healthy disrespect by their father exactly and that's that's a very and very unfortunate part. We only got through to fact purse. So I need to come back next week. Yeah. I mean yeah months. I hope that I guess we took. Do we have students weekly. Is now that we can normally don't give up. It's always a pleasure being here. I can. I can be reached at the 5703447171. And again I'm practicing divorced testing support. Not gay thanks very harsh. And so we're done I'm. Yes so it fairly sound things have a great weekend thanks for listening. Thanks everybody for being here misrepresents. O'Hara and we'll see is zone have a great weekend. Be safe and please be nice I I.