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Thursday, November 9th

Paula Catalano, Scranton businessman,  who is suing the Scranton School District errors and omissions insurance regarding the districts finances, talks to Frank Andrews.


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Now Paul Catalan O owns cab finals market on north main avenue how are you Paul. Good frank Torre you know I'm good now you're you're so I'm I'm I'm I'm my question is are you suing the school district or use during the school district's insurance company. Well I believe this year certain dimensions the CS school district board of directors. The directors and officers and I'm going yeah Gutierrez and the mission insurance. And whatever is is recouped from that money. There's gonna go right back into the general fund that held down paid via the financial shortages that we're in. What's their what's the error and listen. Partly what's what is the error an omission that you're suing. Well he had been here on the mission is all the deficiencies there were cautious ballet the audit from its auditors general of deep pocket well. And there was like negligent in performing their duties to oversee. The expenditure of upon us. And I told them that they didn't do due diligence and and I and I just thought I feel bad credit score directors because I don't think they know how. What was going on CNN dot I know I'm going to have to be school directors errors and omissions insurance to directors and officers. Is there any way to determine how much sure you're suing four or is that something no I didn't. I didn't get those numbers yet to be honest with fewer work America but we we we have the court papers and and it doesn't specifically state. On the numbers because they we don't know how much Arizona missions they have and we're just the kind of computing the actual lump. Irregularities in India and the contracts and stuff. I was just a loss of commonwealth quarter per cent this just starting out in lock on a county court okay so what happens next. Well next the judges well well it's it's five elements. And now they get an idea of the attorneys for the school board has had a chance to answer the questions and then they'll probably scent of the date two out. To go to bed and that court cannot see if there's some enough merit to pass from what they're ranchers are. I'm go to coordinate and try to ensure they had jury trial I want to jury to hear addition. And adjudicated clouds. Now cost and you you're you're as busy as can be would you store yeah yeah why why why do this. Well I think it looked as real closely. And and I just thought I just hope that somebody had to step up to the plate. And in what I am and I'm looking at is that. A lot of us as citizens were a little bit reluctant to get involved and I hope I blame me stepping forward. It's gonna encourage and maybe motivate some other citizens to stand up and perhaps speak up then. Maybe attend most of these meetings the school district has a tremendous budget. And very very few people go to their go to the meetings and voice your opinions but by doing this I'm hoping to wake up. That people that serve on these various sports clear or 500 school boards in this state of Pennsylvania. And I know they had the people. Are there and they're trying to do the right thing but now I I'm I'm challenge in them so to speak. I get more involved and ask more questions about expenditures that are going out this stuff that they think here's a common. Every day thing write a check for this traded check for bad. You know you you don't have to do research because your store is like you know place for people command everybody does and toxic whenever sailors have been vile the stuff that you sell there what are people saying now that they've heard about this. Well to be very honest but yeah I hate to tell you this send us and you can come down and sit here. I'm mustang had thirty people and today just the command to congratulate me for stepping up. And I said it's the right thing to go and I should not. I'm encouraging you to do the right thing I'm encouraging you to task here sons and daughters to take an interest will look good what's gone on in May be taken officers or school director. And and get involved and our community we have a wonderful community. We have a wonderful school system it's just that we have to dot the I's and cross that he's on our expenditures. Well it's nice to talk deal we've known each other for 5000 years and I fret I appreciate you wouldn't let me budget because I know your store is busy busy day out. Well any time playing getting things for the community and any thing for our citizens slowly we're gonna that would be glad that serve and then you're welcome any time. Okay thank you Paula tell Leno from Catalan those marketing and in Scranton filed a lawsuit against the Scranton school district errors and omissions and wage some finances were handled in net interest think all right.