Janice Stillman, editor of Old Farmer's Almanac, about upcoming winter, with Frank Andrews

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Thursday, November 9th

Janice Stillman, editor of the Old Farmer's Almanac, talks to Frank Andrews about the upcoming winter


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After someone from the old farmer's almanac. And right now on the line with us is Janice Stillman Janice you are the editor and from what I understand you are the first woman editor of the old farmer's almanac correct it. Gelman yeah. Not that there's another farmer's almanac goes back to like the 17100 you're not there that long right and. I knocked. So I yeah I think I'd be very happy lives but it now we date from when George Washington with president 1790 cute specifically to. And it's it's incident its popularity has just just remained at every now that you. Do you guys still do fashion trends or just whether an astronomy or what what is really the focus. He'll try Dominique give the calendar to have and so we do astronomy. The first that's like Dyer are at the heart and soul of the almanac of the calendar basically you can derive confess Kevin Tynan and the length of days something we all take note of the hemisphere. All the moon bases all of the astronomical events like conjunction the media showed some different things in the calendar pages as well as equipment and bright star isn't. Went to look at didn't pay the planet. But we're out of time Castro appears so yes we do predict trends in fashion and food and mood and collectibles confirming in gardening and a kind of things to more to the front of the book. I'm up. But the but the I think be a lot of people call you for whether I know it you know will have a meteorologist we'll talk about this and still be talking about the long range forecast Inge and be sure and you know someone will say well the farmer's almanac says that on this day we're gonna have a blizzard how do you guys predict. Well we used three scientific disciplines. Sold science which is that studied the activity on the fun. In particular the sun spots which have been going on while the going nonchalant kind Galileo discovered them in 1610. We didn't claim to discover and and them. We used to climate technology which is to study of this sunspot activity correlated with peak climate and weather unearthed over decades and centuries. And we'll see you mean year old do which is study the atmosphere but that also includes the ocean Temps in the jetstream in the land camps and each famous than what I from what they understand soon to be with us again poll put Tex. So can you tell us what the farmer's almanac says about northeastern and central Pennsylvania and our winner coming our way. Sherry you folks are in region three we have sixteen regions in the continental United States divided. Based on the climate logical movement has. The weather systems upstream folks were predicting that we don't be one of the normal with above normal precipitation below normal snowfall. There are also I think that would it will. Because older than last year but still above normal and what's important to remember it's whether it's sweeter deal farmer's almanac. Our depicts an 11 o'clock news authorities get two of the protest and they say you know can they would colder than normal. They're based thing get on a rolling thirty year period that all the meteorological world sees this and currently that's 1981 to 2010 digit interest only ten years. Every decades now. It is is this a silly question to ask is if you are aware in the almanac of any specific date any specific storm is coming our way. Sure OK what's what's yeah. This is well we're predicting no right around Thanksgiving I should tell you we can't predict a flurry this morning. Because if you study Dominic close seep back on the calendar pages I was referring to early on you'll find on the right hand page so my talent side. Bryan and college dog girl and for example I'm reading here but the first week has sold November agreed to hocus pocus turtles will focus. And then and since. Can eat guy yesterday flicking flurries and cold it's biting anyone had this fund siding. And it goes on in this a little bit a couple of kids. That was accurate yesterday it was freezing nano was snow flurries. So are they had to try to point that out so to be more look no. Probably if you flurries before Thanksgiving but you can expect. Well they have to shovel ready and it can't have Thanksgiving. And then we're looking at snow showed up and on through December possibly a measurable snowfall in the first week. Certainly. Right at Christmas story immediately following were expecting and I know. And says he'll greet the new year with stellar twelve think January out with no. The coldest month looks to be February on average about 28 degrees to the month beginning to it's now. Having an snowstorm probably before they yet it's still on vacation and when they come back from the abdication. And in the maybe if you flurries in March before we turn into spring in after that looks pretty good it's. Janice thank you for taking your time to talk to us I love it and then congratulations being the first woman editor. Being the father of seven daughters I love it have a good day. Thanks very much everybody gets the whether they want okay thank you very much Janice Stillman true is the editor of the old farmers own uncle.