Katie Gilmartin, newley elected to Scranton School Board, with Frank Andrews

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Thursday, November 9th

Katie Gilmartin, newly elected to the Scranton School Board, talks to Frank Andrews about the school district problems (the auditor general's report)


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Of course we had people that were elected to discredit school board and one of those people is Katie Gil Martin who was on the line with us right now Katie is a businesswoman in Scranton Teddy you know I said when we root suggesting that you might called you have to be careful what you wish for you might get it are you happy you what are you little little apprehensive the fifth. Thank thank you say I am thrilled I want. I really am I eight don't mind hard work I a am looking forward to working together with everyone in the district NIH. I am so honored that the people are a part they have this much faith and measly. We really worked hard in this campaign that we got out there we not done it's many doors as we possibly could. Went to him and I was in the school trash. They met with this many people that I could possibly meet with who have. Insight on all of these matters and and obviously if it meant some things fell into it's it's truly an honor and I and I'm really excited to get to work. Well I know your high energy you know I know your reputation I think Jessica gonna ensure well but here here here's my question don't you feel like this is kind of an overwhelming. Task. Absolutely it's overwhelming absolutely had the fourth I didn't see about what I think. But you know I I think we have the tool. In reading I lose. Grateful for the auditor general's report obviously I wish those where this certain word the circumstances but. They are and now we now it's all out there it's in black and white and recommendations that there and we can follow them. FM financial consulting firm is. Very much inline with a lot of the recommendations and plans that are in the strategically. Think if we look at those three documents and I you know they're. A lift circulating at some other ideas than I hear that coming from a a lot of different stakeholders that. They want to share their ideas than their thoughts on all the matters as well if we put all of those things together. We we can make a claim and we can chip away at that hasn't happened. Hinckley Illinois now and I think we should point out for the listeners that is what you're terminal missile where is how long tour for four or four years away if you want to pay their right. Now there's not I mean does this is like this is like volunteering for combat duty and you're going to be real well. But I mean obviously you know my reputation you know volunteer at them as she is really. Big part of my life so bad that it is strange to me on the lake. When people make a big deal about the fact that it has to paint position I think that's weird you know that's. That's sort of been given me a lot of people have mentioned that to know why would you do this for nothing. I do a lot of things I love for nothing and I'm passionate about them and I put my all into them and I find it and I enjoyed it I really it's almost super relaxing comedians. I want policies and procedure that like budgets say you know I haven't dealt with anything at this kind of a level at this scale certainly but. I mean I liked to cook. Well you know they they always say alienate any other than those phrases we should always run government like a business and you you have experience running a business sure what happened I'm sure you kind of hinted that it just a couple of minutes ago but I'm sure lots of people are giving you lots of advice on what you have to do I put their heads right for the. And it's it's interesting because you never know where. Where the idea is going to get to come from the night I really believed that. Once heard your or whatever people are sharing is colored by their own perspective in their own experience. But the more you can hear the more versions of the story you can you can live until. You get to the truth that way and it didn't it doesn't mean that anyone is trying to misrepresent anything. It just means that they are sharing their version of it what it which is colored by their perspective and we all see things up a little wit with different colored glasses I guess you'd say inch. And I guess I feel like having all of this information and having all these people from. All different experiences and backgrounds. Shared their thoughts. Kerr and education on budgeting the current organizational development I mean if it. If there are so this is such a huge machines and they are so many moving parts to it and everything everyone has shared with me and you know let me read something else researching something else and that it's. If it I don't think I cannot I knew I had a lot to learn. I can't I didn't thrilled sometimes of what I realized I do know. You know I know there's I know there's so much Mordecai. Well Teddy congratulations I have grandkids in the Scranton school so take good care of the schools are so Sorenson will be brought it into a lot over the next couple years of English and again graduation present or former okay I'm by Katie Gil Martin's she she is a school board member elected in Scranton Scranton school board.