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Tuesday, November 7th

Charles Volpe with WILK's Sue Henry


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Winch to court over the reassessment questioned in lack wanna panic chuck welcome. Prior to our U. I'm doing great explain. That the decision and that of the commonwealth court today. That's correct it EEL war will be at the biggest thing too is that did the trial court. In in in the victory we won last week it clearly stated our net a full analysis after effectively trial for a full day there they're free entire day. Expert testimony witnesses were called. Based on net extensive record that was built the trial court majority ruled clearly that the question was confusing misleading unintelligible. And therefore unconstitutional. Because the law is that ballot referendum questions put before the electorate have to be clear and an ambiguous in that big and of course. The question was a mess it was all those things further. The court's top court again this is our quarter common pleas ruled that the thirteen million which would set up to thirteen million. What is a violation of Likud at Laguna being the local government. Unit debt act. And that they violated the statute you have to put an estimated that court judges rule up to thirteen million isn't isn't what the actors statute intended. So on those two counts they held in our favor the ballot question from the referendum on the assessment question lacked one accounting was declared Null and void. Andy results were to be invalidated in the act out. Now of course the county take you peel so I think a lot I'm a lawyer I think a lot of people don't understand they think it's he'd taken appeal of the case like the county did. The U get like another bite the apple that the court will then hear the mayor to the argument. They do not do that in fact I clerked for the superior court Pennsylvania swim well versed on the rule of appellate procedure review. In a preliminary injunction suit the only thing he appellate court looked at nine according to Supreme Court now is whether or not. There was any reasonable basis for the injunction to be granted. They don't look at their record they don't care what the judges rationale and reasoning more effectively but they basically stayed dictate tried to base their ruling is in violation of some law. Or it was so against the Japanese presented bait and convert basically rule overrule the trial court. But that the theory theory rare occurrence in of course if you have two judges like amazonian judge Jay Gibbons a judge given to being a former United States attorney. We and well reasoned that major or Palestinian state the reasons. We knew going in this was a frivolous appeal by the county it was a delay tactic confuse voters even more. And we knew would be upheld and of course today in relatively short order it was. Cut a check of what about the fact that black on economy has been so derelict. In. It's reassessment for decades so what about I know that this is it it's kind of a separate issue because the the the question was a half mast but. Overall is served some sort of remedy for that. Well. And you know unfortunately it's to meet with Gary to remedy. Caller called electing leaders. To lead the county and lead this region out of lethargy out of economic or are are to. Traction. That that we suffer from what I in employment. Yet EE a leadership committee is stating your case as an elected executive to the people in Newark district in in your jurisdiction. In telling him what you wanna do what your vision is why things need to be done. Explain it to them and educate them in at the end of the day make an executive decision. That's what they're like that the hypocrisy and a lot of lowering commented pat O'Malley. Not only did they see it to me by electorate that are executive responsibilities. But added to ensure the original political fallout is in fact there were yes apple to do the reassessment. They wanted when knocked silly and so they made sure. Eight no one can understand it. In beach to the reason they put the thirteen million which is the first thing you see is if scare monger tactic to scare voters into voting no. A lot of money silks and what is the what is the what is the solution here what needs to be done having a do what cheering a period he'd get the democratic minority commissioner even knowing me I vote getter. We need to reassessment it needs to be done it'll be done fairly and equitably and you know what. That's what needs to be done in which you agree or disagree at least the man has the courage of his convictions and stating it's speeding case. And without need to be constantly hasn't been done in over fifty years in people don't realize. They're afraid of losing their homes they don't understand it not to lose their homes and back probably lower taxes. This system is so when fear insult wild dated. For example. The previous grand homes that were valued in the 60s50. Years ago. Don't you know what I think you'll understand. That the value now with a median financial rule one they banned under 25 years of effectively a state ordered. Fifty or 60% of what they were which means everybody in this city will pay significantly less tax. He people don't understand all that. But some may check that out maybe in the outskirts of the verbs or whatever people may end up paying more and. A little more seats on the way they've pretty getting it it'll be done merely you know what if they have graded states that they have acres and acres and acres of lenient. Maybe they should. Exceed that that the second part of it too he it you shouldn't because he knows somebody and on the board of assessment appeal. This is in his reads. People they know somebody paid almost nothing people were values of up their properties that are only hack really it would work on the market. Are paying much less than people with much lesser values on the market because they know some been aborted assessment appeal we're being nowhere in the county commissioners. This system is corrupt. In its rake it in really does need to be done. See what what it's wise what are hot yeah I like your terminology now use it it was hot meant it was intended to fail. Yep the ultimate lie here not only did they share their executive responsibility by not doing it themselves that they should have done. But then they put a question now and it was raped if they see it in one more point for your listeners I think this is kind of important. But screen time just what nit or would mention it. Isn't that interest thing that on the global store renovation that we really didn't need. We're gonna spend eight baked at seventeen million but I'm hearing accounts from reliable sources say the chart yep the 25 or thirty million on this restoration. Why did they put that in about. So that's got to protect question what you think incurring a long. Well it took the some people say the check and get into this habit of putting every question on the ballot wide Ian eagle leaders but for. And again I'm I'm glad that you called him on the new discussed this issue in depth because I know it's a one that your very familiar with an and sometimes we do need. The help of the people who know they're talking about so chuck Volpe thanks again in the show we appreciate it thank you.