Joe Harris of Roll Call (Gun Store) in studio weighs in on gun control on the Frank Andrews show

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Monday, November 6th

Joe Harris, owner of Roll Call (Gun Store), in studio weighs in on gun control, after the recent shootings in Texas, on the Frank Andrews show


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With us in the studio right now is enjoy Harrison he is the owner of roll call shall thank you so much for your first I'll tell us about roll call what is it well frank. Thanks for ammunition and thank the thumb the roll call established in 2000 ain't. Are you get a quick history amid debt 2008 we started primarily as law enforcement we also sold to republic we sold out directly to officers agencies. We sell firearms ammunition body armor uniforms etc. So bowed down to three years into the business we are really started focusing a lot on the sportsman. OK be a civilian market selling firearms again not class three tackle holding my and boots and under armour all that kind of stuff. This year though we moved from Mariane which by the way great town to us Scranton Scranton really pushed hard for us to bring and there there administration. Mr. mayor the council to push really hard to bring the business and there are so. We landed in Scranton I'm I'm Imus clintonian my whole life are also a retired police officer and PS or fifteen years from Scranton and consultant. Honestly there's no place but I'd rather being. So we open up the indoor shooting range and that's also available to the public law enforcement agencies. And also a new concept for the areas the training division now we focus a lot I'm training I spent the last three years. Com attached to the training division with our. What are very who's training hunters training don't training us civilians. We are aware that this civilians said the I training centers equipped with actual actual live training how old snow okay you mean somebody wants to buy a pistol then you can train them how to use it absolutely and and let me just ask this it. Is that a booming business. Tennis. It is say if there were there was any forward. I don't I don't mean does Adam and I I appreciate the train training is wonderful she is is people buying businesses are pistols and saying training has that increased dramatically. Even with the that females are about there be 35% of our VAR business. It's it's a new trend it's a hobby it's day I. Com people wanna for all different reasons protection hobbyists setter and did this morning. When I'm watching all this Texas stuff I thought I wanna get us a gun dealer on the show that they know gon knew whoever talked to me. Well what's but you know you're you're up front what or do you just basically your reaction to also not innocent Texas. Okay Bob and is that this argument this I get through all with little bit of DR gun control talk. All all well first off it's absolutely disgusting what happened in Texas and I'm sure that every single last listener listening to music and I agree with that of course. But now lie and now we do about it. That's going to be the question. And that's also movement into mood argument at this point. Because it around and around and around we're gonna go. The candidates I I don't see an end to it seek or what we have frank is that I step back and I look at it from an objective point. Sharia summoned business amendment gun business put up a lot I was also in in law enforcement and I I seen evil I I know what it's about the okay so. What I do when I step back and I seized. The the friction going on the political fresh again and and I really and truly I really don't even like to talk politics I follow but I don't I don't like to talk. It in the and a big reason is is because you I narrowed it down my desk gets two types of people on the world. In this that this is how it's gonna go you're gonna have your facts figures in your stats person. People that based decisions. Based their decisions. Offer facts figures and staff it's OK to close to us for Harry good. Then you have your emotional. People better driven by their emotions. Cell facts figures and stats people. No matter wide are not gonna CIA and I would emotionally driven people people that base their decisions are full of emotions now. Being in a law enforcement for so many years I had no choice even if I want to be the emotional guy who was facts it was figures it was sad to that's what it came down to. It's like you know usual Friday just the facts okay. There's famous somebody's gonna say all just get rid of all the guns and put flowers in the barrels of the rifles and everything will be happy that's just ridiculous because not gonna happen if it wouldn't have any effect could happen but I'd be the first woman line. OK but the stats the facts and the figures don't add up to two plus two is still for it don't work and it's not going to work and dot. Isn't the guy Andre now aren't. These problem right now for the short term solution to guns all are these solutions are not a problem after the solution. OK and so you wanna go to church don't be afraid to go to church. If you're armed. Beat the armed how okay and am I I'm not afraid to say that anymore at this point because it it's it. And unfortunately that's the world we live and now you hear people saying that OK we do on the C is saying this to fire people appear gonna scare people I'm not I'm not trying to scary and if you're not scared I'm not scared. If you wanna gold you don't walk through life of unarmed I'm OK with that I have no problem without whatsoever but if you want arm yourself that's the best line of defense. Like shields saying breeze why people carry guns are because cops are too heavy. I'm shot somebody walks into the store and wants to buy a Ruger a 5:56. Am. It is just like keep going and getting candy in her true boxer Amir was a procedure while we usually with some through the drive through now its slow children. No bomb what what procedures. We are bound by all the move a lot of regulations a lot of rules a lot of paperwork. There's no objections that. Seoul summit comes in if you if you came anyone had an air 155 rice exporting rifle we command and Don. Obviously I your age we get licensed. Current address is invalid. You fill out the the the the a federal form. And at that point we. Take your driver's license number and we run it's true it's called take system pence may instant check system. If it comes back clean you have your approval number is signing it data. And you have your firearm is there waiting period now. No opinion so you're is just sit like wade still goes for the computer yes well now when they when they said here that. Texas denied him but somehow he fell for the crashed you understand that because I don't. No I I don't and I I I guess I guess like probably speculate on May be what happened if if you was in one state. And he got denied the sale of a firearm. Because of their state checks system but may be a whatever he did do. In the pastor criminal history and possibly was an India. The NC IC system which is a federal database IIII don't know enough about it too low and let me frequently comment. Or take a break here in thirty seconds John so be patient but in thirty seconds somebody should this guy have been somehow flagged and should he have been able to get this weapon. I mean based on what you hear now and unless an honorable discharge PSA in domestic abuse to whole thing. All any any issue in he should not have meant able to get this weapon and there's rules and laws in place to our key people certain people from getting the weapon. Not a member and ask you it was his weapon purchaser of our assets I'll I I've been analyzing and Nancy there's a question I don't know everybody just figures he walked into some gun store said hey here's 500 bucks to be done while that's almost like out of the same you could order guns out over the Internet which just and true. Neither but that that's it would. I I think I'd rather see all the other. I see that the facts before you make the decision. We have lots more questions for you and we're gonna talk about your role as a risk assessment officer frank Andrew should WI OK Joseph you do you were talking about a short term solution once a long term solution for this problem. Long term solution is going to be exactly that out for first and it's going to be is recognizing the problems are real problem that gets back there facts figures and stats what is that the problem. Tom the issue that icy like I know we what are your callers earlier on said well hey you know what we model sup ourself. After other countries. Com. I got an armored respectfully disagree who we are the greatest. Country on the globe. So with with that being said what's the difference now I I'd like model ourselves after in a fifty years ago. When. We had down to honor and integrity and and I'm not saying. We as in every single person but that's the difference here is our society is changed its obvious everybody sees it. There there's going to be a lot of issues at hand but some of them bring our kids are our kids are calloused. Our kids are growing up in their calloused. Do you call log on to diet and I'm sure any of your kids your rankings are gonna have cellphones by cheeses aged ten. You call log on Rey now. And actually watch a murderer you could watch it I mean think you're right because I people brag about putting it on FaceBook or something like that absolutely eat you all you have to do is just looking up it's it's at your fingertips to watch this stuff and and and now we're talking about us somebody that's. Mental illness it if you if you if you borderline I mean this kind of stuff is not gonna help our our cause here. So we we have kids spending hours without what I called the new baby sitter which is going to be the Xbox. The old baby sitter will spend time with the kids talk and teaching them I'm counting let them reading let them. The new baby sitter and is gonna show you more Iran the more you killed more potential earnings is that okay Don earlier yeah. On the teeth in now somebody the negatives and that in the more you kill and a video game or more points your and that that's scary that's just terrified for sure it is in now for aid well grounded. And child mentally. There are still developing that up until age 1819. IA I believe it's something like that that damn brain is still developing. And if the kid is not grounded ray from the beginning. That's going to increased his odds of actually committing. An act like we've been seeing him lately. Now somebody that digs in a little bit doves and a little bit deeper and then this is out lieutenant colonel Grossman if you ever get a chance read this book I'm killing around combat. Absolutely amazing and the first time I saw him was probably back in 2002. And now. He started speaking about different school shootings he said Anna and I remember it like it was yesterday Cindy and see more and more and more of that any explaining exactly why and. Well I'll I'll I'll track and I get them on the air when he's now. What I listen look when we come back when we come back after the news we're gonna talk about his role Joe's role as a risk assessment officer and I asked him the Willie had any advice. But you know for anybody's stupid agent do you that you did this is crazy so. Stay with us and we have in the studio with us Joseph Harris from our roll call the sporting goods store that I sells guns in Scranton and he's been giving us a lot of good information you are also a risk assessment officer what is that. What whatever's good assessment well it is if what I do is I specialize in risk assessments. And add to program that we started with the the Scranton police department and certified through. TX Texas a M. The Department of Homeland Security it's a it's a lot of training built up. It long story short I go to a structure a total building. Find all the vulnerable points fine fine we planes if I'm in a large scale event if we have a large scale event downtown I would doubt spend a couple. Is they're trained to evaluate the the event when you say weak points so you mean weak points for somebody to commend do some kind of crime. Absolutely arm to cut to the chase ET do you spend that Newt YouTube and you'll spend your days at. Fine figure ways to commit mass murder because. You want me there you want to go to guy and they're trying to figure this out because if you're not doing that somebody is and that somebody duty is somebody that it wants to carry out the act. So what you would do is just like you said you we will find them deal weak points try to do I keep any. On actors from committing the crime before even star summary crimes are presented before it even happens that they will never make national news it's only on them yeah I'm fractionally at. When that wind now you know they get my hello Walter Cronkite so we don't report to Cassidy didn't tell us up to treat today and I saw during you know Shaq. But but risk assessment now it is that something that you're getting more and more of call for. The idea it something that I did for a long time my probably my last 23 years with the police department I have calls for that we do our free active shooter courses. I am not sure that we have any scheduled. And I'm I can check my calendar but we we offer a free active shooter classes also which is obviously a quite a bit different than the hour risk assessments but down gimme gimme in training and training people people are police officers in case there. They've got an active shooter in a situation people people yes and millions of citizens and do you have people that are taken that training and talk absolutely. Yeah and there's no more we will we hosted there's there's not charged work. Wow that's all you might do that at a bad place a business where there will be people who are coming into training. I yeah well actually the for the active shooter training the this civilians would come to us and we would doubt provide that. How do we actually partnered with Dell Wyoming Borough police department. And chief soft landing in is that it is one of our lead and truckers and and and for that course. I'm. We we were talking about this during the break people scream gun control they're at right now on the computer there's like a hundred gun control stories here. But isn't it true that when people start talking gun control and gun sales increase. But sure I had absolutely numb to it's not the end of the world has begun goose sales increase and that's nothing more than more law abiding citizens. Mine more guns. But then again there law abiding citizens criminals are criminals by definition it doesn't matter if stores rules regulations if value top gun control you don't pass then took control. Hey it's it's irrelevant. And out but but yes you are absolutely cracked when when they talk about banning guns there's more civilians are buying more guns. We were we were talking about this earlier and I know we're running out of time with you join and I appreciate I kept you longer than I told you I would but if somebody walks into your store. And says I want to buy and they are fifteen can you deny them the sale. I mean if they pass all lose all the computer stuff can you say. I don't like the way you got you got your eyes are too close together I don't like it. If we can. We can't we we we're where we're given that authority we we can deny yourself. I mean it's obvious. You know in Kent and ISL based on. Race religion. Sex a sex sexual orientation. You know on the obvious who I get a protected class CEU can't deny that and nor what I ever and under the for those reasons. But. How many watts is a boy she just got a PFA against me and and I wanna abide you can say well you know one hole yeah abs absolutely now with that being said I did they also have to fill out sustain form if to curb the federal form enter my hand in the Minnesota state and federal form. And now I'm those farms and actually ask if you are rock. If there's no protection from abuse order against you okay. Well I wanna thank you for taking time you've been here since 4 o'clock at I'm really grateful for all your inside grateful for your words I'm grateful for all your work as a police officers thank you very much enjoyed it thank you very much for I mean her friend K all right that is Joseph Harris from roll call.