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The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend rights and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK yeah. In the morning good morning how are you doing today wonderful. And I am I feeling pretty good consensus. Love these warm days. And everytime I go outside and that's around noon or 1 o'clock I keep thinking. I need to be outside and suck up the sun because at some point soon. When bumpy and oh yeah now. I know that this is is a kind of nice it is neat deal happened and the sun sets the last couple my nose in an spectacular beautiful. Wow so it is it's nice it keeps you know in good spirits again. And does yeah and it's there isn't it's not humid it's not hot it's just as warm it's sort of soothing yeah now I'm like yes. I'm so yesterday. We had it which premiered we're taping on Thursday so I'm yesterday we had our left on a county commission for women breakfast at love bone in the Daria and it was yet wonderful time we had on. Candace Kelly from WDR Irene and Diane ball they was the CEO of hospice of the sacred heart and hospice of the sacred hearts all three of them are honored and our keynote speaker. Was judge Maria McLaughlin who's running for superior court Pennsylvania she's a common pleas judge in Philadelphia. And it. As is everybody always says my my good buddy bass lessons here. Always says. Then if you have something that's well cast it works all the time and add people have been saying you know that was so good it would that they. Went very nice so we haven't packed house the commissioners of all three went there and done mayor Corey Wright was there. And it was a lovely lovely morning. And I'm very happy with and of course and can RN was in the house yeah soon yep I'm ready to wait to go. So she did RA hands. So we had a good morning for the last one county commission for women which I am the president that was my first breakfast as president so it was it was nice Kathy Japanese girls did a wonderful job down. Al east and Indiana so it was just a terrific morning. Saw how many women shown up. Well of women and men but there where about. Probably can't be said she and it's set for 133. I need to say some are about 128 herself. I'm not counting the had tables that was good it was nice way to get time. And very happy with it because of course it now I noticed the night before like Tuesday all day. And certain DNC so I'm you know like the butterflies are happening. And you know you think Chris many times. I do things I would never but I guess and I'll take myself that seriously if I can still be nervous everytime I have to do something. Yet but I'm OK and was great so I'm. Thin girls the board of wonderful Diana by Betty and Maryland I tally shrine in Vernon Bernie Mac freeware to ever wonder if I mean we just have a great group of people who. Oh win friend paean to sell and Chris county from the county. I'm telling me with getting everything that I needed to sell it it it just could not have been better morning good. Yeah so was that the that the tandem with then I was over a comb on and so I'm introducing mayor court right to the core money ends. Right club because each they want to speak to all but several key Al candidates so. When I was asked I'm they said would you introduce I should short Al delay. Saw I I can say at. My and they ask anon come whiny and to be I'm well because I aim was roasted by co one S if you allow a couple of years I thought I used to be a coal mining always you know I am no longer only because I you know it's a weekly obligation not that everybody has to be there like with broad green I don't know what it is now but I used to be a long time ago renteria and when I lived. In but kill follows and I worked in Newfoundland to believe that or not. I was a member of the Newfoundland rotary and if you didn't go to your meeting monthly weekly US to make it happen another location and now. And that's I think everybody did that they may still I don't know but who won this is a wonderful organization and anyway so like I did that Ford married best T entry had asked if I would do it's okay. We did and it was so we know very nice conversation. And the chamber just had its bill speak and then Jim Mulligan the next week and so I it's good to hear them and here I just say. There's a they doing anything for school board. Oh cool honest I don't know that because I was just destined to become friends the mayor so I'm not sure hope they had some video site and it must they said. It was gene teller record mark Powell's somebody was there and I don't remember who they sent south. Not sure. OK but I am so yeah I was that was yesterday that they do their meetings at Coopers. So. I'm just crazy and then of course just today I was up in it at the right center. And you know where that is and chairman had never bend yes. Doing the show for EC TV for one of the public health education. This series for a asked CHS and lack on a medical society we did dish asks got Constantine in a gentleman by the name of I'm Jeff Thomas is with these voluntary action center. And I think it's very interesting we did a lot on these centers for excellence which is what they aren't the designation that's right center had suggest as part aren't that dumb Scott runs and then Jeff Ryan's arm. Divisions of the apple where there the you know they have to take back the drug days into Rio we have prescription unused prescription drugs that you can take back. And I think it's important to know which I did and that in Moscow. In. Clarks summit Scranton and so one of the school benefited the fourth must. They have from 4824. You can take drugs to drop off any unused medications to these strap us senators all the time they're available all the time yes. I am not I might you know from funny to four. So then they have done. Take you know drop off days and ends and specific events that they take you know we can take your take back days where you get the take your unused medicine and drop off. Well let him do without what I want to one that was so at everything natural part time. And after my uncle passed to Chris I had. Thanks. Of of his mental or any end and I just brought the men and there was police officers they're always it's always interesting. Police officer there and they way they do yeah they throw this stuff down and then they say OK fine. So. That I just thought it was wonderful opportunity. To properly. Dispose of those things right and throwing them into our boards on the toy and oh yeah right now. So I was thrilled I did that I wish sound we have more publicity about that when and where does what they do all of these different places specially a voluntary actions and they do do these. Like you know make an event dubbed it yeah but on a daily basis. I don't know if it's just Monday through Friday don't get I don't know if he said that specifically but I let's just say it is Monday through Friday. 8 in the morning to four in the afternoon and all of these I'm for it low and and I. When you say it's time minute I'm not gonna say because I can forget when the fourth one is for the Scranton Moscow clarks summit and then there's one more. Tony called voluntary action center and find out but it is let me think and remembering just didn't. Triple a what looked. Hey but and it's got to be airing on NE CTV anyway but I am. Through a lot of good information about that we we spoke a lot about. How would I. He was just was talking about the elderly population and thinking as I'm sitting and thank god the camera wasn't on my face because I was had to face and I'm like why else. I would never think I said Tim I would think he can this was more happening when it's I am. I was younger people. And they said now it happens and here's why sometimes they take the medicine they forget they. What they took they take more or take other stuff so yeah it happens with every shot and Scott made a good point he said when an older person say an eighty year baby Samir a person passes. They don't necessarily. Find out why because they think he could be from the illness itself when in fact it could be. Because they had. You know take it there on medication again. Yeah so. Just it's got a major epidemic and it didn't crazy and you could talk about it. It weekend shows and if forever and talk about because it's so unbelievable yeah people who are affected and because people now doctors not to take take into consideration. Pain as your fifth vital signs and danced out on the scale of one to ten what's your paint. How are you can tell some and they don't have pain went right right yeah. So or they may have a lot of pain and they don't feel it in the moment because they've been taking something yeah exactly and that's so you've got in no read on that. Yeah I well I have. I'm a little story here this. Very much into what we've just been talking about. So this is some I called that the widow with no help. Well. Sally had everything she can ever want to and her husband Jerry he was a great provider a good friend. Adroit at socializing with friends and family and most importantly he was really good at managing their money. Until she realized he wasn't. When Jerry died in respectively last year of a stroke. She discovered quite by accident. That their finances were in shambles. Sherry had developed an online gambling addiction. Something she never know about. His gambling addiction resultant deaths in depth. Trending just resulted in the death of over 150000. Dollars secured by the equity. And her house. She discovered this when she got a notice. From their banks at their payment was so she did not think anything of this since expected many of their accounts were handled by him on line. As you have to change. Many things around to get these bills paid by her and there are advisor. When she saw the amount of payment to a scared her 3500 dollars for one month. That was the tipping point enforcer called the bank and find out what this was for. Susan such a state of shock and as the the banker asked her she could cause someone to help her out. She declined but did call their daughter who came to her mother's house immediately she reconnect with the banker and discovered that a mother's. Nightmare was indeed true. They had no idea this addiction and the stress of most of placed on him. To listen silence unless they contacted his advisor an employee of the bank who also had no inkling of this behavior. Together they created a list of what assets they had at this point and what loans for outstanding months her surprise. The equity in the house was equal to the amount of his gambling doesn't mean and some of the IRA which was the source of their retirement income. That would have to be used to take care of his final expenses. There were some other sources of income like her social security and a survivor Pattinson but she realized some major changes would have to be made. The house would have to be sold and sue either rent or buy a smaller home. All lists within a month of his death was a blow she couldn't shake she was incapable of making any decisions relatives of the matter. Actually went into a deep depression. And seemed out on the bench for most of the time. Her daughter was very worried about her mother and her will to live to convince her mother missing some help with someone who might do more sensitive to her emotional state. And give her some unbiased advice. Her daughter was worried that the bank advisor would be too influenced by the mortgage side of the bank. To recommend actions more favorable to the bank's interest rather than in her mother centrists. Which she came to see me the path was much clear after a session of real soul searching. Sally decided to sell the house find a rental and the community she could see yourself living and and consider her future rather than dealing only with the issues of the moment. She found a reason to get up in the morning look in a new place to live outside the current neighborhood and get a fresh start. Her daughter like that approach as well Sally had made in transition to a life in a gated community. A small villas with a vibrant active adult population. And she has started over again with new friends. And a new outlook on life her income was sufficient to enable small mortgage and keep for life style as it was. The end. I. The Phoenix. Absolutely right actually listen Millar Alon so and we'll be right back after a quick break. Here Gloria and Lynn. Hi we're back my name's whenever I'm the president and CEO of north in French financial consultant. Where she only financial planning Sherman Clark shot. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse. Cherish refinances extra baby boomer women available on in the conduct come. Sorry and is there a round but she stepped out for a minute so we're gonna continue with our. Sure she guest expert doctor Barbara puck that. Who is going to talk to us today about something fabulous because surely does so welcome. Welcome doctor. Cluck that sound thank you thanks for the warm welcome. They have showboat quite cool what are we are about a bank have so you know I have to pay I try to think about. What do my patients want from me most what do I hear most often what are they struggling wit and of course. You know in my line of work into a lot of hormonal balance saying. But it always this issue of the ongoing issue of weight. Whether it has governed by pounder whether it's 25 pound. You know my patient really struggled and I as well you know that fight pounded out 25 pound whichever is. And don't. It was a recent article I got my attention much about him key demos genetically modified organisms and how they pack on the clock. I mean you know I really haven't. Yes and so I have this thing about GM would become my friend and I called bench in an economy he called them all different things to get them constantly talking about Kia Motors pinch. You know what if a genetically modified organism. A code you're remember we we talked about Shimon in the pattern and that is. How we you know these scientists. Have changed the genetic material of plant. Because they would hoping that it would make them resistant cute in second bugs that we would have to Q you know usually you know what I'm. With a pesticide and things of that sort but the problem is. That need genetic modifications are gore and to our body and kill our body doesn't know what to do with these things. And you know the most common genetically modified things that our country our corn wheat and so way. Bill you know one week when we ingested these things are body doesn't quite know why it doesn't look like it's a co Q. I'm and they wreak Havoc on our bodies can do what they're saying now is. That the each CMOs are packing on the fact. Because of something called a let and LE CPI NN and what a link didn't. Well elect didn't get the protein that's found in plant. And they act they they they seem like they're similar to sugar. And they Alter our insulin. Used to influence sugar always go together on the insulin helps the Shepperd do its work. And so what happened did. These elect didn't I'm get an hour sitcoms and they mimic insulin. Which held aren't fat cells. Q restore sugar and and don't practically you know over the years. Our body nude at these black and which I'll tell you where and where how they've but therein. They knew what to do them and our bodies have adapted. So that these elect and were otherwise harmless but now that we have a new bunch of electing coming true. Our body has not healed up a resistance to them as it has in the past. And when it beat these things it held the sugar that's coming and can be stored in the fat. And it also. Held the muscles. That they shouldn't use the sugar for fuel. And so that the month old actually will decrease in their side. The the the overall and defected this is that the body heat this thing that starving. And so it makes you hungry. You eat more and and you read more of these things. And it can just a perpetual cycle. Though collect and are practically founded in raw vegetables and grains. I'm in feed and things of that sort so beamed her huge. Issue for elect and now I'm not saying beamed or bad. But what I am saying is that you know we're gonna have to we'll talk about how do we you know make these elect and better. I'm but the problem is elect and are found in she MO corn and soy in week and so you know not only do we eat them. In I mean a product expelled but so would you be animal that we eat if we eat protein from animal. Kick in and and cattle. Date EG MO based products because of course they're all fed corn and oh boy. To show what we're ingesting all of the we are creating this problem that makes us want to gain weight. But seeing that now that we're having less energy. And we are hungry so we wanna eat more of these things. Could really gotten quite an issue. The other thing that happens would these leptin is. They are meant to pass through the system being on digested. And again as we have adapted over many years and centuries. We figured out a way that it doesn't harm our gut we eat some elective and I'm but the new act and come through and now they are causing harm to our gut and we've we've talked about the leaky gut before. I'm in court should be built image. The inner aspect of the gut check. Making it leaked eat which means that the concludes that we die it week week in desk. That we pay again. Do not breakdowns that we don't digest them appropriately actually don't make the small particles that and become nutrients that we absorb. Instead it get passed through our leaky next are leaky gut. In tort system that triggers are immune system so. Again with leaky gut you here information with information you hear your immune systems are to target. Saying an our autoimmune disease that touches are rheumatoid arthritis is an arch. Bayreuth IE to kids are Hashimoto. They all get brought into this picture show again and it goes round and round and round it all comes back down to do it then that got. Inflammation. And you know how can we get our bodies to be a little healthier so that we don't have this perpetual backpacking on. Still one of the things that they recommend is Q of course not used CMO genetically modified organisms. So you know you wanna make sure that when your in the store getting your groceries. That you're looking for GM old breed products. I'm and that goes for your. Gluten free of course gluten free drain on the gluten free drink when you want them to be GM OU wanna look at things like by the mighty white race. I'm they even think that the brown right have a little bit higher rank demoted. You wanna make sure when your purchasing your proteins. That you are not just looking for. Free range but you're looking. Brad how manager grass yet graphs that show who Hatcher rail that's a good rest dead wild caught fish. You know you want them to be outplayed eating the thing that they're meant to eat. She can you wanna consider her meant it careens. So anything that fermented. Helium when it comes to bread that. Our Adobe connect to fermented bread coward crowd pickled peppers those things are really great. The U wanna make sure that the the current fermentation. Renders the elect and inactive. And show it makes it so that you can have these types think OK and how much are the best. I mean that ferment it. Half I implemented could say that there fermented I mean you know the things like that sauerkraut at any thing that Anna Nicole door. You know put into some kind of a liquid that experimented back up. One of the things that fermented soy yet that is a product called campaign she. TE MPH. And you'll see it in the refrigerator section of you know a good. Grocery store or organic food store natural food storage but Kemp say the fermented. Soy they can be injected without any difficulty. Still you know what what we wanna do it oh in the that they know wanted to mention it. One of the things that we don't think talking about is done there's a Stanley of vegetables called the night shaved. I'm in the night shade a I have seen. And the skin and the speed of these vegetables are actually very high in black and then these would include tomatoes eggplant. Bell peppers. And so. They don't say that you can have these food but what they do recommended that you take this skimmed off and take people out. Which is why you know you you could game the tomatoes and cola the skin and you can certainly take the feed out. You know peppers and things of that sort but those particular night shade vegetables and have a higher electing count. So we you know start by saying we should. The limit the amount of collecting and we should limit the amount of genetically modified organisms. The and we should always always always focused on how can we help our gut. Do better show it to my healing process and of course my favorite thing that comes into play at pro by chaotic. But one of the other thing that's very important it is the digested and times. The digested and then they're very important because they helped break down the truth appropriately. So you know we have digested and then that include Emily. Light case. And and there's some other what products that are out there so I am girl Amylin is a good digested and timing you can sometimes I need to and food. I'm but other times people would supplement the digest of enzymes to break out and eat food into the appropriate. Contents. The other thing I'm so you know. I'm wanting to talk about is the probe iconic who. And there's a particular strain a probe chaotic that seemed to be better or they lacked in the match and but Phyllis. Co wag you land. CO AG EU LA and at particular strain of pro by chaotic often combined with other program attic. Of course our magic number is usually twenty billion per day right. I'm but that particular. Pro way attic has been helpful Q heal the guy and I'm help would be collected. And one of the other things that they talk about. With helping of the guided something called resistance starch. I mean starch mean that'd take starch which of course that the carbohydrate. That does not get absorbed. It passes right through the stomach and the small intestine unchanged. Until it gets to the colon a large bowel and it's not link it becomes food for all your good bacteria X. Every bit and start cuter actually good for a they act like a source of fiber. But they don't get broken down in both small bowel they go to the large bow. So whether they make ample of that more at Hillary are two took a hard concept to grasp. But a green banana is every bit of exception saying yeah yep I remember that Hannah Prevention Magazine developed a hole. The other so I was coming out with a new diet and they're gonna plan that was called the resistant starch diet. And what a great thing I thought it was so interesting about it why it's that the type and it has always been a no no. Anybody have died because of how after the contest record right by cut this. Agreement and a what's fascinating to me because. It had that resistant starch and and I never thought about it I'd never be left it at that something. That would be of value so what are some other solution have been paid out. Yet raw potato exactly rocket yeah or error. I think we had talked about that if you can't cook your potato cool it and re heated. The start to become treat this that so few words to boil relevant data at the beginning of the week and then you just simply re heated them you know later on during the week. In the yeah performs it I'm it would become resistant starch. The other thing that I'm that I found was that armed Bob red mill Gillick has all the good entry price match. But Bob's red mill has the raw potato starch. Which is kind of like hopefully he powdery thing that you can put in your shake. And that you can add the food I mean doesn't have much of the pace but it does serve as they're resistant starch. The editors the food. A look at what I category would that be would it. Approaching turn to the ones you put initiate or inspector. An add on that card so regret and starts. Correct it's just an add on that's not gonna cannot gonna take away the need your protein and meat you literally just a lot of input a small amount into the shaken as a means those. Increasing your fiber because you know the better things pass through your got elect information you're gonna happen. Well of course the fiber. It is the source of fiber okay right. So I know immediately and then. Upon metric opened up before we get launch event. You mentioned earlier about. They're the lectern that would collect and I'm not ask that it it it is contained in raw vegetable. And that which you were just mentioning about the tomato eggplant and peppers. Correct or there are so there's others there's other most of the time it's raw beans. And show you know at the beach and I certainly don't want the take away here could be beamed about because beamed to go it. The idea is you wanna make sure that these things are cook. And show you know when your grandmother used to quit being in the hot overnight let them show. Yeah and then Q my dad baking soda. You would be beamed this could help reduce in and remove. That coding that contained elected and and then you would Boyle and her being to cook them. You know late at the comment that was made was you'll never see a crowded kidney beans sold anywhere because that harmful to us. I'm collecting in Robbie Keane. And and not cook beans are so harmful to our gut that people actually have nausea vomiting and diarrhea. If ingested. Well and so the idea is you really do have to to cook at these products. So that you reduce the amount of Mike and and the other thing was you know we were to eat these raw product. Because we don't digest them the body he did it or and and and you know people often talk about when a body heat something at four inch. Our immune system kick up and produced in their response to get rid of that. I'm and that's where a lot of the inflammation is coming from when we can't digest the plant based I'm proteins. Boom. Okay well we've been about broad time so well. Where can people reach you barker. So we located I'm across the street from regional hospital in grand. I'm our office number is 5703. Or 49997. And we are online at doctor Barbara plot at dot com. Okay thanks so much and we'll be right back with our next guest expert. Angela Powell who live here to tell my all the wonderful things happening at the veterinary referral and emergency center stay tuned. Lori and Lindsay. Hi everybody thanks for listening welcome back you're listening to Larry lynch shell and I'm Laurie can neon bar can now enterprises which is a fund raising. PR and special events business. And I am Linda Evans Siam the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants were fee only financial planning firm and clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse. Carefree finances for baby boomer women. Available on And I guest expert one of our guests thanks for us this morning is Angela Powell who is a PR and when he comes back. Public affairs. Liaison DA. I like that I don't. They and French land and leave me his own home can dunk it with. The veterinary referral emergency center and clarks summit Pennsylvania. Other well known as the REC just thank you. Coming up to it's billing errors tell. We grill there are ready as she sat down where you from what's your mother's maiden name is definitely not up I. Thought about a week I need well I grill I'm all right. You know it and I'm in natural born interviewer that's what happens I'm sorry we have to you know then well mine's got a busy body I know I'm not so I am I don't spend much born engineer. As they say oh the Wednesday as when you're in Boston they ask you where you went to school when they're in New York fans to what you do for a living and we here in Scranton they say what's your mother's maiden name and exact. Actually they're we don't. You learn that that's what have yet they did. Soda and how we think is going to land a thin. And ENDREC. There's a lot happening I get and can talk about two what I I had mentioned this to Nicole and I center attacks. And maybe you can't talk about it meaning that they know specifically at its its nose so you can say it but deep seed in the nationwide. Yes that you got which I think is wonderful we gonna talk about yeah. So tell everybody because that was really neat. I mean not what happened to the poor dog play. Yes well they're we've had a couple major events in the past couple weeks and it was agreed introduction this position beings. There for two months. We had an oxygen and and then we gave out a very specialized. Kits to first responders for. Pets in need during fires and smoke inhalation issues. Squeegee both curve hundred kids away. Did Tony plus local first responders and we have more on the way. And the very next day Pennsylvania ambulance was one of the first responders a fire in Taylor. And it was big news that they grabbed the kid on the way out the door open. Thirty and there are track and AM Tuesday had to use it right in DC five catchy I imagine. There he added in the paper that's great that they had you that it was that's amazing timing and his family crest and the coverage that was received. Angela from the original the from your first Damon with just the distribution and that that was right to leave a box it would seek sink. It was fantastically were very very happy to be picked the data we did in. Unfortunately you know fires happen and we felt terrible for the pet owners but we're very happy that there was a silver lining that we are able to save those poor little kitten and Katzen. Okay now. It was a real. Saying yeah. But it's not shortens shortly after that we received a call from. Nationwide pet insurance that one of the animals being treated a hound named Brewster who. Kia. How adamant that he had been treated with us last September. And nationwide pet insurance takes the top twelve most unusual claims that they receive today here. And they have a big competition where you vote. Only a line you can though once today and out of deal one point five million claims he was one of the finalists. Ands. We got a call not too long after the oxygen mask of and saying that's. Brewster had Warren. He's got into a three book bags worth of treats and employee is today crews that are being a little bit he's going to definitely enjoy now that he's fully recovered. But we eat for being the place that treated him received a donation of 101000 now. Dollars hinting it's creamy cap blend those very large checks out on them. And you should get right to the bank to catch your eye popping but you know let's check the days. But it's gonna go straight into angels which is a great thing we have set up that is. Completely donation base it's the money isn't pulled out for management it is and pulled out for administrative fees. All the services in the hospitalization fees are we eat and the Angel fund goes directly to you medications supplies for animals in need. So that's gonna seen. Dozens dozens dozens of animals that need this care that the parents aren't financially able to provide. And she. It'll be great because that's one of the largest donations we've ever. I think Vincent I. When I read it I was like oh my game and they said the engines on because when and I are well aware and I believe. Even knowing me Nicole as well as we do and all the work that has been done and I actually had a friend who had to use that service okay it's it is terrific and when I'm ready roosters story. And how he now it ST June green man hit that mean this Ellington decided that was and she then the good Brewster had to walk back you up to her car right because she no one could pick the dog got because the pain was too intends praise of the dog can't actually maneuver back to. The car before she. You know my you know my guess played ID she had to coax step toward Iran with a 121212. XY twelve plus inch its stake in its and it just missed its lung is and know what I read less diminish. And she had to coax it up they don't believe it just the police had four wheel drive and they were able to back it down the trail as far as I'm kinda guy. And down so the photos she Debbie day and we actually had a gentleman who was from the Jessup please sit. Brought him in and she can't prepare he comforted. The owner for the entire time the dog is a very happy to see him. We wagging its detail it was a. Greens are not so I am testing it was set I was so that's story made me smile and cry at the same time unless things down a little puppy had to go through that he. Ended the owner because you your heart breaks that anything is wrong shoes and then hidden piece somewhere where he not then we had to dig down from an area to get to where you need to get was ranked. Horrible till just because the stress of the moment. And then for her to win. Great I love it if you vote I didn't know anything about the Hulk. Why voted every day. Because you are not on FaceBook. Yes I AM but I tell you I'm an us oil. Otherwise we should definitely follow us I should be filed a status so I'm not a big thing and it was just hit what I thought was really into saying what they had the stories of the other dogs as well that's where you shop at what was some of them out there are some wild crazy as I mean I don't remember all of them because I was just scanning down if I rooster. And most farm. So but I mean that there hadn't they had to have incredible stories would have made it to that point there are some pretty crazy ones one dog got electrocuted in a puddle. One dog fought an alligator I believe. That there was some really crazy. And it's all because it's they had the insurance which Nicole stresses all the time race when you get a new puppy get pet and Chara ray and it was through an idea known nationwide even prison terms of had had in Charlotte so that's cool damp and I mean. It was really fantastic I'm really glad that he has gone very many hats and he's turned out great news happening. Not useful in PA US they are saying that picture they show they said of the as the scar you I couldn't even tell there was this car. Show and I knew Italian you've been really been thrown into a lot of publicity having eaten enough gas could. And good stuff and I mean the best part was during the photo shoot for Brewster. One see electronic town need district attorney's office. Officers came and he is keen and control and on his dog Riggs was I treated with us. He had a training accident where he was exposed to you messed. And her dog inhaled it it was a broken violent and he made a full recovery he came to us and arcane and please. That are come to the record treated at no cost that he's been in several times. And T Chandler came in with a really large plaque that he did on his own accord and he said you know thank you so much for everything. So he's gonna come and with the dogs soon. And we're gonna do. A little photo shoot and then nearly an hour he's not PNC and now only has there been an instead grams so. It'll be an answer Graham as well also you acknowledged their tail that great. Now me I am I spent transdigm. Com Aaron call I think Angela eight. I think canine to let's talk about that sure to eat are all little canine dogs maybe you don't know is are they all German shepherds. Now OK so they can be armed it is so it's not one specific breed it seems like every canine IC. Is a German shepherd. Pray there or not are they don't know how okay they don't have to be I think it becomes very easy Martina and send re ask the demeanor and and the training himself 'cause. Mayer's favorite white German shepherds. And he needs to have few when he thinks they're the best thing. I they are any dogs they aren't they look like they're in charge just looking at their face or ears and everything about them screams authority I think break we and one. Did you. And damn week gone from what at the time they used to call the pound yes I am and he was hash. German shepherd and half Collie half and we had a wonderful I have. Hasn't been an extra lane a monster yes but that was the design until we is named big company. My brother. Named in cutting. I'm so we and we had some issues with some people living in the apartment I announced. So we needed to get something that was found scary. Yeah. And he did because when he went up another door flew up. Well let's let's say had they need dad yeah. Commanding authority like the German shepherd and then until I'm kind Smart auto style out of cow because remember lassie. Oh my god we were just talking about this the other day that we used to sit in my grandma's house my knee and a cab has all like. It could be there weren't twenty grandchildren so that could be anywhere from twelve to. Try any of us at a time inaction. In the Romans sitting on the floor on the couch on the chairs watching last CNN Sunday nights Sunday nights I was I was the best thing money and anything else you need to tell us senator we have about another minute can now. I'll well is there any first responders that don't have oxygen kits and would like some we're going to be continuing east continuously. Donating them so they wanna give us a column I need to call the hospital as I said no I need 77777. And and just talk to anyone of our client. Relations people and they will get the contact information to meet. And also with us feel free to follow us on FaceBook in Amsterdam adds deep aren't EC EPA and B ring. Are able Angela. Courage and many others this is a meal and all good news is going to be yes it did just so yes my right so. We aren't leaving you for the week we'll see you next week. So has made great weekends. And thanks for listening. East safe and please be nice I I.