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The following is a paid program the views or claims may you're not necessarily those of WYOK. Staff management or sponsors. It's time for a lottery and live. Distort your league game rights and now Gloria weigh in on double Eli okay. Could adding everybody how are you you're listening to Laurie mains show thanks for listening and then how would you weaken how's everything going. My week was quite full. But going well. And my had a wonderful opportunity on Sunday. Had one of my dear friends with me unexpectedly for the weekend thanks friend John Glover. And I had a request of and I guess it was FaceBook or one of the Linkedin from my former college roommate who haven't talked to him probably thirty some years and see. Consent EMS systems and you know let's have a little chat so when Joan was there are we going to school same place same time. He made a phone call on Sunday afternoon and talked to my roommate Winchester. For an hour and it was wonderful little Rosalynn inland romances she's young you are named in the eighth I'm kind. That's how we got there and visit and it was wonderful to talk tour really enjoy them that opportunity and there was just a lot of fun so caught up on what's going on her life and in my life and it was really pretty wonderful well that's good yeah. Jonas feeling OK yes sir I'm mom yes ma got lover. Ship well. That's good to be together and it's a good place to be evidently it was yesterday they're tale of course he was mentally actually because so was there made arrangements to take the boat out one week earlier so it was an absolutely beautiful Sundance there was about seventy. Though in the eighties so we got into the vote Patrick and I drove the votes in the marina. And Joan drove down there and menace and we came back. I can say goodbye to the boat for the season offensive were there any spiders and there were funny and I'm. There weren't nice out there are none of the G. Geez maybe they're better they are hiding yeah how it they're saying she's putting us away a tribute we hear from months and well there never should be seeing it. Yeah. So hot stuff takes so that means it's gotten out in lines in its in its resting place well a couple of months I'm assuming it is we just do we docked in tight enough and they have to go down and untie it and bring it up underneath trailers and winterize it and they put an end to a monster warehouse Miron again that's at. How can you can't so that was a really interesting. Conclusion to the week I didn't expect them all but it was nice that's good man. It was good. Never happens usually each and and how do you totally legal and I was sad and I know that you have to take the car over the leaves a rich and come back get the boat and then go up I can't I have to have another driver and I'm saying you to what do you guys usually draft beer caught both of you go you and pat. No one of the boys a path. They weren't honor. And also. Since I had a driver I said let's just do it this weekend so I called the marine and I asked commensurate with being a problem and they said no. Bring an overhang so that's good that's fine so it's it's you know when does that sound. Was sighted thing it's it's sad to say it's the end of the season and then you know you're never gonna be out in the lake again for eight or nine months. But on the other hand it's. Very. It it be great sense of relief to have it out of the water because what we've noticed and previous years like we've seen what's going on right now. A lot of hurricanes come up with. And they hit this area was mostly. High winds and rain they don't generally get good. The brunt of the storm but those winds can destroy the boat and that happens September and October of so I'm glad that it's so I don't even have to think about that anymore it's gone. And let it let it can do what it's gonna do with mother nature I don't really care because they have boats got them both times but there were only about. In our marina. There are only about five or six both laughed that hadn't been removed from her slips and most people it's almost a racial. The week after Labor Day everybody takes their bones I don't want. Yeah I think it's a rights talking about the to a friend of my hope she has a boat may go up every single weekend. Do you think it's been I'm sure it's a grind after a lap you know just. Doing that and making sure you have what you needed they don't have a house they just have good oh that's absolutely right to it really is it is time. I'm going to your house is different story but. I'm but people love it I don't know since beautiful lake team to have a boat. Sounds and there are a lot of people that come up from New Jersey Philadelphia who do dash for the day they just come out and they have the boat and trailer. I'm no to a public always lying to function and Eric out on the boat all day I was. I and they have their barbecues and a grills on the boat. That's a whole people love that I know I think that's a lifestyle both a lot cheaper than having. The house. Yeah not I mean really it's is pretty soon. And I love to see both say deal I don't like what's in the I don't know about a lot of this past weekend where people with sailboats. I because they're so beautiful they were beautiful and I am sure a lot of the crazies weren't there you know drive that I. I'll be Narnia. So it was just very peaceful easier to limit on how fast you can go on that link can now it's more a limit of how. Yeah boat engine can how he handled a boat can you have any size boat yes. And there's any science that's a problem because a lot of those posts that are not so we'll make her really ocean going vessels. Yeah they're very long and they really are not appropriate. For a lake like that so. I don't understand why it's allowed to do that because you have people there and row boats some people learn canoes. And then you got these monsters things going on. So that is absolutely insane and I am so surprised that we have not yet had any that I know of any deaths. I don't know lengthy and I sit because usually it's one or two of every single year. I love it crazy I'd just say I don't I don't know how hello we just had a lovely treat from this record. I love it. Paint is fresh how wonderful. I'm just. Well summoned him to Q tip. Considering Ernie thought I'm this NFL stuff for union wanna go out there I wanted to and I. I just it's audiences that insane prices they have all of what's going around the world and how much time and energy. We have spent I'm sad issue which that the more we talk about it the more it becomes an issue. I just wish it would go away here let's get past it and just ignore it. I'm just so tired of this question I can't stand riots. It's very divisive. No matter who you talk to you get cash cushion pony is part of any debate but I just craziness. I'm. So I was at Brussels last night I owe you or hurt her I was how that happened that was during the middle creek. I know but we I made it I needed gave earlier in the week wits. And that Colombo boys Joseph and John and I. I'm Jim and the three of us met my iron and I and I'm and had a lovely dinner in her little nut. There was still music outside Stephen Murphy and Michelle kind of labor singing and Steve I was playing the piano it was beautiful night should we bring in we were insight we have sent out there but. It was nice. Very nice it was it was a warm one of those of course the last warm night I had a good I guess next week's going to be kind of warmed jail. Just when you pass the weekend as well as being in the seventy's that's so nice nice as I heard a veteran and Abbott lab again and then Sunday night we had a great event at the discretion Jazz Fest from the jump giant in jazz and it was fabulous. Job Doral. It's unbelievable. 92 years olds still gallon still strong it didn't it was a great lineup they had marked with a X group first in general are so beautiful jazz singer by the end Michelle ORM. And Bob to grow and schoolhouse rock and then the upper valley wind. Wins with pat our cinco and spend and on top favored daddy I'm. Didn't phone calls and it was fabulous it was a great it was packed it was a great night. I'm so hats off to cultural center and reassess tomorrow who put I put it out together it was great to really rise we have a lot of good times. Good music and great day and green light all the way around you missed it this year well again but you know the vote came time. It is that you have to see who's kind out but it was good. It was good. So. A couple things I wanted to do some shout outs. I called your buddy Dan and see brighter. Window I'm. I think he wants his say hi to you I love them tells me that your wonderful lady. And I was sent OK great so he came up plus got some stuff up. Stuff and so. She is and he really enjoyed it spending cut that spending time you've been taking care of your windows yes and I says it and that's great toy that's why I called him because I remember you gave me that name on. Hunt and he was great yeah really was his office a younger kids are really hard. And he does my windows my power washing he does might what he can I'm here Israeli Giuliani is but the stuff goes down and making clean for some morale and somebody at reason and others can't and he works really hard to. I love them mountains. So good he did a good job yeah a lot of cash generated this train go and always works yeah it's it was I'm. It it was a surprise to me when I actually met him because he came there. We had senator Paula I wasn't physically there are so he came in with his buddy. Days and they did the inside and the outside of all the windows had and they power wash the whole side of the house. And it's just amazing yeah it's just at a fabulous I'm I'm I'm really really. I would recommend them I don't know how I met him how going into Dunkin' Donuts from my iced tea one day and he was doing their windows and I'm Bernie honesty that I Davis street and I said honey do you do residential scenario any gaming is I mean just just so kind so he's been I've been using him for about three years I love on. That's fabulous yeah they're very careful. They're cleaned everything they clean up after themselves they're great and you'll do anything for his great. Young guy with the family and he's working male heart yes so. Do you guys think is very. Proud of the fact that he owns a visit how you doing his thing yeah you have to kind of brighter and brighter window cleaning yes very good. I'm who else well we're missing is something else Sarah wanted to and say shout out to somebody. Toy messed the other day with his wife. I'm seeing things from an independent and kept my sling. Yeah he's personally and to daddy yes even and they both said the same idea I love them they're great people the day at the and that was a very interesting town conversation I had with them because I knew. That I recognize his name but I couldn't I thought it was in broadcasting summer so this Tommy's story as he's been here since the 1980 S. But on television radio. And you know for real writers and stuff like me yes he does the first season of that I think I'm home and they also said that I'm he. Is now would reduce thing. That the bold the funny thing on Sunday mornings terribly well yeah and on fox yes yes so so he's and that's him. Yes really great guy went to a shout out to him and say you know yea we we mentioned your name guy he's required happy and I love Debbie to their great yeah. Really nice so I'm. I have a story so it does stand. Gone with the story here and then take us to our first break. Okay. So less as a physician who chose to move into the academic world's and teach medical students the ins and outs of primary medicine. Her own life was a personal trips through the world of cancer medicine and the insurance complex. She felt she owed it to her students to learn from real life experience how the patient feels as well as how the medical systems work. In spite of mother she was able to continue to manage her own medical practice and see your patience. For the majority of her cancer treatments in that time she was a participant in the 401K plan ever practiced. And was able to put some funds away for retirement. She said the money she spent her out of pocket medical care kept paralyzed. She has no regrets at all for the money she spent on the times for life. Now that she's five years away from a mandatory retirement from a medical practice and she can continue to tease she wonders if she'll be able to do so financially. When I met with her she was reasonably certain she'd be able to do both but had some reservations. As to the quality of the life she would have from a financial perspective. Could she maintain her current lifestyle or would she have to cut back and much of it which she be able to keep her home which was a haven for her and would be hard for her so should she look for employment elsewhere and take a look at places she's always wanted to live other than where she was now too many questions and not enough answers from the people she always trust with your finances. Her accountant told her she had a good how to money to retire but she did not understand what that meant by whose standards was this a good pot. She had no one in its Dixie trusted the 401K plan because that was system automatically. And she didn't feel comfortable speaking as someone until free line so we started a conversation on what she really wanted to do with her life not just for the next few years but for the next ten plus years. I shared with her the probability that no one can possibly give her any assurance that any planning beyond the next three to five years what happened this plan. We look for reasonable probability that she would not outlive her resources are beyond that it was foolish to believe differently. Upon reflection Celeste determines who really love the home she had and with a certain amount of travel travel mostly low cost. She would be satisfied to remain where she was. She loved the faculty she worked with and was content with the proximity of her neighborhood to cultural events and adult education courses. Was some negotiations she could take longer periods of time off and explore the world as she wanted. Given that information we devised a plan which would pay off the remainder of her small margins. Ever worked part time of the college and take tenors distributions from from her 401K plans for the next five years for travel. And then pulled back to allow the funds to grow some she thought that was a splendid arrangement. And found much lighter than when she started this retirement project. The end. And we'll take a quick break your listings Hilario Lin show will be right back. Are you lowering inland. Welcome back everyone you're listening to L'Oreal and shell I'm Larry can I am the owner Lori can't enterprises are just fundraising which is a fundraising PR especially bad business. And I am Linda Evans and the president and CEO northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit I'm also the author of the book. Called power of the purse fear free finances. For baby boomer women available on Thank you very much. So we have a three didn't grab raven haired beauties in the in the wrong. Yeah how about that okay. My best seller note a cup of your former and I had never generate an ice it's it's everytime I get my hair highlighted makeup and Ryan Burnett now. OK so. We have with this Maggie Calvin hi I got a Maggie is the owner and they can crew it chocolate creator. Cats nibbles and bits on Sanderson avenue which is. One of our favorite places to go out Bernanke is found it here because she wants to talk well talk a little bit about nibbles and bats but she's the green rich fall festival which is happening next Saturday October 7 from ten to four or. And green ridge corners right with all of the merchants that he and you have an association met George AJ we have agreed business association which would actually established in 1975. Home and I had some ups and downs but we brought back to life last year how can we have abruptly closed almost fifty actual brick and mortar is that our iris associates. How well done so that he does all this is not dad you know match. And I'm having an angry region has something for everyone we have even a funeral home. I don't care we have trust that he had the full line and you need a karate guy you name it we've pretty much having Arenas. And how we eat it did get a place isn't it it's but it's it is kind of a little. Booming area from a different city. You know when we go to CNN's a lot of there shareware and grilled chicken their wings they're buffalo chicken salad there cheeseburgers are great. And of course super nanny is across the street who are big fans of just saying you know of our shot mrs. Bernanke listens all the attention she's a big shout out. Her she and 2 I am to my key is this experience has slowed to bring daddy's idea and an answer there like he was one of the youngest guys to start bad busy he is. A wonderful guy we see him might shorten we see him up Ed Lou I'm Russell had allowed only Barack. Friday may not much but their whole area then you have Michelle from gas uliassi shop who's wonderful nurse on the corner we dock and then can Caro Kabul lighting another friend of ours is how. Right corner and then we have though. Across the street to cut the cake see how he arrow and downs. Her mom are there and throw went to DDD and I'm JoAnne and and now Maggie I said Maggie yeah I don't see Jacqui that's a decade or so and that she has a partner I'm not sure of her name of business partner as does if you ask out okay. So those are the ones I know I think you see Anderson didn't have that indicate Israeli Khazei boulevard Diana Levine done in house for a lot of different salons in Mendocino is tremendous and I love listening I shopper really really nice high end stuff yeah gives you a clearing him. I name apple again I think everybody saw what happened is what can you expect what do you guys do that. Day for fall fast. So this is our second annual all facets a second time doing it last year we haven't locked up it's a few blocks behind bunch of local artisans from local baker is to crack stairs two girls that you know we'd awesome scars they think that handles himself and everything and in between lined the streets. We had pony rides so they can as I'm Amy has follow games his volley in a bounce house and it is PX since this year we ended up and we worked really hands and our hands I went got a screen ten police department as love the cities Scranton never really. About as good again Rick you know bringing it needs to gather again so with their help we were able to I am and knock off not only Sanderson avenue three blocks that actually greenish corners at ease market as well from curiosity shop Ali down a path that will be as black dust that as well including the intersection to this time we're bringing in the screens and high school cheerleaders and Indiana. I'm to open up the off Aston cities and tens. In an amazing the end of this a breath ask Brad again which is actually he's contestant on the and then we had the fat pipe as we have I did the we're gonna also lined the streets which is roughly about fifty or more on local vendors began lining the streets for bringing in carnival food candy apple you know cattle call aren't we even have I ended does that greenish yellow when you think free agent increase your Streeter greenish corner is great actually pretty fast so our bodies already Andy GAAP and yet you'd act Siegfried and Kenya coming and the wired readers club zoom while I was you know mission yelled they're all part of the not as you know there are part of the greenish community so we brought and everybody will be there with their tables and it's kind of a fun event like I said the bounce house the face pain that is all for each of the kids. And again the activities that will have a time for example in ovals and entered into pumpkin bowling and yeah right and volleying I get paid back a little scary oversized pins kids love it. And all money raised for that as WiMax these associations that were able to do more fun events like fancy uninvolved. You know the fall fast Christmas tree horseback riding on that kind of stuff I doubt there last year we did and speculating and we actually able to gas I really need. We're strong care edged Alter greenish look at the lights and we were able to seek to do that from my you know we raised as an association. So we wouldn't still be able to do things like that and again in a small business or know what we're no one without the community you know they're part of our story humor part of their story and it's a really neat feeling when you have people come in and save your tradition brass you know I'm Christmas or Easter or whatnot and and they understand their my traditions failure my community it's your part of my stories sound funnier diet and your tradition for us. Yeah I love I only like a fish. So I talk a little bit Maggie I know you where I am very young you are young but you when you started how many years do you onions and get out here dot com my air. OK so you Wear when a young men and decided to bite when it was in done more right I don't came back around. Let's say IE lately he's got a history you right there on the corner and that little two little plays and you know moved he moved one other. Place and move to the health action right on the we can out through the camera locations they went up to the health action was beautiful up there was really neat belt saying I might cost you from the answer is mark my amazing images instantly loved and I love the staff says she's a sweetheart and I under great group there but and we were there for awhile he had a kind of and that's a nice I Aaron of course just. I don't move incidentally move down to green range which and and a time whenever you go do something rough fabric just telling you there's a reason that the Indian blessing at the time is hard to see that but once they got to drink and I realized they really and meant to be isn't custody where I was supposed to be in this is my forever homes so. And it's such a cute little Victorian intent of property I love how it looks and then you go inside it's sort of like it makes you think thank you love looking at the stout this Victorian. Look a little because he used to be I'd like oh my disorder thought brands social themes he kind of had that feeling anyway and then you walked Guillen and then you're surrounded by -- chocolate and wonderful like it's almost like walking into Willy Wonka sappy you know you're you really need pretty wits to second guess plays I say could you walk enemy action starts singing smiling -- sons and I don't know how I. Well thank you don't just say I'm Peru got. I did I do think that can beat. Because I was in their last night ahead of the wind is making generously helped me with under house is that the sacred heart's a walk and then weeks we act scores you have to get we have to get magnet we have fresh but I think just made well. I mean how do you come up with these ideas mag matching give your creative way but I. How did you how did you decide some of these things let's start with arms the proceedings. It was her best seller right. Are gourmet gift baskets and kind of made sense and I dabbled in it's I went down until a template it's Pennsylvania every little play pretty there's I don't mind that already been in dad's it's amazing little town and when and that's the founding chocolate companies is actually down their cargo company -- the company which they come here Scott Peters chocolate too we loved he had this amazing company and they actually teach classes I went down to see if I'd be good at and went pretty good and makes you generation immigrant to culinary garment company was kind of a dead on. I loved it I actually dead and I'm I'm good at its I I take several months worth of course is down there and became a certified chocolate here there and get yeah. And it can mean enemy I love my little train in happy proud I'm making actually came up with them and we started slot that was the biggest thing we might start out slow you know did being here and getting everything is a meeting as we handed some pretzels to start with or has nothing crazy and then start again and Elena you know create a silly entertainment I cannot it's awesome I'm not gonna lie it's believed it's creamy it's not string me it's not liquidity it's just I agree and I think he can tell when you tasted it took me an hour and a half to make that. I'll handing out you can that is incredible Havoc Israel. So good kick in next chance and opened from the other guy I'm confection her out of the year over there miss Kathy. Bradford who's here for up next in Kathy knows Ted doing cakes and building all those things using sugar I'm honored that I EN okay. Dancers and I am lucky and I do love ID I ever yeah. I'm off camera I can't even imagine hang on OK okay. It's gonna meet its mutual admiration society here so tell me about they would tell everybody what CNN I just said this story yesterday and thank you tell everybody what's in your nibbles and venturaland nibbles and bats are it's premature ending ethnic and say yes I'm so it's I thought I do week Karen Allen again and then we do honey recipients and lightly salted pretzels. Jimmy doing nicely but that's sad and then you're nice player of the chocolate peanut butter and asks. But that's that and we did that bad boy in chocolate and hand at everything and a little bit of I mean organic organic seesaw and then you siphon and they're now in quarter pounds fire is and he's vice and that people buy them right IE yeah I mean there is no right or wrong way to eat at any you know. And I believe we caught you mean like I forget Christmas time for everybody there's Irish Flynn an eye for Christmas Mensa Kathy be prepared to share. But I you know you didn't need to do I'm we give our sponsors I'm Bernanke stopped and some I don't know who wasn't trying to remember who called me and they said. Only you hone. What was the Barnes didn't call her because I can see hundreds and I didn't intuit it's unbelievable. What is I have no clue into its greats like rectangular I got I have no idea what it is my call I said boutique from what I guess she said hole that's been nipple I think around our. People everybody who. Has this is a Mike got an idea like Annika I'm penny to friends and brings I'm happy there I should I guess honeymoon. I think in dark chocolate actually could very in the dark tone I eat because is because this Leno or Conan it's at the sweet concoction that's inside suing you bring the dark chocolate that little bit of that bitter against god and pass it around does things that I mean I like no you talk now. That's been asked that you got that little bit of phones you know bring down mellow about the sweetness so in makes four and just he's testified right. Steve yeah. This guy is like what they have is to eat when you look at things like should the Buckeyes and that's. And then did the anything that you have in their that the pretzels and that the Embarq which he and I can't story make and that's kind of need that you only made it a Christmas and what happened that you decided to do with it all season they flew up yeah because his girlfriend yeah I ain't it did though you definitely I think delicious so it's the -- that's a bark to strike season and raspberries and yeah like a little bit of on some white chocolate flakes in there and -- -- an -- -- and and it's just in the milk chocolate melted in the dark but not the big thing I guess people went -- flag and consume these little bags and go back and I'll get in my shuns -- Connolly who listens to us hi -- she was about 98 she and her money absolutely loves the chocolates and none of that barn. It might act as so if she ties with in cellophane with a little bit and it's a pretty little even if you think there's somebody say here and now in the used to make it Christmas only now they making your round and I ended suggests she said let me know because I'm gonna visit China so I have to commend next week and she said Connie had a ton cost savings on south just in case because of golf course it does don't we make everything fresh so every ten outer corner store and you eat a piece of chocolate it was mainly and that we. I'm wishing I might sound kind of crazy by it I like the idea that it's it's fractions he's a fresh back oh my god. There's no other you know and wish you re a week later about but freshmen learn how and I had confessed that they just spam. On the last night and other how died and they don't have wrote about if he doesn't trucks come and tell everybody a one minute left tell me how to greet you when you're dresses and then again in just the basic info about processed. Again you can read says that nibbled and nibbled at and I never indexed and ranked www. Enables the stock Connie customize Grammy baskets or talk let's begin Myers still are at 1759. C Anderson avenue and green ridge which is in Scranton or didn't you cop I've been 034419. I have I had and also we are participating along with other businesses for the greenish fog that's which is next Saturday at 10 AM to 4 PM we're gonna have over fifty -- -- vendors fifty brick and mortar is lots of food lots of activities you know bring the whole family we have a free kids corner Yang includes chocolate bayou and go yeah it. Holliday had stuff sent the Yahoo! good luck to you may get a life and on and thanks for joining us academy thanks for everything shock of losing my friend he may be happy to quit so lovely miss Kathy record she is beat what do what do we sent owner and cake artist's artist that I extraordinaire. Of clearly see I'm just will be right back Ulysses. Larry lynch. The chlorine and Lynn. Good morning. Good morning. My name is Linda Evans I am the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants for a fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse this year freeze finances from baby boomer women. Available on And our academy and a Smart can't compress it a fundraising appearance special event business. And we have as I mentioned before miss Kathy rhetoric here with us talking a little bit about cakes economic good stuff to go into it. Also joining Kathy is a beautiful daughter miss Caroline rapper who is it crowded recent graduate of Hamilton College. And a Smart beauty as such as most of the women in this room tonight. And I should I said most but I feel at all. Yeah you aren't that I just try not to be including myself but what else. Thank you don't think I learned a nice to have Karen plane. Here are always so nice to have her home I don't know how to decorate a Shia sect fud. So well capped a week. Lynn said so what are you what's good what's on your agenda for your conversation today and and does so well last time we talked about the planning that goes into the wedding and she can Kathy said this I think we'll talk about wedding cakes yeah. Thanks so let's talk about the wedding okay. You've been busy weekend I herald and now it's wow it's it's all good for the I don't. An and I tend to do is I always say. Bride and groom are really can be a bright the bright it is crewman groomed for the bright in the current. So you know I I I associate all inclusive yes so. I I just wanted to talk a little bit about. When your bride and and you're trying to pick out a wedding cake the best way to go about it it doesn't have to be with me can be with any planning can defend her. So I'm. I can't put a few things and I think the last time I was here we touched a lot about budget because your budget will determine a lot which way you can go. And many venues in this area include the wedding cake. And in their package. So if you do go that way you don't have much choice. Com because they basically or the cake for you if you can't go outside of the package and the order something on your own world a place at the I'm I would say you armed. When when you call are when you do your homework you you really need to just figure out what is the best way to go for your. It's so maybe. There isn't a cake person out there that does one particular style and I know was truly scrumptious we do a Miree had different styles of cakes. It's not just 11. Type of K we can do square around. Oh. We'll tell hole you don't have to fight and cannot read and yeah for sure they can I thought it was a unifier but the nurse's cap on the top. He's Dahlia well honey nice picture. So race. So do your homework first before you get on the phone and just figure out if it's if it's a good start because sometimes it's not ten feet I have to tell you I really like that all bolt. Mean I love round but got a local candidates hold different. But I don't think I've ever would be if I did I didn't pay attention to it was really so classy look again. Different it's it's it's different shapes and I was just need to look altogether I do people ever. Golfer hopefully you can't they don't we are and you think you have the Palin hasn't panned yeah. So we can do for a cure all whole cake if you want to miss beautiful bananas fact cut. Cool and then gateway here. I don't really like or what it is a little bit different in the way you would cut. I normal K so you can cut the cake the same way because some people don't do those. Traditional late cake cutter belt filled Jewish from the edge in goal lengthwise and cut in the middle and that's sort of what we did with veteran. I'm with the oval but it looks so pretty just looks it even when it's kind. In until it throws up a its day it changes the whole obviously the shape of it just looked really cook as well how many layers just four. I think stringer for at least we don't. Offer sheet cakes so this is our alternative here actually she came out and when it's fast it's really be riots it was stunning and it's it's something unique and that's that's a well known for a young things that are different. So. Make sure that. Back to this. Have your budget ready and make sure that there are fully licensed commercial and I'm sure I can appreciate that. Before you can't make a call because I think I'm one of the sure as we talked about one of them one of the vendors in the area. Called in said when you're on the radio please mention this that it was backache that collapse and the wedding and the person let me indicate wasn't licensed and it was terrible. I'm so that's really important just to make sure that that they're fully licensed. Also. Make sure that the cake person has a contract. A lot of people don't like people don't offer contracts I'm the first few pages of our contractor all the legalese. And then the last page is where do. Breaking it down you are showing all the details on the sketch and place time that's sort of same songs that is so important act and it it protects everyone should. Kathy if you're say it's time of the year August and humid. It. Do you stay away from certain kinds of of cakes because you know they won't hold up as well as has nothing to do with anything other than I'm climbing getting it from it a debate yes please point your point about cash. And there are some. Some ten venues that I won't deliver caged animals this summer. Because there's no air conditioning and an arm. The truly scrumptious cake is it's very fragile. We its automation scratched. The fillings. Aren't gonna hold out she in 1995 when your mother bread the butter cream won't hold up. So I'm very careful about where where I deliver the kind. And I thought so because that's tricky you know. Armed so that tests the limits and whenever. The bride and groom want should be changed if it's an outdoor wedding in the senate place where you know they have no air conditioning right. What do you say to them stay well. It's interesting this says this is kind of a story that I had this. I wedding season spread called me a couple of years ago and said this is what I'm getting married and I want you to do taken its outside nice I can't do it. She came back to mean six and six months later concerns. My parents to install hold. Hear her parents' home and Al was beautiful and from the back mountains and her parents. I took their garage and installed air conditioning. And he. I put it so I so they can do it. Oh they kept the cake off in his garage and the way that it was decorated and it it kind of slowed from the patio. The garage so that's where they set up all. The food. And then you went under the tent outside of the garage. To. For four. Kind of reception you know as a fan you love it so you're able NGOs I was able to do yeah that was who. I think. If that goes back to what you're saying that reflection on. He would whoever did cake I am artists would peak Annie think about that it can't how. It's darn hot and humid and I couldn't really be a disaster I know because my cake when I go was when I first with Madison my marriage. I am and I should've realized when McCain started. I think they didn't it'll work ethic and we it's starting out just got it looks like the mini tower of peas song. Because there was cream in the middle income Boston cream and it was a cherry not cake and it was a butter cream basket weave and and apple K daisies was beautiful I'm out here all those thirty some years ago it was gorgeous but it did start until. And then on the floor it was at this grand country club so well air conditioned branch to bounce that did I am you know the movement of the Wrangler with the music and everything it starts least invasive I think you gonna cut that in case now so I'm kind of an it was just you know you gotta warn they think Marty there were signs I know it was there. I don't know all. Actual I guess another point is sometimes. The brides coming into the compound we do have tastings in consultations. And at the tasting. You call ahead of me schedules something and you pick three flavors and textures flavors of showing that you wanna try. And we also provided. A taste of our world content as well as are butter cream. And are being prepared. So so many brides kind of waste the opportunity and they're not ready they don't know what they want. And sometimes it's okay to not know what you Marxist because I look at OK where where is the recession the colors. Machine that you have. I'm how many people you're having a mom. Likes and dislikes of a surprisingly can kind of bring it together and and I can't with the designs. But it should now act at the very least what you like round or square and horrible. Yeah horrible. And I really wish basket we would come back as I know I. Unified talent left school. So I'm the colors. And there have been some Verizon didn't even have the day yet didn't have the venue booked so I think at the very least you have to have the date. And and the venue. Because and we need to know as far as deliveries. How how to schedule the person who delivers cakes so. Is different things are very common to and supply. I think it's some people Kathy like keep you talking about pricing. And sometimes people really don't have any clue how much a cake that they're thinking I would be trying. That's so K to right in getting congratulated USA here's what are looking action if this is what you want un high end here's what we're looking right and I can they get that right and I tell. Different ways they can save money. If you know during the consultation if they show me a picture and I say oh my gosh that's 101000 dollar K can. Clearly. I don't think anyone is gonna do 101000 dollar K. That there are ways he can save money yes so. You know I try to work within their budget and that's why it's so important that I know upfront. What what their budget is so there aren't we can kind of steer them in in that direction keep things that we can do to. So. Because it is so. Of such a focal point in your hand reception when us there and you're looking at in the beauty of it in general but then these ceremonial part of it yeah it's just some important and then about the fish that everlasting picture you know I mean Larry it has to be financed the first time the. Sharing something with yourself right it's the cake that's the first. Moment sharing. So it says ceremonial and so symbolic. Yet and it's social tradition right I had I got an I love oh yeah I think it's great. I just think some people there aren't you sharing the case is not necessarily my idea for Helio Nash India. I don't are now finally where and that is he's. Mentally so much time did to a diet takes so much time to look beautiful and and then that's not a good idea how it nicely into my mind be nice. And fast. Think if anyone needs to get in touch with you how can they do that well until May 26 Tony 18100. To 711. Coming avenue Kingston. My phone numbers by 70283. Cake. And I'm also on I have a website WW Jerry died eat cake first dot com. I'm on FaceBook truly scrumptious in Kingston Pennsylvania and I Mon. Can stick around and Twitter so. And the best of the night. Weddings there we go Joey as the around Danbury Kathy thanks Connie didn't Caroline thanks for joining us today and we hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. Lindsay next week thanks for listening everybody. Please be safe and please be nice I kinda think.