(Keep it on the down-low!)

May 04, 2017 - 10:03 am

I have satellite radio in my car. SHHH! I'm not supposed to admit that. 

Well, I used to think I wasn't supposed to admit that. I mean no bigshot at the radio station has ever actually said "Never admit that!" but it does feel like the guy who drives the orange juice delivery truck confessing that he drinks grapefruit juice. I mean, I have made a living on plain, old terrestrial radio since 1980 so once upon a time it used to feel like listening to the 'competition' would have not been in my best interests.

But as the years pass I feel less like I need to pretend blind loyalty, especially to a medium, mostly because the truth is something you don't need to remember.

Why do I have satellite radio? Good question. Like terrestrial radio, there is a lot of crap on satellite plus the problem of repetition rears it's head as it does on stations on plain,old radio. Then there's the 'paying for it' thing.

I have satellite radio because it came free for a year when I bought the car and after a year I had gotten used to it.  (That's how they get ya!)

Now the folks down at the satellite office would be perfectly content to charge you an arm and a leg, maybe two legs for the privilege of listening to songs like 'Rocks Are Nice' but if you give them a little static when it comes time to re-up, they'll usually cave to one degree or another.

Some people pay $200 a year or more for satellite but if you call them and say 'Cancel me' they'll let you sign up for the special "one-time only" introductory rate which I think is about 99 bucks a year. And they'll let you do that every year. So much for "one-time only". 

So, this has been like lifting a load off my shoulders, this admission that I have satellite radio in my car.

(Not really, I just had some time to kill, I had a picture of my car dashboard, and I'm supposed to be updating this blog periodically. I tell you that because the truth is something you don't need to remember.)

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