Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

...I have nothing against cats but...

May 05, 2017 - 9:19 am

Since an ever-growing group of feral cats invaded my neighborhood four years ago I have trapped 74 of them.


I have nothing against cats. It wouldn't matter to all...if there were a hundred cats roaming the neighborhood IF...they weren't all pooping and peeing in my yard. I first noticed the cat problem when it was still cold out, in fact there was snow on the ground. Didn't see it, smelled it.

And it was 28° outside. I fast-forwarded to the warm weather months and imagined my backyard would have brought to mind the smell of the Nay Aug Park zoo in July of 1967.

The cats go to a local animal shelter. The more docile ones have a shot at adoption. The nasty and/or obviously diseased cats (bulging tumor-like growths, hairless patches) I'm guessing don't fare as well. I wish I didn't have to trap them. But I also wish my neighbor wouldn't think that feeding feral cats is helping them. 

Take another look at that picture up at the top. 

Or this one.

74 of these.

Imagine if they were left to reproduce.

Anyone know how to convince these cats to roam someone else's neighborhood? Taking suggestions.

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