Tinfoil Hat Tuesday 11/12/13

November 12, 2013 - 1:10 am
This week's edition of Tinfoil Hat Tuesday begins with a curious tale of coincidence...or something more!

King Umberto met a restaurant owner named Umberto who could have been his twin. Both of them were married to women named Margherita. Both had sons named Vittorio. And that's just the beginning! Click HERE!

16 creepy things kids have said. And there are some creepy ones HERE!

We complain because the UFO and Bigfoot pictures are always fuzzy and grainy but when they're not fuzzy and grainy we think they're fake? You be the judge of this encounter in Michigan about two weeks ago. Click HERE!

From 'PhantomsandMonsters.com', alien abduction in northeast PA? Click the picture for the full story!

Did the Kraken exist after all?  CLICK HERE for the story.

Mom finds deadly Brazilian spider's nest on bananas.  CLICK here for the creepy details.
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