Tinfoil Hat Tuesday 01/07/14

January 07, 2014 - 1:35 am
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Photo credit: Julie Belanger / 111th Aerial Photography & Video
It didn't last long, the property owner had it plowed over. And what does the Braille '192' repeated over and over in the center of this crop circle mean? Click HERE

Photo illustration credit: Lon Strickler/PhantomsandMonsters.com
"There's a pale-looking guy in a black bodysuit just standing in the dark out in the backyard." Then he left. Terrifying? Read the account sent to PhantomsAndMonsters.com!

Illustration credit: Greg Newkirk/WhoFortedBlog.com
"...his eyes were empty looking coals..." A kid knocking on his door scared a 6'7", 260lb former Special Forces airman? Click the LINK to WhoFortedBlog.com.

Illustration credit: Ron Miller/Black Cat Studios
The forgotten Cold War plan to put a ring of copper around the Earth? Yep. Click for the story on Wired.com!

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