Fake picture! (You sure?)'s Tinfoil Hat Tuesday!

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July 11, 2020 - 10:25 am

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Some people look at a cloud and see a puppy. Scott Waring says he looks at a picture of Mars and sees an ancient jet engine in the dust. Does he? Do you? Go to and to decide.


crop circle
It happens once in awhile in Poland, almost never in Hungary. Are the crop circles real, are they fake, or are they a "footprint of the devil's hoof"? and have more!


Sometimes a faked picture is easy to spot. Other times, might make you wonder. Is it a video of a toy or is it an unknown lizard-like creature with really long arms? Click @stinkeyescrappy on TikTok and and see it for yourself.


lake monster
A story on and has video of what some people think is a lake monster in China. Click the link to see. 
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