The Sue Henry Show
March 26, 2017 - 8:01 pm

     Has anyone seen Stella? Hopefully in your world, she’s just an anxious memory at the moment.

     Two weeks ago, we were in full preparation for a moment of uncertainty involving the convergence of two storms that double teamed Northeastern Pennsylvania.  A lot of times when we talk about these storms on the radio, we have a tendency to downplay them. This time, something seemed different. Several accused us of “fear mongering.” In fact, I had a back and forth texting session with someone who said we were being alarmists. I asked that texter to send me a picture from his/her desk on the Tuesday morning of the snowstorm. Since I never heard back from the person, I can only assume it’s because they couldn’t find their desk in a snow bank.

     I’ll always remember some of the anxiety and anger that seems to always be part of these situations. PennDOT called in and said people were stopping their vehicles on Interstate 81 and getting out to clean their windshields, which just sounds like a bad idea, unless you can’t see out of your windshield. We heard from a few local mayors who were being roundly criticized for falling behind on getting some streets cleaned, making neighbors question where they stood in terms of importance.

     In my neighborhood, a truck sat sideways across part of a street for a time while crews wrestled with other commitments. Eventually, an apparatus appeared and freed that four wheeler. The guy on the garbage truck told me that while he was plowing, all the reviews from residents weren’t positive, and some even gave him a one finger salute for his work. I shook my head.

     The above photo shows a shovel I snapped in half and threw into a snow bank in disgust because, well, it was disgusting. At the time, I was exasperated and exhausted. Two weeks later, it just made me laugh. I also included the lovely banana split because we’re moving on toward ice cream days instead of snow days, which brings me to the “lessons learned” portion of this reflection.

     One of my favorite phrases is, “This too shall pass.” The snow will melt, the shovel will go in the trash and we will move on. So, congratulate yourself for being there when the all time record for snowfall in one day was set on March 14, and get ready to put the rock salt away and open the pool  Maybe we’ll have a heat wave to tell the grandkids about!


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