President Trump says we'll be "the first to know"'s Tinfoil Hat Tuesday!

The Morning News
June 16, 2019 - 12:15 pm

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She hasn't had to put up a sign yet, but a North Carolina woman says Bigfoot (Bigfeet?) are visiting her backyard. A lot! WCNC in Charlotte has the story, republished at


Do Captain Kirk and Spock ever visit the Star Fleet base on Mars? NASA has a picture taken from orbit that seems to show a giant Star Fleet logo on Mars' surface! The University of Arizona HiRISE Lunar and Planetary Laboratory and have more. 


George Stephanopolous asked President Trump about UFOs and recent stories in the news about what some Navy pilots have reported seeing. Click ABCNews and to find out what he thinks about possible extraterrestrial visitors!


You can see some interesting things at Walmart. This man says the baby in the stroller turned into a reptile for a second. Read about it at!



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