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Shadow beings, Japanese mermaids, and a UFO in Texas!'s Tinfoil Hat Tuesday on WILK!


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Does a Japanese shrine contain the preserved body of a ningyo? Ningyos are the Japanese version of the mermaid but not like the mermaids you may be thinking of. Read the story at Ancient Origins


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The National UFO Reporting Center says someone in Austin, TX saw a UFO land on a North Austin nature trail. Their report was left as 'anonymous' and NUFORC says they'd like to talk to whoever saw it. The story is at TexasUFOs!


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Are there shadow beings in the woods of Catawba county, North Carolina? An account submitted to


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Could you mistake an owl for a monkey? No, right? That's because except in the Wizard of Oz, monkeys don't fly. Or do they? A comment left on Beyond Creepy on YouTube as appears at

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