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Meanwhile in North Carolina...

...flying dinosaurs and more, it's Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

The Morning News with Webster and Nancy
February 12, 2018 - 9:51 am

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It was an owl. It was a big one though. Are there 8-foot owls? And if there are, can they also disappear? Read an account sent into and appearing on


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Are there living pterosaurs in North Carolina? Depends who you ask. Read the story in the Fayetteville Observer


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The Rongorongo writings found on Easter Island date back at least to the 13th century but no one can decipher their meaning. Read more at Ancient Origins!


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It was a 50 pound flying saucer. It had copper-paged hieroglyphics inside. It crashed in 1957 and subsequently 'disappeared'. Until now. Read the story at


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