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Its a bug spray and it also attracts BIGFOOT!!!'s Tinfoil Hat Tuesday!

The Morning News with Webster and Nancy
September 18, 2017 - 10:17 am

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Governments around the world seem to be slowly allowing access to former 'top secret' information about UFOs to the public. Is 'disclosure' nearly upon us? Read more at TexasUFOs!


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This is a map of Chicago. And one witness says that somewhere on that map you might run into a 7 foot tall, black-winged person with orange eyes. Here's the story at UFO Clearinghouse


ID 40403794 © Hakan Doğu | Dreamstime
You can use it to kill bugs says a North Carolina woman who also says you can use it to attract Bigfoot! Read her inventive story at The Charlotte Observer!


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He thought he saw a pterodactyl but he Googled 'birds that look like pterodactyls' and it wasn't a pterodactyl. It was a pterosaur! Read the Philadelphia man's story at


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