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Are they spraying us?

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March 05, 2018 - 12:00 pm

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Everyone thought Project: Blue Book was the end of it but it wasn't. The government has been studying the UFO phenomenon, has the story!


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The object is 200 feet long. It left a track in the snow for more than a half mile. Did Google Earth get a picture of a crashed UFO in Antarctica? Read the story and check out the video too at


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Multiple videos taken in the last two months in Texas prove that the government is spraying us. That's what some people believe anyway. Chemtrails or contrails? Check out the videos and more at


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Truckers probably see some unusual things at truck stops from time to time. One man saw a giant, human, red-eyed bat. Yep. So he says. The story originally reported at UFOClearinghouse appears at



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