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Is a 3-Year-Old Boy Who Talks About a Past Life Proof of Reincarnation?'s Tinfoil Hat Tuesday time!

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April 24, 2017 - 10:26 am

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He's 3 years-old. He says he lived before. He told his parents he was murdered. He led them to a buried skeleton. Is this real? Check out the story and video at Anonymous


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A chimpanzee wouldn't 'get' quantum theory. Does alien life exist but we haven't spotted it yet because humans aren't smart enough to do so? Read about invisible aliens at


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A Russian soldier said there were two of them. He thought he could catch up for a better look when they came to the fence. But that's when they levitated over it. The story of the 'Levitating Hairy Humanoids' at! (from Albert Rosales Humanoid Encounters: 1995 to 1999)


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1974, a horse, a UFO, missing time, Nicholson, PA. Originally reported to MUFON, the story at

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