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Does Jason Barsky really want to live across the street from a crack house full of prostitutes?

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Jason Barsky
January 06, 2020 - 5:12 pm

Do I really want to live across from a crack house?  What about next to a park where prostitutes look for customers?  What about a crack house, full of users, dealers, and prostitutes??  Is that the kind of neighbors I want? Not exactly.  

Consensual crimes (sometimes called victimless crimes) are those crimes where a person (or persons) willingly does something (currently) illegal, where the only person they may be hurting is themselves. While I used crack to get your attention, the most common drug mentioned when discussing these crimes is marijuana.  

Are families torn apart by drug users?  All the time.  Yes.  Do I think addicts need help?  If they want help, yes.  Do I think drug users should get locked up when their crime stops at the possession and personal use of drugs?  No, I do not.  Please note that I did say "when their crime stops at possession and personal use." If a drug user steals from their family to buy their next fix, they've committed another crime. 

The same applies to prostitution.  If you are an adult and you choose to meet up with another adult with the agreed upon purpose of sexual activity in exchange for money, I believe you should be allowed to do what you want to do. 

"But sex trafficking is a real problem. Underage girls are being sold into sex slavery.  You're ok with this???"  No.  I'm not. 

If "woman" and "man"mutually agree to have sex in exchange $5000, in a private setting, I don't care.  If "woman" and "man" agree to meet and "woman" drugs "man" before selling him into sex slavery for $5000, this is wrong.  

This is all very clear in my head, but as you'll hear in this phone call, it's not clear to everyone.  I get it.  It's confusing.  I'm not advocating for prostitutes or drug users. I'm not saying I want to use prostitutes or drugs.  (I don't)  I just think people should be allowed to live their lives and do what they want, as long as they aren't hurting other people.  

The reality is it's rare for acts like this to be 100% victimless, but it's possible.  Cross the line and I'm all for arrests and prosecution.  A simple example: Drinking alcohol is ok if you are 21+. Drinking too much alcohol and driving a car is not ok.  Got it?  

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Jason Barsky 

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