01-05-16 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

January 05, 2016 - 1:30 am

Tinfoil Hat Tuesday kicks off 2016 with a fresh new pile of tinfoil goodness. Listen each week at 6:35am and 8:35am, WILK 103.1FM, www.wilknewsradio.com!

Image Wes Dickinson

Baba Vanga was known as 'the Nostradamus of the Balkans'. Her followers say she made predictions with as much as 85% accuracy. She died in 1996 but not before a prediction for Europe in 2016. Read what she foresaw at NewsPrepper.com

Image Marc Nozell

Hillary is on record. If she becomes President, we'll get to the bottom of UFOs once and for all. Check out the story at The Conway Daily Sun!

Image David Santaolalla

A story of a boy/werewolf in Pennsylvania? Read about David Weatherly/TwoCrowsParanormal find in an old folklore journal. 

Image Victor R. Ruiz

"The existence of these beings is real." One of several comments from Vatican officials all the way up to the Pope himself that possibly the Church knows something about whether or not extraterrestrials are real. The story is at UFO Mania.
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