U.S. Senator Bob Casey holds Town Hall in Scranton

Approximately 200 people gather at Lackwanna College Theatre for 90 minute event

April 03, 2017 - 10:21 am

Pa. U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D) stopped in Scranton Sunday afternoon for a 90 minute Town Hall at Lackawanna College.  Questions from the audience centered on a number of hot political topics including the Neil Gorsuch vote, the probe into Trump allies and possible collusion with Russia, Obamacare, Immigration and Climate change.  There were approximately 200 people in attendance.  Listen to the full Town Hall event below. 

4-2-17 Town Hall in Scranton with U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D)

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Sunday, April 2nd

Democratic U.S. Senator Bob Casey holds a Town Hall in Scranton at the Lackawanna County College People's Security Bank Theatre.  He took questions from the audience.  There were approximately 200 people in attendance.  


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Senator Clinton's Bob Casey. I want to thank everyone for being here today. But. Thank you for doing this also want to thank black watch college. The president mark spoke to Jim colonists here no Cathy Wexler others let's have a yen for Electoral College about Durkin two. But. Good news is there's no speech so let's get started as. Jordan you have somebody and we're gonna go this way right. This way. While much depth on January. I am page for planet Pennsylvania. I was wondering what you think can be done about higher education. Cause you know full blown tinker as hot. Page thank you for the question. I don't think there's a cost in the life of a family that's more significant these days than the cost of higher education. I remember years ago looking at a chart. That was have a graphic depiction of of Nevada. My memory serves me from the late eighties until well into this. New century is about one meter 25 years. And the cost of a lot of things were open nothing more than higher education so. It's it's significant. I don't think that there is there's one bill that the congress could pass that would provide the kind of comprehensive relief that people want. But I do think there're couple things we can do we can continue our support for programs. Which got a lot of oh over the last eight years ago a lot of increases. We should make sure that continues. Secondly we could we could pass legislation. I know that I had a chance at least one chance and then when I voted yes. I'm builder reducing interest rates and a lot of young people would say to us. His agreement on that. A lot of young people would say to us I know you can't wipe out my obligation completely but at least try to bring down me the monthly and we had a vote. Gosh I think it might have in the summer when he fourteen. It was one of those votes were all on one side voted for the democratic side Republican senators voted against it. I hope that there are other opportunities Rican vote on the measure the least reduce interest rates. They're probably enough and a number of other ideas out there that we should consider what it. Those two at least in of course. At the state level of course you know the Pennsylvania higher education assistance agency armor for. When I was going to college and beyond college law school. Inning and support from from furious so that's another area where where it's folding federal and state. Responsibility Irving we can bring them down those. Those costs. Okay. To going the way. Amanda got somebody there. Afternoons. Steve from. You Steve. Assume that you be running shear walls so to win. Well. I think the answers are yes and I hope. Not allowed to say more than that the government the owners wanting more. And with that being said. Looking to two point one would you do due consideration to running for the presidency. Conceived. I've got a lot to do right now. We're we've got a we it's hard to think beyond even 2017 right now because of the challenges we face mean just consider what we have in front of us. We have. A major challenge when it comes to making sure that we can continue to grow the economy to make the investments in. The programs that will help grow the middle class and create jobs raise wages. Some of that fight. Will involve the president's budget which analyze more time to talk about today but. I've got some real disagreements there was the president's approach to next year's budget. In the twenty team budget here which started October 1 we'll also have a challenge with regard to. Terrorism and and the battle the fight against sciences that's a major challenge we have a whole series of questions about Russia. That have to be answered that's and that's a long process is just beginning. And I do. Was hoping that we at this stage would have more consensus. On health care but it appears that the administration. Even though bill wasn't. Voted down last Friday. Thankfully because it was it was a bad bill but ended in addition to that. That bill going down of the administration talking about taking actions. Or inaction as the case may be to undermine. The the exchanges news there were created affordable care we can talk more about that so I've got. Enough Townsend points seventeen to think only about the next year. Arms are over here. Thank you Peter will let from its density. I want to applaud your Russ stance on the appointment of new courses to the Supreme Court. And. Given the amount of money being spent by private groups to support his nomination. And the incredible influence of packs super pacs special interest lobbies big money donors to campaigns. And the evident buying of legislators votes. Many of us ordinary citizens feel left out of our government. Would you support comprehensive reforms and lobbying election or to change lobbying election campaign finance laws. As embodied in the American anti corruption. Well first of all people haven't seen that. And the scene that. Deep in a bill yet so we'll see what. What happens in the senate and house in terms of the bill but a lot of the elements of a reform agenda. We've had some chance to vote on them another other opportunities to support changes. Some which have been been a part of one has been in the more of a position. Then a specific vote necessarily coming up and that's on Citizens United. The Supreme Court case. That was. Decided back in a 1010. Keeps going and around in that case the the Supreme Court pretty much who took the lid off of campaign spending so one individual. Who may live in Pennsylvania remain. Could. Put in unlimited amounts of money into one and and Dmitry. It. One individual is has virtually unlimited. Opportunity to put him dollars in new campaigns so. I think citizens you know it was wrong for a lot of reasons. It took him a system. A campaign finance system. He. Took up a campaign finance system meant a lot worse so ending Citizens United overturning it is something I hope. The Supreme Court in the future we do when I'm afraid that the votes may not be there for right now secondly. We try to even with Citizens United is the law of the land right now. We try to on our side to pass was quoted as the disclose that. Which is legislation to focus on what I would call dark money meaning people can and by advertising. In Norman who they are. It's not like you've got to come on the airwaves in San John Smith I'm buying this dad and I own. I am a big oil and to answer some some. It's got some economic interest and that that's why I'm participating. In the Pennsylvania election island taxes. For example. That's dark money if you don't know who the person is what the point of view is before you vote. So that the disclose act require more disclosure. Even for contributions in the thousands of dollars not waiting. Or raising the bar to have to someone contributing much higher dollar amount. Obviously in our system right now. The the redistricting. Process doesn't work for a state like ours where you have we got to change that. That's gonna require two things one. Legislative change and some of that at the state low opposite. But it's also require more participation by us then we got to get more involved in races for state representative state senator. The governor's races have big race in terms of reapportionment. And certainly it's the State Supreme Court races. So participation. In those races of it overtime you don't ever. A a set of congressional district through the extremes. On the right especially. Our our room being elected over and over again so I think there's a number of things in in reform agenda that we should we should focus on I support. We'll see what what happens we have specific legislation. Sure. OK so where am I going. Are your serve just go back. I'm John from Scranton. As a military retiree I'm fortunate to have VA care plus Medicare and try care for life. Silent spend less than 2000 dollars for health insurance. Most of my friends are not that lucky they're paying through the nose. Do you believe that changes need to be made to the Affordable Care Act to bring the cost of premiums and deductible touched down. And if so specifically what would you do. Joining them the short answer is yes. Here's here's the background for. Well we've had now. Seven years. Since. The affordable Ericsson and place. And I think folks on both sides agree that one of them that the challenges still remain for some families affordability. Obviously access to care is another but the basic challenge for a lot of families affording. Health insurance. The good news is we took a lot of steps in the right direction. We passed the patient protection and affordable care the patient protection part of that. Not many people were talking about even in the recent debate a whole long list of protections. Including protections. For individuals for pre existing conditions. For insurance companies before the act were not willing to provide that kind of protection so you could have insurance fee paying your premiums in your no protection. In many cases world. Pre existing conditions that change right the the other. Consumer protections. That were provided in the bill was a step in the right direction by the way by by the estimate of Kaiser. Would that keep track of those. Major organizations keep track of who's enrolled. 156. Million people get their coverage from employer sponsored coverage all 156 million Americans. That have employer coverage benefitted from those protections. No one's been talking about that but it's important point to make any move into the second category. Of the twenty million who gain coverage that was a good result. Twenty or some legally it's even higher twenty plus million got coverage more than half of post money. Million got their coverage. By an extension of Medicaid. So a big huge number of Americans. Getting coverage from the Medicaid expansion. And then a whole series of other good results flowed from the legislation. Seniors for example were wary because of the affordable care actor getting. By one estimate over its own in the range of 25 billion dollars in the last couple of years in filling the so called donut hole. Which is a very benign way of saying eight coverage gap will have to pay for a prescription drugs. So whole series of good results what what is what hasn't been done well there's some some folks who still need help. Who might have policies in the individual market. And the and and sometimes you were were still hearing. Stories about people's premiums going up to you cited work. Or deductibles being too high my doors have been opened for seven years for any Republican walking and say let's work on that let's let's take repeal. All of those reasons that did the broad sweeping repeal off the table which would destroy health care for. And millions of people who one estimate as you know from the Congressional Budget Office 24 million people would loser health care. If that bill and go into effect over ten years fourteen of the 24 million who lose your coverage in the first true that's a bad result. The American people now that they fourteen and 24 million people so that's. That's a that's a result that we don't want we don't wanna get into that discussion now it's if if a Republican senator walked in the torrents that I wanna work with you on those. Issues that relate to families who whose premiums and two time. And in don't meet that affordability standard or lose hope laser to higher deductibles that's something we can talk about their two or three things we can do rendition of that. We can I believe recount a bipartisan consensus. I'm on a bill of Bernie Sanders. To create an opportunity to import prescription drugs from Canada that would lower the costs of health care for. Lot of people that's one. The second thing that we could do was to would be to legislate. In Medicare like. Public option. So that goes. Bottles you know a lot of small towns and rural areas sometimes they'll only know of one insurer. And because there's not enough competition. Rates or rates to rise if you had another player in the marketplace. Meaning in Medicare like public option he could you do don't bring down rates because you know more competition. Thirdly I think that there're there are a lot of people who would. Would want us to try to move forward with. Maybe an adjustment upward. In terms of the subsidies that families get sometimes families. Who were in the affordable care exchanges. Are getting. Getting a tax credit. Which in essence is a subsidy getting a tax credit for that tax credit isn't high enough. To make their insurance affordable that's a third thing we can do in a bipartisan fashion so I've Republican walking in the door. Who wants to work on most three ideas and maybe two others. My derby open and we can work but so far what do they've done since the bill went down. What has the president done what have Republicans on all they've done. Is threaten. To undermine the existing system. They've they are root matches rooting for failure of the exchanges they are taking the president is taking and Republicans are taking specific steps. Under undermine exchanges. That is beyond insulting. To the American people too cute to say that you want the exchanges to fail that's wrong. And we have to stop them from doing. I am back in with from north Abington Township and first off I just wanna thank you at the opportunity in DC last week for the hearing you convened on alzheimer's disease. As you know our time is as a sixth leading cause of death and the most expensive disease in America it's expected to cost Medicare 259. Billion dollars. With your key role in the aging committee. What do you think would be the best and most important things to us support those living with the disease and it's. Think it's a great question Regis and hearing. This week in the aging committee. Senator Collins is the chairman of the committee. The issues that were chairman and chairwoman. Some people refer one or her name currently called chairman. She's the chair I'm the the the top Democrat so we're sitting together. Conducting here which which that committee is often conducted on the alzheimer's. You recited the urgency of one of these statistics Maria Shriver was our first witness one of the statistics that she used. Are two that were were significant and one was every 66 seconds. Summon. Develop alzheimer's in the country just to mention that the numbers. And secondly that that two thirds are women. So we're very high incidence with women and then another 1 which I am to the argument. With a discussion was a very high incidence. With regard to. Folks that have downs and that's that's another. Another number that's very troubling. The most important thing we can do what Maria Shriver and others have been pleading for more and more money in research. That's why it is it makes no sense in fact Susan Collins is the Republican senator said this with no prompting from me. That she disagreed with president trumps. The specific budget proposal. That would reduce National Institutes of Health funding. And I think that was the right thing to do to advocate against that part of his budget proposal. But here's how bad it is here's our obnoxious that is forget the fact that Pennsylvania gets a billion and a half dollars every year. From the National Institutes of Health so we have great researchers and in southeastern Pennsylvanian southwestern parts maker's entry. The big institutions mode basically in Philly and Pittsburgh. During a lot of research on alzheimer's I believe if if we finally get to the point or cure. I really believe this momentous thing in this to boost Pennsylvania because of this the expertise we and these investments I believe the thicker which found. In this state and that would be be wonderful if that happened. But. But here here's how bad it is forget that we get all that opened Pennsylvania we deserving. Here's the here's how bad it is at the end of last year. Democrats and Republicans. Across the board from the left to the right in and through the middle. Came together and pass the 21 century cures. It was a good bill for the National Institutes of Health was good for the FDA was good for medical research it was a really strong. Bipartisan bill right. One of the agreements and that was and billions almost gives me the neighborhood of five billion dollars. And I age what a president trumped him his budget you wipe that out. Would've it would wipe it out of his budget passed. Which makes no sense that flies in the face of the need for research and also flies in the face of a bipartisan. Consensus. On the need for medical research so number one and alzheimer's is. Is is research number two is we've got to make sure of our health care system. Our care delivery system. Reflects the challenges. That families face so many families. Have and caregivers. Who were not expert professionals all the time there there's someone in there a loved one. They're the spouse of the personal alzheimer's than the son of the daughter or other family members that are spending a lot of their life. Caring for that individual. And we've got to make sure that we have all the support necessary. To allow them to do that first almost them wanna do it out of love and respect for those that individual that that gave them love and life in some cases. But we gotta make sure that we're there trying to help those families they provide that. Critical care that sometimes wrong only in a famine or provide. I'm over here it. I'm listening in my staff workers I'm Barbara from about fifty miles north of here Susquehanna county. And you pretty much answered. My first question but I have another one. And I'm really concerned about national security. In. And I aim anxious for the Republicans in congress. Two. Put their country before their party. And I've really. Anxious for an independent special prosecutors. To be appointed. Two look into any possible Russian ties. In our election. Or between the trump administration. Or anyone that works for the trump administration. Or worked for the trumpet administration. During their transition period or it worked fort Trump's campaign. And I wonder what you thought if if I had me. Hope her. Chance of that happening. I mean it seems like why am I asking this question but we all know why am asking this question. Did you see your name is Barbara. Yes Barbara thanks for the question I'm glad we're getting to this because it's it's an issue that hangs over everything we do. As much as we would like to be able to have debates only about the the usual set of difficult challenges the budget. The battle. The battle against crisis or terrorism the the Packers is Regis talked about a whole series of of difficult tax reform infrastructure urgent issues that we need to get. We cannot allow. The usual course of business to stop us from getting in the bottom of those questions rush here's what here's what's currently underway. But I think there's more and that should be number one as you have. Two congressional committees that are looking at this issue the election right because we know despite. Despite some the president says I'm more. Aware he comes up with the idea that it's still it's still an open question about whether they. They interfered election there's no question. That the interfered election everyone knows that that's that's a fact. And that alone. Should cause the president of the United States to stand up. And finally say. To the American people something along the lines of that I should write his features but something along the lines it would say I don't care. Which candidate was benefit. I don't hear the extent of the influence. Of the Russian government I'm gonna do everything I can to stop them from ever interfering in our election in anyway. At any time. Right. And that is that the second thing he should say a few things about Latimer potent. That he refuses to say. Lose a threat to us. He's a threat to our democracy democracies around the world in the present United States should say that in addition to holding him accountable. On the hacking of the election. And holding him accountable for what he's doing in Syria in Ukraine and a lot of other places so. Thanks to let me get that off my chest now. Here's what's happening we have 22 committees I started set to committees one as a house committee which has some problems. So let's set that aside. Let's set that aside. The senate committee this week we had a good moment this week. Where you have the Republican chairman Richard Kerr and the democratic ranking member Mark Warner stand together at a podium. And say in essence illnesses and just summarizing here. We're gonna follow the evidence were leads and get to the bottom of these questions that was a good moment for the country. And they both agreed to do that and they're they're both working together. So that's one committee. That won't that will reach a determination or maybe. Make a series of conclusions we don't know when that won't happen but it's at least months away so that's one set that's kind of one lane of inquiry right. Another lane is the FBI. Now notice that the FBI director has been going in front of the the Intel. Committees. Two to give them information but remember the FBI. Investigation. Is a criminal investigation. In is also looking at a counter act it's also counterintelligence investigation. So we don't know what that will yield but there will be a result from an FBI. This FBI inquiry so now I have two separate. And sometimes related to two separate lanes of inquiry I'd like to add two more at least right. One movie to set up an independent. Commission like the nine elevenths commission. And work. A lot of people forget that wasn't set up for many many months after nine elevenths the problem with that is. I just heard Mitch McConnell the senate Republican leader saying it and did not favorite we have to pass legislation. To set up a commission. But we should try and Democrats can continue to pursue that we have to get some Republicans to jump over. And support that we should try to that would be a third. Area of inquiry. Are laying all call before it would be something I suggested. To the Justice Department. Attorney general sessions has recused themselves. But there's still an opportunity for that department to a point what's called a special. Counsel. Here's Rick gets tricky all these different terms right we just hear this term special prosecutor. That doesn't really exist in a in in particular session right now. Then over here yet this other term independent counsel outlaw went out of effect that was that the independent counsel to the Iran Contra investigation. For example but there is still an existing law. It's a Justice Department regulation special counsel. So in other words I've asked the Justice Department not not to have. Jeff Sessions appointments he's recused himself but someone else a career person in the Justice Department. Could make a decision to appoint a special counsel. Outside of the department to conduct their own investigation. So I just outlined four edited include the house committee in this four areas of inquiry. I think there's going to be a determined set of conclusions reached by. By at least two of those I hope it's for and then we will have a lot of information about. The extent of the involvement. On the Internet on the election what happened in the campaign. We need to get to the bottom of those questions well in anything else incorporating what you outlined in your questions. Okay yes. And it Jennifer Atkins can meet peeled. How do you plan to fight the White House denial of scientific facts in regards to CO2 emissions and climate change in addition. Area green and that has the Yankee ecological bird of the Wall Street how do you keep in the street accountable for yourself and mission. In light of the world that BP H. Great question. But both Colin and climate change look let me start with the broad perspective on what. Novo what might duty is. And what the duty of of their republic official isn't even the way this constitutional provision written relief duty of us as citizens. We have a state constitution. That. That where we amended back in 1971. Article one section 27 reader it's a very powerful statement about. One in especially the obligation public affairs. It says the people have a right to clean air pure water and the preservation than natural scenic historic. And aesthetic value for the environment. It says that it goes on to say that the that are public national re written Nash and natural once it's. Resources are the common property of all the people. And that we are trustees'. Of those resources. And if you wanna go even into the sacred realm he could talk about. You can talk about stewardship of God's creation so we have a very high duty. Both constitutionally. And otherwise. To protect our environment part of that is what we do on. Environmental regulation and the enforcement of those rules and part of that of course the larger challenge of of climate change. But yet we have an administration now. That appointed someone who heads the EPA right because while the worst cabinet appointments in American history mr. Pruitt. I voted against him I've had people thank me for an epic you know why. I don't deserve a big thank you because it was pretty easy to vote against him based upon his record. He is he has a set of views that are are obnoxious. When it comes to those duties and it just outlined in this state. And we're gonna fight him and fight the administration. When they try to undermine. Carmel for. Protection he. All right I think about my own father he represented. As a state senator a lot of people forget this in the in the mid 1960s. Early sixties into the mid sixties he was a state senator for one term. And in those days Cole was still and a part of the conversation. We weren't extracting a lot of coal but it was still considered a whole community in in in a Lotta homes are still heated by anthracite coal. At that time. He stood up as a state senator very young man. Starting out in the state senate in support of the clean streams law way back in the mid sixties so we went from. This this state went from. Being a state where for generations. One or two industries. Here refuse very small number of industries pretty much got their way to do whatever they wanted. We eventually began to change in the 50s60s. And seventies culminating in that in this state constitutional provision. So I gonna fight mr. fruit when he tries to undermine. Efforts to. To keep our environment clean a lot of those will play out you'll be hearing this you re hearing these three letters a lot C. Our eight congressional review act when the Republicans put that on the floor of the US it's probably bad news. OK so you're gonna CC our day and 50 being no when it comes to what they're trying to do. What they're trying to do with that is it's a statutory provision that says if it passes the senate. That the the regulation is undermine you take the legs out. From under regulations put in place sometimes for years what they're trying to denounce passed a lot of those under him undermine him from a protection. Two to mine clean air clean water so we got a long way to go to fight that. The last thing is on the clean power plant on the and climate change. When they'd initial draft of that. I said the eyes said to the game at the time. You might be headed in the right direction but there's some parts of it that would make. Pennsylvania Pittsburgh to having it in the percent of a renewable fuels for example we have to generate. They went back to the drawing board they made some adjustments and then came back to me and I supported strongly and still support the clean power rules. We have to make sure that this administration doesn't do with president from. Tried to do in the executive order which is totally wiped out. The that the clean are so we've got a lot of fights out of its win a lot of them. Good afternoon senator I'm JoAnne screen to vigilant. I have a question about funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Brett I'm in favor of that. And activate WD IA. I'm Tom crew were Yahoo!'s the president has asked us to send testimonials or email to our representatives. To tell them how important public broadcasting news. And what I'd like to know is is an effective way of getting our point of crimes. I mean I'm sure it is for you. But I have a feeling it when we send messages to our representatives these days that they have their minds made up already. And what is the effective way. You know for us to get our point crimes. Well when you know when legislators are talking about. Wiping out funding for. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting or take away funding from the National Institutes of Health. Anomalous cutting eighties are that the EPA. Cutting the EPA's budget by more than 30%. When they when they take steps like this that are. Totally in conflict with our values and what we believe them. It's it's critical that people get involved the good news is I've never seen more engagement more involvement. And we have the last couple weeks and months and sometimes people say for example when. When there is. When there's a lot of debate about a cabinet nominee. Whether it's got through it or bits either moss rose right some people would say there was well I did all that work. I'm march and I went on social media and I went to meetings I wrote letters and made phone calls and do all that and in this this nominee that nominee was confirmed that you know what. You made it very difficult. For them to be confirmed number one in the case of Betsy to vause just imagine what had happened. In that case right. In order for her to be confirmed. Two Republicans. Went against her that never would have happened if it weren't for the the work that everyone. Across the country did to oppose her nomination and then remember how she got confirm the vice president of the United States and get in his car. Which is surrounded by other cars and lots of security and lots of effort. And drive all the way up Pennsylvania Avenue. Shut everything down. Wind of the building wait for the vote and then well vote yes to rescue her nomination it was in Paris. That. Secretary of education nominee to be rescued in all of those reserves have been undertaken. To get the vice president there to rescue that never happened. In American history. So that was that was proof positive it was a bad bad choice. But my point is that. In all of these instances. Because you fought back because you made the the extra effort day after day week after week these cabinet nominees are on notice now. The American people know a lot more. About the extreme agendas that some of them support. And that will hold them accountable even though they may have gotten confirmed. In them in a manner that was that was very close I would say keep going keep doing what you are doing. The only thing I would add to it is in additional all the work that you can do is is to consider running for public office we need more people running for office. So. Or or helping others. To get there but I think there are a lot of people who have learned how to be here very effective advocates. And I don't think that your your voices and the okay. I'm served longer and by the way there's some of the federated raised their hands on and off the column people bit. Yes. Thank you senator. I'm Chris from wilkes-barre and I this involves the pro life issue and I am a volunteer. For thirty some years in the Wyoming Valley chapter pro life senator Reid get no funding from anybody affect the next month we're gonna have. Two major fund raisers because that's how we keep our doors open we have. And we have many people that commend their. Families that are in need and we have a whole layup room we give baby items out. But my issue is not just on helping families but it's also on the political end of it. And I was hoping that maybe you can ever would put. Politics aside and we know that our president present president trump. Has done several great pro life thing so far and including. Reinstating the Mexico City policy which. The Mexico City policy also. Stops funding. Foreign funding of abortion. And I'm wondering if you would. Support him on things like that and also maybe support. The nominee for Supreme Court. Neo at worst it. Because look at his pro life stand. And you know I'm just hoping that maybe you would put politics aside and just really I support the pro life agenda of our president. Look I appreciate that question because it's. It's an issue though a lot of people struggle with the incidents and important question but I've been in public office for good while now. And I think if you look at my record I think it's been consistent I'm a pro life Democrat what that means is that you support. Women and their children before and after birth and sometimes. There's some people in Washington and forgotten that part of. And after birth right. And that's number one. Number two is. Look is much scissors conflict on this issue news you'd understand roles I do. I also think at the same time as a lot of common ground. Most people wanna reduce the number of abortions and most people want to help women and children before and after birth we do well couple things. One thing we can all agree on is maybe three words help pregnant women. And you get dad. You could have three more all. Time or all of the time right. But but one of the ways to reduce the number of abortions. And and to help help women who are of crisis pregnancies out there. Help their children is is to support family planning and I do I have always supported. Okay. We're at a point now where. If you look at the the number of teen pregnancies wrote an all time low and part of that is because of access. To birth. It won't that would. Planning that's number one number two is. I put in the Affordable Care Act a new program and it doesn't get a lot of attention but it was brand new. And it's called the pregnancy assistance fund it's a fund that was set up. 250 million dollars over ten years to earn fifty million dollars to help. Young women on college campuses specially. Who are or become bright. In states have to sign up and they have to develop their program but but this is that this is part is actually part of the formal here right now and we got it funded as well. So that if if a young woman is on a college campus or another crisis pregnancy. She can get help that Humana it would again and otherwise. In May be in sheet we know that the law allows her to choose abortion. But she can also have the opportunity to get the kind of help that she needs if she wanted to bring that child to term. And stay in college so we I think we do have programs for people would agree it's a good idea how about Medicaid. One of the things that we are reminded about. In this in this health care debate is the value in the and the importance of Medicaid. Not only in the context of 720000. People in Pennsylvania would disabilities need Medicaid. Not only the one point one million children depend upon Medicaid or almost a quarter million seniors are given nursing homes because of Medicaid missile commercial there for Medicaid but. The other and we found out in the course of the debate. Is that about 45%. Of all the berths in the United States of America are paid for by Medicaid this health care bill. That was about to pass the US House of Representatives. Would have decimated. Medicaid. So for all those folks who say that they support families and they support women and children. Where is the support for Medicaid when they wanna decimated programs that help except that I. Finally. And Allen and the district I know what might have more questions about the Supreme Court I I appreciate your question about. The other part of the question about the Supreme Court. What I did with with judge course it was undertaker review that I think you have to tape right. If you if you're if you're deciding as a member of the senate to vote for down in the spring work. Number one is I think you have to review that person's. And character their temperament the basics in union as a judge the experience and I've I don't think there's anything in those areas that I would say he's not. Prepared to be justice he's been an appellate court. He seems to be an honorable person I had a meeting with them and he's very pleasant. Nothing along those lines it that I disagree with. Where disagreed with him where he lost me it was his broad judicial philosophy. Which I think is form too far to the right. In the Washington Post in and several other publications kind of charted that. 11. Analysis New York Times put him between. Justice Thomas and Justice Alito meaning the second. The second or third most conservative member of the court where the confirmed. So his philosophy is is is too extreme for for me to vote for secondly my looked at individual cases. Especially those cases that involve. Federal government agency determinations. In the deference that the court should show those agencies determinations. With regard to kids with disabilities from the Department of Education. Or workers who bring an action through the department layer right this can't agree with. The conclusions reached in in the case of the standard for. A child with a disability what duties the school district knows that child. The course that standard was here the US Supreme Court and then eat enough and decision. While he was testifying. Ruled against him. Eight to nothing so I think my position valve and even nine or John Roberts would agree with my position that. And seven other justices but. I appreciate the question but I think we can I do think we can move forward on an issue of things we agree on helping. Open for it replaces sir but thank you. It. Prudent. Yes senator Casey I'm white towel. Why golf Vietnam veteran. How many combat missions I know why just eleven. Say that I I am very concerned about the military budget out what the approach will be live on less how many combat missions you fly. Pardon me how many combat missions. It is not a bomber guy. Thanks for your service right. But the military budget has. I'm concerned about how that's gonna blow over in the legislature particularly when we get into issues about increasing the size or nuclear weapons capability. And and as we slowly increase our footprint again in the Middle East and there doesn't seem to be any discussion. In the legislature about this or do we eat the news is even put pushed it back burner now. And when I read about things such as we have loosened up restrictions on rules of engagement. And that seems to be. Decision that was made by. The president. I I just can't one and all of that we have adults in the room that are trying to approach and stuff. We've been invade yeah I think we've been there since a show off Iran was installed in in the Middle East and it hasn't gotten any better yet and I don't like this anymore now than they did them. And I think it's time that we take another look at this and and be a little tougher on the president these issues. Why thank you. But. First I should ask for a missing your movements wiser as enemy vested in the which and a while. Thank you for that service a lot of bad. Why when I said before that we were because of this focus on Russia which is necessary and appropriate. And because of effort for some other reasons. This is one of those subjects it's not getting enough attention. It's one thing to debate what we're doing with regard crisis. Leading us 65 nation coalition making progress and making. Some good progress of the last couple of years. Last number of months. Stood between. The starting the last administration continue hope. But even as were were debating those issues like this this other question you. Rightfully. Put on the table which is how large defense policy perceived. Whenever a president who first of all says he wants 54 billion dollars more. In next year's budget. So starting out over the first 2017. That's the new budget year he wants to spend 54. Billion dollars more in one budget year one fiscal years it's. On defense now. If he has a reason for that I've heard it. Haven't heard. He national security. Experts saying we needed for XY and Z and it's urgent we gotta do it all we hear is president decided. To increase defense by 54 billion next year end. Then making cuts to other parts of the budget in order to to make up for that increased so that's an area of debate we're not spending enough time but secondly with regard to what what is the debate a part of national security interest. In how we gonna make decisions about. The use of a military power in Iraq were not spending nearly enough time and there's even been a series of stories one. A couple of days ago the front page story in the the New York Times about. About some of the kind of the outsourcing in the way that's on their word by word outsourcing from the White House to the Pentagon. Now I I have no doubt that any president. When they're making a decision about our national security should consult with the Pentagon should consult with their. National Security Council but I want a president and a White House. Who's going to be making sure that we don't just delegate. That power to the Pentagon no president should do that. We wanna make sure that we still have. Civilian control of the military in decisions. That the military rule makes so. Why could trigger a few more and I think all of us I think he. Folks in both parties. Need to spend more time on those questions about where we engaged while we engage him in we make can we afford to do this and appropriate way. That's consistent with the our. Now in our national security consistently our our values well. Okay. Yes sir. Yes senator case first all right John McCain from acts that are via. Back a couple of years when your state elected official. Used to come now highland manor an excerpt I'm glad there was a patient care beatings and Yuri you team. With the efficiencies. You put the hammer down on the right as the efficiencies they like to thank you. Now I'd like to start in 2001. At last my job but Archie Thompson and I'm more after thirty years NAFTA the federal government took him away. Now I notice I'm a senior citizen 69 years old and I realize. Prescription drugs in 2000 tree had never knew until CNN in January had an that. The federal government for bad. I'm Medicare to deal with the pharmaceutical companies and afterwards. Pharmaceutical and companies can charge what they want. Couple minutes ago you mentioned about you when Bernie Sanders is trying to get a real quick snapped at. Like Phillips the people know couple years ago my sister had breast cancer from Scranton. Q is getting drugs from Canada and the federal government stopped at a book your word that well. Amy Sidrane Romney more and now. You're telling me Bernie Sanders yourself is trying to get a bill in 2012. According to. May 24 2012. The federal government voted. Forty treated 54 to stop drugs to commit from Canada could you comment on these. Because like I said I don't know who's. Who to believe you know like. You tell me you own Bernie Sanders is working I try to get calls him Bernie Sanders he won answer but. Like I said in 2000 treat up on time that's what fourteen years that seniors are. Flight to cater prescription bills and you know why isn't the government wants them in this time period IQ. Now I've. You're. You're right there I think the federal government late late to the issue of of providing an opportunity. And importation bill passed so that you can. You can import prescription drugs from Canada are building houses allow. Prescription drugs kept coming in from Canada and we have a whole series of safety versions to make sure that it the manufacturer in Canada is FDA inspected. That the whole set of rules about making sure that the news that they are the drugs commanders say if we've never had I think this opportunity that other importation bills before but I don't think we've ever had both. The the type of the this kind of built with this kind of consensus. At the same time. So who will have my staff and refer you to the the news specifics on the bureau. The the bill number which causes for 69 but I'll check that. So for 69. I just believe read a moment now where you have. Millions. By some estimates tens of millions of people. Who want to be able to purchase for ships from drugs to keep them healthy. Can't do it because of the cost this is a moment where I think you've got enough support I don't have a vote count. But I have my gut tells me that we have enough support on both sides Democrat Republican and buries its independent to pass bill. And that would happen to work with with him. You know. No I act and I don't know what happened in that instance I I was wasn't ascendant then but. But I do think that this is reached such. Such a point of intensity for people and has become such a crisis the people on acts I think is bills are good. As a really concern on the importation issues so. Two years. Would it work for so we wanna make sure that we of this the the systems in place that can deal with the the inflow so. If we can shorten that we will. And we also. Allow on the bill initially it's only Canada. But then we would allow overtime after a couple of years to allow other countries as well. But an issue we just from the start with with the with him but if we can speed that up we should. Yes OK I'm supposed to go over there sir. I'm followers here. Remaining shut Dempsey. I'm a core member of a group called friends electoral wanna. The joke it's. And I know that through. For those who don't we are grassroots group that stand firmly for the future of our area. For it and against the expansion of the already enormous keystone sanitary landfill. Thank you senator Casey for being the first voice to come out strongly for us and for this area. And four at the Pennsylvania and a constitution. And for agreeing that our health welfare and reputation as an area are at stake. And that this area has seen more than its fair share accepting trash for society. And thank you also proposing for proposing the trash act and my question is simply have you seen any support for the trash act in congress. Michelle thank you so much and thanks for your work friends elect wanna. As. Done great work under against against the Johnson and a shorter time for an in most of grassroots organizations could Muster. I've been around the state along time. You've done you've done great work. First I think we need are a lot more Republican help on the trash that that's an understatement. And just served for for folks. It may not know the of the basics of this act. Well we tried to do there is. To take action on an issue that has been vexing in this onward tomorrow but it is difficult where you want to. Appropriately limit. The importation of out of state waste into one community here small number of communities. Because I think for too long hours been dumped down. Too much trash from and going into one or two or three or four counties. Black on accounting. Has taken more than that your. Much more than that your votes anyways but we also have this thing called a constitution. That it limits us because of the interstate commerce dimension so it's been difficult. Remember my father wrestling with this news governor trying to make sure that at least when trucks came across the border law wasn't forsee was that the board literally. With state government agencies checking trucks and doing those things but he wasn't able to the congress of the time was not able to pass federal legislation. Well we're trying to do with the trash act. Is basically to say if northeastern Pennsylvania lack on accounting as high standards. On recycling and and other trash reduction initiatives. Folks in Jersey or other places that are sending their trash into our landfills. They ought to meet those same time standards so we're gonna make sure. We make sure in the bill that if they have those high standards we can. If they don't of those ties him we can limit importation. From those communities the other thing we we say is that if it did the those same committee should should have to pay a fee. To us to help us with this major towns. Where one of a handful of counties in the state you know that's been published reports about this. One of a handful of counties in the state that take a disproportionate. Share of out of state weighs so I would ask you. To contact every member of the State's congressional delegation. And beyond. In essence support the trash and it's one way. That we can legitimately inappropriately. Tried reducing importation of busting ways. And knowing that the it's it's a huge problem for us in making sure that we're doing everything possible. And to reduce and by the way in the case of keystone. And I certainly don't support the expansion in the opposite though a lot of the policy around that is at the state but I thought mine. Two he has offices and public officials say words. Hi I'm Heather from Scranton. The GAO is to say Heather Heather. The GAO has agreed to look at the cost present terms trips to its various properties especially mar a Lagos. If they proved extremely high what can be done to limit those constitute. People Palm Beach the Palm Beach area and the country in general. And also how do those costs compared to the former president so far democratic and Republican. We you might know audiences that should think I don't think I know that answer. But it look I wanna make sure that. That I don't put on a path that I think some not ever Republican out there but all a lot of Republicans around the country. That had not everyone but a good number went down this path that's where they're constantly criticizing President Obama. How many times he was away from Washington or other witnesses right so don't wanna do that every president. Deserves the best protection we can give them. And we all agree on that every president deserves to take a break. And to be able to get some time away from Washington is not good for any elected officials spend. Too much time in Washington during the course of week after week month after month. Tim worked for it's good to get away I get home to Scranton and we can so it's good tonic for for being down there a lot. So we wanna make sure that the president trump has both good security the best security possible loss of time time away but it. It's it's. Rather interest in addition to that investigation which I don't know what we yield but it's rather interesting that. While when when he goes tomorrow Largo one of the things they have to do just as they did for. President Obama or any vice president or president when you're near a body of water you have to protection and that water. In the Coast Guard provides a lot of protection I want them to I want them to make sure they can provide the full measure of protection. But it's interesting some of the budget cuts he's proposing art to the Coast Guard. Kind of strange right in order to pay for. Maybe the defense. Increase of 54 billion or maybe. The the wall that he's talking a little bit about so I would hope that the the president. Would examine the budget from the vantage point not only of the security that he's entitled to mention yet. But also the security for a lot of families. That would would benefit from good program and federal budget but I don't know what that. Investigation we. Yield but. Every every president's. Accord that coverage for. Yes. So so where's the money come from for the the protection. In my understanding is now out of double check this mine is things that comes. From now on defense the non defense discretionary part of federal budget. Which has been already decimated. Or at least badly reduce over the last number of years because of sequestration cuts across the board which which. Went into effect a couple of times sometimes suspended sometimes and effect. That part of the budget a lot of people don't realize. If you look at the whole the you know holes spending by the federal government only 15%. Roughly. Is in the non defense discretionary part. The part of the budget that has been hit harder ready president trump wants it even harder on NIH or. Or other reductions to that part of the budget so would we should. We should remind him about. The obligations. To other other parts of that pledges world. Okay. So my going here. Amanda good. By the way in less for two weeks ago we did the town hall the torment could go passed in the with states for the FaceBook right. That I was over your FaceBook which is is that still the case. We okay. I go all the way over here okay. Which have been favoring this side of the. I sent Kasey mining Sean Griffin Banco currently living in 44. What I wanna just EU is to issues economically and environmentally. In regards to our area. Need any young person being born raised and educated in the belly. I have some concerns. Economically. All the development bank seen gays. Distribution. And manufacturing. That worries me with the anticipation. That developments at AI nomination. So the only developments we're seeing it in the realm of distribution. Ways seems like. Also environmentally. I grew up Susquehanna River. One the oldest water sheds. In the world. Is pleaded. Can't go by can use it was that say about our culture here. What can we do to change that. And most importantly. As near an educated person from the valley watch nicely here and raise a family there. Was Sean thank you. All into that last 11 it's a great area. We wanna keep you here but look I I understand that some people. Who grew up here and and move away don't wanna move when they want to stay here. And live the rest of their life for a RAZR family here so we have to be. Very determined to have to always being doing everything we can improve quality of life here. The the good news is I think we've we've developed. Good bit of expertise and then have made good investments over time in terms of developing more more health care jobs mean one of the one of the real strengths of this region. Is that we have a very strong health care infrastructure. We have we have great. Health care professionals. On the whole range of health care professionals it's. It's it's an advantage for this region really for the whole state. That. Can't be outsourced. And it's it's a degree I think it's an advantage that we probably underestimated fact. If you look at the Department of Labor and industries website when they break down job classifications. They do it state whether duke like hounding. About is about 25 categories. A state like ours which was known for infrastructure. Are known for wrote. Moments in manufacturing over the years. Is now a state only 10% of our workforce has been factions of people. When would believe that now on some areas like north Western Pennsylvania numbers very there urea. But this hearing as a roughly that percent of our work for you manufacture. I wanna get that number out I'd I would hope that in this this region we can have more than ten or 11%. Manufacturing. For our employees. Employment she said. We wanna get that number up I think their a lot of ways to do that secondly. When it comes to. You mentioned distribution jobs we have and in this here we do have an advantage because of all the highways and and percent. Across this region we are distribution and there are parts of that the country to benefit we have a lot of jobs. That are connected distributions through wanna keep that strong. But at the same time I think we have to make it take a series of steps. To increase wages in this area that's one of the reasons why he. Rule week. People only know one thing we could do with the federal levels nomad wander bill. That the federal government could enact. Right away it would increase wages but we could take a couple of steps. Number one is raise a minimum wage which is long overdue. We've had. If at a seven dollar 25 cent minimum wage for too long nationally we hope we can lift that that with legislation hope we get Republicans helpless and that. Secondly a lot of Americans. Haven't putting in overtime. For years or decades have been cooperative efforts are raising. The the the compensation for for over time. A rule put into effect by the last administration. Opposed by this administration. I also think long term the best way to create the jobs of the future to make sure that every child as an opportunity for early learning. Investments Afrique. And that's should be across the region but also across the state across the country. If kids learn more now they're gonna earn more later one of the best wage increase strategies starts with kids when they're very young to make sure they can read. So I think there's a series of things we can do it. Or to raise wages and in strength in the economy. Of this region. But at the same time we have to do that consistent with our environment our responsibilities some which Romeo and earlier that means tough enforcement. An appropriate enforcement of our environmental laws making sure that Scott Pruitt and EPA knows that we're gonna hold him accountable. For his actions as. The the EPA administrator in making sure that we're taking steps that keeps known of the Susquehanna River. Clean than any other body of water. Sanctions which that question yet just respond. Out of college my first opportunity was working in distribution center for TJX up and that's. So when I went. Bring up to you is how do we protect. Those jobs that you wanna increase. From 10% maybe fifteen. And we secure them win in a capitalistic society. That I can invest in the machine decade produced way better quality work in the workers that are there. Environmentally what can we do. Forget Scott Pruitt what can we do locally the people in this room. So we don't have to worry about the EPA that we can take ownership on our land and what how we planned it treated. So we can be inspirational. The rest of the country because obviously the coal industry. Has really gave our area a very bad stigma. With I think you're right to point out that it's not in government action only. It's not the answer in every in every case especially it comes to people taking ownership locally of their own their own community we've seen it happen here and in black on a nominee for years and no. You're down the road you've seen in the parent company is well where when I was growing up for example. The the Black Swan river was. Major portion that river were were orange. Is the best of mine drainage. We took steps on mine reclamation environmental enforcement to other other steps as well. Overtime clean air clean water rules to make should be we have rules in place but a lot of that cleanup. Of the lack honoring other bodies waters on my local. Organizations. Burger hurled so many others here liked what account did great work so I would say join them. Seek out those groups and join them and and we appreciate taken responsibility for what happened. Okay senator mister senator I think we have time for two more questions homers and raiders next event. Yes personal senator case it like to thank you for holding this tour hall thank you. I'd like to thank you for your very hard work and legislation that you introduce not only to if I did my research correctly on the importation of prescription drugs from Canada. But I believe that that also allows Medicare to negotiate drug prices. Also thinking freer early police on voting no for senator course Erfurt judge corsets. And is can you really easy question do you support senator Sanders legislation that he will be introducing shortly on Medicaid fraud. That's. Will see what he introduces I haven't haven't reviewed yet. We have I think right now we have a circumstance we have to decide whether or not we wanna. Increase the number of people who were insured now which some people believe is in the in the range of 90%. By having a Medicare like public option would that add to the number of people insured fighting the fighting what the administration's treatment trying to do either by way of repeal. Based CA or undermining it with the administrative rather actions both of which are wrong. But we've we've the other the other. Wait ago it's just in essence start over and just have a broader. Medicaid and Medicare for all system. What I worry about is that you have you have such Republican opposition right now to the existing. Law mean patient protection and affordable care and by the way. And they don't want to talk about this but if you look at. Some of their budget proposals over the last couple of years led by doctor price in the house budget chair. And speaker Ryan and others they have proposed. Policy through through them through a Republican budget proposals and otherwise. Which would which would take the medic Medicare program I talked about on Medicaid before but the Medicare program. And put in place what they call premium support sounds kind of benign and and non threatening right premium support is a voucher program for Medicare it's a bad idea it would do what we should never do which is to rip away. The guaranteed benefit of a Medicare. Now we've had we've we've debated this during the course of budgets we've debated it in elections. So much my only point is that if we're gonna embark on a new effort. To start over with the new Medicare fraud provision we got to make sure that we don't. Injure undermine our efforts to fight like hell. Against any effort to rip away the Affordable Care Act and all those protections. In also ripped away the the protections for vulnerable Americans have the benefit by both Medicaid especially in the broad coverage to guarantee that. Of Medicare so they. I say this. Very seriously and soberly they are deadly serious about this this isn't just some right wing talking point. They really wanna do this they wanna take Medicare and make it in a voucher program they literally believe and that in the eight. Right and they literally believe in in and changing Medicaid. They talk about sending Medicaid. Back to the states in the form of block. Which is which is easy easy for some in Washington to say when you're saying to a governor here's a limited block grant. We know you governors have to balance your budget so if you have a bad year a downturn. In the have to pay for corrections. To keep prisons are operating area after peripheral parts your budget and you cut Medicaid that's no longer our problem. You're the governor you've got to figure out yourself. And we got to make sure that we do everything possible to stop. Those kinds of efforts so who'll we'll see what what them. Come full with the new approach on Medicare fraud but in the meantime we have to fight very hard. Right now to prevent them from undermine the existing system. And were road were in a fighter and AM that. Thanks very much. Thanks in the back. Hi I'm Jim from Strasburg and I would like to commend you in this dissent is for attempting to lower the drug prices. But however I think implication. Is opening a pandora's box that maybe we don't wanna go down. America was in May great term World War II by importing things we made things manufactured them and exported them. Maybe we need to find a way of lowering those drug prices. While still maintaining. Manufacturing. Of the men in this country. Patent and maybe. We can lower cost of health care and get a better plan. If you institute something. Mandating that our elected representatives. Get the same as what they. Mandate for us. And may be a constitutional. Amendment. Making. Access to quality medical care for all. As opposed to fight. A CA or anything else. It should be a right. And not a privilege. And I. The point that you make about the the the bill is it Lou we're gonna have arguments went when this bill gets to the point importation bill. That we've been working we've worked hard to view of all of the difficult issues. But we're gonna have debates about and some will say we shouldn't going that direction and we should Disco. At the existing system I think we can have a and importation policies like. That which is set forth in the bill. That says you can import prescription drugs from Canada tune in wholesalers to get them pharmacies and even individuals. With all of the the protections that we put in in the bill so. If there's something you do you believe we should change about that as you look at the bill hope you. Would would tell us. I do think though that we have. We've got a lot of companies. In this state and across the country that that make prescription drugs that are innovating all the time and have. Manufacture some of the best. Medications in the world some of the best prescription drugs I don't think this would win now under minor injuries the ability for us to still be believing. Innovators of Purdue's best medication. I'm sorry. Our citizens don't get the work that work at sent overseas. And knew we need to look at taking. The for profit out of the medical system. And me. Instead of answering their shareholders. Answer to the patients and the doctors. I'm for that the but did it enough time from anymore. Whenever. I tutor my name is nor I'm a south Abington Township thanks for being here sure. I'm questions remain more on at the state level but we know gerrymandering is an issue here in Pennsylvania. I'm just wondering if you would be supportive of legislation. In Pennsylvania that would create an independent citizens' commission that would freeze draw those district lines and a power packed with people for things. Aren't reapportionment system. Broadly across the country but even just in just focus on our informant. Is unfair leads to better results if it. It it badly politicize something that should have the the the degree of political influence. Leads to and has led to a overtime. Individual members of the United States congress. In districts where. There are only. They're they're only threat as a primary from the far far right instead of just the far right. In many instances I think that's that's made the US House of Representatives of other Republicans that are much more extreme. Much more extreme. Body lets it buy it should be. So I'm a great believer and and in a much error. There reapportionment system a lot of that is you point out will be at the state level Moby sting legislation I haven't seen that bill. So I'd be commenting. Upon review more as a as a citizen in the summer as a vote and vote in the general assembly but. I'm with him on the idea of making sure there are reports that system. Isn't. So so soaked. By the news network so there were immersed in. In politics. That you create these districts where there and there's not. There's almost no prospect. For a general election debate. It's only a question about power train primary and and I think we've gotten got to try to change that but most of that is going to be. What happens here. Here in Pennsylvania when it comes to. Say legislation I think we can make the system a lot lot more fair. Senator we do of the fallen final question regardless. Here. Thank you potential Wilson went on Pennsylvania. We haven't talked little this afternoon about immigration and refugees. I know right now it takes a year and a half to two years there refugee act right to be cleared to this country. The president's proposed exchange betting I'm not sure how much more you can do beyond two years. But I'd like reflects on this I'd like to know how many refugees we are currently admitting. And I was at a meeting yesterday and unsealed and some folks were interested in sponsoring refugee family have a we find out how to do that. Good good point I don't know the the number. We can try to get that number for the current number of gnashing of refugees. I was in strong opposition to the president's executive order. And he's got a new version of that now. Which at a number of problems of the number one is it didn't. Have any national security basis that he was able to identify. Not wants to the president before he issued the executive order or thereafter. Come up with that are present. Any kind of defects and that vetting system and you just. Summarize. That that you know two year process. Where there's there's already substantial vetting it may be no group of refugees ever has gone through. Reviews. And reviews by in databases. Examined. And the Defense Department the State Department. The Department of Homeland Security. The Counterterrorism Center. On and on. Department after department. Reviewing information about that individual before there that are they put themselves forward for refugee status. So. The the only reason the president and his team had to rewrite that executive order because thank we have a federal judiciary that stopped him from putting that in fact. So the the judiciary act of 1789. Is still in effect and the president found that. But. It's an animal will try to get more information about our youth and are you in. Applied it be to help refugees. I've been very proud of our state and in ought to communities in Pennsylvania. We've had people or northeastern Pennsylvania all across state. Willing to participate in and take in refugees specially. As Syrian refugees who often are. Women and children. Who were coming to this country because of the horror. What's happened Syria just imagine this Syria has about but more than twenty minute I was about 22 million people. Half their population's been displaced because of the par there. Meaning they've been displaced leaving Syria or displaced internally with in the the it was in the country Syria. That's equivalent of half of the United States. Being displaced just imagine what happens if half of 300 plus million people. We're no longer living in their house in their living in a different community because of violence and war. Or or leaving the United States in another country just hard to admit mentions you know. Here in our culture and were in Europe as wells have more displays displacement and they can conform to so we have a major challenge. That should be met with policy that's commensurate. Not only with. Our national security objectives. Which you should have to point to if you're gonna change the policy. And number two you should make sure you don't put in place an executive order which national security professionals told us made us less safe. Less safe not more sick. And as Michael Hayden not a Democrat. You had two positions and President Bush he said the executive order is let's say so if you're gonna put forth an executive order you should do it based upon. What's in our best national security interest in keeping our country safe in what's consistent with the our values. It is because we're country that has welcomed immigrants and refugees are whole the whole time we've been republic. And thirdly. Do it in a manner that's constitutional is not a radical idea do it in a manner that's consistent with the United States. Constitution bode well I'll have our staff and we've got many staff here. Who worked very hard on these issues in and work on constituent issues to make sure that you can get information about the number we can ascertain that get a few. And secondly in information for room. For your participation. OK we have anyone else. You know I think what we wanna do here is to say that we have comment cards so a few questions were not addressed today please feel free to fill up those coming cards. Past month to staff on the way out. And the senator's staff has agreed to to address those questions and concerns. So I think it's time to close and with that we say thanks again to electronic college. Thank you senator Bob Casey thanks a live. Very appreciative.



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