Mike Mazz

Update on Violent Weather in Wilkes Barre Township

June 14, 2018 - 9:37 am

Update from Arena Hub Plaza:

Wilkes Barre Township officials are awaiting the arrival of representatives from the National Weather Service. They will try and determine if it was a tornado that caused damage to the Arena Hub Plaza last night.

Despite the extensive damage to businesses in that area there were no serious injuries and everyone has been accounted for.

Both Pet stores in the area were safely evacuated and all weapons and ammo have been removed from Dick's Sporting Goods.

Just a short time ago, Luzerne County Emergency Management held an update of the situation. One thing they are watching closely is a liquid propane tank at the UHaul business on Mundy Street.

Ron Smith Luzerne County Emergency Management and Wilkes Barre Township Police Chief. He says it's going to take much of the day to naturally vent. The wind direction has changed and there is a smell of propane in the immediate area.

If you work in the Arena Hub Plaza, you should contact your employer to see if you should report.

The Wyoming Valley Mall is closed today due to no power. It is expected to reopen tomorrow. However, no determination as to when power may be restored to the Arena Hub Plaza.

Mundy Street will be closed between Bear Creek Blvd & Highland Park Blvd and you are asked to avoid the area.

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