Summer heat won't be going anywhere until late next week

June 29, 2018 - 11:27 am
Categories: comes with the season and this weekend into next week it's making its presence known.Some heat records could be broken. Medical professionals have reminders for being out in the heat, just as they do about taking precautions during those snowy days.  Dress for the weather,wearing loose fitting and light weight clothing, put off strenous activities during the high heat of the day. Stay hydrated by drinking fluids but stay away from caffine and alcohol.   Stay in cool surroundings. Close the curtains to keep the sun and heat out. Go to an airconditioned place such as the mall or movie.   If you start to feel nauseous and dizzy after being in the heat seek medical treatment.

Looking for those places to cool off? Many community pools are open such as Weston Field in Scranton and the pool at Scranton's Nay Aug Park. Speaking of Nay Aug Park...

That's Scranton Fire Superintendent Pat Desarno. The gorge at Nay Aug is beautiful and inviting but can be dangerous and deadly.

Of course, don't forget your pets, they need shade and plenty of water and if you are going out and may need to stop along the way, best to leave them home. Don't leave them in a locked car, even with the windows cracked, temperatures can climb and be deadly.

Making plans to stay safe, District 16/31 PA Little League have changed some Little League Games for this weekend.

That's Bob Bertoni, district administrator. This weekend Saturday and Sunday games will move to 9 and 11am. Get all the details HERE

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