Penn State University: No job cuts, for now

March 24, 2020 - 1:23 pm
Penn State University

Rick Stewart / Stringer

During a faculty and staff town hall, Penn State President Eric Barron announced that even though students have left campus, and classes have moved to an online instruction model for the rest of this semester, the University would continue paying current employees FULL salary and benefits, through at least April 30th.

“Our objective here is, with all this stress, for you not to have an abrupt financial dislocation when you’re dealing with so many other things,” said Barron. 

While future furloughs are possible, Barron said that pushing back any final decision lets them “be strategic” when making such difficult choices.

“(Being strategic lets us) think carefully through how the pandemic is evolving and what we can do best, to mitigate the impacts on the university, our employees, and our communities.”

The University also announced a hiring freeze while dealing with the Cornavirus pandemic.

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