Hanover Township Woman Accused of Stealing from the Dead

Jason Barsky
September 01, 2020 - 4:15 pm
WILK News Room

A Luzerne County woman has been arrested and charged with fraud, theft, and receiving stolen property.  Police say 63-year-old Deborah Longfoot, of Hanover Township, withdrew thousands of dollars from the bank account of a dead person. 

The victim, Gary Moser, passed away on July 17th.   That same day, investigators say Longfoot made the first, of nine attempted post mortem, withdrawals from the ATM at M&T Bank Crossroads Branch in Hanover Township. The transactions continued, undetected, until July 23rd. That’s the day Moser’s children noticed the missing money and contacted the bank.

Police were notified soon after.

On July 23rd, Longfoot attempted to make a withdrawal in the amount of $800. The request was declined. This failed attempt, along with all previous successful ATM withdrawals were captured on bank surveillance video. This video has been turned over to police.

Longfoot was arraigned in Hanover Township. She was charged and released on Tuesday morning, after posting $25,000 bail. Longfoot is expected back in court, next week, for a hearing on the charges.

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