Bear Creek Twp Man Bouncing Communication off the Moon

September 19, 2019 - 6:08 am

A man in Bear Creek Township is going to new heights to talk to other amateur radio operators around the world. Herb Krumich and friends from the Murgas Amateur Radio Club installed two 30 foot antennas on a tower at his home. His hope is to bounce a transmission off the moon to reach the other side of the world. Why do this? Krumich says,  "Not many can. One of the biggest accomplishment's in communication, especially ham radio on frequencies like 6 meters which is what the antennas are made for, due to the curve of the earth, usual communication is usually hundreds of miles. By using the moon as a refelector, I can communicate with people half way around the world. They must have large antennas, high power, and a very good receive system. We know that we succeed by the other station sending us "RRR's"  meaning Roger your signal."    The amateur radio operators also called "HAMS" traditionally use a series of repeaters to transmit their signals. For many like Herb, the challenge of the hobby is to create other ways of linking communication through antennas and cables that make the connection. Click here for more information on Amateur Radio and Murgas Amateur Radio Club.


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