LCTA Free Night Service Starts Today

September 24, 2018 - 7:54 am

Luzerne County Transportation Authority would like to remind passengers, that our new Night Service will begin on Monday, September 24th.  As an introduction /celebration of this new service, LCTA will be offering FREE BUS RIDES on all routes (after 7PM), from September 24th thru October 24th!

The new night service will feature 5 routes that will circulate throughout the busiest areas of Luzerne County.  These routes will also “link together” at key locations, offering further connections to passengers. The major “connection points” will be located at the LCCC Nanticoke Campus and in Downtown Pittston, on the corner of William & Main Streets.  The focal points for the night service routes will be the epi centers of employment, commerce and social activities throughout Luzerne County. 

 The following routes will be offered:

#51 Kingston-Pittston:  Kingston/ Wyoming Ave through West Pittston & crossing to Pittston

#52 Mall-Casino-Center Point- Pittston: Also servicing Kings & General Hosp. & connect with #51

#53 Westside LCCC: Kingston/Route 11 to Nanticoke LCCC & Connects with #54

#54 Ashley-Hanover Ind.-LCCC: W-B to Hanover IP & LCCC (return on San Souci) & Connects with #53

#55 Georgetown& Blackman Street Loop: Servicing Wegmans, Kohls & WB K-Mart

New night service schedules are also available at the Intermodal Center, and at LCTA Corporate Offices, 315 Northampton St., Kingston.

Due to night service additions, there have also been some modifications to several day service routes.  Passengers are encouraged to check for route changes

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