Cleaning Up

November 16, 2018 - 7:24 am

PennDOT has lifted the speed limit restrictions that were in place on several roadways in the region at 9 AM.

Traffic was snarled in some places at a complete stop for hours last night as the evening commute became treacherous in some places.  Interstates became parking lots and local streets were impassable in some neighborhoods.  The snow began shortly after noon and continued into the evening. Plows were out trying to address the numerous fender benders and vehicles that got stuck causing backups.

This morning callers to WILK are telling us most roads are passable but  if you don't have to go out don't. Crews are still working to clear roadways and parking spaces.  Plus a freezing mix is also falling in some areas.

Some of the work is being slowed due to vehicles which were abandoned and crews are working around them until owners can be contacted to claim and remove them.


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