Hazleton Police

Child Welfare Hazleton

April 11, 2019 - 10:41 am

Subject: Child Welfare

HAZELTON POLICE responded to, 22 N. Poplar St., on a report of a small child not wearing any clothing in the middle of the road.  Upon arrival, contact made with a male who advised he was driving by and observed a small child in the road. Officers immediately took custody of the child and preceded to 22 N. Poplar St. were a second small child was observed standing in the doorway. A third child was observed and stated his brother was supposed to be watching them but was up the street. Officers entered the residence and found the interior to be in deplorable condition, with human feces on the floor and walls, as well as a large number of insect infestation throughout the residence. 

Officers took protective custody of the following children: 13 YO male, 8 YO  male, 7 YO male, 4 YO male, male and a (3) YO female. Officers were unable to make contact with the children’s mother. 

Children and Youth was contacted and a caseworker responded to City Hall and took custody of the children. Hazleton Code Officer was also contacted and responded to the residence and condemned the 2nd floor apartment. 

Det. Green was notified and responded and photographed the apartment. A Child line referral completed.  Charges are  Pending.

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