State lawmakers hear from experts about school reopening concerns

Lots of planning but officials worriy about about what to do if someone tests positive

AP Newsroom
August 06, 2020 - 5:11 am
Empty Classroom

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Two days of legislative hearings are giving Pennsylvania state lawmakers little reason for optimism about the set of problems ahead as schools plan to reopen during the pandemic. The state House Education Committee heard experts say there's been lots of planning but much concern about what lies ahead. Among the issues are questions about what standards schools should use to decide whether to shut down a school or a district when an outbreak occurs, a prospect that looms large as the school year is about to begin.

In other Pa. school news: 

Reopening schools during the coronavirus pandemic means putting children on school buses, and districts are working on plans to limit the risk. The strategies being considered include limiting bus capacity, filling buses from the back and coming up with plans to handle children who exhibit symptoms. Planners have developed a wide array of strategies to reduce the health risks, but nobody has found a silver bullet. Many schools are surveying parents to determine how many students will need bus transportation and how many plan to drive their kids to school. Others are making decisions about bus capacity that involve a trade-off between safety and affordability.

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